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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    All I am going to add to this is that those who like to argue that "Conte has given up and is just moping around on the sideline" can just completely give up on that argument. He was visibly emotional and clearly driving the players throughout the game. He was even nipping at the 4th official and the ref. Conte obviously wants to win so that argument is dead.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Walker is not exactly Azpi. City threw crazy money to buy Walker and although he is a solid player he's not worth 50. Aurier and Trippier are fine replacements.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I'm not bigging up Liverpool players. I'm stating a fact. We have only a few players who would start for Liverpool. And Hazard would not start for Liverpool. Mane and Salah are playing far better than Hazard.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I can see how it could be perceived as revisionist but realistically, there is no way Conte was all happy about losing Matic to get Bakayoko. Matic was a star for Chelsea why would Conte have been happy about that? As for Morata, sure he was a striker that had some suiters but largely it was United and Juve. No one else really went that hard for him which is why Chelsea got him for £58. Everyone also knew that Morata was coming off the bench in Madrid and pretty much worked mop up duty for Benzema and Bale and never really made a first eleven appearance against any notable teams. How could that be a realistic replacement of Costa who was a feared EPL and European striker? And yes, we sold Matic and Costa at a discount, another great aspect of our board's business dealings.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte lost Costa and Matic and got Bakayoko and Morata -- Starting eleven downgraded. Stop creating a mirage with your inflated £230 number. That doesn't tell the story of our transfer window and you know it but are just forcing it to make your point valid. Poch sold Walker for an insane price for his ability and Tottenham had a replacement (Trippier) not to mention purchasing Aurier. When did they lose Alderweireld and Rose? He got them CL football because he had the golden boot winner Kane, Dele Alli, Eriksen, a top notch backline, Dembele, Sassoko, Wanyama and a world class GK. Klopp sold a player who didn't fit his system in Coutinho, a top player yes, but he also bought Mohammed Salah, Wijnaldum, Ox-Chamberlain, Milner, and Virgil Van Dijk who is arguably the best central defender in the EPL. Again, don't confuse people with a cover-all statement like "Conte got £230m to spend and lost out on CL" that is not the story. The real story is that Chelsea spent money on mid-level players and replaced stars with players who were not ready.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I didn't make up any numbers. Apparently you can't read because those numbers you posted only support my findings.... But well done! And as for us Tottenham and I'm guessing you mean Liverpool, are we in that same category now? Tottenham ended up with a strong team built over a few seasons and have not had high expectations, at least not as high as Chelsea. That allows a manager flexibility. The whole finish 2nd in the league and you're fired (Ancelotti) thing doesn't happen at Tottenham. They already had a ready made team for this season and didn't need a lot of transfers. Chelsea needed to improve and did the opposite. You're comparing apples to oranges.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    He didn't have it out with Costa in the media. He texted Costa privately to tell him he wasn't going to remain a Chelsea player. I have no issue with that after Costa caused a media circus around Chelsea in January about going to China. He could have waited yet he chose to allow those rumors and desires to cause a distraction in the middle of Conte's first season when he had us in 1st position. You give him more time and more money because he gave Chelsea a title in 2017, he rallied the team, he clearly put his heart on the line and inspired a 10th place team to win a title. Then when he thought he would have the support of the club to build a long-term winner he was shunned and the club did as they always do and destroy any hopes of repeating as champions or actually building something special with a ridiculously stupid transfer window.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You have to look at buys and sales not just overall spending, Chelsea had a Net Spend. Players In: Morata --- Cost: £58 (Not 75. His transfer fee was 58 and with add-ons could rise to 70 if Chelsea had reached certain targets) Rudiger -- Cost £30 Drinkwater --- Cost £35 Zappacosta --- Cost £23 Bakayoko --- Cost £35 Caballero -- Free Total Spend -- £180 Players Out: Costa -- £58 Cuadrado -- £17 Begovic -- £10 Solanke -- £3 Atsu -- £6 Ake -- £20 Traore - £10 Chalobah - £5 Matic - £40 Oscar - £60 - Sold in January of 2017 so should have contributed to summer buys Total Sales -- £205 So yeah, Chelsea spent a decent amount of money in the summer, but they also made a ton of money on player sales. And still it's not that simple, because I know some folks will just point to that being "good business sense" however, you have to evaluate what that overall business means to Conte and his ability to compete vs the best. We brought in Bakayoko - High potential player and young We lost Matic - maybe the second best midfielder in England --- So we lost on that deal and there is no way Conte sanctioned losing Matic to bring in Bakayoko. He wanted a signing to add to the squad not a signing to replace Matic. We bought Morata - Again, young striker with potential. And no one can claim anything else. Morata was not a ready-made striker. He was a second option everywhere he has been and has never lead a team. Lukaku has. Costa has. So again, we lost a top striker (and Conte had every right to want Costa out for unsettling the squad in the middle of a title run) and replaced him with an unproven one. We brought in Rudiger - Decent buy - But not exactly bringing in a player who raises your level significantly beyond what we had in Cahill. We bring in Drinkwater - Again, decent buy to provide depth but not a player that will raise your starting 11 beyond what it was. So Costa and Matic, considered top level EPL and european players are sold and lesser players brought in. We lost on those transfers. No one else of note came in to improve the starting 11 and Conte WASN'T left out to dry? Yes he was, severely. But Chelsea fans can go on believing our board did Conte some great favors over the last 2 transfer windows (I won't even discuss January because it was worse) and he messed up the season by losing out to the current top 4 who simply are more talented. That's simply short-sighted and unrealistic.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I don't think the point he was making was having a smaller squad. The point he was making was stop buying me average players for 30-40 mil each and get me 2-3 70 mil pound players that give me real options off the bench. You can have a bench full of average players as we do now and not have any real depth. Whereas I can have a bench of 5 players who can come on and make the difference.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    And this mentality is actually one I can get behind. Fine, Chelsea is a team that needs a re-tool. Not ready to compete for any titles this season and at the end of the day we finish probably 5th with an outside chance at 4th. For this squad it's a fair season. Which is why I don't blame Conte. In his mind, Chelsea were supposed to challenge for top trophies and the club was supposed to back him to do that. They didn't and to make it worse he gets questioned in the media constantly about his job security when the team falters. And if we're being realistic the Chelsea board + Abramovich have no patience for a down year and everyone knows it. If they did, they could have bit the bullet and come out to back their manager and let the fans know that they will re-build the team next summer. Case closed. However they didn't want to admit their their transfer dealings were downright stupid and preferred to leave Conte out in front of the firing squad to answer questions about things he can't control.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    So you have an issue that he tells the truth? City doesn't have the ability to repeat? To win CL? They are not a club with ambition willing to invest? The Chelsea match vs Burnley is actually easy and it will be simple to catch Tottenham? Not sure what you have issue with.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's an assumption based on the fact that Chelsea fans and the board have an expectation that Chelsea win things. If you don't feel that this squad could win the league or CL then what is it you expect of the Chelsea squad?
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    We're obviously not going to agree which is fine, this is a forum for discussion and inevitably disagreement. You clearly feel like those players you are mentioning are Chelsea caliber players who could have helped us win the CL and claim a second successive league title and I simply don't agree especially in a season with 4 competitions. Man City GKs - Ederson - Claudio Bravo (starting GK for Barca last season) CBs - Otamendi - Kompany - Stones - Laporte FBs - Mendy - Danilo - Walker CM - Gundogan - KDB - Delph - David Silva - Bernardo Silva - Fernandinho - Yaya Toure Forwards - Sterling - Gabriel Jesus - Leroy Sane - Sergio Aguero Man United GKs - De Gea - Romero (Argentina Starting GK) CBs - Lindelof - Bailly - Jones - Smalling FBs - Rojo - Shaw - Valencia - Darmian - Blind CMs - Pogba - Herrera - Matic - Carrick - Mata - Fellaini - McTominay Forwards - Lukaku - Lingard - Sanchez - Rashford - Martial - Young Liverpool GKs - Karius - Mignolet CBs - Van Dijk - Lovren - Matip - Klavan FBs - Clyne - Robertson - Alexander Arnold - Moreno CM - Milner - Henderson - Can - Chamberlain - Lallana - Wijnaldum Forwards - Salah - Firmino - Mane - Ings Tottenham GKs - Hugo Loris - Michel Vorm CBs - Alderweireld - Sanchez - Vertonghen - FBs - Rose - Trippier - Aurier - Davies CMs - Dembele - Eriksen - Wanyama - Dier - Sissoko - Winks Forwards - Kane - Alli - Moura - Lamela - Son Chelsea GKs - Courtois - Caballero CBs - Christensen - Cahill - Rudiger - Luiz - Ampadu FBs - Alonso - Moses - Azpi - Zappa - Emerson CMs - Fabregas - Kante - Bakayoko - Drinkwater Forwards - Hazard - Willian - Morata - Batshuayi - Giroud - Pedro Please rank the squads - In your honest opinions which teams would you have finishing 1st - 5th? For me it is: City - Star power in starting 11 better than Chelsea - Quality on the bench is far and away above Chelsea. Only starter from Chelsea would be Hazard and Azpi. Tottenham - Greater start power. Defense and midfield lines are stronger in both quality and experience for Tottenaham. Kante, Hazard, Azpi and maybe Willian would be in their 11. Alonso would compete with Rose. United - Greater star power. Their defense is experienced and strong - Again Azpi starts. Kante would displace Herrera. Hazard in front three with Lukaku and Sanchez. Alonso also for anything they have. Liverpool - Greater start power. Kante and Azpi again, maybe Christensen over Lovren but not always. Mane - Firmino - Salah untouchable. Hazard would be depth. Alonso would compete with Robertson. Chelsea - Players that would be replaced in starting 11 by every team in top 4: Rudiger, Christensen, Cahill, Fabregas, Morata, Moses. So in summary and in my opnion - Chelsea have 5 players in their typical starting 11 that wouldn't start in any of the top 4 teams. And that is our spine plus Moses. Willian wouldn't start for Liverpool or City and would be in a weekly battle at Tottenham and United. He walks into Chelsea starting 11 however without a doubt.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yes I said that, and I meant to look at it from Conte's perspective. I'm not a manager so it wouldn't apply to me anyway.
  15. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte never said anything about having too many players... I read those comments and they were clear. He said rather than buy several average players he would rather buy 2-3 elite players and have a smaller squad. And yes, it's purely the board's fault because all the fans and Conte were waiting for some big buys to happen to improve the quality of the squad and it never happened. The profile of the players that left were much larger than those that came in.