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  1. EdinburghBlue


    Get shot, acting like a petulant child, embarrassing from a grown man.
  2. EdinburghBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    My concern is I felt like Tibo & Hazard have echoed Contes feelings recently. They’ve had shots that’s the club need to spend to compete. That’s exactly what Conte has said all year. The board have a massive decision to make soon as if we don’t spend to compete, they’ll both be off.
  3. EdinburghBlue

    Antonio Rudiger

    He was an absolute monster today, and if he continues like that Hazard stays so it’s a win-win
  4. Paul Scholes saying they need to buy a big player, gets shot down as the boy lists Sanchez, Pogba & Lukaku purchases
  5. Agreed, but the way Martial runs at players is amazing, if we could get him without giving United a player that would be perfect
  6. Not sure I’d lose any sleep over it tbh, Martial has bags of potential and is already a class player. Willian is quite a bit older than Martial as well. I think that would be quite a good deal by us.
  7. f**king leave off the ‘are you leaving’ he’s just won the FA Cup, give him a chance to celebrate for f**ksake.
  8. Interesting to hear Conte say that he’d like to attack more, I wonder if we play the way we do because he doesn’t feel we have the players to do it.
  9. Jesus, I didn’t realise Antonio is so short
  10. Steve McManaman hates us, he’s such a scouse c**t. ”The musical chairs clearly works” ”ha, I’m not sure about that” Aye, are you not? Who’s won the most trophies over the last decade you prick!
  11. If that was our players just going straight in to the changing room when the winners went up, we’d get absolutely slated from all angles!
  12. He gets a hard time so I’ll say it... Cahill was brilliant today as well!
  13. Hazard just clearly stated he stays, no doubt he’ll still be linked with a move all summer
  14. f**king yessssss!!!! f**k United!!