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  1. Disagree, Pedro is much better than Willian in Sarri’s system!
  2. EdinburghBlue

    Super Frank's Derby County

    I really hope he has success at Derby and works his way up and ends up here. I just seen this video on Facebook and it almost brought a tear to my eye. Lamps & JT have to be involved at the club on some level for me in the future, it’s essential.
  3. EdinburghBlue

    Alvaro Morata

    Did he? Which were they? The only ones I can recall are the one-on-one and the volley, neither of which were half as bad as that attempt at an open goal by lukaku - unless I’m forgetting one. The only chance I remember close to that level for us recently was Torres at Old Trafford.
  4. EdinburghBlue

    Alvaro Morata

    At least we didn’t sign Lukaku Imagine Morata done this, I think the board would explode . Back on topic, I certainly wouldn’t be using an away game to Newcastle playing a 9-0-1 to slate him. He probably should have taken a better touch and got his shot away at one point but other than that he done fine for the most part IMO.
  5. Incredibly lucky
  6. Luiz can’t defend, should never have been standing waiting on that ball, go and meet it.
  7. That was a very soft pen! We’ll take it though
  8. Some folk will slate him irrelevant. Bakayoko has gone now, so we’re running out of scapegoats. For the record, Kante has been far worse in this game than Morata, completely unnecessary in a game like this.
  9. Whenever Morata drifts wide, there is literally no one in the middle looking for it. That’s a huge thing we’ve missed ever since Frank left I feel.
  10. I think we could do with Barkley, at least gives us someone willing to shoot from outside the box.
  11. What the f**k is hazard doing?!?!
  12. How is that not a yellow? Literally what Kovacic was booked for, stopping a break away.
  13. It’s obviously gonna take time for us to get fully up to speed in Sarri’s football but there’s still sooo many passes back and forth across their box allowing their defenders to get back and get set.
  14. EdinburghBlue

    Alvaro Morata

    This annoys me to no end on this board. I’m not just singling you out but this caught my attention. Morata gets slated on here constantly, that miss at the end by Giroud was f**king woeful from a World Cup winning striker. If that had been Morata, there would be folk in here demanding he plays with the U20’s for the rest of the season. The double standards are frightening.