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  1. So would my nan to be fair.
  2. Of course there's room for improvement, there's always room for improvement. I never said anything about the right hand side he's played there a handful of times for us. I've already explained that of course he wouldn't be overly effective down the left hand side. Anyway, you're entitled to your opinion I just think it's funny when we have Moses with one assist and a CB is getting more assists than him yet it called poor offensively. It's not a myth at all, it's a fact and the proof is right up there, pundits alike have been calling him the best defender in the league this season so I'm not sure that's quite the case anymore regarding not getting the accolades he deserves. Costa is never in the box yet has 20 goals this year? I've not been his biggest fan this season but usually the one place you can count on Costa to he lethal is in the box. Azpilicueta played in a back 4 when we had the likes of Ba, an old Eto'o etc so it's fair to say it's not his fault then because they weren't elite strikers?
  3. He's been playing as a left full back, have you played football? Playing full back on the opposite side going forward is harder than you seem to be implying. How many truly brilliant right footed LB's have you seen going forward? I bet you can count them on one hand. Moses - 3 goals 1 assist in the prem Azpi - 1 goal 4 assists in the prem One of those has been playing CB pretty much the whole year, obviously stats don't tell the whole story but this gives an insight in to why Moses final ball is not much better than Azpi's.
  4. Reckon we'll play two up top next season so Griezmann playing just behind Bats would definitely work.
  5. I'm clearly in the minority but I quite like the Carabao logo. It's something unique which I like, gutted we're gonna have to wait until July to see the new strip, really annoying!
  6. No chance, he done well in DM on occasions but let's not kid ourselves he's not a central midfielder. He's just had one of if not the best season in his career at CB, he should stay firmly where he is for me.
  7. For me the first judgement on a centre half isn't how often they score or assist. Although that might be a nice bonus I'm more concerned about if they can stop the opposition scoring. I remember he was looking a sensational talent before the injury and was touted to be one of the best in the future. I've not seen much of him since admittedly and I've not heard much about him so not sure if he's progressing as everyone thought he would. I'm reluctant for us to sign a young CB when we have Christensen coming through but if we were to look at one, I'd like us to go in for Romagnoli, he will be a star in years to come IMO.
  8. Interesting take on it, pretty sure towards the end of the season as Azpi was pushed further up field he's got more goals and assists in the last few games than a long time beforehand. I'd be interested to see exact figures, but to say he's not that good going forward when he played most of his time in a four at left back is a bit of a stretch. Oh and not forgetting our current RWB's final ball 'isn't that good. Aka, Moses couldn't cross the road.
  9. The games I've seen him I thought he looked quite impressive but reading comments from people who've watched him more recently/regularly saying they prefer Matic. Well if that's the case avoid this lad at all costs, the last thing we need is another Matic.
  10. Those ever reliable Madrid fans that boo the greatest goal scorer in their clubs history & one of the best players of all time lol. Madrid fans are a joke, most fickle fans in the world, they rate Benezema for godsake, the guys a donkey for a club like Madrid. He could have had 2 or 3 last night if he wasn't slower than a week in jail. I'd prefer Morata over Lukaku for a few reasons, first off price, second I think he suits our style of play better, three he's used to playing against teams that sit deep, four I think he's a better technical player than Lukaku. But if I'm being totally honest, if we have 80m+ to spend on a striker (Lukaku rumour) I'd rather we signed neither and went hard after Aubameyang/Griezmann/Kane. All of which are a level above both Morata and Lukaku.
  11. I think I'll be physically sick if we pay 80m for Lukaku. I know it's not my money and I've used that argument before but this would be Pogba at 89m a steal. We could get a Aubameyang, Kane, Griezmann for that sort of money or slightly more and they're all better players. Absolutely ludicrous to think we could spend that money on him, even taking money out the equation, I'd still prefer Morata just as a player in general.
  12. That must be what it is Val, the pain was really unbearable for a while there...
  13. I can't take seeing John upset
  14. He's one of our own, he's one of our own, super John Terry, he's one of our own
  15. My eyes are definitely not watering