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  1. If he's not happy at the club then let him go, the last thing I'd want is players who don't want to play for Chelsea. I'd obviously be delighted if he stayed as well, and he's not said that he wants to leave again, but I'm just not overly impressed with that interview. I know lotalty is a rarity in football nowadays, but it comes across as angling for a move IMO.
  2. Was that Miss of the season by Lallana? It must be up there, absolute shocker.
  3. Do City ever even get close to capacity? The amount of blue seats is shocking.
  4. If he was a 'foreign' player he'd be getting slated for that, he bought that penalty!
  5. Absolutely amazing performance from the young guys, there's some scarily good prospects in that team. Some of these guys really should make it. The thought of having the Chalobah brothers playing through our spine for years to come really excites me!
  6. Keeper should be holding that, won't effect the outcome obviously
  7. Ugbo is a terrific prospect, with him and Abraham coming through in the next few years we could have sensational choices for strikers. He's absolutely lethal.
  8. Wow, I'm enjoying this. The young lads been on the park for the last 5 minutes and just cuts Spurs open. Unreal.
  9. Honestly, we're just too good. Spurs think they're getting a little foothold in the game and bang we hit them on the break and it's a goal. Some very good players in this team. I'm really happy for Jody as well, great lad!
  10. Terrrific first half from the young boys. If these boys can't make it with Spurs are bringing through youth it's a disgrace, our guys are streets ahead of them in terms of development. Mount is a great player. Ugbo is deadly as well. Great save from the penalty for our keeper as well.
  11. YESSSS!!! Get in Gazza my son!!
  12. Cannot believe my bet & our 3 points are gonna be f**ked by a penalty that wasn't even a f**king penalty, Sky bet will be w**king themselves in to oblivion with that decision .