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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I’m the first to admit that when I seen our line up I expected us to get beat quite easily which probably explains why I’m not a top level football manager. Conte got his tactics spot on last night. Flooding the centre of the park and dropping off Barca instead of pressing them and being pulled out of position in our own half, closed all the gaps that Messi & Co. look to play on. We were so close to executing it perfectly. It could so easily have been 3-0 going to Camp Nou which is the most frustrating thing. Yet, I feel confident Antonio will have us set up and well drilled over there. We beat a far better Barca side there with 10 men, we just need to hope we can pull it off again. COYB!
  2. He probably would have tried to dribble through the whole attack with the ball. joking aside, we’ll never know but it was silly from Christensen but he’ll learn from that!
  3. I’m still f**king livid. We deserved to win that game. F********************CK!!!
  4. Same old against these c**ts. It gets a bit tedious the favouritism they get.
  5. We deserved to win that, two little bits of luck and it could have been 3-0. A raft of mistakes cost us the 1-0 but I’d certainly have taken 1-1 before the game. Also, not sure if I mentioned buuuuttt... I f**king hate Barcelona. I hope we do them at Camp Nou again.
  6. Typical Biscuits. I hate that c**t.
  7. If the referees made the right decisions then he wouldn’t say anything.
  8. Because you’re not allowed to protest when the referee makes a c**t of it. Alvaro should know that.
  9. Where’s the advantage for the foul on Willian then?!
  10. How the f**k is that not a booking? If that was a chelsea player they’d be booked.
  11. I hate when Hazard does that, he’s got the guy one on one, run at him, you’re f**king immense at going past players.
  12. It was a stupid pass, just clear the ball up the park, totally unnecessary risk. It wasn’t to Azpilicueta or Cesc, it was right in the middle of them.
  13. Nothing poor with it. Just a momentary lapse there. Young lad. Will be our Captain at some point. In previous games his distribution has been very very good, just a lapse in concentration. It’s bound to happen with young players, it’s rare with him.
  14. Willian, Christensen & Azpilicueta all at fault for that goal for me.
  15. Azpilicueta has to just stand up there, stupid to slide in.