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  1. I'm not sure we deserved to win that game but I said at the start it didn't matter as long as we got 3 points, that's all that mattered today. Lets hope that this can be a turn of fortune for us and push on, I can't believe how relieved I am after a home win to Watford.
  2. Thank f**k, we needed that so badly!
  3. YES!!!!! Thank the f**king Lord!!! nananannanananaan Batman!!!
  4. If it was a recurrence of the previous injury, the point still kinda stands
  5. Baka that's a simple ball down the line, dearie me
  6. Don't care if it came off his penis Alan, all that matters is that it went in.
  7. Oh my mistake, I was under the impression that he was carrying the injury prior to signing and we had concerns over the medical? Not sure where I've made this story up from clearly
  8. He might not be in the best form but looks what it means to him. I f**king love Azpilicueta, he leaves it all out there and genuinely loves the club.
  9. Stupidest signing ever. We've signed someone who at this rate won't be fit until f**king January.
  10. Where's the f**king advantage for the kicks on Hazard and the pull back on Bats when he shat on the defender? I hate Moss
  11. How many f**king fouls Moss you fat c**t.
  12. True. Watford is playing great to add to that. Premier league is pretty tough. Of course, take nothing away from them, but the money that's been invested in this team and the fact that we are the champions we should still be beating them.
  13. Our midfield lets them to these places and there is so much you can handle these situations. Watford have done it all game. The midfield are partially responsible of course but being 2-0 at home to Roma and 2 goals against Watford at home should 100% be enough to win those games. We are leaking goals so badly.
  14. We are actually sh*te at the back. How's he getting a free header
  15. Thank f**k. He's a goalscorer, got to give him that.