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  1. Please don’t be so naive mate. A handful of posts on here and he’s chucking about terms like that. Irrelevant of how he meant it, it’s not an acceptable term to use.
  2. Hope they go down, detestable club
  3. Get to f**k off our forum you despicable c**t. You’re not Chels. d**khead
  4. Cop on with that type of language for f**k sake Racist c**t
  5. Morata had a golden chance to snatch us a point. You can’t miss chances like that at the top level in tight games.
  6. It’s not just us either. It took Citeh a last minute winner to beat WH. The difference is when City went behind they have a cutting edge, they have a plethora of attaching talent to choose from that provide goals. We have Hazard and Morata, maybe Pedro.
  7. Ridiculous, of course the club could have done better. The Sandro saga alone was a f**king embarrassment.
  8. We are absolutely sh*te going forward. I’ve said it so many times and I’ll continue to say it, we are the complete opposite of clinical, absolutely toothless. The fact none of our players can cross the road just emphasises it.
  9. Obiang should be off you bald c**t
  10. Oh my god. What a f**king miss. You have to hit the target, that’s f**king awful
  11. f**king hell Willian you should be fresh, why are you turning back?!?! f**kING RUN AT THEM!!
  12. Problem being we only go long when Morata is up there on his own.
  13. Route 1 sh*te, embarrassing - getting beat off eh this sh*te is an absolute shambles. A sh*te team managed by a sh*te manager and they’re beating us.
  14. Eh?! Two were made at half time and then 10 mins in to the second half. If he’d used the third at 55 and someone got injured he’d be slated for using all the subs so early.