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  1. Always liked him, wish him the best over there and glad we have the ability to bring him back if he does develop to the top level!
  2. I never said an academy player, I was referring to our young players in general irrelevant and you've just given two prime examples to back up my point.
  3. I like Ake and kind of hoped he'd stay around but from a business stand point £20m is a hell of a lot of money for a player considered to be a backup. If we do sell him, I hope we put in a buyback clause incase he turns in to the best CB in the league. We've had our fingers burnt too many times with that already for me. If he's looking for more first team opportunities then that's fair enough and I wish him the best.
  4. Pretty much my thinking. More than happy to let him go but not to a rival when they never sell to us.
  5. Would be an incredible signing but as others have said, pretty much inevitable it's bullsheet and we'll get Lukaku. Lewa will either get an even bigger contract or come out and say he's happy at the club. At least for th next few days we can dream of it happening!
  6. Insightful as ever.
  7. Based on what? Do you have any insight for a change or just the usual snide comments about other folks posts?
  8. Concerning, very concerning. The biggest fear I have from this as it could be genuinely true. I know people will say the transfer market doesn't open until July officially, but we are so slow to start recruiting, players we were linked with are now looking likely to go to our rivals I.e. Morata. I'd be heartbroken if we lost Conte. Also if the highest calibre or name player we're going after is Lukaku, we have fallen beyond our rivals much more than I thought. If Conte walks, I'm not sure who'd want to take over us when we don't back our managers in the transfer market.
  9. Lukaku better than Rodriguez... 'not good enough cause he can't play for Madrid' from people who are desperate for Sanchez. This site baffles me at time, delusional.
  10. Feel sick, first goal we let in was awful keeping from Gordon & the second one was terrible defending. It feels like we got beat. Same old Scotland.
  11. I appreciate all he's done for the club and all but I actually can't wait to be rid of him. His attitude and petulence is nothing short of embarrassing and it's making a joke of the club as well. I don't rate Lukaku as better than him, I'd rather we were going after Morata or Aubameyang but I'll take anyone over Costa right now. Good player with a woeful attitude and personality.
  12. not sayings it's reliable but just for anyone interested in a rumour.
  13. I smell sh*te, I don't see that being how Conte operates at all, I think Costa is at it again. Also as someone else said Costa doesn't speak English so he wouldn't have a clue what that message said. i think he's trying to manipulate a move away and if that's the case, get shot of him. This circus is an embarrassment. I don't even particularly rate Lukaku but I'll take him over Costa and his antics now.
  14. Sell, thank him for his service but I'd be looking to upgrade him if we can.