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  1. Blueblur

    Alvaro Morata

    Morata is absolutely woeful. Surely Sarri can see now that he is bereft of confidence, clueless about positioning and goes down at the slightest touch? Get Giroud starting every single game from now on, and save that primadonna Morata for the Europa League- that's about his level.
  2. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    You fool of a Took! I am sort of going through open-world fatigue. When I was playing AC Origins I was like 'you know what, f**k this, I want something more linear next time' . Yet I then bought Skyrim for Switch and now Red Dead 2 is coming....
  3. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Work on GTA VI has already started. But sshhh, you didn't hear that from me. But it won't be out for ages yet, Red Dead 2 is their focus at the moment, obvs. We're going to the Bruges beer festival together in February, I'll try and get some more info from him then, once he's had a few pints of 8% beer!
  4. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Good, because apparently the campaign alone will take about that long to complete! I can't wait. It looks incredible. My mate who works at Rockstar said he has been working on it for 4 years. It's an emotional moment when a game you've poured your sweat and blood into as a programmer comes out, apparently....
  5. Blueblur

    What are you listening to?

    Haha nope, I don’t be vomit after a drinking sesh much these days...
  6. Blueblur

    What are you listening to?

    I'm listening to the sound of fingers tapping keys on keyboards, mouse clicks. The whirr of the photocopier, muffled voices in the distance, doors closing. The air conditioning unit's low hum and the artificial air it pumps through this office. Telephones ringing, and occasionally, laughter. I'm tired of all of this, but I can't escape til Friday. Then it will be the sound of a cigarette lighter clicking, pints being poured and pint glasses being set down on the wooden table. Raucous laughter, intermittently punctuated by the sound of my fist slamming into the table, emphasising a point when I'm telling an anecdote. It's always then when I know I've had a bit to drink. The engine of the bus beneath my feet and the seat vibrating. Car horns honking and the shouts of the Polish people in my neighbourhood. The sizzling noise of the huge slab of meat in my kebab shop, followed by a low buzz as slices of flesh are sheared off it and handed to me in a polystyrene box, topped with salad and chilli sauce. The jangle of my keys as I fumble for them, and stumble into my flat. Bedsprings as I literally fall into bed. Hours later, the blissful sound of silence as I wake up on Saturday morning, the sound of freedom.
  7. Blueblur

    Eden Hazard

    Probably just speculation but still, if that's what it would take to keep him...
  8. BREAKING: Jose Mourinho charged by FA over comments made during Newcastle game. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45873321 Could be banned for this Saturday's meet-up.
  9. Blueblur

    Roman ready to sell?

    LOLOLOL I'm going straight to hell...
  10. Blueblur

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    I know I can always rely on you, Joe
  11. Blueblur

    Eden Hazard

  12. Blueblur

    Alvaro Morata

    This is fun to watch, shooting drills, Morata V Pedro V Zappacosta. Pedro really is a sublime finisher. Morata did well actually but Davide was poor, obvs
  13. Blueblur

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Out of interest, fellow forum members, which team in the PL do you want to fail the most this season? Mine's Tottenham. <rant> Can't stand their smug manager, their focus on Kane as the Second Coming (and the media's obsession with him) , their fans who think they are actually going to win something under Poch and their awful, sometimes dirty players (Vertonghen, Alli, Rose, Lamela, Dier) . My housemate won't hear a bad word about them, can never admit when they're sh*t and believes they weren't outplayed by Barca recently. I really want to see them crash and burn, and hope the cost of their new stadium mean they are stuck in mid-table quagmire for the next 5 years, unable to buy players and see Poch f**k off to Real Madrid and Kane leave in a couple of seasons when he realises they will win f**k all. </rant>
  14. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Just purchased Skyrim for the THIRD (am I mad?) time, for my Switch. There is just something about this game, it exudes a certain atmosphere that The Witcher 3- despite being brilliant and in many ways, superior- never really did. And it really gets me. The game-world, music score and millions of quests is just amazing. And now it's portable! No more dreary Christmases at my grandparents house stuck reading a book or playing a millionth game of Mario Kart with my sister- I can play Skyrim once again, ensconced in the comfy chair nearest the fire. I traded in Spider-Man, Origins and Far Cry 5 so it didn't cost me a penny. Sue me.
  15. Blueblur

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Some confusion over JT's role at Villa. Turns out he isn't quite the No2. From The Times: Dean Smith’s assistant manager at Brentford Richard O’Kelly will join him at Aston Villa as his No 2 in a move that raises questions over John Terry’s precise role at the club. The former England captain was named as Smith’s assistant along with the appointment of Jesus Garcia Pitarch as Villa’s new director of football when the club confirmed the identity of their new manager last night, but they have also reached an agreement with Brentford to take O’Kelly from Griffin Park in a joint deal worth around £500,000. Villa are understood to have wanted to promote the coup of Terry’s recruitment so omitted mentioning O’Kelly in the statement confirming Smith’s appointment, but his arrival is expected to be confirmed shortly. The 61-year-old has worked with Smith throughout the latter’s managerial career, having two spells as assistant manager under him at Walsall before also joining him at Brentford, and the closeness of their relationship indicates that he will be Villa’s de facto No 2 rather than Terry. Villa’s new owners have been keen throughout to land a high-profile replacement for Steve Bruce and spoke to Thierry Henry, Brendan Rodgers and Rui Faria before appointing Smith. Terry was not considered for the manager’s job because he has not have a UEFA A Licence, although his appointment as a coach is likely to be well received in the dressing room where he was a popular captain last season. Terry had been tipped to take over as No 2 even before Smith was appointed and had also been mentioned as a candidate to be the manager, now his role appears to be diminishing. Villa confirmed the appointment of Smith as their new head coach last night, with Terry joining him to end a difficult search for a replacement for Steve Bruce.