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  1. The Avalanches
  2. That would be a steal!
  3. To replace Hazard if he is indeed leaving?
  4. I don't think so. They lost it around MW3 IMO.
  5. Paper talk today: "Eden Hazard has agreed to join Real Madrid according to reports in Spain, and has already found a house to move into" I really hope that all these rumours are bollox
  6. What are you doing in this thread @moi ? This is game talk! Perhaps you'd feel more at home in your blasted Musical Connections thread or whatever it is. Be gone!
  7. So Andromeda is a pile of w**k, eh? Rushed, buggy, complicated menus and poor quest design. I've never played a ME game but I always thought they were hyped up to hernia. Glad Andromeda isn't all that. The devs leaving and having a multiplayer team design the game really messed things up
  8. Indeed. After all, Pedro went to United and Willian went to Spurs so- Oh wait. Anyway, I have a feeling Costa will leave this summer too. It's just a question of getting a superstar to replace him. I wouldn't mind Lukaku
  9. Sorry, I just Kante. Cahill.
  10. I can't stop laughing at this
  11. Nail, meet head.
  12. Logan Well well well! What a film this was. The Wolverine film I've wanted to see since the beginning. Violent, heartfelt, bloody, sweary, grow-ly! Patrick Stewart is an absolute scene-stealer. I don't want to give any spoilers away so I'll keep this brief. Hilarious, exciting, emotional. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is probably one of the most perfect casting decisions ever made. That man IS Wolverine! I just wish that every X-Men film was shot with such panache and style as this. James Mangold- who directed The Wolverine- has surpassed himself. See this on the biggest screen you can. 10/10
  13. BREAKING: Arsenal to play Bayern Munich in pre-season friendly on July 19th.
  14. Moses had to wait until he was in his mid-twenties before nailing down a regular spot. Only 5 years til Christensen makes the grade then...
  15. I find it hard to believe that a lot of people on here think Christensen is in with a chance of getting regular first-team football. All this talk of Conte blooding youth is nonsense; when it's clear Cahill isn't up to the task anymore we will just buy another world-class defender. Christensen will be sold.