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  1. R.I.P Chris Cornell.
  2. They'll be relegated next season. The club are almost as clueless as Sunderland
  3. A brilliant little piece by Simone Pepe, who played under Conte at Juventus a few years ago. The more I read about our manager, the more I love him!
  4. Indeed. Word on the street is he is planning to sit on the bench and blast his trusty fire extinguisher at every Watford player who runs past him.
  5. The Nice Guys A Shane Black film starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. If you like any of Black's previous films, such as the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you'll love this. The script is sharp and the shenanigans will have you creasing. 8/10
  6. Batman! The greatest Chelsea player this season!
  7. Such a good read! He is such a lovely guy! I can't believe how many languages he speaks. And learning French so he could communicate with Kante and get him out of his shell. Beautiful.
  8. Paper talk: "Anthonio Conte is set to give forgotten Chelsea left-back Baba Rahman a second chance this summer" Discuss. Competition for Alonso? Media nonsense? Or is Baba beyond redemption?
  9. Bakayoko looks total garbage from what I've seen. I'd rather keep Matic
  10. Alonso has been a f**king revelation this season
  11. Ha! It was basically just you, me, Moi and Philip in there most wonder it went
  12. He is hungover - he found out about being voted writers player of the year last night and is suffering a sore head today.
  13. Anyone seen this? That moron Neville blowing a gasket because some Arsenal and Man U players exchanged pleasantries in the tunnel before the game. Cech and Mata used to be Chels, of course they're going to hug! And of course JM is going to shake Cech's hand!
  14. Forgot Spurs were playing last night. I stumbled home last night, steaming drunk from the pub, to be greeted with the sight of my Spud-supporting flat mate viciously pounding his fist on the kitchen counter and necking a Corona. I asked him what was up and he said "well we lost didn't we! To f**king West Ham 1-0!" I laughed myself stupid before he started ranting. He thinks it's all over (it is now) . A lovely surprise, I tell ya!