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  1. Blueblur

    WC 2018

    I got Senegal. 200/1 F&#%$AKE
  2. Blueblur

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    I will never understand the hysteria that surrounds the release of the fixtures. BREAKING NEWS: We have to play everybody twice! And perhaps some more than others due to cups! Give. A. F***
  3. Blueblur

    WC 2018

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-cup/2018/06/13/julen-lopetegui-sacked-spain-manager-just-one-day-world-cup1/ Madness!
  4. Blueblur

    Any game recommendation?

    Ghost of Tsushima looks incredible, I'm most excited about this game. Take a look at the gameplay: https://www.gamesradar.com/get-your-first-look-at-ghost-of-tsushima-gameplay-with-sucker-punchs-jaw-dropping-e3-2018-trailer/ It look beautiful too. We've been begging for an Assassin's Creed game based in Japan, now Sucker Punch has gone and beaten Ubisoft to it!
  5. Blueblur

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Haha he isn't going anywhere
  6. Blueblur

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Welcome, Laurent Blanc then. Looks like it's almost done. We'll then probably make Solomon Rondon our first signing of the season to replace Morata. We've been linked with him according to BBC paper talk
  7. Blueblur

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Any news, yet? no? I'll check back after the World Cup, we might have announced something by then
  8. Blueblur

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    This has reached top banter. The most deluded fans in world football.
  9. Blueblur

    Film Discussion thread

    Hard to argue with any of that!
  10. Blueblur

    Film Discussion thread

    It's not bad but it's certainly very meh. Johnson threw everything Star Wars fan-boys know and love about the franchise out of the window and made it his own...which, wasn't the cleverest thing to do in hindsight. There are some really stupid bits in it and poor John Boyega, who was so terrific on TFA, had little to do apart from a side quest to Las Vegas. Johnson reinterprets what the Force means/what it can do which made one moment in particular seem f**king stupid. That said, there are a couple of cool scenes. But give me Empire, Force Awakens or Rogue One instead any day. Far superior films. That's the problem with changing directors- tone and nuance shift so dramatically from film to film and the outcome isn't always good. For example, Bond- Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Are you telling me that if they'd retained Martin Campbell to direct Quantum too, it would have turned out like it did? No. Instead Marc Forster took the reigns and it was just a mess.
  11. Blueblur

    WC 2018

    Leroy Sane not picked for the 23-man Germany WC squad. Absolute insanity. Their strength in depth to be able to NOT pick him!
  12. Blueblur

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It's clearly Blanc and something will probably be announced today
  13. Blueblur

    Thibaut Courtois

    I'll be shot down for saying this and it won't happen of course but I'm always far happier when Willy is in goal. Promote him!
  14. Blueblur

    Thibaut Courtois

    Not the keeper we thought we'd be getting back from loan at Atleti. He's good. Solid. Doesn't need command his area though and isn't fit to lick Cech's boots clean by any stretch. There are better keepers out there so if we sell him it's no big loss.