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  1. its not winning 5 in row , but getting beat by Cardiff thats the problem
  2. Man Utd and Spurs both score goals and win playing poorly , we need to do the same
  3. Anyone got a decent stream
  4. gazza

    Wilfred Zaha

    no chance
  5. gazza

    Little Fekir

    no chance of happening
  6. gazza


    would like to score a few goals in the games tho
  7. Sarri- ball , there wasnt any today ,absolutely no difference from last season
  8. one positive at least no one will be expecting top 4 this year
  9. gazza

    Random Rumours

    ffs have we not learnt nothing from the last 6 years , one decent /big signing a season baka last season Jorgh this, unleast we sell as in (costa / morata ) the rest will average at best , we will not sign another first team player this year and you can bring this up if and when we do
  10. gazza

    Random Rumours

    PSG have not got any money because of FFP , unless they sell Naymar