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  1. The BBC are miserable bar stewards aren't they? Jesus Christ a legend is retiring and the game is moot for both clubs. Compare it to the reaction when Philip Lahm and Xabi Alonso did the same thing
  2. I know it's inevitable Arsenal will get the goal but this game really does show why Arsenal are in the position they're in. Sunderland offering nothing, Arsenal being wasteful going for the spectacular goal rather than the simple one.
  3. Embarrassing number of empty seats at Arsenal.
  4. Why are keepers never this crap when we play these sides?
  5. Can't help but suspect he's mentally halfway to China now. Even if he doesn't leave, we need a viable second choice striking option.
  6. Thank Christ. We score from a simple, direct attack. There's a lesson to be learnt there.
  7. Every break they either look like they can score or we give away a set piece. Meanwhile our attacks seem completely ineffective.
  8. Costa was an embarrassment, he's done nothing but look like an idiot the first half. Even if we put someone on who does nothing at least he won't pull the stuff Costa was in the first half. We look completely ineffectual, that half could've lasted 450 minutes and I don't think we'd have even had a good chance, let alone a goal.
  9. Terrible ref display benefiting Barcelona, what a surprise. This stupidly biased commentary is annoying too.
  10. Mass Effect is getting a pretty tough times in reviews. A lot of big sites are giving it mediocre scores and laying into the writing, characters and animations.
  11. Andromeda's animations are just comical. It's a huge budget game with good graphics... that's seemingly been animated by students who've never actually seen how humans move.
  12. Really tough game out of the way, doubly glad that not only we got a win but that a team playing thug football got nothing except a red card.
  13. Do Stoke fans really enjoy seeing their team play in such a scum way? That wasn't a half of football. Shame on the ref for letting that sh*tshow go on. Is a player going to have to go off on a stretcher before he clamps down on it?
  14. When we were robbed against Barca they kept going on about how wonderful it was that they got their 'dream final'. This is nothing new
  15. "The greatest game in history" f**k off. They cheated, pure and simple.