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  1. Mass Effect is getting a pretty tough times in reviews. A lot of big sites are giving it mediocre scores and laying into the writing, characters and animations.
  2. Andromeda's animations are just comical. It's a huge budget game with good graphics... that's seemingly been animated by students who've never actually seen how humans move.
  3. Really tough game out of the way, doubly glad that not only we got a win but that a team playing thug football got nothing except a red card.
  4. Do Stoke fans really enjoy seeing their team play in such a scum way? That wasn't a half of football. Shame on the ref for letting that sh*tshow go on. Is a player going to have to go off on a stretcher before he clamps down on it?
  5. When we were robbed against Barca they kept going on about how wonderful it was that they got their 'dream final'. This is nothing new
  6. "The greatest game in history" f**k off. They cheated, pure and simple.
  7. And the cheating sh*ts have won it.
  8. Barcelona are an embarassment. Cheating scumbags.
  9. We dodged such a bullet with Stones. Even a consistently mediocre defender is better a defender you can't trust
  10. I can't see Leicester parking the bus without giving away penalties and free kicks under European officiating.
  11. Definitely didn't deserve a score line like that with the saves he pulled off (and he didn't stand a chance for the goals). Let down by his team and manager. As always with Arsenal, the big sides find it too easy to figure out Wenger so they struggle against any side they can't simply get by on the quality of players. Arsenal actually looked threatening towards the end of the first half but Ancelotti was able to fix things whereas Wenger didn't seem to have a clue what to do.
  12. If Sterling wasn't always looking for a penalty whenever he gets in the box, he might have got that decision. Phenomenal day of results for us. Got to make sure we do the job.
  13. I was so excited about the Nintendo Switch until they announced the price. £280 for the base unit with no game.
  14. Man U have really been handed this result. So much for the unluckiest team in football...
  15. I just saw it, afraid I hated it. Characters completely lacked charisma (can't even remember the two leads name) and most of the team didn't seem to ever actually have a reason to join the mission. Ultimately I just found it boring. Bad CGI Peter Cushing looked and felt wrong.