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  1. Why did he blast it like that? Why not replicate the first penalty?
  2. Good game so far. Spurs back in it
  3. Christ, City are running riot, 3-0 and not even half an hour gone.
  4. Well worked, exactly what we needed
  5. Christ that was a bad tackle
  6. Starting where we left off last Monday
  7. Alvaro Morata

    A friend of his was killed in a car crash a week or so ago and the club allowed him some time off, according to the Telegraph and other news outlets after doing a bit of googling. But he's injured anyway so he would still have missed the last few matches. Seriously? Would you have held it against him if Lampard hadn't played that night?
  8. Keeper's been unlucky with the last few pens
  9. Commentator's a f**king idiot. Keeper got a good strong hand to it and he's talking about a fingertip save, and then is talking about it crossing the line from the sh*tty reply we saw.
  10. Young lads digging deep. Hudson-Odoi has serious pace
  11. A performance so bad it crashed the site
  12. We're through but f**king hell that was torture. Absolutely dreadful performance.