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  1. I don't normally venture into the wilderness that is other club's forums, but I went to take a look at how Spurs fans are reacting to this. I know fans are always going to be heavily biased towards, and protective of, their own club and players, but this particular post is jaw dropping in its stupidity. Whatever about the atrocious spelling, the last line about rewriting history is hilarious when you re-read the rest of it.
  2. We're lucky Atletico have f**ked up so badly
  3. Koeman gone from Everton. They were always gonna struggle without Lukaku's goals but I didn't think they'd be as bad as they are. Bilic to be the next lose his job I'd say.
  4. Great strike. City fully deserve the lead.
  5. City miles better so far. I can't understand bringing Willian on for Morata. We've literally nothing up front now and it's made life easier for City's backline. The one positive so far, it's still 0-0. There's always the possibility of nicking a goal but I don't think there'll be much of a difference in the second half from what we've seen.
  6. Yeah linesman has been spot on the bar steward
  7. YESSSS!! That is an absolute beaut of a goal. Fantastic movement and composure. Fantastic win and 100% deserved. As good a performance away from home in Europe you will see from anyone.
  8. Aw Fabregas. That should have been buried. There's 3 points here for us, we just have to take them.
  9. Great ball from Hazard and well finished by Morata. Absolutely deserved equaliser.
  10. A very impressive first half ruined by a brainless decision by Luiz. A player of his experience shouldn't be doing that. Atletico have come into the game more in the last few minutes and we could have been further behind. But to look at it positively, the performance has been good. Hazard and Morata have caused their backline problems and I fancy us to get at least one goal tonight. How many points we get I think will come down to whether or not we can cut the mistakes out at the back.
  11. It's not a season defining day by any means, but it is a sh*t way to close it. Such a disappointing perfromance all round. Arsenal were so much better today and should have won by 3 or 4 at least.
  13. Only a minor gripe, but whenever Chelsea leave flags on the seats for the fans at the Bridge, it's something to mock and take the piss out of. Spurs do it today (and many other clubs across Europe do it) and it's "great scenes here today"
  14. Something Conte just touched on I think is crucial. Chelsea didn't have many injuries, but it's not luck. How many times in recent years have we actually had a lot of injuries? You see it happening at other clubs, time and again they have an injury crisis but we don't. At some point it goes beyond luck and you start to look at what the players and the staff do. Whatever goes on in the training ground and treatment room, it's done right at Chelsea.
  15. Considering how West Brom have gone about it tonight there's no point risking him. Especially with the cup final to come.