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  1. Because we didn't take our chances when they came and we let them escape the 1st leg with a draw. Pretty much the same sh*te as most of our recent games.
  2. So that's that in Manchester. Meanwhile things are getting interesting in Rome
  3. This ref is like a lot of English refs, an arrogant twat
  4. BT commentators are f**king atrocious, just seen another replay and they still haven't copped onto the fact that it came off Milner and therefore couldn't be offside.
  5. I think we can agree there are many worthy candidates, and all very much deserving of a good punch or 12
  6. VVD should be embarrassed getting landed on his arse like that by Sterling of all people
  7. It was good save, but he made it look more spectacular than it needed to be by using his right hand instead of his left
  8. Another example today of just how bad referees are in this league
  9. Seriously impressive from Liverpool (pains me to praise them) City were abysmal, created nothing all game.
  10. I wouldn't be so quick to declare this over. If City can get themselves together and get back on the front foot possession-wise, they are capable of getting a few goals, plus this Liverpool defence is capable of being every bit as sh*t as City's has been. Add in a dodgy keeper and there is still a chance for City. 1 City goal keeps it alive.
  11. For Butch? Don't think there was