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  1. It's not a season defining day by any means, but it is a sh*t way to close it. Such a disappointing perfromance all round. Arsenal were so much better today and should have won by 3 or 4 at least.
  3. Only a minor gripe, but whenever Chelsea leave flags on the seats for the fans at the Bridge, it's something to mock and take the piss out of. Spurs do it today (and many other clubs across Europe do it) and it's "great scenes here today"
  4. Something Conte just touched on I think is crucial. Chelsea didn't have many injuries, but it's not luck. How many times in recent years have we actually had a lot of injuries? You see it happening at other clubs, time and again they have an injury crisis but we don't. At some point it goes beyond luck and you start to look at what the players and the staff do. Whatever goes on in the training ground and treatment room, it's done right at Chelsea.
  5. Considering how West Brom have gone about it tonight there's no point risking him. Especially with the cup final to come.
  6. Not sure about JFH but Frank is there for Sky
  7. West Brom along with Wolves and a few other clubs play/have played The Liquidator at home games from time to time.
  8. That'll do pikeys, that'll do
  9. Nice one. Now f**king hold on you c**ts
  10. First time for a while I've been able to sit through the full 90 for one of these. Usually the playacting and petulant bullsh*t puts me off. What a f**king game though. And what a player Messi is. Not just the goal at the end, he was brilliant throughout the game. 22 red cards now for Ramos. What a dirty bar steward. That's 10 more than Kevin Muscat managed ffs
  11. Christ talk about sh*t excuses. Danny Murphy is actually talking about the difference in the softness of the grass at Wembley compared to WHL. I've never heard such sh*t in my time watching football. I don't normally get riled up over the commentators but f**king hell he's terrible.
  12. What a f**king hit. f**king have that Danny Murphy you miserable piece of sh*t
  13. Get in Hazard! Also, Danny Murphy is the absolute worst commentator. This is a back and forth 5 goal game and he sounds like he's trying to not fall asleep. When he's not hyping Spurs up that is.
  14. Wenger in. 4 more years, 4 more years.
  15. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    I agree fully with everything Scott said above. It's always horrible seeing injuries like that. Also, Gareth Bale should probably have been sent off beforehand for his tackle on O'Shea. And worse, he's has the audacity to complain about being booked for it.