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  1. Ok I've submitted a few :)
  2. Wish I didn't have work!. Come on Chelsea!
  3. Feels good doesn't it :) Jermaine Jenas :)
  4. Dream scenario - Arsenal best Spurs, finish top 4, wenger signs new contract day before cup final, Chelsea win 5-0... cue Arsenal Fan TV meltdown
  5. Cesc for me
  6. Massive win tonight to get us back on track. Really puts the pressure back on spurs and quite frankly I don't care what they do as it's up to us to just keep winning. Win in all our home games and one of Everton or wba. Spurs aren't going to beat palace, arsenal and united. Also, hazard was decent tonight but kudos to cesc.
  7. Thought we outplayed them all over the park. That dummy/turn by hazard on smalling was something else. If he finished that off with a goal I would argue that it would have been better than his effort vs Arsenal. well done lads, onto Wembley now!
  8. Anyone watching the city vs Huddersfield game? Not a bad half, bit of a soft pen for augero though!