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  1. Thought we outplayed them all over the park. That dummy/turn by hazard on smalling was something else. If he finished that off with a goal I would argue that it would have been better than his effort vs Arsenal. well done lads, onto Wembley now!
  2. Anyone watching the city vs Huddersfield game? Not a bad half, bit of a soft pen for augero though!
  3. Ridiculous game. Was like a game of FIFA being played by two 10 year olds that standard of defending! Still, very entertaining for the neutral. Boy I can't wait for us to be back in it next season!
  4. Spot on FC. He's actually praising us massively here
  5. Early goal vital here. They will have a negative set up so we must break it down. I'm going 2-0. Hazard and costa
  6. Incredible performance :)
  7. I am top of the league!!!! Go on Borussia Forsyth!
  8. United sent the paperwork over late on purpose lol!
  9. I'm in!
  10. Well that's horsesh*t. The most valuable player in the world based on transfer fee isn't even on that list lol.
  11. Well as drogba has left I see Hernandez as a 2nd/3rd striker along with Remy. There is basically zero chance of Bamford being at chelsea so why not?
  12. Not an official rumour but I see he may be avaloable on the cheap. Personally I think he would be a good fit for chelsea as a backup striker. His movement is second to none and he had a decent goal scoring record at United.
  13. Quake, tomb raider 1, TOCA, championship manager 00/01, max Payne, cod 4, fifa 99, pro evo 2, MGS2&3, brian Lara's cricket 99
  14. So much bitching on here...... Why?