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  1. Haha classic chelsea.. We are so good at doing that... Ffs lads
  2. Ah a fellow cheltonian! I also live in chelt and have followed the robins for the past 15 years! I live right by the ground now funnily enough. Id like to see them do well but ill never love a team anywhere near as much as I Do Chelsea
  3. Michy should start. Conte needs to be able to rely on him and the only way he is gonna be able to do that is by giving him the gametime to try and provie himself.
  4. Very pleased with getting past that hurdle with no injuries or suspensions. That's also a decent clean sheet. Now we kick on and if beat city we can really look forward to the games past that.
  5. Really wasn't "Embarrassing". Huge over reaction . It was a tight tactical game, nothing gained nothing lost. Far from embarrasing
  6. Not the worst result, just a bit frustrating if anything. Never mind, clean sheet and onto the next
  7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    To be honest if he wants To sign for another side to play CM then its probably best he doesnt come here. Shame he didnt want To rise To the challenge but im not overly gutted.
  8. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I never wanted us to sign costa. Always knew he was trouble and didnt ever want him at the bridge.
  9. Best football images

  10. Best football images

  11. Best football images

    Ok I've submitted a few :)
  12. Best football images

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