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  1. That says it all about the squad they have.
  2. If it were Arse, I would agree. But I hope you're right.
  3. Good point. Fair point. Let's hope Anderlecht puts them out this week.
  4. Don't expect ManU to put up any fight against Spurs.... JM's bitterness towards Chelsea will win the day.
  5. You need to check your math, mate. We're in deep sh*t.
  6. Completely shambolic performance.... everyone 2nd best at their position today. Title race is on if anyone thought differently. We can't keep a clean sheet and our striker can't score or create anything. Damn you, CP home loss.
  7. Our defense has been awful for months. Costa has been awful for months. Better hope Spurs implode, because I see us dropping many, many more points.
  8. Martino is a self-admitted Arsenal fan.... as well as a douchebag... which is redundant, I know.
  9. True - I need more of your positivity. Just don't know where the goals are going to come from at the moment. Fab on, please!
  10. Are we certain Costa didn't go to China in January.
  11. 100% agree with you and glad we're keeping him this season. I think he'll be a positive for us.
  12. Won't be able to watch and not the least bit sad about it. Expect to go through the motions and lose 2-0 or 3-1 or 4-0 or 3-0... You get the point.
  13. I appreciate everything Ivanovic has done for the club. However, he should never be anything more than the backup CB.... Make that 4th choice CB at best. If he's not okay with that, he should be the first one sold. Also, don't offer one pound for Stones - bring back Anders instead.
  14. With this squad, I think a total capitulation from us is far, far more likely...
  15. This team is a disgrace. Season can't end soon enough. Would love to be rid of at least 15 players this summer, won't happen though. Sunderland completely deserved the 3 points. Can't wait to drop points there again next season! Today assured that we will... Sorry to be so negative. Ready for the Euros and then for Conte to demand better.