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  1. I'm with you. Thought we'd have 3 in midfield, but not surprised Cahill's back in. Hope we get good goal-scoring Gary, not bad own-goal scoring Gary.
  2. Never felt less confident going into a match. Only hope is Morata becomes an instant legend and the back line summons Munich. Come on, Chelsea - it's Wembley, they are Spuds - please make me wrong!
  3. To Emenalo or whoever is in charge of transfers in and out: You suck. Everyone has seen this coming. You've sold and loaned out with total disregard to what the team needs and what Conte has requested. Why? To show Conte you're in charge? You're a w**ker. We have been substantially weakened this summer. Again, EVERYONE with any sense has seen this coming. Why do we have to take a huge step backwards instead of building on the momentum we had going? Why do we wait so long to bring players in - even if we buy 3-4 players - we're going to be short handed until October. We need a winger, a defensive midfielder and another striker.... we've known this for months, but instead you've loaned out numerous players that would give us the appropriate cover. I will not be surprised if you further gut the squad rather than strengthen it over the next few weeks. To Gary Cahill: Thank you for your service, being a crucial part of that night in Munich and for captaining us on the field last season. However, you should only start League Cup matches going forward. To Alvaro Morata: You're the real deal. Stay healthy and hopefully Pedro and Hazard will be back soon to support. To Antonio Conte: I hope you're given the power you deserve, but I fully expect you to be gone next summer, if not sooner. To Michy: You're going to be needed off the bench this season, so please keep working hard. To Spuds: Please take it easy on us next weekend. We need to somehow stay afloat until October, hopefully the PL season won't be lost by then. And by lost, I mean any chance at the top 4. These thoughts aren't just about the result today, although frustrating - and the ref's a w**ker too - it's more about where we're headed over the next 6 weeks or so. We don't have a viable midfielder available to start next week! How is that possible? Morata and a soon to be different starting back line give me hope. COYB - get it sorted while there's time!
  4. Northport Blues

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    That says it all about the squad they have.
  5. If it were Arse, I would agree. But I hope you're right.
  6. Good point. Fair point. Let's hope Anderlecht puts them out this week.
  7. Don't expect ManU to put up any fight against Spurs.... JM's bitterness towards Chelsea will win the day.
  8. You need to check your math, mate. We're in deep sh*t.
  9. Completely shambolic performance.... everyone 2nd best at their position today. Title race is on if anyone thought differently. We can't keep a clean sheet and our striker can't score or create anything. Damn you, CP home loss.
  10. Our defense has been awful for months. Costa has been awful for months. Better hope Spurs implode, because I see us dropping many, many more points.
  11. Martino is a self-admitted Arsenal fan.... as well as a douchebag... which is redundant, I know.
  12. True - I need more of your positivity. Just don't know where the goals are going to come from at the moment. Fab on, please!
  13. Are we certain Costa didn't go to China in January.
  14. Northport Blues

    Victor Moses

    100% agree with you and glad we're keeping him this season. I think he'll be a positive for us.
  15. Northport Blues

    Baba Rahman - The heir to Ash?

    I do not understand our LB situation. It is obvious, to me at least, that we would have been much better all season with Iva on the bench and a real LB in, with Azpi at RB. We have supplied 3 PL teams with LB's (Bertrand, PvA, Ake) - I would take any of them over Baba right now. Although he hasn't been given a real chance. I guess what I'm saying is that I would take any of them (Luis too) over Iva being in the starting XI every match.