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  1. Sure I just see him at Cobham. Youre more full of sh*t than the football agent
  2. My sisters, uncles , cats, dogs, hamster says different. And he should know. He lives in a cage at Cobham.
  3. That can't be true!!! Some members with 'sources' have just said Monaco won't send the paperwork and the medical is failed ?? f**king silly season
  4. For f**k sake don't bite on this nonsense
  5. This is the precise reason we will not see him at the club one thing that struck me during all the celebrations of the end of season was how unhinged Diego is, ready to erupt at any moment. It's quite clear he is literally uncontrollable. Only the over day me and my dad were discussing the next captain and Cesc was mentioned; and I though "even Cesc would have no chance" - the closet player to him. It seems Conte has spotted this a miles off and I can't say I blame him - can any of you honestly say you would keep a member of your staff if they behaved like that? Although it's amusing to us - including me - it's not desirable behaviour for a manager.
  6. A lot being made about lack of height in an aerial sense - I'll put this to all, Matic may be tall but he's sh*t in the air, never see the bloke get off the ground. No worse off aerially if you bring in Veratti for him
  7. People talking about selling DC have lost the plot. We have no chance of getting anyone in as a replacement anywhere near his level. There are only a few I would swap him for and they are out of our league. Cesc has been in great nic the last couple of months
  8. They will do well to get a point tomo
  9. Im curios to know how he carried us to the league last season. As this is something you continually repeat, care to explain? I think its time you stop sticking up for Hazard, hes been sh*te. End of.
  10. Dreadful again today
  11. You're on another planet. I've got nothing against hazard and rate him, but he has shown the start of this year why he nowhere near the level FL was. exceptional talent, average application
  12. Im intrigued. how did he keep the club afloat?
  13. Some one summed it up completely for me when they said he has no aggression what so ever. Decent enough player but I was hoping he would take the bull by the horns and take his change yesterday. Which he never