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  1. Our New Stadium

    Genuinely think it will be the best looking stadium in the world. The brick and archways are very atmospheric. The asymmetric design is unique albeit out of necessity. Stunning bit of architecture, and infinitely more appealing than a soulless concrete bowl. that said, the proposed design for the battersea site was also jaw dropping
  2. Willian

    Will be interesting to see if any fall out as the result of willians reaction to getting subbed today. Stormed off down the tunnel....
  3. Ethan Ampadu

    Hi rightwing, welcome to the board. I think it is only right that all clubs look out for themselves commercially and of course, want to protect their own interests. That said, I dont think that you will find too many on here who wont agree that Exeter have been hard done by as a result of the tribunal outcome. I would certainly have preferred for Chelsea and Exeter to have reached an agreement of a reasonable amount, reflecting both the risk and potential. With that in mind, something around 5 - 7 million would have suited. Out of interest, do you have any idea what your club were asking for? I also felt gutted when we "lost" solanke to liverpool for a small sum, given that we had coached him from a young age, and that he was already experienced having been loaned overseas. These tribunals often seem to under value....or we, as fans, seem to over value.....difficult to fathom who is right!
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    An assumption....never assume it makes....etc etc as per the age old adage. As a minimum I expect: 1) A board that has the long term interests of the club at heart. I don't want short term success alla 1990s era Leeds utd, at the cost of long term planning. 2) players who give their all for the shirt. 3) a manager who loves the club,and whose every action is with the best interest of the club at heart. 4) a manager who has the foresight to a) anticipate stagnation and mitigate against it, and b) react to unexpected results/form/injuries. Much like Antonio did with such passion and craft last season 5) a manager who picks on merit, not on price or name. A manager who is not afraid to change it up, drop the establishment and give another option a chance to prosper. 6) fans who recognise good traits in players and reward effort with unwavering passion and support. But also who are not blinkered (such as Liverpool and spurs supporters) and who can acknowledge our own limitations. Most of all, fans who support Chelsea for being the best f**king club in the world. Not because we are the latest flavour of the month.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thanks for telling me what I feel. At what point have I ever intimated that those players are world class or would help us win any of those things you are talking about. That wasnt the discussion or the point. You asked for options on how Conte could have rotated more effectively. I gave you 5 options. Quite how that how you equate my view that Conte could have used his resources better, to me "feeling " that those 5 players would win us the league or champions league is beyond me. Seems like you believe what you want to, and resort to making stuff up.
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    My post is not an argument. You asked for options where Conte could have rotated more. I gave you 5. Your excuses to defend Conte are genuinely bordering on comical. Have the board played a part in this mess of a season? Absolutely yes! it was a sh*tshow of a pre season , when, if some reports are to be believed Conte was already halfway out the door. Maybe that explains the lack of investment? But yes, the board have cocked up. Have the players done all they could to turn it around? No way! They appear to have been going through the motions for too long, and judging be performances and results, thought that they could turn up and turn over "lesser teams". The mentality of the players is very much part the problem. Has Conte set out to deliberately underachieve? Of course not! But he has allowed himself to get distracted by politics, and has let this impact his selections to the detriment of the team. You replied to me , in a rather juvenile manner, to check factual aspects. 1. You "argue" that Conte gave batsman a fair chance and bats simply wasn't good enough. How many games did he start?how many of those were back to back? You want facts? The fact is the conte played batsman for a total of 353 mins in the premier league. Some chance that is. 2. Emerson wasn't fit , so how could he play you ask? He was back from his injury for Roma on their bench for their game on 5th November 2017 onwards,until we purchased him. Emerson was fit enough to be in contention for Roma, and he was seemingly fit enough to play for us against spurs,man city and hull. But then not be fit enough at the same time you argue.....a bit nonsensical 3. Congratulations btw for being the latest mouthpiece for "most Chelsea fans". Well done on that. Most Chelsea fans are well aware that young Ethan was getting minutes. And you say that conte was excited by him (oh er) and his involvement. For all that excitement, Ethan's fantastic carabao cup performances earned him a total of 10 premier league minutes.... God help him if Conte wasn't excited! 4. You asked for options on where Conte has not rotated well enough. You agree that drinky should have been used more. Then make excuses for Conte due to some blind man love. 5. What should Conte do you ask? How about grow a pair and try something fresh as a starter for 10? Of course, hazard , willian and pedro are ahead of CHO. But if hazard, William and Pedro are misfiring and playing like sh*t, then how about taking one out the team, putting your arm around your hotshot young talent and telling him to go an make a name for himself...rather than picking the same sh*tshow over and over. 6. You claim luiz has been injured all season. And know this to be true because Conte confirmed it. The same person who had an issue with him. Conte has form for alienating players and dealing with things in a less than diplomatic way....so I am sceptical of how bad this injury really is. Won't be replying to you again, as you seem a bit blind. I like Conte, but he has f**ked up this season.
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Agree that sparky could teach him a thing or 2. As could jimmy. Jeez, I think even little john Spencer could also teach him a couple of tricks! Morata just doesn't seem to be much of a fighter . More worried about his hair or sending a cryptic message to his wife rather than rolling his sleeves up and having a go.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I do not subscribe to the notion that Conte selects a team to deliberately lose because he wants the sack. That is far fetched bollocks. I do think however that he has (as did Jose with brana and the like) selected the same players over and over again to the detriment of the team, and for that, Conte has no right to blame tiredness The argument that some of the players who have not had much of a look in ( Zappa, CHO, Bats, Luiz ) would not improve the team quality is missing the point. They are squad players, they don't need to improve. But by integrating them, using them (not necessarily all at once ) , making them feel appreciated and valued both a) aides with team spirit, getting players on your side and willing to fight for you and b) gives valuable rest to the players who are deemed good enough, ie those that won us the league last season.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Ok. Conte has underutilised 1. Batsman. Playing a false rather than give a proven goalscorer the chance 2. Emerson. 12 mins (or thereabouts) of premier league football . Whike he may have been purchased for the future, this is a player who made 25 starts in serie A last season. Deserved a proper chance. 3. Ampadu. Hardly any EPL minutes. Great message to send to a player who a) was motm for us in some carabao games, b) looked assured whenever he has played 3) is a full international at this silly young age. Deserved more minutes. 4. Drinkwater. Seriously underutilised. Has been better than Baka all season, and should have been rotated far more regularly with cesc. I actually believe there is an argument than in a 2 man middle he he should be starting ahead of fabregas. Steady, picks a pass, eye for goal. Conte seems to be making a point by using so rarely. 5. CHO. Brightest young player we have. With our attackers struggling for fitness or form, the lad should have been given a chance. But no way. Not on Contes watch. Instead just keep selecting the same old established players over and over. Edit...wtf has happened to Luiz? Is he injured? Really injured? Or a Diego Costa back problem injured?
  10. Rate the signings

  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It is outrageous for Conte to blame losses on tiredness or lack of squad. The reality is that Conte has not made use of the squad that we have available. Only 13 players have played over 1300 minutes. Pedro and Zappa aside, not one other has played over 1000. Conte made a decision not to rotate and restrict game time for luiz, bats, Barkley, drinky, Hudson odoi, Emerson and ampadu. For comparison , Liverpool have 16 players who played over 1300 minutes, utd 14, spurs 12. Our players have not been significantly overworked, and if they have, then the blame lays with 1 man.
  12. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    ....Of course you don't!
  13. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Didn't know much of him before he came. And not seen huge amounts of him since.... But he deserves a chance and run of games. Alonso will be pushing for a WC spot though (wouldn't have thought he will get one) and i can't see conte dropping him for the remaining games. Almost makes me hope for a 3 game suspension.... Almost.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    2 year loan would be such an odd move by us. Juve can go F themselves... ...more broadly, it would be far to rash and silly of us to get rid after 1 season. The EPL is notoriously difficult for strikers, who get so little time and space , and non existent protection from refs. Yes, Morata has not been very good since November, BUT, he showed enough smarts in the early part of the season to warrant a bit of faith from our fans and another season as the bare minimum. Chelsea fans used to pride themselves on being a bit different to others. We would always have faith and get behind our own. Alvaro does make it a bit difficult to like him, given the histrionics and throwing himself down....but let's give him so more time. Don't forget didz first season wasn't a classic! KTBFFH
  15. Conte showing versatility that I hadn't expected. He made me look like a mug by switching Pedro for Zappa and Moses for hazard. Not predictable in the slightest!