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  1. Peter Crouch

    Bring back Emanalo! Wouldn't happen on his watch...
  2. Away goals? For the fa cup? You sure?
  3. How slow is bats? Looks slow to me...but also seems like it could be deceiving? Almost looks like his thighs are too big.
  4. Bats, Baka and Pedro all appear to have serious problems controlling and passing the ball. Wtf! They are professional footballers, how can they look so uncomfortable with the ball?
  5. Alexis Sanchez

    If he only wants 35k then we should offer him 40k. If hazard is worth 200k then Alexis has to be worth 35k!
  6. Alexis Sanchez

    I have zero concerns about spending big, but for me it has to be for a player that offers value. I am not convinced that a 29yr old Sanchez does at the money being discussed. 25-35 mill + 200k per week I could justify. No transfer fee plus 300-350k per week could also be argued. But not a combination of higher wages and a transfer fee
  7. Alexis Sanchez

    Sanchez is 2 years too old to justify the huge sums spoken about. Without a transfer fee to pay,it might be worth taking a punt for 350k per week....but those salary demands on top of a 25-35 mill fee is lunacy. Arsenal would be laughing. Not worth the financial outlay, but if the life does happen, it does show utd are backing their manager (rightly or wrongly)
  8. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    Can't believe it has come to this..... Desperate times it seems calls for desperate measures. From a skillset perspective (ie a big lump to hold up the ball or head it in) I could probably accept and get behind it. But his injury record is sad and we would be foolish to rely on him. We had one crook back up in Remy...why get another?
  9. Alex Sandro

    Wonder how many people on here would be pining for us to drop 60 mill on alonso if he wasn't already ours? A Defensively solid, intelligent, and goal scoring lwb, who has one of the best free kicks in the league....
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte messed up at his last press conference, and appears to have been played by mourinho and the press. Jose had mentioned previously about not lacking passion, but didn't feel the need to act like a clown on the touchline....at no point did he mention names. Conte bit and took the bait. Responding by calling Wenger and Jose old. Poorly handled and he should have ignored. Jose responds by saying he will never get suspension or match fixing, clearly another dog at conte without saying his name. Conte needs to stay out of these petty squabbles through the medium of press. He won't best Jose at mind games and doesn't need to try.
  11. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Welcome Ross. Happy to have him onboard, although a slight reservation linked to intelligence. Rumour has it he is daft as a brush... Conte doesn't seem to take too kindly to such (Costa, bats, luiz?)...although perhaps the gripe with Costa and luiz is there behaviour and personality rather than their intelligence? Give it your best Ross and we will be happy....good luck!
  12. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Looks lost on the pitch....a bit like a confused goat
  13. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    While I don't agree he is trash, the rest is spot on. Very reactive and not very intelligent both on or off the ball (or pitch?). Seems like a genuinely nice and happy man, but perhaps not enough intelligence to adapt his game to be the sole striker for a club like Chelsea.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    He has missed 6 gilt edge chances in the last 2 games. I am at the stage of dreading him getting another chance with his feet. Anytime he has anytime to think he seems to be petrified. Sorry state of affairs when our 1st choice striker is probably the least clinical shot taker on our team. Who would want him to have another 1 on 1 in the next game? Who would trust him to take a penalty? Who would have confidence in him digging us out of a hole in a champions league knock out game? I like a lot about his play, but I really don't have any confidence in his mentality. Wasn't their talk about his mentality and mental strength before he joined us? Seem to remember something about Buffon having to give him some pep talks. Just seems mentally fragile. And that is not something we can carry in a first choice striker at this level.
  15. Morata missing chance after chance. Game after game. He is costing us dearly.