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  1. nonotnowjim

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Hi body language doesn't give that impression, because that is not how he plays. His approach to the game is not one of a high-octane, high pressing, bull in a china shop manner. I see him more as a silky Rolls Royce, with the vision, touch, skill and strength to make things happen in attack, whilst contributing to defence by cutting off the passing channels.
  2. nonotnowjim

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Ok...someone with more technical competence than me HAS to create one of these staty hexagons based on yorkleys attributes. His 'rigour', 'Shoot from the hip' and 'take on twats' scores would surely be high....not sure about his 'post creation' though...
  3. nonotnowjim

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Our squad still contained tibo, luiz, Dave, gaz, hazard and fabragas. That's also a wealth of experience and leadership to call upon!
  4. nonotnowjim

    Our New Stadium

    Interested to see if this impacts on the club's transfers. The narrative or speculation has been that the burden of building and paying for the stadium would impact on our ability to fund transfers. Players Vs stadium so to speak. I wonder if free if those shackles and pressure if it helps loosen the purse strings to allow us to remain competitive in the short term?
  5. nonotnowjim

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    1. He applied as an investor. Which is under tier 1 of the points based system. Which is for applicants applying to reside in the UK as an investor. 2. The point about the subjective view is exactly right. Proof is not needed and the decision is made on the balance of probability. Subjectivity is part of it. Having worked in this area for years, I think it is highly unlikely that a visa officer or border force officer would grant entry as a visitor to someone who has recently been refused a visa to reside in the UK. 3. If his visa was refused due to it being deemed conducive to the public good, then it will not be because of his nationality...it will be because of a specific thing in his background which meets the threshold. Israeli, American , russian or any other nationality....it doesn't matter. Anyway...will be interesting to see how it evolves. Will try not to make this into an immigration forum more than it has already been!
  6. nonotnowjim

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    No - That's not true. "Staying 6 months at a time, and provided he isnt working" doesn't tell the whole story. As I previously mentioned, UK immigration laws are complex, and there is no right for anyone to come to the UK (other than British citizens, EU citizens and those with Right of abode). Whilst an Israeli citizen may visit the UK for up to 180 days as a visitor without a visa, this is not a right and each person must satisfy Border Force (the immigration officer) that they meet the relevant paragraph of the immigration rules under which they want to come. One of the visitor sub paragraphs is about credibility of the visit and another about a person "defacto" living in the UK through frequent or successive visits. The very fact that Roman has applied to live in the UK very recently (and has seemingly had problems with his application), has houses in the UK, has a business in the UK and people on the payroll, means that it is very unlikely that an immigration official would deem his alleged "visit" credible and grant him leave to enter, should he try to enter the UK as a visitor. ...Then we get on to the situation of successive visits. Just say that he was granted entry to the UK as a visitor, and remained for 6 months. What then? He almost certainly would not be allowed to re-enter as a visitor any time soon after staying or 6 months. If Roman is clean (exclusion not deemed to the public good), has complied with immigration rules and UK laws, the he will ultimately get the visa issue sorted. Because money talks and he can hire the best immigration lawyers to argue his case.... There will also be opportunity for Roman to request an admin review with UKVI, or failing that raise a pre-action protocol and eventually Judicial Review with HMC&TS... but the solution will not be by coming to the UK as a visitor (or it wont be for any significant length of time). Entry as an Entrepreneur, Investor or even a student are all more viable routes to obtain entry clearance.... ....but if the home secretary (or UKVI on his behalf) have deemed that Romans exclusion from the UK is for the public's good, then it is very unlikely that any application in any route would succeed. Will be interesting to see how it plays out, especially for those of us with a passing interest in Immigration!
  7. nonotnowjim

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    You guess
  8. nonotnowjim

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    You can never say never. On the evidence of this season it is highly unlikely, but you never know. Salah looked anything but world class when he was with us....so you never know
  9. nonotnowjim

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    That doesn't change the need for him to meet the uk immigration rules. If he has Israeli nationality, it would mean he could enter the UK as a tourist for 6 months without a visa. But as we know, that isnt the case. He isnt a tourist here. He has a business and therefore would not qualify for entry to the UK as a visitor
  10. nonotnowjim

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Given that the Napoli president has publicly said his goodbyes, and announced that he will be being replaced by ancelotti...Sarri could probably threaten action against constructive dismissal
  11. nonotnowjim

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Not a recent interview....but clearly delusional if he believes he is as good as kante!
  12. nonotnowjim

    Alvaro Morata

    The catalogue of misses is hard to watch... Doesn't appear to have instinct (when he doesn't have time), or composure when he does have time. Owch... ....still, good he was getting into the positions!
  13. nonotnowjim

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    Assuming Roman doesnt have any other nationality other than Russian, the answer is no....and yes. But mostly No. 1) Visa nationals (people from countries whose nationals require a visa to enter the UK), are required to hold a visa or entry clearance before travel to the UK. They would not be allowed entry to the UK otherwise. Non visa nationals (USA, Canadians and more....) are able to come to the UK as a tourist for 180 days WITHOUT prior permission ( a visit visa). They would however have to satisfy the immigration officer on arrival in the UK that they meet the immigration rules as a visitor. essentially, not intending to work, get recourse to public funds etc etc.... NOTE: Some Visa nationals CAN transit the UK without a visa if they meet certain criteria (example. an onward ticket to USA, AUS, or a shengen country, to where they hold permission to enter - such as a residence visa or green card) 2) Roman would have had (i am assuming) entry clearance to enter the UK as either an investor or entrepreneur. Reports are that this expired and he is seeking to renew in Russia. How it got to the stage of expiry (if true) without being renewed in the UK is unclear. 3) if the visa HAD expired, and he remained in the UK for less than 90 days after the expiry, then there would likely be no penalty or consequence. If the visa or entry clearance expired more than 3 months before he left the UK, then he has problems. This carries a "ban" period under paragraph 320 (7b) of the UK immigration rules. 4) if it is a simple renewal, (i.e he left before it expired) then there should be no problems. he might have to show evidence of origin of funds, but this is routine. Immigration rules are fairly complex....and this is just a rudimentary overview for info.... in reality there are hundreds of loopholes and exceptions/exemptions from the rules. One thing is fairly sure.... a) IF Roman has been a good boy whilst in the UK (hasnt broken any immigration rules, uk law AND has complied with the conditions of his visa), and B) IF he can show evidence where his funds come from, and c) IF he has a clean record from the past (i.e something that would not mean that his exclusion from the UK was for the publics good) - then he will not have any problems getting a UK visa/entry clearance. If he cant demonstrate A,B or C...then he may have
  14. nonotnowjim

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    There really are.... There some very extreme and regularly fluctuating emotions by some, which leads to an almost a blinkered and irrational viewpoint. I am sure some of these extreme opinions would not be expressed in the "real world" outside of the confines of an internet forum. We all want Chelsea to do well, win and if possible, play a bit of good football. I get that. But when that is not happening, the shift in opinions on here is phenomenal. Conte seemed to have a stinker of a season, and at times, I am of the opinion that he wanted to be anywhere else but at Chelsea. But to suggest he sabotaged games is a step too far. As if the players would put up with any instructions not to try and win. And another thing....DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA! They exist to stir sh*t and sell papers. The British press is mostly click bait these days, even "better" outlets like the times, Telegraph and guardian.
  15. nonotnowjim

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    1) There is nothing to suggest that he has been kicked out of the country. All reports indicate that he returned to Russia voluntarily after his previous investor visa expired. 2) There is also nothing to suggest that his isa application has been refused. In fact, Romans "people" have explicitly stated it has not been denied/refused. 3) Processing times for UK visas vary considerably. UKVI (the Home Office department who process visa applications) publish their processing times online, so it is all transparent. 4) Even if, in the very worst case scenario, his "investor" visa application was refused, it would have no automatic bearing on him visiting the UK. Roman would still be able to apply for a visit visa, which would likely be granted (unless his entry to the UK was deemed non-conducive to the public good) Edit - I tried to remove enigma quote - the quote was unintended! Had meant to quote "abramovich" who posted - "Well, why would you want to own a club in a country you cannot even visit? I'm not saying this is definitely going to happen, but if it does, I cannot see him sticking around."