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  1. nonotnowjim

    We've got a new Kepa

    Thought he looked shaky today, and was pretty unconvincing at various points in the game. Hope that he can settle quickly and try to be a bit more forceful and dominant in his box. How tall is he? Looks small in the goal, maybe it is a frame issue rather than height, because to me he looks like he is stuggling a bit.
  2. Is sarriball simply dicking about with the ball at the back?
  3. nonotnowjim

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder..... ...but our memories deteriorate. As I have said on previously, in my opinion, it is an unfortunate truth that Michy has done very little whilst playing for Chelsea to suggest that he is ready to lead the line for us. He has looked limited in his passing, control, runs, spacial awareness and tactical pressing. All things that are key in sarris system. His finishing is up there with our best. The rest of his game isn't. He was dire for us for most of his time at chelsea, and while he has since had a semi successful loan in Germany, it was not successful enough to pursued Dortmund to make a move to sign him, instead (if the press is accurate) turning their attention at one point to morata. He might still come good and develop into the player that we would all love him to be. History has shown however that this is probably wishful thinking. For me, at this time he is nowhere near as good as morata or giroud and certainly has not evolved his game enough to be our number 1 striker. Good decision for all parties to loan him, and best for him as this way he will (hopefully) get to play and develop.
  4. nonotnowjim

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Surely the papers reporting that this will be the highest transfer fee paid for a gk is wrong. That must still be the fee liverscum paid to Roma for Allison? In this instance, it appears that Kepa (or his agent/representative) has paid his own release clause to free himself from his contract with Bilbao, and has effectively made himself a free agent to sign with Chelsea? In that case, and whilst a technicality, Kepa cannot hold the highest go transfer fee record. Relax, the pressure is off. We just got a free transfer to replace tibo!
  5. nonotnowjim

    Ethan Ampadu

    Love that he looks so assured, vocal and confident. Looks like a natural leader. Hoping that we manage him well and integrate him into the first team squad.
  6. nonotnowjim


    Giroud was not very good at the world cup? Nonsense. Giroud was fundimental to the way the French team played. Without him doing a lot of selfless donkey work, the team could not have functioned in the manner they did. He played for the greater good, and saw the bigger picture, which is team before personal glory or plaudits Stats, as is often the case, are misleading. Giroud played very well....and was a big factor in his team winning the competition.
  7. nonotnowjim


    Don't agree with this....Pre season means very little, aside from getting the players back to fitness and comfortable with tactics. a look at some of our recent pre seasons tells all.... 2011/12 - We won all pre season games, looked amazing, yet finished just 6th in the EPL 2012/13 - chelsea were poor pre season and lost to MLS all stars, Milan & Brighton, drew with PSG and only won 1 game against seatle. Went on to finish a strong 3rd 2013/14 - Had a cracking pre season, Only losing to Real madrid. yet, still finished third 2014/15 pre season - sh*ty pre season, looking toothless in losing to wolfsburg, bremen and besiktas - we went on to win the league. 2016/17 lost to rapid vienna and madrid - won the league. For me, there is very little correlation between pre season games and competitive action.
  8. nonotnowjim

    Eden Hazard

    Don't know what happened with my last post, but can't get it to show any words! Was posting to reply to the "heartwarming family picture" post. What the picture doesn't show you is that the kid is being a little sh*t and Eden is threatening to throw him head first into the rocky sea. ...2 posts for that. Totally worth it.
  9. nonotnowjim

    Eden Hazard

  10. Tbf, I would do the same in these circs, wembley is a c**t of a place to get out of.
  11. Piss poor. Very little pressing, very little pace and no chances created. I don't care if we have a new manager, a new system, a new whatever...the players are not showing the desire I demand from the team
  12. Let's bring bakayoko on...really change the game to swing in our favour
  13. nonotnowjim

    First visit to Stamford Bridge - Advice

    That is a lot of time to kill...This would be my plan: 7am : Arrive to Victoria coach station 7 - 8.30: Walk to regency cafe (15 min walk) for a spot of old school london breakfast charm (http://regencycafe.co.uk/) 8 - 11.00: take a bit of a walking tour or chill in a nearby gallery - take your pic, tate britain (10 mins from regency), parliament/Trafalger/ buckingham palace, embankment etc 11 - 14.00: Pre match drinks in the butchers hook (where Chelsea FC was founded!) http://www.thebutchershook.co.uk/ (as others have said, get the district line, or walk! - you have enough time!) 14 - 15.00: get to the ground. If this is your first time at the ground, get there early to make the most of the experience and soak it in. 17:30 - 10pm - In my younger days i would have headed back to the butchers hook for post match drinks with Kerry. but now? God knows! I would probably grab a quick bite to eat and book a short term room (there are a few hotels where rooms can be rented by the hour) and take a nap!...or go and seek some high class female company for a couple of hours. :) btw - If you need a drink near victoria coach station, then you can go to the st georges tavern. It is an old gin palace that is literally next door to the coach station and has a good selection of gin (if thats your thing). If it was a friday afternoon, i would see you in there!
  14. nonotnowjim

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Maybe the bet 365 tweet was factually incorrect...but the sentiment is spot on.
  15. nonotnowjim

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Gave the ball away for inters equiliser, and with he game currently at 58mins, he is giving the ball away over and over again. He is so poor and we have looked sloppy since he came on.