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  1. Cracking play...Very unselfish eden
  2. I get completely p'd off with the fact Utd or liverpool always on tv for cup games. Part of the reason why I paid 70 quid a year for a dodgy box which gets everything. Currently watching on uhd bein sport. No Kodi, no streaming, no buffering. Happy days
  3. Good to see mancienne again. I had high hopes for him at one point in time. Cracking goal charly#
  4. Rate our center backs 1-5

    In current system for first team. 1. Luiz 2.Dave 3. Rudi 4. Gaz 5. Christensen In a 4 1. Rudi 2. Gaz 3. Christensen 4. Luis 5. Dave Overall dependability for chelsea first team. 1. Dave 2. Gaz 3. Luiz 4. Rudi 5. Christensen Potential 1. Christensen 2. Rudi 3. Dave 4. Luis 5.Gaz
  5. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Costa should only be re-introduced to the squad In the unlikely event that Conte wants him back playing. The rest is irrelevent. Players may want Diego back, but this club needs to get a grip on player power, and interviews like this from Eden (and the twitter message from Courtois as well) do not help anyone. If there was pressure to re-integrate Diego against Contes will, then I can see him walking.
  6. Jordan Lukaku

    Is this a rumour? Have we been linked? If not...Probably doesn't deserve its own thread!
  7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Cant work out if you asked this due to the spelling error (his name is fikayo tomori) , or if you genuinely don't know who he is. Which would be embarrassing.
  8. Just back from Wembley...what a ball ache to get home from, and I am only living just south of Wimbledon! Anyway... .... Thought that we started the opposite of how we did in the friendly a couple of weeks ago. We were slow and sloppy. Tiredness? Apathy? No idea... But it was a poor start. We then got a bit of a foothold in the game, but never looked like we were properly in control. Morata when he came on reminded me of early Torres. Effort and good movement but lack of service and composure when it mattered. Didn't look confident..a bit worrying. Michy didn't do much of merit either. A word on our fans. I am usually the first to give a shout out to the fans, but today I thought we were poor. Easily outsung by arsenal and felt like a general lack of interest. Have to admit that having tried to get some songs going over my block, all of which failed, I then gave up myself. Wake up Chelsea. Wake up the support. Come on the chelse. Ktbffh
  9. Virgil Van Dijk

    Hard to believe we would drop 50m when we already have good depth at cb. I would guess that if it went through then Rudiger or azpi would be used predominantly at rwb. Also wouldn't look good for Christensen. Personally I think cahill is the weakest link at the back, but can't see our new captain getting dropped.
  10. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of posies, A-Tiemoue, A-Tiemoue, Bakayoko Song sorted.
  11. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    God help this forum if Utd did gazump us. It would be full scale melt down from some of the, erm, more emotional members.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    I would politely and strongly disagree with that. Who heard of belotti this time last year? I would guess not many. OK, so he had 1 good season and now people would like us to spend big on him. I would guess there are countless similar (relatively) unknown players out there who we could buy and make them into that success story and star name. do you seriously honestly believe that there are zero other players in world football who couldn't come in and contribute to the squad/team?
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    Some of the dramatics I read on here... how do some of you not have a breakdown? :) 1st we hear ... " this club is directionless, throwing 70 - 100 mill at that big talentless lump. This is a terrible transfer window and we are not going to challenge for anything." then it's...."This club is directionless, dillying and dallying over Lukaku, and now we have lost our saviour and great hope. This is a terrible transfer window and we are not going to challenge for anything." All paraphrased of course. Firstly, we are 6 days into the transfer window. just 6. There is no drama and no need to panic buy. If we are still at this position in 1 mths time then we can be a bit worried, but as it stands we don't need to be too overly dramatic. If we do not sign Lukaku, so be it. We move on. Secondly, aside from 2015/16, we have been pretty consistent over the recent past of being competitive at challenging for titles/cups. There is little to suggest that this is going to change in the short term. We have an owner who has, and is likely to continue to invest a sh*t load of money into the club. So, again, whatever the perceived "failings" of the board during this, or any other transfer window are, we have still been the most successful team of recent history. Thirdly, in the very worst case scenario, Costa leaves and we don't sign anyone else upfront. oh well, is it the end of the earth? We have a highly promising (and bloody expensive) player ready to start up front, a player who many on here were screaming to get a chance last year, plus any number of false 9s that can play there. Is it perfect? No...but is it the end of the world? No. Alas, that is highly unlikely to happen and we can all be fairly certain that someone else will be drafted in to bolster the numbers. Who knows, Costa may even stay. Fourthly, Lukaku, Morata, PEA, Belotti are not the only strikers in the world. There are any number of players who could be purchased and do a good job for us. Sure they may not be superstar or household names, and maybe people would be underwhelmed, but then there were similar themes when we signed Cech, Lamps, Gallas, Robben (or any number from a list of very good players we have bought who were not stars or well known when we got them) - so, no drama. If we don't get any of the aforementioned players, we will get someone else. .... many have been critical of lukaku's big game mentality, record, link up play, passing... well, lets just get ibrahmimovic and be done with it :) What will be will be. We are the Chelsea and we are the best. We are the Chelsea so ..........
  14. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Absolutely. I am surprised by all the talk about how he is a great character and important presence in the dressing room. I used to work with a guy who was always trying to be the centre of attention, making juvenile knob/shagging jokes and just generally acted like an immature prick...and the general view in the office was that the guy was a clown, nobody really liked him and people were relieved when he left. No idea why it would be different with costas teammates, as like you he seems to be an exhausting presence .
  15. Ronaldo

    Multiple news outlets reporting we are considering a bid for Ronaldo, which would see Eden going in the other direction. Now... That would be a cold decision from conte if he wanted that. I wouldn't be happy! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/818326/Chelsea-Real-Madrid-Cristiano-Ronaldo-Antonio-Conte-Roman-Abramovich-Transfer-Eden-Hazard/amp metro.co.uk/2017/06/18/chelsea-to-make-huge-play-for-cristiano-ronaldo-by-offering-eden-hazard-in-exchange-6717997/