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  1. Up the Chels
  2. Came across it like this one
  3. Sir Frank, Oh Jimmy Jimmy,Super Mario, Guddy, Our Jody and Willi G. Christmas 2003?
  4. Welcome David, not sure any of those shed boys post here but there are one or two that mixed in that same crowd way back when. Feel free to post more pictures - those are great.
  5. RIP Chuck
  6. Since losing to Arsenal 59 points from a possible 66 in the Premier League.
  7. The only decent player for Arse today has been Özil
  8. Any idea who the lad is?
  9. "He covers every inch - N'Golo Kante. "Of every football pitch, N'Golo Kante. "Covers every blade of grass - N'Golo Kante. "And he'll leave you on your a**e - N'Golo Kante. "Thirty-two million pounds - N'Golo Kante "Drives his mini to the ground - N'Golo Kante."
  10. May want to start Peppy. Pep Guardiola said he is 'not a coach for tackles'
  11. Plus I don't think that Adidas would like them wearing Nike socks.
  12. Chelsea at the Old Firm today. btw; Scott Sinclair is dead to me now.
  13. Returning from Athens 1971.
  14. Chelsea GD= 37 Manure GD=17 Who is defensive?