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  1. The West London Boys Choir ?
  2. Not a Matic hater but $40 million? I'd take that quickish.
  3. Well I guess that settles it.
  4. Has the Mario Stanic goal against the Hammers been mentioned?
  5. Boy this brings back memories of too much "Red Barrel" consumption back in the day.
  6. Actually it's Iran that's #1 but the "Kingdom" is right up there for sure.
  7. I wouldn't be so sure it's Chels.
  8. Let the Don pick his #2.
  9. Good luck everyone see you here after the match
  10. Either way the Spuds will be gutted
  11. hate to tell you but we are going 4 at the back next season
  12. We don't claim our four CS wins as trophies. It's a one off match FFS!
  13. Hate the black kits as well. Give me yellow any day.