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  1. Its the right decision imo, the last thing the security services/Police need is to have to protect approx 100,000 football fans on the streets of SW6 in this current climate. Another thing if we did go ahead with it no doubt we'd be slagged off for having no respect.
  2. Oldham 79/80, oh what should have been...
  3. v Sunderland Milk Cup 1985
  4. Haha love stories like that mate.
  5. Lovely gesture from Roman..
  6. Wolves 1 Chelsea 1 1977
  7. When Micky Greenaway died all his Chelsea memorabilia was thrown out, what a terrible waste, bad enough a Chelsea legend dieing but to lose all his Chelsea history as well was equally gutting. Great gesture by you Dazer.
  8. Near Selhurst i think mate
  9. Arsenal 2 Everton 0 Lpool 3 Boro 0 Hull 1 Spurs 2 Watford 0 M City 2 Swansea 1 WBA 0 Chelsea 4 Sunderland 0
  10. This Is Your Life-Suggs, this is class Enjoy
  11. Leeds in the late 60s mate
  12. Bit Pete knew..