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  1. Pompey at Chelsea 83/84
  2. Chelsea at Sheff Weds 80/81
  3. Blackburn at Chelsea 80/81
  4. Yeah he did mate i know for a fact the wrong fella got done for the murder, he got 25 years but never did it.
  5. Its a shame how the Arms turned out, it was always a rough pub but certain people took it to another level. My pal used to DJ in there in the late 70s early 80s at the Rockabilly nights, there's a few clips on youtube from some of those nights, a late relation of mine used to box in there as well. You ever read this? think it sums the pub up in its final years.
  6. Probably sums us up back in 86/87, signed a Post Man John Coady & introduced a Jade away kit, to be fair Coady is scoring here on his debut, 1.1 draw at QPR
  7. 1972
  8. That worked out well eh
  9. Even the Co Op has closed down now, apparently it's going to be a Lidl supermarket. Did you ever drink in the Arms? now that was a lively pub, i did but not often & not for long because it got closed down not long after i started using it.
  10. You been through Rose Hill lately mate? total sh*t hole now, i detest the place it breaks my heart remembering just how nice it used to be, proper community spirit, my mum worked in the hospital & after she died, as her funeral procession passed the hospital 100s from the hospital all lined the street to pay respects also the local barrow boys all did a collection, now you'll be lucky to find a shop where the owners speak English & there's no market traders anymore(sigh) Not going in to details but come two weeks time i wont ever be going back through Rose Hill(if i can help it)
  11. First time since 1975 we've had a plain blue home shirt.
  12. Posted before on here about it but i've got a west stand seat & my Aussie mate also got one & took it home to Adelaide where he's still got it. We took them after the Leeds game(last day the west was open)