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  1. Hudds 1 Man City 2 Mboro 2 Oxford 0 Millwall 1 Leicester 1 Barnsley 1 BHA 2 Forest 1 S Weds 2 Wigan 2 PNE 0.
  2. Yeah mate no probs, spread the word ;-)
  3. No probs mate let me know if you are going & I'll give you details for a pub tour en route to the ground.
  4. Benfica 1 BVB 1 PSG 0 Barca 2 BHA 3 Ipswich 0 Norwich 1 Newc 1 Leeds 2 Bristol City 0 Villa 1 Barnsley 0
  5. This might be of some interest to some of you, the game is on a sat at 3pm.
  6. Here you go DDR, Hi all,Carls body has finally been released.The Funeral is on Friday 24th February at All Saints Church Carshalton. Opposite the Ponds. It will take place at 215 pm. Followed by his cremation at Garth rd Crematorium. The Celebration of Carls Life will be at Carshalton Athletic FC. I will pass on updates as soon as I get them. Thanks.
  7. Had a great night with some of our infamous faces, £1,500 was raised for Wurzals family, who were also in attendance. We always look after our own, makes me proud to be Chelsea.
  8. Man Utd 3 Watford 0 Mboro 0 Everton 2 Stoke 2 Palace 0 Sland 2 Southampton 1 WHU 2 WBA 0 BHA 3 Burton 0
  9. Going to a shed 50th anniversary do tomorrow night where Cliff Webb will be in attendance. It's also a fundraiser for Wurzal.
  10. Chelsea at Brighton 1983
  11. Millwall would take utter liberties at the Bridge, no offence intended to anyone on here but in general terms but all those hoping we get Millwall are the very same fans who never have & never will get their hands dirty, I don't blame them either in this day & age, who wants to get jailed for 3 years for 2mins of rucking, I certainly don't. I'm hoping they get Spurs away. I'd hate us to get Sutton, I was there v Leeds & their my local team & have mates who go everywhere with them. Hudds away please for either Chelsea or Sutton, new ground for me to do.
  12. Bburn 3 Blackpool 1 Chelsea 3 Brentford 0 Palace 1 Man City 2 Lincoln 0 BHA 2 Mboro 4 Acc Stanley 0 Spurs 4 Wycombe 0
  13. Chelsea having it with plod at Sheff Utd 1991, lost 1.0, ive asked about this game before on here, it all went off after plod got heavy handed with some Chelsea, Chelsea had a pop back & plod took off their numbers on their jackets & waded in, at one point there was even plod on horseback on the track in front of our end, ive never seen any newspaper reports about it or footage but i think one of our fanzines mentioned it at the time, anyone else remember it?