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  1. Chelsea having it with plod at Sheff Utd 1991, lost 1.0, ive asked about this game before on here, it all went off after plod got heavy handed with some Chelsea, Chelsea had a pop back & plod took off their numbers on their jackets & waded in, at one point there was even plod on horseback on the track in front of our end, ive never seen any newspaper reports about it or footage but i think one of our fanzines mentioned it at the time, anyone else remember it?
  2. Bmouth 2 Watford 1 Stoke 1 Man Utd 2 Palace 1 Everton 2 WBA 2 Sland 0 Boro 1 WHU 1 Derby 2 Reading 1
  3. Its a shame the local MP for Notting Hill Gate doesnt feel the same when 1,000s of people piss up, have a bunk up, do drugs, commit violent crimes on peoples doorsteps & gardens during the music festival every year, football fans though absolute animals.
  4. Burnley 2 Ston 0 Hull 0 Bmouth 2 Sland 1 Stoke 1 Swansea 0 Arsenal 3 Watford 1 Boro 1 WHU 1 Palace 1
  5. I will do mate, investigations are still on going by plod at the mo.
  6. Hello mate nice to see your back on here, Elvis, Hippy, Bovver etc all still go to games.
  7. Regards away fans being up in the gods, ive seen so many Chelsea fans on social media saying "lets shove the away fans up in the west/east upper"(as SB is now) yeah because that'd really help our singing sections like the MHL wont it. For atmosphere i think away fans should be next to any singing area the club introduces in the new stadium.
  8. Cheers for that MPD, as sad as this may sound i've actually had to google an image to see how far from the MH stand those properties are, i really didnt think there was any close enough to be affected, but your point about having a taller stand does make sense.
  9. The lowest league crowds recorded by the current Premier League clubs during the course of the 1985/86 season
  10. Bringing up old ground here, but i still struggle with Chelsea's claim that they cant add an extra tier to the MH upper because of local residents right to flight(i was told that at the two consultations i went to) firstly there isnt any properties behind the MH stand & the West stand is opposite the Oswald Stoll building & doesnt block out any light.
  11. Everton 1 Leicester 1 Sland 1 Burnley 1 Hull 1 Swansea 0 Norwich 1 Ston 2 Millwall 0 Bmouth 2 Bolton 0 Palace 1
  12. Not quite the last home game mate, the last home game was v Arsenal we drew 1.1 then we had Man Utd away in our last game drawing 1.1