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  1. Such awful news my friend, hope you and your family are well xxx
  2. All very well said! You know what, if the result of a football match is our biggest worry at the moment, then we are very lucky people! As we know from this week, things can always be a lot worse!
  3. Exactly! just imagine if that had happened in Munich........
  4. So chin up! Could always be worse!
  5. Should have been 5-1 to Arsenal today, we were atrocious.
  6. Guys, there is still a second half of football to play yet. 3-1 Chelsea.
  7. How is everyone feeling? I'm a bit more confident than normal, but still bricking it.
  8. Oh my God, can you imagine it tonight if we beat them? The only thing that would probably top it, is to beat them in a Champions League final.
  9. There was an interview earlier with a female Chelsea fan, she really stuck it to the BBC with regards to Garth ignorant pig Crooks, and how the Gerreard send off went on for three months. I'd buy her a drink if I were at Wembley now.
  10. Am I the only one quite happy to see Arsenal Fan TV? LOL it's nice to see part of our little online world, on mainstream TV.
  11. Ha ha! Same here! Not long now.
  12. Anyone else watching the Scottish Cup final?
  13. Shouldn't be too long now til the team news.
  14. Whats everyone having to drink? I've got a nice bottle of 'Old Peculiar' and then maybe later a some 'Guiness Dublin Porter'.
  15. For once I'm actually looking forward to the build up!