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  1. We've always been inferior to Barcelona, since the rivalry began during Mourinho's first stint. Difference is we had massive characters then whereas we don't anymore. Edit: Love to be proved wrong, but over two legs, we don't have a chance.
  2. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    @yorkleyblue I see it differently to you. Yes he had a bad game at Swindon. He had 9 appearances for us in all competitions, I know this because I've just looked it up on wiki. I dare say some of those appearances were in the form of substitute appearances, or if not, I dare say he was brought off in some of them, so that 9 appearances may equate, roughly to about 5 full games. I don't know I'm guessing. Either way for a 21 year old kid, in a new league, in a tough league, it's a pitiful amount of minutes, way too few to make a fair assessment. Yes he played badly at Swindon. Are we casting him aside on the basis of one bad game, or two, or five even? That's ridiculous, if you don't mind me saying. Now, you and me are mug punters, but the manager is paid millions for his judgement, and he simply made the wrong call, there's no other way to dress this up. Mourinho royally f**ked up. All these posters you speak of, on the KDB thread, their opinion is irrelevant. Every single new arrival will have his performances analysed on these boards after every game. It happens with Zappacosta, with Bakayoko, with Giroud, with Palmieri the other night, as soon as they've played the sages on these boards proffer their opinion. That's what being a fan is all about. I'm sure you're right, KDB played at Swindon and everybody was slating him, so what? That doesn't mean the manager ditches him, does it? The manager is supposed to know a thing or two about the game, the manager is supposed to be able to spot talent, the manager is supposed to develop players, the manager is supposed to man-manage, the manager is supposed to get the best out of them, the manager is supposed to allow a young player the odd bad game. On every single front the manager failed. It was his call, and he made the wrong one. He's made some good calls in his career. This will possibly go down as his worst. If he had Messi in his ranks, and he asks Messi to track the full-back, or to help his teammate double-up on an opponent, or to man-mark someone, or simply to sit back and cover a certain space when the opposition are in possession, and Messi fails to obey his orders to the letter, what should he do? Should he banish Messi? Should he sell him? Now I know Messi is a unique talent but the principle remains the same. De Bruyne was a very talented player when we signed him, a very decorated player, and a full international. By the time he joined us he'd won YPOTY in Germany, so he was talented. Despite his paltry 9 appearances for us in which he was sh*t allegedly Woflsburg were still prepared to smash their transfer record for him, so he was talented. This was a talented boy. We saw it in that game against Hull, before Mourinho got into him. Before Mourinho dropped him inexplicably for the next game and decided he needed to adapt more to his methods. Well that went well. Mourinho was too quick, or he demanded the wrong things from the player, because he didn't really appreciate what he had, or he didn't know how to untap it, or he simply wasn't prepared to be patient, or he simply was too rigid. Either way it's not a case of KDB deserving to be sold because he failed to produce in a blue shirt, it's a case of the manager getting it badly wrong and refusing to give the boy a chance. That's my opinion. Now yorkley, I think it's bare bum time. Please don't leave your hordes of admirers hanging on any longer.
  3. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I know where you're coming from but imagine it from KDB's position. He signs for Chelsea knowing he'll remain at Genk for a further 6 months, then discovers he's going on loan to Germany for a further year, which wasn't what he agreed to when he initially signed. Remember he was already a Belgian international, he had won trophies, and he must have fancied himself. He goes to Germany, he wins YPOTY, he's an unequivocal success. He's been patient, he eventually makes his debut for us, has a brilliant first half pulling the strings, popping up everywhere and carving Hull apart, then at half time his manager tells his team to make sure Hull don't score and get back in the game, instructing them to sit back and concede possession. KDB wins the MOTM award, his manager drops him for the next game because he doesn't think he defended well enough, and after that he barely featured. I'm not surprised KDB thought he was the wrong man for him, if indeed that's what he thought, as I suspect. Bottom line is he's been proven correct. Regarding Hazard, he flourished under Jose that second season, but third season, Jose's sacking was the best thing that could have ever have happened to him. Jose was running him into the ground and had absolutely no idea how to manage him, in my opinion.
  4. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    @just Lampard and Drogba were both 26 when Jose got hold of them. It's a different situation entirely. They were already special players but Jose undoubtedly worked wonders with them both and made them even more special. That was his first stint at the club when he was undoubtedly a far better manager. Those quotes from Cole concern Jose's motivational powers, which have never been in doubt, at least in the short term, long term they seem to lose their affect. I think those players from Jose's first stint speak in reverential tones about him but whether he had the patience you claim with players is a moot point. I remember Drogba in his first season, and he really wasn't as bad as some would claim. His goals-to-minutes was actually pretty good, although of course he missed a fair few games with injury. Drogba was Jose's big money signing that season, which suggests that Drogba was already pretty tasty, and that Jose was always likely to give him a chance.
  5. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I'll have to take your word about Mount and Sterling, but I agree about Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi. They are both clearly the real deal, in terms of potential. Whether they fulfil that potential remains to be seen. I agree about manager. I've said before we need a builder. Conte is already on his 8th job and he's been managing less than 12 years. Before we hired Jose for a second time I was an advocate of David Moyes. Perhaps not my finest moment although I couldn't see a whole range of alternatives. Jose came in, a manager incapable of staying at a club beyond three years, a manager uninterested in nurturing and developing youth. For me the principle remains the same. If we want to see Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi get significant minutes next season, as we do, then I agree with you, bring in the right kind of manager, a different kind of manager, one that relishes the challenge and the opportunity to work with so much talent rather than one that demands the finished article in every single position. Klopp is the one I really admire, more so than Pochettino. The thought of Luis Enrique just leaves me cold.
  6. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    He had a manager that wanted to straightjacket him, Spiller, a manager that would never dream of letting a young player make mistakes, or heaven forbid, play his natural game. De Bruyne knew what he was capable of, and he got out of there as fast as he could. He was clear and he was decisive and he's been proven correct. Shame our manager was so short-sighted.
  7. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    At the risk of upsetting yorkley and having my entire post dismissed as just "stuff" and having him bare his arse* at me, I'll wage into the debate about KDB. When a young player breaks into the first team, if they're to have any chance at all, you have to be a bit patient. I remember Lampard at the age of 23 coming to Chelsea. He wasn't that good. I remember people saying he was sh*t. I also remember people calling for patience. You can't rush to a judgement with new players, particularly young ones, and Lampard wasn't even that young. What Lampard did have was a nurturing manager, and that's where he got lucky. By the time Jose came along he was already a fabulous player, as was JT. Jose may have taken their game up a notch but had he arrived at Chelsea three or four years earlier there's no way JT or Lampard would have even been at the club, and if they were, their development would have been stifled, and they'd never have become the same players. KDB was bought by Chelsea with an immense reputation. He was already a Belgian international. He had inspired Genk to the title, as well as other domestic cups. He was getting goals and assists galore, and he was a teenager. This was a prodigious talent, and in those days, we had enough clout to get him. He spent the next year and a half on loan, with a year in Germany, where he scored 10 goals in 30 games. Not bad for a 21 year old kid, playing his first season in a major league. Not a bad goal tally, considering he wasn't a striker, he either played central midfield or on the flank. I remember saying at the time, on this forum, that he reminded me of David Beckham, and I predicted he would be even better. I'm not blowing my own trumpet. It was obvious he had quality. We knew he had quality. That's why we went out and spent good money on a teenager. So, a year and a half after signing, he finally gets his chance, and what a debut, man of the match in a resounding win, Sky giving him the award. I remember that game vividly. I had waited a long time to see him in a blue shirt and I was very excited to see him develop. It was clear he had massive potential. I also remember that game for another reason. We were 2-0 up at HT, playing some lovely free-flowing stuff and the second half promised to be fun, except, sadly, Jose had different ideas. "Fun" wasn't what Jose did. The football was clearly too free-flowing. The players were playing with a carefree abandon. At half-time he rectified it, and the second half turned into a non-event, but I'm sure Jose was happy with it, because the players were no longer ignoring his instructions. There was the warning sign right there. Jose put the handbrake on at half-time and ordered the players to conform to his structure, and, having played Hull off the park in the first half, he succeeded in sucking all the life out of the game. I remember being very disappointed. Tellingly, KDB didn't feature in the next match. He had impressed everybody watching but not the manager, and therein lies the story. KDB got a few games after that, I'm not sure how many but not many, and then he was out, because he wasn't doing what Jose wanted him to do tactically, or maybe because he simply wasn't interested. I have a hunch (which is backed up by a reliable source) that KDB felt that Jose was too intent on making him a better defensive player, rather than a better offensive one. KDB wanted a little creative licence, a little freedom on the park, and in that sense it soon became apparent he had the wrong manager. KDB wasn't obeying his instructions to the letter and Jose lost patience, rather quickly, and took him out the side. KDB was given scant opportunities after that, the odd game here or there, but Jose felt this wasn't a player who hung on his every word and worshipped the ground he walked on, so he was sold. It was a pitiful lack of judgement, but KDB had got his judgement bang on. Jose was happy. He could turn Oscar into Lee Cattermole instead. There are those that say he deserved to be sold, because he did nothing in a blue shirt. Laughable. He. Wasn't. Given. A. Chance. Same with Salah under Mourinho. Not. Given. A. Chance. A handful of games does not constitute a chance, especially when you're young and foreign, and especially when you're new to a big league and a big club, with all the pressure that brings. Some managers want to build, some want to nurture, some are only thinking of the short-term and go into a sulk when they can't have ready-made stars to fill every position. Jose was one of the latter. He wasn't interested if a player was going to be good tomorrow, and KDB had shown enough promise hitherto in his career to suggest he was going to be very good tomorrow, otherwise I don't think Wolfsburg were going to smash their transfer record for him. They knew something we didn't. They knew he was f**king good. KDB and Salah played a handful of times for Chelsea, and yet we have fans saying they deserved to be sold. How could they possibly know? They hadn't seen them for any meaningful period. They'd watched them for about ten minutes. The problem wasn't the players. It transpires it was the manager, giving them too many messages, messing with their heads, telling them to track back instead of forward. Either way, people shouldn't be too quick to judge. Give a player a little time, before you make your assessment. You never know they just might surprise you. Look at Lampard. So KDB went to Germany, and immediately won POTY in the Bundesliga, just like he'd won the award for best young player when we'd loaned him to Germany previously. Fancy that. He was good before he joined us, and good immediately after. Maybe he was good when he was with us. He just wasn't given a chance. He could have stayed at Chelsea of course and picked up his wages but he took a step down because he wanted to play and he knew he was good enough. Sadly his manager at Chelsea wasn't so astute. It was the best career move the player ever made. Of course many Chelsea fans felt we got good money when we sold him, and they were happy to see him go. I wasn't one of them, but there you go, we all get some things right and some things wrong. Since he's left however, it's been amusing watching people trying to convince themselves he isn't that good. He was great in Germany but it was only Germany. He looked good for City but what had he won for them? He never turned up in big games apparently. Strange, because all I ever saw was a great player, a top player, who was only ever getting better. * It's a great arse. Let's make no bones about it.
  8. Eden Hazard

    He has two years to run on his contract, and no doubt Real will be offering big money this summer. We try to get him to sign a new deal but if he doesn't, I would make him stay one more year, and I'd give the armband. Maybe a year being captain might make him change his mind but if it doesn't no matter, he should have the armband anyway. He's our best player and he's our leader. No matter how bad things were we always knew going into crunch games like Barca, City away, Utd away, cup finals and semi-finals etc, we had players who could pull it out of the bag, not only because of their ability, but more importantly their character and their mentality. We no longer have those players. Those tough, tough players. Terry, Lampard, Ivanovic, Cole, Cech, Drogba. Now we have a real shortage of leaders and a real shortage of personality. Hazard has real personality. He drove us over the line in two title-winning campaigns, and lest we forget, he came on for the second-half against Spurs in the Battle of the Bridge and completely turned the game on its head. Give him the armband. He can keep it warm until Ampadu takes it. Hazard will go with my blessing if he decides to leave. He's already given us 5 or 6 years. He's the best player I've ever seen in a blue shirt. I hope he stays but nobody can begrudge him his move if he wants it. If I were Chelsea I'd be offering him the earth.
  9. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Thought the decision to bring on Cahill and not Ampadu, while sadly predictable, was pretty lamentable. We were lucky to go in ahead at half-time. They missed a great chance and should have had a pen. We were very nervous first 15 minutes and they dominated. Once again we relied totally on Hazard. Giroud played well. He's never going to be a top CF but he provides a focal point that Batshuayi never will. Regardless of how many goals Batshuayi scores in Germany, we don't play with any pattern when he plays, because he doesn't understand or is incapable of playing the role asked of him. It's simply not his game. Today we saw how much Hazard likes playing around a striker. It looks like Giroud will be a useful addition to our squad. Christensen was indecisive and got bullied by Rondon when they should have equalised, exactly the same as up at Goodison, which he also got away with. A top prospect for sure but sometimes he's a bit soft for my liking. Azpilicueta was outstanding. I hope Conte stops dicking around now and leaves the back three alone, at least for the big games. He's chopped and changed Cahill and Rudiger way too often. Hopefully he's learned his lesson. Rudiger's far from perfect but he's better than Cahill. I can't believe Pedro gets a game but there you go. He must be doing something to please the manager. God knows what. Anyway, we won, and that's because we have a brilliant manager, a manager that turns 6/10 players into 8/10 ones. We know this because he told us this himself. He hasn't got the players he wanted and that makes him even more brilliant and totally absolves him of any blame for our woes this season. We know this because he told us this himself. He's just not very good at persuading the board to buy him top players, poor lamb. The sooner this whining bitch of a manager f**ks off the better in my opinion. Call me old fashioned but I prefer my managers to get on with the job instead of trying to score points against the board all season. No wonder our players look distracted. He's trying to talk himself out of a job and come the start of next season he'll have proved successful. We rode our luck today and got a crucial win and for that I'm grateful, hopefully we can build on this for the rest of the season. One thing's for sure though, if it all goes pear-shaped it will have had nothing to do with him. We know this because he told us.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Nibsy and Yorkley. The shedend's very own version of Hinge and Bracket. I'm so glad both your life-support machines are still working. This place wouldn't be the same without you.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    There are Chelsea fans who will die this season, or before the next one. That's just the nature of things. Some will be old and will have seen many seasons past, some will die before their time unfortunately. Their last season of following Chelsea will have been one in which the manager sulked throughout. That's not okay. That's not okay for them, that's not okay for people who spend their hard-earned following Chelsea. I don't mind a bad season, I don't mind a terrible season, I do mind the manager sulking like a child throughout the campaign. Somebody needs to give him a slap, or even better the sack. Mind you, that would just be giving him what he wants. What does he have to complain about? Not an awful lot, from my vantage point. Yes he may have wanted certain players but that applies to all football managers. His behaviour is inexcusable in my book, and all on a cool 9 million a year. He doesn't know how lucky he is, ungrateful brat. He's managing the greatest club in the world. Jesus how it makes me angry.
  12. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I agree with you entirely coco. I'm just saying Conte handled the situation immaculately. I think he really went up in the estimation of our squad. Stupid board.
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You have to feel for Conte. Firstly he refused to sign a longer deal but got a pay rise anyway, but he's still only on about 300 trillion a year. Next he sent that text to Costa and what did the board do? They backed him, which is hardly playing fair really is it? Yes they may have given him £360m worth of new players but they failed to get Nainggolan, Vidal, Bonucci, Sandro and Koulibaly. Players that every other manager in the world has got. The squad is too small he says so our stupid board take him at his word and make it big enough, when what he really wants, clearly, is only 2 or 3 players. Jesus does he have to spell everything out? He's getting the maximum out of his squad. We know this because he told us. Don't believe everything you see with your own eyes. We sold or loaned all our youngsters, which was thoughtless given he was giving them so many minutes. Loftus-Cheek, Ake, Kenedy, Musonda, Chalobah, Zouma and Aina. How dare the board want them to play games. Who are these people? Jose said something about clowns, since when we've only won about 1 in 10. That's hardly Conte's fault. He heard the word clowns. What was he meant to do? Laugh it off and make Jose even more riled? That's not how caring and sharing people behave. This summer he wanted even more of his own backroom team and the board let him have it. Now the only non-Italian left in the gaff is Jody Morris. The board should have replaced Jody Morris with Matteo Giordanido. No wonder this whole situation has escalated. All the speculation is so unfair, he now wants a vote of confidence from the board. It's not his fault he fuels the speculation at every press conference by making his unhappiness crystal clear. What is he meant to do, present a united front? He's a football manager. He has to be entirely truthful at all times. To cap it all, the board won't even sack him, when he's made it abundantly plain he'd like nothing more than to go back to Italy with a cool compensation package in his pocket. A man's got to live. I really do despair of our board sometimes.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's got nothing to do with the media, it's to do with the fact he's never settled in England, and he's never given the impression he wants to stay here for long. If any of you are in any doubt, look at the contract he signed last summer, which was basically a pay rise and nothing else. Why would the club give him a pay rise unless they felt he was going to walk? In normal circumstances, a pay rise coincides with a longer deal. What happened in the summer is unprecedented. Is it the media's fault he's been so negative at every single press conference this term? Yesterday he was asked if he was happy with the three new winter arrivals. That was the first question put to him at his press conference. Watch it if you don't believe me. He couldn't even bring himself to say he was happy. He just said transfers had nothing to do with him. How does that instil confidence and positivity and belief? It doesn't. He's paid 8 million a year or something stupid. Say you're happy for f**k's sake. I don't see Pochettino or Klopp or Wenger complaining about their board constantly. Is that the media's fault too? Sure, Conte hasn't got all the players he wanted. Guess what? That's what happens in the real world. Klopp has made a profit in transfers since he's been at Liverpool. Do we think he always gets his first choices? Do Tottenham? Do Arsenal? Arsenal just sold their best player. Again. This whole season has been a nightmare. So much negativity and Conte has to take responsibility. How many good days have we had? Really good days? We're two thirds through the season. Man Utd at home? Atletico away? Two games. Tottenham away maybe but we were lucky. Conte likes to pass the buck, blaming everything on the board, saying he's getting the maximum out of our squad, because he's such a genius. Saying he wants to honour his contract when nothing could be further from the truth. You don't continually make pointed barbs towards your board if you want to stay in a job. He wants out but he hasn't got the integrity to walk. He's making his position untenable and forcing the board's hand. Question for you Antonio, when we beat Norwich on penalties was that getting the maximum out of our squad? When we failed to beat Arsenal in the 1st leg even though they had Ozil, Sanchez, Cech and many others out, was that getting the maximum out of them? From what I could see, we lacked the bottle to take the game to them when they were there for the taking, and we paid for it in the 2nd leg when we were the ones suffering with injuries. I hate a manager that doesn't take responsibility. It's not his fault, it's his players, it's the board. I can't stand it. Yes, if Man City weren't having a ridiculous season we'd be closer to the top, yes we're still in the CL and FA Cup, so things should be taken in perspective, but look at how we're playing, look at how impotent we look a lot of the time, look at Conte's demeanour. He's a different person from last season. He exudes so much negativity and it's spread right across our club and that's his doing. Right from the beginning when asked about the youngsters we loaned or sold in the summer, he said it was the board's decision. He refused to play them, what else was the board meant to do? Let them all waste another year of their careers and run down their contracts even more? Stop laying everything at the board's door will you please? Your job is to present a united front. You're paid a hell of a lot of money to do it. His negativity has cost us a lot, it's transmitted itself to his players. When he texted Costa the board supported him, he should remember that. He's also fallen out with Luiz this season and we've missed his personality on the pitch. He fell out with Jose and he's only had one victory since, and that was against Brighton. We're out of the LC and we've faltered in the league. Maybe that's not the board's fault, maybe that's his fault for playing with fire. He got suckered into Jose's trap. That's nobody's fault but his own I'm afraid to say. I've got sympathy for him in the sense that he's had to make do with Batshuayi for 18 months when he clearly didn't want him, and he didn't get his upgrades at WB. I've also got sympathy that we sold Matic to Utd over his head. Yes he may have had reasons to be pissed off but on the other hand he's got plenty of reasons to be happy. We've got some world-class players and he's been given a net spend of about 140 million since he got the job, and that 140 million net spend looks a lot better when you consider we buy low and sell high. We got 160 million for Oscar, Costa and Matic alone, and the business we've done this winter, for a grand total of 50 million, is incredible value in today's market. Our squad is a lot stronger than the one he inherited. So what do I want? Ideally, I'd like him to cheer up, make friends with the board, get on with his job, stop being such a sourpuss, and stay, but that's not going to happen, because he doesn't want it to happen basically. Let's all be clear about this. He doesn't give a f**k any more and I want him out of our club. Shame because he's a brilliant manager but he's got a fatal flaw, as has been evident throughout his career. He needs to be a little more diplomatic and a little more understanding of his employers. I really don't think Chelsea's such a bad job. What should the club do next? Personally I'd like to see us get Eddie Howe. The job he's done at Bournemouth is incredible. Some of you may be unfamiliar with it. His record there is truly remarkable. He's performed a miracle at that club. More importantly however, I want a manager that's prepared to build, that's prepared to play youngsters, that doesn't act like a spoilt child when they don't get exactly what they want, because they're only thinking short-term, because they only want to enhance their CV before they move on to another job. I'd like us to go for someone who can see themselves staying at the club for a long time, who would therefore have the long-term interests of the club at heart. A manager that wouldn't sell KDB and Salah and Lukaku immediately because they can't recognise talent when they see it and because they're not prepared to nurture. I want a manager that's prepared to allow a player to develop. We can't compete with City and Utd financially, not at present anyway, so let's bring in another type of manager, a builder, let's bring in a builder. I'm convinced the Chelsea public would get behind such a manager, particularly if they favoured a progressive style. All the time Conte's been with us we've been linked with defenders, with WBs, with midfielders, with CFs. We've never been linked with attackers. He doesn't really want attackers. He thinks Loftus-Cheek and Barkley are attackers. They're not. Picking up the ball with their backs to goal is not their game. They're midfielders, attacking midfielders, they should be facing the goal when they pick up the ball. This should appear obvious. We have poor attackers, except for Hazard, but strangely Conte isn't interested in bringing any in. Those don't appear to be the players he really covets. Hudson-Odoi, he should be playing on Monday against Watford, he should at least get on the field before Pedro, but he won't. That isn't the board's fault. So yup, I'm going for Eddie Howe, I'd be very happy with that, rather than the latest name off the designer shelf. The way Conte's been talking about our board however you wonder if anyone will want the job in the future. He really should learn to shut his gob. He's paid to do right by this club and he isn't. You lot talk about the media. Conte has fuelled it. He asks why he's under so much pressure, why there's so much scrutiny around his job. Maybe if he signed a longer deal, said he loved living in England and didn't imply he was unhappy with transfers every time he opened his mouth there would be less speculation. Did he ever think of that? Last season was so positive and he got all the credit and rightly so. This season he'd like to dodge all the blame for the change in atmosphere. Our club and our board get a lot of criticism but in this case I think much of it's unwarranted. We're running a business, we're trying to comply with FFP, and we have a stadium to build. Conte's been backed. If he can't handle getting every single player on his wish list I'm afraid he should f**k off. It's childish, its spoilt and it's narcissistic. I'm sorry but I've just about had enough of it.
  15. Jose Mourinho thread

    Exactly. Jose took our adoration of him for granted. The Chelsea fans were very good to him, standing by him when results went awry and there was feverish speculation about his job. Twice we did this, towards the end of both his stints here. He returned the favour by slagging us off, on more than one occasion. He went to Utd and felt he could say whatever he wanted about our club and our new manager without ever losing stock amongst our fanbase, and then, when he returned last season as manager of Utd, he found out different. He found out he had burned his bridges, and we'll defend our club against anyone taking potshots. I truly believe it rattled him and it shocked him because he never believed it were possible, and now he knows he's not The Special One at Chelsea anymore. He's increasingly becoming The Pathetic One at Utd and boy is it a joy to see. Even if he were to prove a success at Utd, it comes at too high a price, and boy am I glad he's left our club. The fact that he's at Utd while their two main rivals, City and Liverpool, are becoming light years better than them is proving way too much to bear for him, and it's hilarious to watch, as he tries in vain to blame everybody but himself and belittle the achievements of those rival teams by citing money of all things. This from the man who has spent more on transfer fees than any other manager in the history of football. Keep up the good work Jose. You're providing me with a lot of laughs.