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  1. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    I see where you're coming from but Sarri may know Higuain, and Pepe Reina, and Jorginho and everybody else. Why can't he get to know new players? Why does he need Rugani when we've got Christensen etc? For my money, unless these players are clear upgrades, or the financials make sense, the club are right to stay within their parameters. Did Sarri know Higuain before he worked with him? Did he know Rugani? Did he know Vecino? We've bought Jorginho for him. He doesn't need to bring in all his old players.
  2. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    Sarri might want a whole host of players, it doesn't mean we should go out and buy all of them. Higuain would have cost us a lot, more than Milan got him for, because they sold Juve Bonucci. There are many many reasons why Higuain didn't make financial sense. His age, his weight, the fact he's clearly on the decline, the fact Juve want to sell him in the first place, the fact he has zero PL experience, etc etc. Edit: If he's going on the cheap, fine, but he wasn't.
  3. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    Sailors and rear ends? I've just bought a couple on amazon.
  4. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    But you're right, yes, a bit of flip-flopping never hurt anybody.
  5. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    The club are right.
  6. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    What's a poop deck!? I'm optimistic about Morata but if we sold him and replaced him well I'd be happy, as I'm not THAT optimistic. I think he'll improve, yes, but enough? I don't know. Zaha would be a risk as his replacement but I think given the choice, I'd take the risk, only because I want a bit of excitement in my life, don't you?
  7. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    No I genuinely mean it. I followed KDB while he was on loan and before he eventually joined us. I likened him to Beckham, on these boards. I saw his debut against Hull, where he was mighty impressive. I was dismayed by how Jose treated him. With Salah, I never criticised his performances, because I felt he needed time, although I couldn't have foreseen quite how good he'd become. Anyroad up, let's not talk about KDB or Salah any more. Let's just pretend they don't exist !!
  8. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    If we're bringing in Zaha as a striker, and selling Morata, it's a risk, but I'm up for it. Who's in?
  9. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    I know you said "sensible poster" yorkley, but I was very much against KDB's departure, and I didn't approve of Salah's either.
  10. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    I watched a highlights reel of his best bits last season. Everything came down the left, with his right foot.
  11. Davey Baby

    Wilfred Zaha

    I haven't seen a lot of Zaha but he always seems to cause us problems. Trouble is, he plays on the left, and the last thing we need right now is a right-footed left-sided attacker. It may be that Sarri's thinking of him as a centre-forward, instead of Morata. He worked a similar trick with Dries Mertens.
  12. Davey Baby


    You forgot Stones.
  13. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    This isn't Torres. Torres was declining when he came to us, on the back of a bad injury. Similarly Shevchenko, a terrible injury. Morata's problems are all mental and that can be resolved, with the right management, although I'd agree Fernando's problems were psychological as well. Morata scored 15 for us last season. A goal every 3 games. He missed a fair few games through injury and suspension. If he hadn't, we'd be talking 20 goals, in his debut season. It's not bad. He wasn't good enough, that much was clear. When the going got tough he went missing, and that angered me. Giroud was rightly played instead of him. It wasn't a disaster however. Far from it. There's room for improvement. I'm confident he'll improve. A new manager who allegedly improves players and who really works wonders with his strikers. A season under his belt in England. A point to prove. Age is on his side. I'm confident he'll improve. Look. It was a bad penalty last night but had it gone in, and he'd done his little baby celebration, he'd have had his tail up and he may have gone on to score a couple more. We'd have people on here going over the top, just like they're going over the top now. It was a warm-up game, his wife's just given birth, he's just flown back. We have to cut him a bit of slack. Don't get me wrong I was cursing him last night. Mentally he's too weak. When he misses the pen the rest is inevitable, because he needs things to be going his way, he can't change things when they're not. He's a confidence player in other words. He's too fragile, mentally. Sarri will work on that. I believe him when he says he's not too concerned. Morata's movement is excellent. That's why so many chances fall his way. Torres never got chances. I just don't think this is comparable.
  14. Davey Baby

    Alvaro Morata

    He was awful last night but it's a warm-up game. I've a feeling he's going to be a big player for us this season. Sarri needs to work on his head a little bit. You want your striker to be an assassin, what we have is a meek little girl. He doesn't scare defenders, he doesn't even rough them up a little bit. Basically he's a defender's dream. You'd love to play against him, because you can bully him, because you can get inside his head. Sarri needs to unpick his mind. There's a striker in there. I'm confident it will happen.
  15. Davey Baby


    Cech and penalties. Memories.