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  1. I agree unfortunately. He's good, but not good enough. We need someone more aggressive, more dynamic, more willing to take players on. Somebody more like Moses in other words, when he's on top form. Today Alonso found himself in bags of space and for the first time ever put in a decent cross, and hey presto we scored. It happens all too seldom sadly, and he gets ample opportunity. I like him, but as a regular starter we can do better, I don't think there's much doubt about that. WBs are so important the way we play, and we need a player with that extra little bit of spark. He has many positives, not least his free-kicks. He's good technically, he's intelligent, he's elegant and decent in the air, but for me he's just too pedestrian, and an upgrade must be considered a must.
  2. Jose Mourinho thread

    I think Jose's temper got the better of him, not for the first time. He was sore at losing. It was an unpalatable defeat. His team was outclassed, by THEM. He was outclassed, by HIM. THEY broke the record for consecutive wins at Old Trafford, and they went 11 clear in the process. Jesus that must have hurt. He couldn't handle it. He lashed out, having a go at the ref, unfairly, and starting a fight with City over their celebrating, which they are perfectly entitled to do. Jose made it toxic before a ball was kicked, accusing City's players of diving and trying to put pressure on the ref. Ironically, and typically, one of his players was caught diving during the match. Everything else follows on from there, the toxicity Jose introduced. It will only get more toxic, as it did between Real and Barca, and Jose will hope it will galvanise his squad and rattle City, eventually, because they have more meetings to come, both this season and in the ensuing seasons. Unfortunately for Jose, this strategy only has a short shelf-life, as has been proven throughout his career. It may go to plan in the near-future but pretty soon the toxicity will be too much to bear, and along with the refs, the authorities, the media and his rivals, his players will also get fed up with it and he'll lose them, because he doesn't have another string to his bow. He simply does not know another way to motivate players. He needs to ratchet it up, but you can only do that for so long until things get overcooked and then it all just crashes and burns. Edit: Jose will plead innocence but the common denominator in all this toxicity is always him. Jesus am I looking forward to it. So glad he's gone from our club.
  3. Let's ignore the fact he hasn't had a duel.
  4. Christensen hasn't lost a duel tonight.
  5. Ampadu 100% passing accuracy.
  6. More impressively, they also got a draw against Leicester.
  7. Drinkwater has really made a difference.
  8. We've withstood their onslaught really well.
  9. Steven Gerrard is sitting just above the Chelsea contingent tonight. They've just given him a rendition of his favourite song.
  10. Get Batshuayi, Musonda and Ampudu on. Take off Courtois.
  11. Yeah you're right, they're battering us.
  12. Chelsea are on course to become the first club in Premiership history to go a whole game without conceding a free-kick. Don't blow it kids.