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  1. Davey Baby

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Villa lost and we failed to make top four. These are bad things. Jose, Klopp and Poch all failed to land a trophy. These are good things. Wenger resigned. Very bad thing. We won the Cup. All in all a pretty successful season.
  2. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    You said "their players would never ever join their biggest rivals". I gave you a perfectly good example. Turan was fantastic for Atletico, what he did at Barcelona is neither here nor there, other than to further illustrate my point, which is that Atletico's success is all about the manager. Yes they've also got to 2 CL finals. Even more reason to congratulate Simeone. If you think that team is beating Messi's Barca and Ronaldo's Real to the title with another manager you're very much mistaken. Edit: In fact I think you're living in cloud cuckoo land.
  3. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Simone won the title in 2014. Compare his side with Real Madrid's and Barcelona's. I'm sorry but I can't agree with you. As for keeping their core players, whenever a big money offer comes in for their players, they sell them. They always sell their best players, and sometimes to their rivals. Turan went to Barcelona and Griezmann may follow suit.
  4. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Atletico won the title under Simeone. Believe me, that's even more of a miracle. Klopp winning it at Dortmund and Jardim at Monaco is no less a feat than Sarri potentially winning it with Naples. Maybe, as the Napoli fan above says, relations between manager and owner broke down.
  5. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Sure, but Laurentiis doesn't have to let him go.
  6. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Why not wait for the release clause to be triggered then, instead of going out and signing Ancelotti? Sarri's available now, whereas if he were at Napoli, we'd have to pay for him. As for players being sold, sure, I mentioned Simeone, Klopp and Jardim. Atletico, Dortmund and Monaco also sell their best players. Didn't stop their managers from sticking around and winning against all odds. Sarri's a boy from Naples. Knock Juventus off their perch and you go down in folklore.
  7. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I know this was directed at someone else but I want to pick you up on it. Jardim may not be a serial winner but he's been a major success wherever he's been, and that league title with Monaco is not to be sniffed at, in fact it's a monumental achievement, and it proves something Sarri's yet to prove, it proves he can win. Of every manager that we might be able to tempt, Jardim has the most impressive record, far more impressive than Sarri. I'm not saying he's a better manager, I'm not commenting on the quality of football. I'm looking at it dispassionately. The better record is Jardim's, easily. Takes over a 3rd division side in Portugal, gets them promoted immediately. Takes over a 2nd division side, gets them promoted, immediately. Takes over Braga in the top division, leads them to 3rd, breaking their record of consecutive wins in the process. Goes to Olympiakos, wins the Double, immediately. Goes to Sporting in Portugal, a team full of youngsters, they finish 2nd, 25 points better off than the previous season. Goes to Monaco, wins their first title for 17 years, beating PSG with a fraction of the budget, also taking them to the semis in the CL. Considering he's only 43, that's a pretty astonishing record.
  8. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I have to say there's one thing troubling me. Well two things but we've been over his record already. The second thing is the fact he's available. Why is he available? He had another year to run on his contract. He's from Naples, Napoli are his boyhood club, why not stay and see if you can bring home the title for the first time since Maradona? Why not stay and become a hero, especially if you've already come so close, especially if you believe in your abilities? Simeone stays at the club he loves presumably because he wants to win the CL. In other words, he has unfinished business, having won everything else, improbably. Kloop did the business at Dortmund, breaking Bayern's stranglehold, Jardim's done it at Monaco. Why not stay? Why not give it another crack? What better challenge could there be? What better way to prove your credentials? He had one year left, he met with the president, the president wanted him to sign a longer deal we're told, they couldn't agree, the president signs Ancelotti. Weird. If he rates him so highly. Weird, especially for this guy. Why would he let go of a prized asset? He had one year to run. Edit: Why's he going now, in other words. Weird one if you ask me.
  9. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I'm with you mate. I've no idea why people keep banging on about his record. Don't they understand? He uses drones!
  10. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Thanks very much. That makes pretty shocking reading. He may know how to produce good football but it doesn't look like he knows how to win.
  11. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I genuinely don't know how he got on in the cups, other than he obviously didn't win any. Be interesting to see, considering Napoli were the second best team in Italy under his stewardship. As for Europe, I don't remember Napoli doing well in the CL or the EL under him, so again, genuinely curious.
  12. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I wouldn't say I was hoping for Eddie Howe, he would be far from my first choice, but I wouldn't be unhappy with him, for reasons I previously stated. Certainly I think he deserves a bigger club. Incidentally, I'm still waiting for somebody to tell me how Sarri did in the cups while he was at Napoli, and how he did in Europe. We know he hasn't won anything, we know he got a lot of points and finished second to Juventus, but I think he's been at Napoli 3 years, a club which had won silverware with its previous manager, and undoubtedly now one of the best clubs in Italy. How did he get on? If somebody's got that info, let's have a look. It's all very well people talking about pretty football but let's have a closer look at the results.
  13. Davey Baby

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Fact is, in the early part of his career, he won the title almost every season, wherever he was. 7 titles in 10 years. In the last 6 years he's won the title once. He hasn't won the CL for 8 years, 3 of those years with Real Madrid, who have won it 3 times since he left (and will hopefully make that 4 times on Saturday). However, he won two trophies last season, this season he came second behind City, and he beat Spurs at Wembley in the FA Cup semis, so he's still far from a busted flush. Edit: On the way down though, and long may it continue.
  14. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager

    A great post but I struggle with this bit. Conte has to go because he's burned his bridges, with the players and the board, that much is clear. Were he to stay however, given players he wanted and allowed to sell players he didn't want, like Pep and Jose in Manchester, he'd probably win the title again, because unlike Wenger (or Jose to a lesser extent) he hasn't lost his mojo. It will never happen of course because relationships have broken down and because of the structure of our club so it's best he leaves, because, as you quite rightly say, things will inevitably only get worse.
  15. Davey Baby

    Next Chelsea Manager