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  1. Silence is golden...
  2. What a great topic this turned out to be - hearing snippets of people's personal stories and anecdotes. Come on the Blues!
  3. I'm a once or twice visitor to the Bridge. Lived in London in the 70s and went to most Chelsea matches. Like someone earlier I was taken to a Chelsea game when I was a kid by my uncle and have stuck with them since. It's been easier in the last decade or so! I had to laugh when I was at my last match. I buy over the Membership system and I was obviously a 'tourist' to the guy behind me, who probably knew the regular who normally occupied the seat. He told me he had been in his seat for three years. Apparently I was inadvertently restricting his view but the real problem was that he was frustrated that we were being beaten by Liverpool. Anyway it all ended amicably and in fairness to him he apologised at the end of the match. I then pointed to the area between the shed end and the stand and told him I used to hang out there 40 years ago!
  4. Since bad news comes in threes that should be the end of it for the moment - lose FA cup, Hazard injured and Costa juggling his toys[emoji36] There's so much to speculate on and we really don't have a clue what goes on behind closed doors. I'll add another one: Michy may not have been played much last season as a type of olive branch to keep Diego happy as the number one striker after whatever patched up peace treaty was made in January. Michy's goals to playing time wasn't that bad so we're not totally nuked as we stand.
  5. Not making the quarters always feels like a failure.
  6. Imagine the hype that would be created at the start of next season had Chelsea won the double, followed of course by a hatchet job if we didn't live up to the unrealistic expectations. I was not happy to lose but there you have it AND Arsenal get to keep Arsene!
  7. The Chelsea jersey makes for good summer wear, nice and light. I'm assuming that the comment on over 50s is coming from younger people. We don't change that much as we go through life, as I hope you'll find out. I wear mine when I attend matches.
  8. We're going to use the 4-Spring-Duck-Technique (vorsprung durch technik) system next season. Should confuse everyone, including ourselves!
  9. Great idea. His name could become synonymous with duff referring, just like Captain Boycott gave his name to boycotting. Overboing! Or even Over Boing!
  10. Love it!
  11. I'm not for resting on our laurels, of course we need to strengthen and freshen up the squad, but I do think a little more recognition should be given to what this team has It might not be 2012 but it's damn close when you look at the sorry state of last year's performance.
  12. I detect this 'not a great Chelsea team' vibe in here sometimes. This is a team who have the second highest PL points total, won 30 games, went 13 unbeaten, won the league against opposition, who between them spent about a half a billion, have the best managers in the world etc. etc. Are we getting a bit too demanding?
  13. You're right there. Every so often (not too often TG) the ghost of the 2015/2016 team pokes in its ugly head.
  14. Keep Diego. Don't underestimate how hard it is to get a good striker. Even those with prior reputations have tanked at Chelsea in the past. Diego has done the business and the results prove it. The only caveat I have is that if there is something behind the scenes that we don't know about.
  15. There is another way of reading into this. After Costa's comments, it could be interpreted that Chelsea want to offload him to China for a bucketload of money. This may have already happened in the winter break, when Conte was supposed to have tried to get Lloriente from Swansea. That didn't happen for one reason or another. Chelsea (and Conte) know that Atletico will not pay what the Chinese are rumoured to be offering. It could very easily be that Conte doesn't want to go to China but Chelsea want him to and that puts a very different spin on the story.