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  1. He has been a revelation. I think part of the reason he was seen as a weak link was because he played at Bolton and was left go and as well ad that his price tag wasn't inflated.
  2. I enjoyed that match, end to end stuff and a good result for us.
  3. And the commentary was a voiceover. Dead as sh1t and working off the benefit of hindsight. As bad as I've heard.
  4. After that I'm beginning to get a sniff of something special this season.
  5. I had to laugh when Mourinho's said he felt they were going to win the match before the sending off. Sure they had a good opening 15 minutes or so but our chances and the superb saves from de Gea showed that we were on top. And when he reverts to history (3 titles) you know he's washed up. Time for the Horlicks Jose!
  6. As someone said earlier, I'll be happy when it's mathematically impossible to catch us. The match last night was won with three goals after the 87th minute. That and a dollop of cheating. Well done Stoke, we love you!
  7. Cheating Barcelona march on with applause all round. I can't see the first one as a penalty, the guy has stumbled and Suarez drops his leg on top of his head to simulate contact - at least that's how I saw it. PSG should be shot after letting in three goals after the 87th minute, they also had two very good chances to get a second goal but they were as bad as Barca were in the first leg.
  8. See Mings got a five match ban. Presume it's because he appealed.
  9. Thought Arsenal were very good in the first half but it was obvious they couldn't concede if they were to narrow the gap - they were never going to win it. The penalty and the sending off made the rest of the game meaningless, unless of course you are in the media and want to recreate an unholy fuss. Klickity klick!
  10. I like Tyrone Mings, great attitude and afraid of no one.
  11. They should fake off.
  12. Kingston Jamaica? Where the two sevens clash!
  13. An important result for us, dropping points for this home game would have opened the door a crack. Great midfield play, Fab superb and I hope Matic is getting praised for his impact.
  14. Great game for the neutral(ish) football fan but PSG had the performance of the last 16 in my opinion. I could see us dealing with last nights teams but PSG are stronger now than when they knocked us out of the CL in successive seasons.