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  1. Huddersfield deserve to stay up and where we are in our development it might be no bad thing that we will probably miss out on CL qualification. On another day we might have had at least three goals but this season has been like that, not to mention dodgy decisions that didn't go our way. I don't go along with the changed squad reason, we had plenty of possession and chances. You try scoring against 11 men defending the goal all match.
  2. Yes, that seems to do it on my old iPad but not on my android. Up until a few days ago I was automatically recognised as EmeraldBlue. I'll probably stop using the site as its too many steps just to let me have a humdrum opinion on a match.
  3. The MOTD2 guys got this one right. We were back to our best. P.S. My android phone can no longer get to this site. Keeps asking me if I am EmeraldBlue and then doesn't accept my credentials. I also had to change my password on this device to get in. Anyone else having problems?
  4. EmeraldBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Top 6 and in the FA cup final. I would have been drooling some years ago. As the man in M.A.S.H. said, 'less of those negative waves!'
  5. EmeraldBlue

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I don't think he's keeping an injured Drinkwater out of the squad. As I've said before I'm glad I never worked for some of you guys.
  6. EmeraldBlue

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Some truth in that but overall I thought he did good covering when he came on today and also hit in a few low passes to the forward line. Not brilliant but better...
  7. Fully deserved our win and hope we bring it home next month even if I think we don't really deserve a trophy this season. Hazard is back in form and the substitutions were effective, even Bakayoko showing what he might develop into. Delighted for Giroud and especially Morata. Willy kept a clean sheet!
  8. EmeraldBlue

    Ethan Ampadu

    Delighted to hear they got less than we offered. Serves them right. They will get 20% sell on fee and they're still not happy. Who's greedy?
  9. EmeraldBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    So much that's said here gives a skewed view to what really happened this season. Yes, Conte has responsibility but how about adding: Hazard's late start and drop off in form Morata's dip, after a good start. Replacing Costa was always going to be a challenge (in the first season for sure) Replacing our back line of Cahill and Luiz. Some excellent stuff from Christiansen but then some key match howlers Matic going would have been okay if Bakayoko had turned up Strengthening of other teams, while ours was arguably weakened Post PL winners lack of hunger etc.
  10. Dont know why but i think we're going to win this one!
  11. EmeraldBlue

    Marcos Alonso

    Delighted he made the best 11. Well deserved considering his position had little cover all year. Some in here didn't like him because he wasn't a marquee signing for zillions of bucks.
  12. EmeraldBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's been a tough season but we have nothing to prove as last year's champions. It's really better for the game as a whole if the prizes go around. My only two disappointments are the CL early exit and not enough young/new players coming through. We will only be 5 points behind Spurs if we win against Burnley and they were touted as the next big thing.
  13. EmeraldBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I don't think the negative comments here reflect the view of most fans. At the matches his name is sung regularly. In my opinion he puts in an honest days work. What happens in the future is of minimal interest right now so I'm going to keep supporting him as long as he's here.
  14. EmeraldBlue

    MOTD Chelsea rant

    Vertongen's was a genuine challenge but red nonetheless. Lamela's was nasty with a bit of afters.
  15. EmeraldBlue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Rubbish on the Costa dismissal. It's clear as day that Costa wanted out and used a dirty trick to damage Conte.