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  1. Something to take your minds off this nail biting spell.
  2. Matic had a good game even without that goal. Spurs scored two terrific goals but otherwise Courtois didn't have to make a save until injury time. Matic must take some of the credit for restricting their attack, no?
  3. Thought Ake was terrific on Saturday, comes in for a huge match at what must have been a slightly intimidating venue and plays superbly.
  4. Conte wants the fans to turn out big time on Tuesday (FA semi final match thread video), so for you lucky people who are going - give it welly! COTB
  5. Rubbish! Did you see him celebrating Willian's goal? He may not be in the best of form but he carried far more threat than Michy and I can see why Conte is playing him. I'm not getting at Michy btw but he has some way to go.,
  6. This one goes in to memory locker to join some great moments for a Chelsea fan. Terrific game, the likes of which you won't see very often. Come on the blues.
  7. I find this Rodgers bashing tedious and question the motivation of some people. He has no quarrel with this club as best I know and did well as an under age manager here for some time. What gives?
  8. Assuming Barcalona are still rivals (!) I was so pleased to see a really good ref last night. Made it clear that he wasn't going to take their usual nonsense. Suárez still got away with his leg drop to get Kheidra booked but a small price to pay for two superb June performances.
  9. I hope we get a cracker of a match on Saturday but who wins it is irrelevant as far as the league is concerned. Another stumble in the PL by Chelsea and Spurs will smell blood. A stumble by Spurs and they will be out of it in all likelihood. I think it's time to get the blood pressure monitor installed!
  10. In Conte we trust!
  11. It would be nice and comfortable to think Costa was our problem yesterday. Unfortunately it was a lot more serious than that.
  12. Mr Chelsea bows out. Thank you.
  13. As mostly happens, the team with the hunger win and United were totally up for it, playing better than I've seen them this season. We can't win every match so we will have to take it on the chin and get on with it. Sometimes a defeat can have a galvanising effect and in some ways it's a pity that it's the FA match next week, that and the firm Spurs are in, makes for an interesting few weeks coming up. P.S. Costa, who is not in good form admittedly, is not the reason we lost today - our midfield was overrun, Hazard was controlled and our passing was abysmal at times.
  14. You don't know how lucky you were!