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  1. Slightly off subject but is one of Eidur's sons now playing professional football? And what with Eidur's father having played, three generations of footballers.
  2. Bought the album when it came out. Purchased the vinyl copy as there is an extra track on it. A fine album.
  3. Copied from the club website. Taken in April 1920.
  4. From 5 November 1955. Ended in a 3-0 defeat for us but the team was very much the one which had won the title the previous season.
  5. A quiz about Michael Ballack. I got 7/13.
  6. ^ Pat and Joe don't look too happy. I wonder what had happened or was about to happen.
  7. Buffon due to make his 1,000th appearance in his career. An incredible achievement by a great goal keeper.
  8. Found a clip. First save is 11' 16" into the clip. Second save is 12' 50" into the clip
  9. Lovely tribute from Charlton Athletic to the policeman who was killed yesterday.
  10. Eddie was a great goalkeeper. @Richard PThat's a lot of goalies. I'd forgotten that it was so many. Les Fridge only made one appearance for the club and that was the 5-1 defeat at home to Watford. I think that was the game in which Gordon Durie made his debut for us. There was a bit in the October 2016 copy of the club magazine about the two penalty saves which Godden made at Old Trafford in September 1986. Was at the game. We won 1-0. Kharine had his moments but think he could be a bit erratic.
  11. Was at that game, standing in the shed. I remember the 50/50 and the roar from the crowd. Good that Eddie had a testimonial. Just a shame that his career was cut short by injury. Had another 10 years in him.
  12. Robbie has posted this on Arsenal TV. Can't see Wenger following his suggestions. As Zeta has written: two more years of Arsenal TV.
  13. The 4-4 game was the day before we neat City 5-4 in the Full Members Cup Final and on the same day as we beat Southampton 1-0 in the League. A weekend of lots of goals.
  14. @erskblueThanks. You're right, he did play for Derby after leaving Rangers.