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  1. Agree, winning the cup would give them momentum for next season. If they did play Celtic in the tournament hopefully a repeat of the performance in the semi-final last season.
  2. Just a reminder that it is the CPO AGM next Friday (27 January). I'll be going with some of the people I go to the games with. Will report back. Anyone else on here who is attending?
  3. I wonder if the MP is referring to Twickenham not being used for non-Rugby Union events/matches. I say that as Twickenham has twice been used for the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final (last time in 2006) and a few months ago a game of American Football was played there. There are plans to play games of American Football at Twickenham this year. See below. Concerts have also taken place at Twickenham. I don't recall any objections to those. Correct me if I'm wrong. If she is opposed to non-Rugby Union events she is a hypocrite for having a go at football and not Rugby League, American Football and concerts. She is obviously inferring that football fans are worse than fans of other sports/attendees at concerts. The Rugby Football Union (RFU) is also hypocritical for allowing other events to take place there. It would be nice if Twickenham couldn't be used for a while and the RFU approached the FA to use Wembley and the FA told them to f**k-off. I have been to Twickenham a couple of times for International matches and getting back to the railway station is a nightmare. You have to cross the A316 (Chertsey Road) and every so often the police have to stop traffic to allow supporters to cross. Can't understand why a bridge or underpass haven't been built.
  4. Dominion is a very good book. I read it a few years ago. CJ Sansom's books about a lawyer, Matthew Shardlake, in the reign of Henry VIII are also worth reading.
  5. Following on from Juve's decision to change their badge Arsenal has decided to do the same and to mark their ambition to finish fourth.
  6. Suspect that if Sullivan, Gold and Brady had been in charge back then they would have got tax-payers to pay for under-soil heating.
  7. The Football Association is looking at introducing retrospective bans to English football for players who dive or feign injury. Officials will go on a fact-finding trip to Scotland, where retrospective bans are already used. In England, players are currently only given retrospective bans for incidents of violent conduct. It is understood a rule change would require agreement from all football governing bodies in England. Burnley boss Sean Dyche believes diving would be eradicated from football "in six months" with retrospective bans. According to a report in Tuesday's Times newspaper, senior figures at the FA are keen to press ahead with the move. Dyche's comments come after two recent incidents in Premier League matches. Robert Snodgrass apologised for going down without contact to earn a penalty for Hull against Crystal Palace, while Dele Alli won a debated spot-kick in Tottenham's 5-0 win over Swansea. At the start of the current season, Hearts' Jamie Walker was given a retrospective two-match ban for diving to win a penalty against Celtic in the Scottish Premiership. The Scottish FA found him in breach of disciplinary rule 201 as the "simulation caused a match official to make an incorrect decision". The player contested the charge, but the compliance officer's verdict was upheld. Under current Football Association rules in England, players who pretend to have been fouled should receive a caution for simulation, which comes under the category of unsporting behaviour, if the incident is spotted by the match officials. However, this can only occur during matches at the moment. Data correct as of 11 December 2016 Analysis BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent Richard Conway The question of how to deal with players who dive or cheat has long troubled English football. The law which allows retrospective punishment in Scotland is being examined closely by FA chiefs. But any changes in England would require agreement from the game's various stakeholders. That means the Professional Footballers' Association, League Managers Association, English Football League and Premier League would all need to reach a consensus. Concerns over player's cheating is on Fifa's mind too. Marco van Basten, the former Netherlands striker who is the world governing body's chief technical officer, told the BBC last month it is discussing rule changes to increase "honesty" within football. That could include a rugby style regulation that would allow only the captain to speak with the referee.
  8. You're right, it wasn't that cold. I drove to the game and the roads were fine. Game was postponed to April of that year and we won 2-1. Nevin scored with a brilliant header from a Dixon cross. Usually the other way around.
  9. The Arsenal v Spurs game. We were due to play West Ham at Upton Park. I was on the way to the game when heard about an hour before kick-off that the match had been called off. If I remember correctly the match was cancelled due to a frozen pitch. A few days later I spoke to an Arsenal fan who was at the match and he told me that a load of Chelsea fans were in the Clock End.
  10. Good to hear that Mary is well. A lovely lady. I know she often went to games if a spare ticket became available.
  11. Went into the Lillie a few months ago. It's changed a lot since Pat and Mary retired. And a lot more expensive. After the games we tend to go into the Goose. Before the games we try different pubs. I read the other day that there is a proposal to demolish the Prince of Wales and the houses near it as part of the re-development of the Earl's Court area. A shame as like the Prince of Wales. It will be interesting to see how many pubs change and indeed survive when the club plays elsewhere whilst the ground is redeveloped.
  12. Sometimes went to the White Hart before the games. It then became Chateau 6 and drank there for a while but was very expensive. It's now a Thai restaurant.
  13. At 3pm on Saturday. Tickets now on sale to ST holders. Brentford will have the whole of the Shed End.