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  1. Couldn't think of anywhere else to post this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45893325 Fulham owner Shahid Khan has withdrawn his offer to buy Wembley Stadium from the Football Association after the plan became "divisive". Khan had offered £600m for the national stadium, with the FA retaining the Club Wembley hospitality rights, which it valued at £250m to £300m. The move was "more divisive then expected", said FA chief Martin Glenn. Khan has not ruled out making another bid in future if there is more support from FA Council members. The FA had said it would invest the proceeds of the sale into improving grassroots football facilities. FA executives made a presentation to the FA Council last week about why they were backing the sale to Khan, and the 127 council members were scheduled to vote on the proposed sale on 24 October. But a senior FA source told BBC Sport that the board believed the odds were slightly against the purchase being backed, given the strong objections of some councillors to the home of English football being sold off. FA chief executive Glenn said Khan had believed his offer "would be well received by all football stakeholders". However, Glenn added: "At a recent meeting with Mr Khan he expressed to us that, without stronger support from within the game, his offer is being seen as more divisive than it was anticipated to be and he has decided to withdraw his proposal. "Wembley Stadium is an iconic venue that is revered around the world and it will continue to thrive under the ownership and direction of the FA." Khan, who planned to move his NFL American football team - the Jacksonville Jaguars - to Wembley, said he wanted "to do right by everyone in a manner that strengthens the English game and brings people together, not divides them". He added: "Unfortunately, given where we are today, I've concluded that the outcome of a vote next week would be far from sufficient in expressing the broad support favoured by the FA chairman to sell Wembley Stadium. "Until a time when it is evident there is an unmistakable directive from the FA to explore and close a sale, I am respectfully withdrawing my offer to purchase Wembley Stadium." The FA had pledged to keep showpiece events, such as most England internationals and the FA Cup final, at the stadium under a pre-agreed hire fee. Pros and cons - what they said FOR The FA said only one in three grassroots pitches are of adequate quality and it would invest in facilities. FA chief executive Martin Glenn: "This is an opportunity to unleash an unprecedented amount of investment into community football. Receiving an offer to sell Wembley Stadium is not a 'betrayal'. It is not selling the 'soul of the game'." AGAINST Opponents had suggested selling an iconic national venue was a short-term plan which the FA would live to regret. Former England and Manchester United defender Gary Neville: "The FA feels to fund the grassroots programme, they have to sell a national asset - it's quite simply ridiculous. Don't sell Wembley when you can place a levy on agents' fees."
  2. Boyne

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I think that this picture has been posted before but worth posting again.
  3. Boyne

    What are you listening to?

    Have seen Papa George a few times: a fine performer. On a couple of occasions his drummer was Sam Kelly and the bass player was Peter Stroud both of whom are fine musicians. Stroud and Papa George have also performed with Bad Influence, the lead singer of which is Val Cowell. She has a fine voice.
  4. Boyne

    Best football images

    Scotland team in the 1974 World Cup. When Scotland had some decent players. Hay joined Chelsea not long after.
  5. Boyne

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Us in the Clock End for the first game of the 84/85 Season. Kerry's brilliant goal.
  6. Boyne

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Not sure when this was taken. Certainly before the Lillie was re-furbished a few years ago.
  7. Boyne

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    At Villa Park for the FA Cup semi-final in 1996. Unfortunately we lost 2-1 to Man U,
  8. Boyne

    Fixtures 2018/2019

    https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/10/12/december-and-january-fixture-changes-announced?cardIndex=0-3 Six of our Premier League games in December and January have been selected for live television broadcasting. They are the home games against Fulham, Manchester City and Newcastle, and the away visits to Watford, Crystal Palace and Arsenal. The new dates and times are as follows: DATE KICK-OFF TIME FIXTURE TV BROADCAST Sunday 2 December 12 noon Chelsea v Fulham Sky Sports Saturday 8 December 5.30pm Chelsea v Manchester City BT Sport Wednesday 26 December 7.30pm Watford v Chelsea Sky Sports Sunday 30 December 12 noon Crystal Palace v Chelsea Sky Sports Saturday 12 January 5.30pm Chelsea v Newcastle United BT Sports Saturday 19 January 5.30pm Arsenal v Chelsea BT Sports As a consequence of TV fixture selections and Europa League matches, a further three of our matches are rescheduled. They will now be played as follows: Wednesday 5 December 7.45pm Wolverhampton Wanderers v Chelsea Sunday 16 December 1.30pm Brighton & Hove Albion v Chelsea Wednesday 2 January 7.45pm Chelsea v Southampton
  9. A few concerts lined up in November. 13 November: The Danny Bryant Band 20 November: Carvin Jones 30 November: John Otway. The first two are at at Beaverwood Club in Chislehurst. Going to see the legendary John Otway at the Borderline club in the Borderline just off Charing Cross Road in London.
  10. Boyne

    What are you listening to?

    Alas, I couldn't see you in the crowd. I've found a longer recording of the concert. What an amazing voice Joan has. I think I'll have to go an see her when she tours next year.
  11. Tottenham and Tottenham reserves. Closely followed by West Ham. I realise the Spurs aren't in the PL but the more Spurs teams that suffer all the better.