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  1. Boyne

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Indeed. And talking of Eddie, here he is in a Scotland shirt. I think this was taken in 1967 just before Scotland beat England at Wembley. A fine Scotland team.
  2. Boyne

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    There have been clips of Archie's goal in a few films and TV shows. It was used in Trainspotting. Yes, Scotland's trip to Argentina could make a great drama. I can't recall if the divide was forgotten during the World Cup. Fans from both clubs would have gone to Argentina and I can't recall any stories of trouble. I can't recall any hype over Scotland playing in the 1974 World Cup. Strange as the squad for that tournament was probably better than the one in 1978. The manger, Willie Ormond, was better as well. So many great Scottish players haven't played in a World Cup but then so many great players from around the World have also missed out.
  3. Boyne

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Against Sheffield Wednesday in 1984 Against Man. Utd in 84/85
  4. Boyne

    WC 2018

  5. Boyne

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Just finished watching the programme. Very interesting. That was a great Scotland team but a shame that it all went wrong. Weren't going to win the World Cup but should have progressed from the group stage. I remember all the news headlines and reports about Bud being sent home. I didn't watch the Scotland v Netherlands game as didn't think that Scotland would win and couldn't believe the result when I heard it later. A great goal from Gemmill. One of the finest in World Cup history.
  6. Boyne

    Chelsea old boys v Rangers old boys..

    Ross Wilkins speaking about Ray after the recent legends game:
  7. Boyne


    Has photos etc from this year's game and from the match in 2017.
  8. I love the high tech scoreboard. How times have changed. A great Brazil team. The Scots team was pretty good as well.
  9. Boyne

    Chelsea old boys v Rangers old boys..

    A load of photos from yesterday's game. Me and some of the guys I go to the games with are in a couple of the photos. https://www.facebook.com/pg/chelseavsrangerslegends/photos/?ref=page_internal
  10. Boyne

    Chelsea old boys v Rangers old boys..

    A great day at Sutton United yesterday. Great banter between the fans. Loads of Bears in the crowd. Have to say that Rangers fans outnumbered Chelsea supporters. There must have been a few Millwall fans in the ground as I saw a Union Flag with Millwall Loyalists written on it. We met in the Moon on the Hill pub before hand. Loads of flags and banners outside. I should have taken photos. We had a couple of photos with Kerry in the ground. As for the game, I thought it was a good match. Rangers won 2-1 and it was a closer match than last year's. I thought that David Lee, Gary Stanley and Frank Sinclair had good games. McCulloch, Hendry, Mols and Andrews played well for the 'Gers. Great to see Ray Wilkins' son, Ross play. Played well. During the game I gave some thought to a combined Rangers and Chelsea legends team. A difficult selection as have had to miss out several players e.g. Lampard, Drogba and Wise for us and Baxter, McLean and Jardine for Rangers. Sadly some of the players below are no longer with us. Have gone for a 4-4-2 formation. GK: Peter Bonnetti Defence: John Terry, Richard Gough, John Greig and Ron Harris Midfield: Ray Wilkins, Ian Durrant, Charlie Cooke and Davie Cooper Attack: Peter Osgood and Ally McCoist. Not sure about manager. A number of captains to choose from as captain. Any of the back four would make a great captain. We Are The People