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  1. 1982 was a great tournament. The Brazilian team was superb. Scotland went 1-0 up against them and ended up losing 4-1. Scotland's goal was a great strike from David Narey.
  2. Pat Nevin talking about his experiences as a DJ
  3. Thanks mate. Will do. All being well i'll be in the White Bear pub this Sunday. Edit: Just had a look on Follow Follow (Rangers Fans Forum) and someone has already posted about the game. Excellent.
  4. Thanks mate. I'll let you know if I'm going to the game. I'll tell the people I go to the Bridge with. If it's okay with you I'll post details on a Rangers fans forum. I'll also print off the poster and put it up in the White Bear pub near Smithfield Market. It's where London based Rangers fans go to watch the 'Gers game. Will also let my family who live not far from Glasgow.
  5. Thanks for posting Carshalton Blue. I'll try and go along. I see that are a few that played for both sides. i wonder if they'll swap sides at half-time. Ray is still revered at Ibrox. The goal against Celtic in the 5-1 victory in August 1988 was a cracker.
  6. The 1970 Brazilian team was a great side as was the 1982 one. Carlos Alberto's goal in the 1970 final is one of the greatest of all times. The 1974 team was poor compared to the 1970 one. A few of the 1970 side played in 1974 but from I can remember the team lacked a lot of spark.
  7. @carrickblueAgree it is an honest and clear of events and what the board was/is hoping to achieve. Good that the statement was issued so quickly. As the statement says Warburton was using the Rangers job. If he or his agent sounded out Nottingham Forest it didn't help his case. Read earlier the the English League Managers Association is recommending that Warburton, Weir and McParland sue the club for wrongful dismissal. If the Chelsea game wasn't on TV I'd go up to the White Bear pub in London (it's where London based Rangers fans watch the games) to see the match against Morton and hear what Bears have to say it all. Will be interesting to see who gets the job in the long-term. McLeish or de Boer? WATP
  8. @carrickblue Follow Forum is good although saying that it's the only 'Gers fans forum I've signed up to. Can get a bit heated on occasions. Some good posters e.g. the Earl of Leven. Just had a look on FF and someone has suggested hiring Walter Smith until the end of the season. Would steady the ship but would Watty want the job? Am no sure. Dave King has issued the following staterment:
  9. One of the great images from the 1970 World Cup:
  10. This is the statement from the club. All a bit messy. Hopefully it will be sorted out without not too much cost to the club. I'm going to spend a bit of time looking on the Follow Follow Forum to see the reactions of the bears on there. Will be interesting to see and hear the reaction at Ibrox tomorrow. One of my cousins is going to the game. Will contact him tomorrow to ask what it was like.
  11. Qatar is spending almost $500m (£400m) a week on major infrastructure projects as it prepares for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, its finance minister has said. Ali al-Emadi expected spending to continue at that level for three to four years as new stadiums, motorways, rail links and hospitals are built. More than $200bn (£160bn) will be spent in total by the gas-rich emirate. But Mr Emadi denied that the plans would make the 2022 tournament the most expensive World Cup yet. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is reported to have cost $11bn (£8.8bn) to host, while Russia increased government spending on the 2018 World Cup by $321m to $10.7bn. Players criticise Qatar workers' conditions Migrant workers describe 'pathetic' conditions Arrested for reporting on Qatar's World Cup labourers Brazil struggled to get many of its stadiums ready, but Mr Emadi told reporters in Doha on Tuesday that Qatar had already awarded 90% of the contracts for 2022 projects and that two-thirds would be delivered within the next 24 months. "We are giving ourselves a good chance to deliver things on time," he added. "We don't want to be in a place where we start painting when people are coming to the country." n order to achieve this, contractors have brought in hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, mainly from South Asian nations, who human rights groups say have been exploited and forced to work under dangerous conditions. Qatar's government has denied the workers are exploited and in December it implemented reforms designed to improve the rights of the migrant workers. Mr Emadi said the money for the World Cup projects had been protected from cuts to the national budget caused by low oil and gas prices. Last year, Qatar had an estimated budget deficit of more than $12.8bn, and the 2017 budget has a projected deficit of $7.8bn. The pressure on the state finances is now easing because of higher oil prices, and Mr Emadi said Qatar might not need to issue international bonds this year.
  12. @erskblue You're welcome. Still have a shoot album from the seventies. Here's a picture of the East Stand being built: