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  1. coombsie

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Even if it inevitably means we lose Hazard, Willian, Courtois, Luiz ??
  2. coombsie

    Next Chelsea Manager

    /if shes not doing a bad job, then you clearly believe that she must be doing a good job, which based on the last 12 months is laughable
  3. coombsie

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I think that is the problem Valerie, we don't know what is going on , because the Club in its infinite wisdom, do not think we have a right to know
  4. coombsie

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If being a spoiled brat means supporting Chelsea through thick and thin, often home and away, for the best part of 60 years, then YES I am that man. In reality I am a man that runs my own business, successfully, and can see, as could a blind man, that the lack of strategy or direction (yes I stick by that too) is endemic in everything the Board does. Yes I have enjoyed the success, I am entitled to after 60 years, but I do not enjoy incompetence and that I regret is what our Board is displaying.
  5. coombsie

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I think that Roman should sack the entire Board for bringing the Club into disrepute. We are absolutely without any strategy or direction and are becoming, quite rightly, the laughing stock of European football and I wouldn't be at all surprised if, very soon we are unable to find a top class Manager who even wants to manage the Club, despite the riches on offer. The entire Conte/Sarri fiasco has been mismanaged at the highest level and our inability to get this most important of appointments 100% correct speaks volumes for the pathetic mess in other areas of the Club such as the DOF, coaching teams, loan players and the Stadium.
  6. coombsie

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Sir Red Nose (SAF) maybe ????
  7. coombsie

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I too am very concerned that there may be some sort of "owner or Board" instruction to play him regardless. If there is not, why oh why would a Coach as good as Conte, have him anywhere near the squad, let alone in the first team? He has proved over and over again that he is simply not good enough to be at Chelsea. His performances are an embarrassment to both himself and the Club.
  8. coombsie

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    When you have possibly the best COACH in the World, why would you change him? Once again we have an issue where the Coach is getting more PR exposure than the Club and the Board/Owner don't like it. This happens every time and I am fed up with it. Its time for the Board to make the COACH the MANAGER, and to sit back on their hands and let him manage. Let him pick the players he wants, buy as many as we can afford and integrate these players with the undoubted talent we already have in the first team squad and away on loan. In short let him manage the playing side of the Club from top to bottom. Now we have got rid of the imposter Emanalo, this should be possible.
  9. coombsie

    Emanalo The Problem

    I am convinced that Conte has won the day with Emanalo's "resignation" I feel certain that Antonio has told the Club that either he has full control over all team matters, ins and outs, loans, coaching staff etc or he was going to walk and maybe not even wait for the end of the Season. Luiz may be the catalyst to this happening today. Conte didn't want him and didn't buy him and he has left him out as a physical V sign to those that did. I think that Roman is learning
  10. coombsie

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I agree that we do need 4 "TOP CLASS" players, but Oxlade Camberlain, Danny Drinkwater, Jamie Vardy, Fernando Llorente,???? REALLY ????
  11. coombsie

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I have two Arsenal mad Sons in Law, and both are adamant that the Ox is not good enough for Arsenal let alone Chelsea. He is "in and out" good one day, stinking the next. He doesn't want to play right wing back at either Arsenal or Chelsea, he wants to play in centre midfield, but he has proved many times that he is not good enough or strong enough to start there for Arsenal having been given many opportunities. The Arsenal fans have, for a long time, doubted his efforts, commitment and ability to "train on". So Why all of a sudden (because our fans are desperate for a signing, ANY signing) should he be good enough for Chelsea.
  12. coombsie

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I hope the cheque is in the post !!!
  13. coombsie

    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Andreas Christensen, officially the BEST DEFENDER in the Bundesliga, must have one hell of a water tight contract to keep him from coming back to the Bridge. Therefore we must be patient and be excited at getting him back next Season. It will be like getting a £50million signing on a Free !!!
  14. coombsie

    Kalidou Koulibaly

    It is quite a shock that an Italian Manager, like most of his compatriots, renowned for getting his defence sorted out first and foremost, has not displayed any great panic in sorting the back four (three ??) out at Chelsea. Is this because he is happy with what he has seen - unlikely. He will have watched VT's of last Seasons debacle and seen the players up close in training and in Austria and the USA so he will now know what he has to work with. Therefore he either knows we are trying to bring players in or he has seen players in the squad and at the Academy that he believes can do a job for him. I think that we have to trust his judgement and pray he is right.
  15. coombsie

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I have been waiting eagerly to see Conte in action and i was not disappointed. He certainly got a tune out of a very ordinary Italian team, but what I liked most was the tactics. He was straight down Belgium's throats from the kick off. The high pressing, work rate and never say die attitude shocked Belgium to the core. They were out thought and out played by a better tactician, even though player for player they are loads better. This augurs well !! I think the future is bright, provided we get him the players he wants, not the ones Emanalo, Roman or the Board think might work. Be patient, he will be watching every game while he is in France, drawing up a short list to give to the Board. Expect no signings until a week or so after the Euros finishes. He will have had a good look at the current squad whilst he was kicking his heels waiting for the Euros to begin. He will know who he likes and who he does not and will choose players to compliment this. Expect plenty of Italians or Balkans !!