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  1. I have no problem with Moses as a squad player, but I think a player like Andrea Conti would be a big improvement to our team. I also like to have a pacy option on left wingback as well, someone like Mendy or Ghoulam.
  2. The best targets are probably gone before we start our transfer business...
  3. Upgrade / Second option for Moses : -Felipe Anderson : 9 assists and 4 goals in Serie A this year. He has played several games as DMR/MR, but mainly FWR for Lazio this year. What I like about him is that he does alot of defensive work, twice as many tackles as Moses per game. He also has almost three times as many key passes and has created 3 times as many chances compared to Moses. Dribbles twice as much per game, but he also gets dispossesed more. Anderson might lack some of the strength of Moses, but he has more speed, agility, vision, technical ability and he can put a cross into the box without hitting a defender 90% of the time. - Semedo - Sidibe - Aurier - R.Pereira Upgrade / Second option for Alonso : - Sandro (Juventus won't sell) - Ghoulam (1 year left on his contract, dosen't want to sign new) - Mendy Lots of options, my choices would be F.Anderson + Mendy or Ghoulam.
  4. Ideally I would like to see us have five good CB options, with Alonso/Ghoulam as sixth LCB option in a crisis. I'm fine with Zouma leaving and selling Ake for 20m-25m, if that means we buy VVD and Christensen accepts beeing one of the five CBs.
  5. We only have Alonso as LWB, atleast Azpilicueta can cover for Moses on RWB for short periodes.
  6. That depends if Real Madrid is after him or not. Barcelona, Bayern and Juventus already have world class strikers. The rest of the clubs we can compete with, he supports our club so thats something.
  7. He keeps impressing me everytime I see him play, two superb assist so far against Lille to secure the ligue 1 title for Monaco. He did alot of positive things against Juventus as well when Monaco struggled. For me his pace, linkup play and vision/intelligence would benefit us more then Lukaku and Costas attributes. Should Costa leave for 75mil-80mil, we might as well go for a slightly more expensive Mbappe, rather then Lukaku.
  8. Hope they use enough dynamite to blow up the old and new WHL
  9. We have been linked with Mertens this week and Ghoulam earlier this year. Both Napoli players have just one year left on their contract. I'm not sure if we are being used in their negotiations for a new contract, or they want to leave, but both players could be bought at half price if they refuse to sign. Mertens has scored alot of goals as a striker for Napoli and can play in any of the three attacking positions. I wouldn't mind him for 20 mil, if we fail to sign Alexis Sanchez. Ghoulam would give Alonso a fight for the LWB spot, offering more precision and pace when needed, while Alonso is the better at defending.
  10. I expect heavy investments into our squad for next season after Oscar, Terry, Ivanovic and Mikel are gone. There is also the possibility that one or two of Costa, Batshuayi, Zouma, Willian and Fabregas are leaving, I refuse to think of Hazard leaving. We need atleast 3-4 additions to our squad as it is to cope with extra games next season, without dropping in quality when we are rotating. Whoever leaves we need to bring in replacements for as well. With the right investments I expect us to atleast reach the semi finals in CL and to challange for the PL title again.
  11. Inn: Van Dijk (50mil) , Isco (50mil), Morata (50mil), Sanchez (40mil), Ghoulam (15mil) Out: Costa (75mil), Batshuayi (30mil), Traore (15mil), "Oscar (60mil)" Balance: -25mil
  12. Thierry Henry said something about Batshuayi being more instinctive and quicker to react inside the box then Lukaku.
  13. 33mil, WORTH IT!!!! :D
  14. Alonso have been very good for us so far, but I think we need a second option for LWB next year with the increased number of games. Someone like Ghoulam, who has different attributes (Pace, 87% pass succsess, better crosser) vs Alonso (Better defending, shooting). It wouldn't cost that much either, when Ghoulam is refusing to sign a new contract with Napoli and he only have 1 year left on his contract.
  15. 1st team: Christensen, Ake and Chalobah Loan to PL club: Abraham, RLC, Izzy Brown, Baker, Musonda, Palmer, Boga Loan before future sale: Zouma, Batshuayi, Baba(after longtime injury) Sell: Bertrand Traore (Good money after EL hype), Wallace, Rodriguez, Kalas, Delac, Houghton, Davey, Traore, Pantic, Hector, Pasalic, Remy, Cuevas, Feruz, Omereu, Piazon, Atsu