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  1. Just spend the 100+ mil it takes to land Sandro + Felipe Anderson. Attacking wingbacks are going to be very important for us when we have Bakayoko, Kante or "Matic" in central midfield. Morata for Oscar + Traore Bakayoko for "Costa" Rudiger for Ake + Begovich Surplus : Cuadrado 17mil, Chalobah fee, Solanke Tribunal fee, Lukaku sell on fee, Atsu, 6mil, Loan Fees Add all of this to our big increase in revenue this year from CL, sponsorship etc.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing us play 3-4-1-2, with Hazard behind Morata and Batshuayi as an option next season, if Batshuayi keeps up his form.
  3. I rather keep Matic if Llorente, AOC and whilshere are our targets, must be a better way to spend 50mil.
  4. Moses is just slightly faster then Danilo, he likes to dribble more, but also get dispossesed twice as many times. In comparison Danilo wins almost twice as many tackles, interceptions and aerial duels per game. He is also a better passer and crosser compared to Moses.
  5. After finally securing a striker, this is what I would do now: Danilo, Aurier or Felipe Anderson for right wingback and A.Sandro or Mendy on left wingback. Fabinho as replacement for Matic, that would allow us to switch between 3-5-2 and 3-4-3 frequently.----------------------------------Courtois/Caballero-----------------------------------------------------Azp/Christensen-----Luiz----Rudiger/Cahill/Alonso-------Danilo/Moses/Azp-----Kante--Bakayoko/Fab---Fabinho----------A.Sandro/Alonso--------------------------Hazard/Pedro/Willian-------Morata/Bats--------------------------
  6. Thats basicly what Belotti does, he scores all sort of goals, he is also a very good target man and starts alot of Torinos attacks by himself. He is the main striker for Italy as well now, for several games and I doubt anyone is close to challanging him for his spot for the world cup 2018. I have no doubt that he will be just as good next season.
  7. 60 game+ for Batshuayi next year with Remy as backup ? No Thanks. We need a worldclass striker like Belotti or Aguero, if we sell Costa for 40mil, thats 40-50mil for Belotti, thats what City has payed several of their new signings now.
  8. Inbetween those two winning seasons we placed 10th and we didn't have CL or EL last season. I give alot of credit to Conte and our doctors to keep our 13-14 first team regulars fit last season, but with CL again this year there is no chance with such a small squad. We will need alot more then Bakayoko and Rudiger to mount a challange for CL and win the PL again.
  9. He might stay if we start showing some ambition again, buy some big name players like Aguero, Sanchez etc.
  10. Why not take both? Sanchez-Aguero-Hazard
  11. Dave and Rudiger are very defensive wingback options, while Moses usually makes the wrong descisions in the final third and struggles to deliver a cross into the box. We also have minimal creativity in our central midfield, when Fabregas is not playing. In my opinion we need attacking wingback options with pace on both sides, we already have the defensive options.
  12. For me Alonso did an ok job last season, but his pace will always be a weakness that the best teams can exploit. Sandro would be a big upgrade.
  13. I think we are in deep trouble if we don't sign Belotti, while Morata stay at Real Madrid and Sanchez at Arsenal. I really don't want Aubameyang, way to one dimensional for our attack and will struggle when given little space.
  14. Poor Kante and Fabregas will have to play alot of games now, with Bakayoko injured until September and Matic possibly sold. We defenatly need more central midfielders, 3-5-2 needs to be an option as well.
  15. I wouldn't trust Costa to perform either, we need a new quality striker for pre season to build our attack around him.