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  1. 8 out of 13
  2. I would buy Mbappe, Morata and Sanchez this summer, if they wanted to come. That would probably cost 150mil+, but Costa to China would be 100mil, Batshuayi 20mil-30mil, Oscar 50mil-60mil, Willian 50mil-60mil.
  3. He scored a good goal yesterday against Greece, but other then that I thought he was more frustrating then what Costa have been since january. He was drifting into offsides, was lazy to get onside and kept complaining about his service. His workrate off the ball is what worries me the most though, one of the laziest strikers I have seen at top level.
  4. Belgium looking lost in first half against a compact Greece, without Hazard and KDB. I really can't stand players throwing tantrums at his teammates like Lukaku, when he is at fault for drifting into countless offsides.
  5. I think Morata could get close to 20 goals for us in a season, if given the same amount of minutes Lukaku & Costa gets. I agree about him being a good fit for an attacking trident though. Thats why I have a small hope of us buying Morata & Sanchez, instead of an overpriced Lukaku. Lukaku: 2014/15 : goals 10 : minutes 2872 : min/goal : 287,2 ||| Assist : 5 : min/goal&assist : 191,46 2015/16 : goals 18 : minutes 3170 : min/goal : 176,1 ||| Assist : 6 : min/goal&assist : 132.08 2016/17 : goals 20 : minutes 2366 : min/goal : 118,3 ||| Assist : 6 : min/goal&assist : 91 Morata: 2014/15 : goals 08 : minutes 1335 : min/goal : 169,375 ||| Assist : 5 : min/goal&assist : 102,69 2015/16 : goals 07 : minutes 1484 : min/goal : 212 ||| Assist : 7 : min/goal&assist : 106 2016/17 : goals 08 : minutes 897 : min/goal : 112,125 ||| Assist : 2 : min/goal&assist : 89,7 Costa: 2014/15 : goals 20 : minutes 2069 : min/goal : 103,45 ||| Assist : 3 : min/goal&assist : 89,56 2015/16 : goals 12 : minutes 2374 : min/goal : 197,83 ||| Assist : 6 : min/goal&assist : 131,88 2016/17 : goals 17 : minutes 2302 : min/goal : 135,04 ||| Assist : 5 : min/goal&assist : 104,63
  6. Bakayoko is a good player, but I think Fabinho would be an even better choice.
  7. I know he has limited number of minutes this year, but I think you are wrong. He has a couple of Serie A titles with Juventus, was a big part of them reaching the CL finals and also played very well for them the following year in CL. His performance in Euro 2016 was also better then Lukaku, who had a very bad one. He has a better goal/assist ratio in the league, when you look at minutes played compared to Lukaku these last three years as well. I think there is more to Moratas game then Lukaku. He is more technical, his passing is alot better and he does a job closing down players (Lukaku is incredibly lazy at this). With all the Lukaku hype lately I wouldn't be suprised if his price was alot higher then £50 mil, more like £70-80mil atm.
  8. Super happy with 3 point. Hopefully no more rugby teams for a while..
  9. He will probably be sent of if he continues with it. Stoke would most likely had more yellows or red cards with the later challanges, but Costa needlessly made way to much out of the duels at the start and the ref turned against him.
  10. We need to start playing football, getting dragged into Stokes physical approach. Get Costa off for Fabregas and play Pedro as a false 9. With Pedros movement and Fabregas passing we will cause that Stoke defence alot more problems.
  11. I would have played 3-5-2 with Kante-Fabregas-Matic in central midfield and Costa-Pedro in attack. I guess Conte wants to make sure we win the battle at start and put Fabregas on when Stoke has tired legs.
  12. I didn't mention Suarez, but Morata would cost about 50mil. Sanchez has just 1 year left on his contract, I doubt he will go for more then 30m-40m. Mbappe probably around 50mil. Batshuayi can be sold for 30mil, same as he was bought for. Just take Benteke as an example, he played horrible for Liverpool, but didn't loose much value when he was sold. A sale of Costa to China could give us as much as 120mil, if the rumours about us turning down 90m in january and demanding 128m this summer was true.
  13. We could potentially buy Sanchez, Morata and Mbappe for the money we would get of Costa and Batshuayi alone.
  14. I think so as well, Fabinho would be my clear first choice though.
  15. I thought Fabinho was MOTM, was great through the whole match and Mendy was poor when City scored.