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  1. To me it seems like he was a club buy and not a player Conte wanted, if that is the case, then it would be better to sell him this summer. I doubt it would be hard to regain our money for a young striker like him, even with the limited time he has spent on the pitch.
  2. Great game today alongside Kante. When the oposition don't pay enough attention, or put enough pressure on him, then he will destroy them with his vision, passing and positioning. I hope he continues to start in our next games.
  3. I think it is hard to dominate a midfield with two central midfielders, but we get alot more creativity and precision with Fabregas, compared to Matic atleast.
  4. Ok, he made it good again :P
  5. Falcao messes up again at the start of that counterattack
  6. Moses should take a trip to Monaco and learn how to cross from Mendy and Sidibe.
  7. I hope we go on a shopping spree for Monaco players in the summer. Fabinho, Bakayoko, Mendy and Sidibe give their front players great support.
  8. I would be extremly frustrated if I was his teammate and made alot of good runs inside the box, just for him to keep missing his crosses.
  9. He played very poor at the start of the game, but Hazard did improve as the game progressed. He should have had an assist, when Fabregas missed a great opportunity in the second half. He also made several good runs behind Wolves defence as well, where he would be through on goal had his teammates spotted him.
  10. 1 out of 15-20 crosses is very poor and for me he hasn't been that good in the final third for a while now. I don't know if it's a lack of concentration or tiredness, but we need a second RWB option for next season.
  11. Job done :) I just wonder how it is possible to not be under pressure and manage to hit 19 out of 20 crosses into a Wolves player.
  12. Looked like someone stole Oxs favourite kiddie toy
  13. Koulibaly seems to have all the right attributes for a good central defender, but his positioning is horrible. Ghoulam on the other hand have been good.
  14. Barcelona have a weak central midfield and defence this year. I watched them against Atletico in copa del rey recently and they were just as bad then. They depend on magic from MSN in attack, but against the best teams that is not enough. This PSG team without Verratti struggled against Monaco at home, only players that stood out for them was Murnier and Rabiot. I think there is some good players to be found among those two teams in the summer.