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  1. comtrend


    Start with getting rid of everyone who thought Drinkwater, Barkley, Zappacosta etc would help our team/squad this year. After that find quality replacements for Fabregas, Alonso, Moses, Pedro, Cahill.
  2. comtrend

    Our playing identity

    I think we need some proper wingbacks, if we are going to continue with 3-4-3. The same goes for a midfield partner for Kante.
  3. Brighton have all the time in the world to put crosses in on Alonsos side, why are we playing coutnerattacking football with one of the slowest wingbacks in football?
  4. Just get Bakayoko off for Pedro and we will improve alot. We need 3 up front to prevent them from playing out from the back and win possesion in their half.
  5. comtrend

    January Window 17/18

    We need to stop signing quantity and sign quality players instead. Liverpool have already signed VVD, Mahrez is close to signing and Keita will sign in the summer. No more players like Zappacosta, Batshuayi, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Barkley etc, or we risk our top 4 spot and Hazard + Courtois leaving.
  6. comtrend

    Yannick Carrasco

    Arsenal don't have much say anymore when his contract runs out in the summer, he can agree a deal with us now and join us then if he wants, or we pay 20mil-30mil and get him now. I don't think there is any problem for the club to pay close to Hazard wages for Sanchez, thats if Hazard accepts his new deal at 250k-300k. We would have to pay alot more if we tried to buy someone with simillar qualities. There is already a wage structure in the club, where certain players have double or tripple the wages of others, if we want to attract quality players and keep the ones we have, then we need to pay our key players.
  7. comtrend


    Would be a very stupid buy. I didn't want drinkwater either, because I felt we needed a more creative CM that likes to shoot from distance.
  8. comtrend

    Yannick Carrasco

    I've never been impressed with this guy whenever I've seen him play, not great at anything really. Hopefully we target better players then him, like Sanchez.
  9. I don't want to see Brighton get all the time in the world to pass the ball around on their half, we should be pressing and forcing mistakes, not stand 20m away from them.
  10. I'm sure Willian needs 100 attempts to hit a keypass in the final third.
  11. Would work alot better if Pedro with his movement played that role instead of Hazard. The biggest problem is that Hazard usually don't run into space, instead he drops deep to collect the ball, wich leaves us without someone to target inside their box.
  12. comtrend

    Eden Hazard

    Speaking to French magazine Onze Mondial, the Blues no.10 was asked about those Real Madrid rumours and how much it would cost the Spanish giants to sign him. The 26-year-old has been long linked with a move to the Spanish capital but those rumours have gathered pace recently. Given some of the deals that went down during the summer including Ousmane Dembele's £98m move from Dortmund to Barcelona and Neymar's £200m switch from the Catalans to PSG, Hazard joked his price tag could be even more."Someone will have to pay a fortune in order for Chelsea to sell. Yeah, it’s that, that’s what football is right now," Hazard told Onze Mondial. "Ever since Neymar and co signed for €100 or €200 million… Now, a team needs a king’s ransom for everyone!," he added, laughing. "That’s the problem." Former Chelsea and Real Madrid midfielder Michael Essien has called on the Blues to tie Hazard down to an improved contract with the Real rumours getting stronger, but Hazard seems happy for the time being. He added: "As I’ve said, I’m here right now, I want to finish my year as well as I can. After that, I have two years left on my deal. We’ll see what happens. "As a joke last time I said that I was worth €300 million. Have I gone up by another €50 in two months? €350m, that’s still a lot," he said bursting into laugher again. "No, honestly, I have no idea. I can’t say too much about this because Chelsea will never sell me otherwise! I honestly don’t know." ------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds like we have to wait until summer before anything happens with both Courtois and Hazards contracts situations.
  13. comtrend

    January Window 17/18

    I'm hoping for some of these transfers to go through: Left wingback: Alex Sandro Sell Willian and buy A.Sanchez or Icardi
  14. comtrend

    Champions League Draw

    It's a bigger chance that we meet Barcelona then Besiktas and PSG apperantly, because of the draw restrictions for the other teams: Atleast there is a very big chance for Real Madrid and Juventus to draw a English team..
  15. comtrend

    Eden Hazard

    I would say Courtois is world class as well. I also have high hopes for Christensen and Morata to improve their game even further given more time.