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  1. You have a good point, but your post would have have more credibility if you managed to get through it without calling people morons. Bit ironic given the point you are making. But you are right never the less. Anyway, apologies for stinking the thread out. I had taken a break from this forum because I felt it was less and les a platform where I could interact with like minded people. I was hoping a bit of time away my change my view, but unfortunately the last day has reminded me why I stopped coming on here. As you were...
  2. This is cute!! Good to know you have sat and thought about the "kind of person" I am in order to arrive at this clearly intelligent and expert analysis. On the other hand, I didn't even know you existed until I saw your hilarious post above. There are some strange creatures on this forum these days !!!
  3. So to recap.... Gary is Gary, and Diego is Diego. Dare I ask if Matic is Matic?? ;-)
  4. I did originally.. I don't now.
  5. Nah, you're alright.
  6. Fixed it for you.
  7. I didn't say "what makes you think this" because it's quite obviously implied, and anyone with half a brain cell can see that.
  8. There has been no "melt down". When you called Matic a donkey, I said "really?" to which you replied "yah"..... had you perhaps actually responded with an argument of some substance, some logic, then I am sure we could have traded opinions in a respectful manner. I can only assume that someone who replies with "yah" when questioned about a post mocking one of our players, isn't that interested in debating the finer points. I avoid Match day threads for the very reason you mention, but would be more undertanding of things said in the heat of the moment whilst a match is live to be honest. Torres is arguably the biggest flop in our history (in terms of value for money at least), so I would of course understand why people would call him sh*t (in relative terms). That's a whole different topic though, and one I have wasted hours and hours on over the years! Don't muddle criticism with disrespect; two entirely different things.
  9. Hahahahahahahahaha of course, of course.... If you slowed down a bit before spewing out your ultra defensive retort, then you would see I didn't actually question your age, or your credentials for supporting Chelsea. But thanks for your back-story; fascinating stuff. All I did was say that, in my opinion, your comments epitimise those of new age Chelsea fans. It's the ungrateful & disrespectful mentality of fans like you that I despise, regardless of whther you are 10 or 70, and regardelss of how long you have supported the club. No "high horse" here, I just don't like bellends. "lad" hahahaha
  10. I am insinuating that you epitimise new age chelsea fans, who have only been around since the money.
  11. You are indeed. Unfortunately you just epitomise the breed of new age Chelsea fans who I obvioulsy have nothing in common with. No offence.
  12. "Butt hurt" Are you still at school by any chance? I guess I just don't think Matic is a "donkey" and I don't get off on mocking our players. Title winning players at that. Each to their own though...
  13. No I am afraid I just think you're a tit. 24/7. Hope that helps clear up any confusion on the matter.
  14. I'm not your pal, kid.
  15. Yawn.