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  1. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Difficult one. I am a fan of Luiz, and the last thing we need is to lose a versatile, experianced player, from our alreday thin squad. We also don not need another Costa situation, with an unhappy player stinking out the mood in the camp. That said, if he is alreday causing problems abd disrespecting the Manager then I have no issue with Conte laying it down. I hope that it can be resolved, and Luiz can regain the Managers trust.
  2. Brilliant game, brilliant performance, brilliant result. I have seen us beat United quite a bit at SB over the years, but despite the score line only being 1-0, I can't actually think of a game where we comprehensively outplayed them to this extent. And that includes last years 4-0. Had it not been for our awful finishing, we could have won that by 5 goals easily- 1-0 flatters United massively. And they had the leg up of our goal being chalked off; soft to say the least. It was fairly even for the first 10-15 minutes when they had the Rashford chance, and the last 10 minutes United were on top when we sat back and went 5 at that back, but other than that, we wiped the floor with them. Our midfield destroyed Herrara & Matic all day. Kante is obviously essential, but that midfield 3 with Bakayoko & Fabregas gets the best out of all 3 of them, as we saw in Madrid. It was just too good for United, and we dominated the middle of the park and there was a period in the second half where United just couldn't cope with it and struggled to get out their own half. It really was men against boys. Seeing Bakayoko get the better of Matic was delicious, especially after months of the media trying to convince everyone we sold United a player who had, overnight, turned into Zidane. He looked pretty damn average yesterday. Morata was outstanding. Stepped up to the plate in the big game and did what you want your centre forward to do- score a match winning goal. Should have got another when through on goal but fluffed it. We will let him off given his overall performance; he caused United problems all day long, and was a threat from the first to final whistle. Compare to Lukaku who ran around all day scratching his head, and posed no threat what so ever. The fact Lukaku didn't even touch the ball in our box says it all, and goes a long way to reinforce the suggestion that up against the better sides, he goes missing. To be honest, every single player did their job out their today- every one of them. Fantastic performance, probably the best of the season. I thought the crowd played their part too and created the best atmosphere I have experianced for a while. United fans usually make a decent racket themselves, but I didn't hear them once in the second half from the MHL. Seeing Mourinho in his post-match interview just capped off the day. He must have been seething, as we all know he wanted to win this one, and I am sure he had his smug little speech (with a dig aimed at Conte), all rehearsed..... but instead he had to rather pathetically try and convince himself, any anyone dumb enough to believe him, that it was a fairly even game. It wasn't even in the slightest. His half a billion pound squad got played off the park, and in a last throw of desperation resorted to hoofing it up to Fellaini to try and get something from the game. The fact that United fans have a song about "Jose playing the way that United should..." is pretty amusing on days like today, and only gets funnier when you see their record away from home against the big 6. If he wasn't so bitter, and disrespectful to a club whose fans stood by him to the end, I would actually feel sorry for what he has become. Anyway, brilliant day all round, much needed win, and with Kante back there is reason to be positive that we can kick on from this. CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA
  3. We officially have an incompetent board

    As I said at the time, my problem wasn't selling Matic, it was selling him to United. That was a stupid move and I think everyone knew that. That doesn't suddenly make Matic a world beater though. I rated him, but thought we could improve on him, and on that basis had no problem letting him go. It makes me laugh that whenever we have a bad result people point towards Matic not being in midfield, as if he was never in the team when we were beaten. Let's not forget his truly dire performance in the FA Cup final where Arsenal repeatadly run a train thorugh our midfield. If Kante is fit, Matic still wouldn't get in our starting 11 in my opinion, that is the reality.
  4. Are you suggesting Cahill was at fault for their goal?
  5. Anyone got a stream for this? Thanks.
  6. Danny Drinkwater

    It won't be an injury to our 4th choice central midfielder that will have screwed up our chances, in reality.
  7. Danny Drinkwater

    Whinge, whinge, whinge. You do realise it's October 2017, and the season finishes in May 2018 right?
  8. Need a new stream.... anyone?
  9. Charly Musonda jr.

    A bit of sense in an otherwise dramatic thread. Willian hasn't been that shocking. He has had an inconsistent start to the season, and had a bad game V City (in a generally poor team performance against arguably the best team in the league). I don't have anything against Musonda, and was excited by his perforamnce against Forest, but lets not get carried away. That alone is enough for him to expect to be given the nod ahead of Willian. Offer the two of them on loan for the season to Mourinho, Guardiola, Klopp or any other Manager in the league and I would bet my house on the fact they would all take Willian. I would bet the same people who are suggetsing Musonda could be starting games are the same people who would be calling him out if he actually started against a few top sides and repeatadly got muscled off the ball with little impact. In summary, Musonda should pipe down and work hard and, if he is good enough the chances will come his way.
  10. Willian

    Drinkwater, Llorente & Barkley are not 'top players' though. They are squad players, who are/would be third choice in their position at our club. And they know it. Bakayoko was our target for centre midfield and we acquired him. Drinkwater was needed for depth and we acquired him. Llorente and Barkley chose other clubs, but I am pretty sure if they thought they would be first choice playing for us we would have easily landed them. I wanted Llorente for additional depth, but Barkley is the most overated pile of sh*t going, would never have been in our starting 11. He knew his level, and acted accordingly. Moratta is a top player and we signed him. I agree it is harder to land the big names now than it was 10 years ago; the Manchester clubs and PSG will all pay more than we will now, and Barca & Madrid will always attract the top name, but I wouldn't say we can't attract them.
  11. I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was buzzing after that result and now I am at work and can't work because I am still buzzing. What an absolute master class of a performance and an unbelievable result. Massive. Atletico's record speaks for itself on home soil in Europe, and we not only beat them, we played them off the park. I would actually struggle to think of a better away performance in Europe from us. It was that good. That formation last night was just perfection. Ruidiger in for Cahill and I think that is my first choice starting 11, certainly against elite oppsoition anyway. The midfield of Kante, Fabregas & Bakayoko has it all for me. Imagine lining up against that as an opposition player. I think that can go toe to toe with anything in Europe, and that was demomnstrated last night. Conte got it absolutely spot on. Took the game to them, and we came out on top. How refreshing to see. Too many times we have appeared scared of top european oppsition; the days under Jose of parking the bus at home against 10 man PSG, and that god awful 0-0 draw away at Atletico (before being well beated at the Bridge in the return leg) are a thing of the past. Just shows how we have changed under Conte, and how good we can actually be. Oh and the new Bakayoko song is absolutely mustard! Can't wait for Saturday now!!!
  12. Willian

    Would have to massively disagree that Willian is 'finished'. I still rate him and think he has a lot to offer.
  13. Courtois Azpi Luiz Rudiger Zappacosta Bakayoko Kante Fabregas Alonso Willian Morata Don't expect to see this, but it's the line-up I would choose to utilise both our form players, as well as our current strengths which I think will be too much for Arsenal. Hazard doesn't look quite fit/sharp enough to start yet, and with such a long season ahead I wouldn't rush him back for the sake of it, especially when Willian is in the form he is. That midfield will dominate Arsenal, and as long as we can get Cesc on the ball and/or crosses in from the wide players then Morata is going to reek havoc in the box. Willian with a floating role covering every inch of grass from box to box as he usually does will be equal to having a 12th man, and he's lethal on the counter which will always be telling against Arsenal. Should things not go to plan, having players such as Hazard & Pedro on the bench is obviously a real welcome sign of strength in depth, but the games are coming thick & fast now so a bit of rotation/rest will do the squad good in my opinion.
  14. Any other streams out there?