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  1. Do we actually know who will be available for this game, i.e. are Alonso & Barkley going to return from injury in time? Are there any other injuries to consider?
  2. I would go with the team that beat WBA, bringing in Alonso (if fit) and Willian. The latter will need to put in one hell of a shift, being the extra man in midfield whenever we don't have the ball (which will be a lot), and also to provide an effective outlet on the counter. Giroud should keep his place. He provides the presence and aerial threat also possessed by Morata, but less likely to sh*t himself in the event we get a 1 on 1. Given his form, and attitude of late, I think Morata needs to work to get his place in the starting 11 back, and shouldn't just be handed it for the 'big one' that everyone dreams of playing in. Pretty certain we are going to see the return of Cahill and Bakayoko though, which will be suicide in my opinion. On paper it's to see anything other than a Barca win given our current situation, but if there was one fixture I would fancy us to deliver in, it would be this one.
  3. Our New Stadium

    No offence, but you are (at your own admission) literally just throwing a few random numbers at this and then saying it doesn't add up. The figures you mention could be incorrect my insane proportions, and there are so many potential variables to consider (sponsorship, naming rights to name just two) that regardless of your numbers being rougher than sandpaper, any conclusion would have to rendered meaningless.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    My biggest issue with Conte at the moment is his attitude. I have been against pretty much every sacking of the Abramovich reign (even AVB), although in hindsight some were warranted. I have always wanted to give the Manager the time & opportunity to turn things around. I have always wanted the club to put it's faith in the Manager. I also think Conte is one of the best managers we have ever had at the club. Last season is only topped by Chelsea 04-06 for me. The problem with Conte however, is that he genuinely looks like he doesn't want to turn it around. He looks like he has long since accepted his fate, and is now more interested in scoring points against the board than he is winning football matches. Essentially, he is just dicking about now- that's actually how I see it. I am basing this on his bizarre selections (Barkley starting unfit & out of position / playing with no striker /refusal to adapt formation), but mostly his body language. Last season he was bursting at the seams with passion, seemingly kicking every ball in his mind, swinging from dugouts, embracing every player after every result, and diving into stands to celebrate with fans. At Watford on Wednesday, he stood there looking as disinterested as a Manager can look. He could have passed for being stoned, he was that much of a statue. He didn't flinch when we scored, and he didn't flinch when they scored. He looked like he didn't give a sh*t either way. And at the end of the game, he was the first man down the tunnel. Not acceptable. I'm sorry, we need a leader, not some moaning man-child who is happy to see the clubs fortunes nose dive while he sulks it out and makes a point to the board. I was surprised he wasn't sacked the morning after Watford. Not for the result/performance alone (which lets be honest was as bad as any result of the Abramovivh era), but for the fact he appears to be making it as obvious as possible that he doesn't want to be here anymore. I am still willing to keep an open mind ahead of WBA on Monday. I will be behind the team and behind the Manager, but if it's more of the same (in terms of his body language) then I really don't see how this situation can be kept alive any longer. It will be a very sad end to his tenure, but it will be entirely a mess of his own making.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Good post by DB above; I pretty much agree with all of that. I love Conte, and last season was an unreal achievement when you sit and reflect on it, but this season he has to be held accountable. The team is in a right mess, churning out some of the worst football of the Abramovich era, and he is the man in charge of that. I personal don't buy the negativity with regards to our squad. Ok, it's not the strongest in the league, and we certainly should have sorted certain areas out before the start of the season (I'm thinking the centre forward department namely), but it's not that bad. It's good enough to fight for top 4 and a cup, and personally, I would consider that a decent season. As DB said, I do sympathise in the sense we haven't backed him to the hilt in the transfer market and fully matched his ambition. Jose & Pep have seemingly identified players, and their respective clubs have gone out and made sure they acquire those players at all costs. Conte hasn't had all of his primary targets- Bonnuci, Sandro, Lorrente a few examples of players he obviously wanted and we didn't get. I get that, but ultimately it's Conte's job to work with what he's got, and what he's got really isn't that bad. But whilst we might not 'run' the transfer market like we did in 2005, we are hardly only shopping in the bargain bucket. Morata cost cica £70M. Bakayoko was about £40M. Add up all the others and I think you will find only City have spent more over the last 2 years. You could argue the singings haven't been good. You could argue we are weaker than we were last season. Debatable on both fronts I think. Hindsight is great, but when you look at who has been available I don't think there were too many better options than what we went for in the summer. I do fully agree that selling Matic to United was barmy though, was never on board with that and never will be. But my issue was where he went rather than the fact he went, and that is largely irrelevant when assessing what is going on with our own squad. Anyway, the point is the squad is not the problem. The problems are essentially all of Conte's own doing. His attitude, and the negativity. Again agreeing with DB once again, Conte was foolish to engage with Mourinho in the petty war of words. Neither of them came out of it with any credit. They both looked childish and petty. Why engage? He would have looked 1000 times better had he refused to rise to it, and let Jose crack on and say whatever he wanted to say without biting. I would love Conte to turn this around, but I feel he is a few bad results away from the boot now.... and in my opinion he will have nobody to blame but himself.
  6. In no particular order.... 1) Chelsea 3 Sheffield United 2 (1994) My first game. Last game of the Shed end in it's true form. Last game of the season, relegating Sheffield United with a late Mark Stein brace. I still love everything about this era and in some ways wish we never changed. 2) Chelsea 3 Manchester United 0 (2006) This game probably marks the epitome of our dominance under the first spell of Mourinho. Winning the title in the sun, whilst running rings around United. Joe Cole sending Rio Ferdinand to the shops before scoring the pick of the goals. 3) Chelsea 3 Spurs 3 (2007) FA Cup tie in which we were 3-1 down at half time. Great fun winding spurs up when it got back to 3-3 before knocking them out in their own ground a week later. The day of the infamous Parsons Green incident. There was something in the air this day- no love lost between two sets of fans. 4) Chelsea 1 Barcelona 0 (2012) I missed the 4-2 game against Barcelona, so this one was special for me. Needless to say we all know how the story ended, and this was a crucial stepping stone of the journey. There was something amazingly satisfying about winning this game, given it was the first meeting since the game where they knocked us out with the Iniesta goal, after possibly the worst refereeing display of the century. 5) Chelsea 4 Liverpool 4 [Chelsea win 7-5 on aggregate] (2009) The best game of football I have ever watched live. It had everything. Amazing atmosphere from both sets of fans from start to finish.
  7. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I think you (and others) are taking the comparison a bit too serioulsy to be honest. Nobody even said they were similar players, or that they were performing at similar levels, only that "when he is good he has got a bit of Viera about him". Given their physical attributes it's really not that crazy to suggest that. It wasn't even my quote to be honest, I just don't see why people jumped on it so much. You say you could "make that argument about anyone", but equally, if you are determined to disregard a comparison you can pretty much find a reason to disregard any two players being compared. No two players are ever going to be exactly the same, but if they play the same position, look a bit like each other, and have similar attributes then it's not exactly outrageous to see them compared.
  8. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I feel for Michy a bit, as he has never had a consistent run of games to build confidence and momentum.... and I don't think he is ever going to get one. The harsh reality, is that I don't think he is currently good enough to be second choice striker for a team in the title race (or the hunt for top 4 perhaps I should say now). His goal return v minutes played is more than respectable, and I think if he was first choice striker for a team in the bottom half of the table, with less expectations, he could end the season with a a very decent return. I think a load within the Premiership would be the best for all involved, although I don't think we can afford to lose another squad member before the summer.
  9. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Neither have I, but I can understand why someone my make a mild comparison and don't understand why people are bemused by it; Bakayoko, at the very least, has the physique and potential presence of a Viera/Essien type. He obviously isn't as good as them, but it's not hard to see why someone may say that (at his best) he has a bit of them about him. Oh yes Matic was "great defensively"..... apart from all the times that he wasn't. Like the FA Cup final where he got brutally exposed by a piss poor Arsenal side. No offence, but your post smacks of selective memory/nostalgia; were you a fan of Matic & Mikel when they were actually playing for us?
  10. Very frustrating night. That Atletico side, despite having some star names, really haven't impressed me over the two legs and I think we had the beating of them both times. We were the better side last night, and created more than enough chances to win. We have been guilty of not being clinical enough in front of goal in recent weeks, and last night it cost us big time. Morata, Willian & Christensen all had glorious chances, and I am probably forgetting others. Plus there were various counter attacks that we cocked up ourselves when we had them on the ropes and should have punished them. It's easy to sit and blame individuals, but collectively we shouldn't have allowed last night to get to the stage where we were desperate for a goal with 5 minutes to go. Sloppy defending for their goal made the task harder than it needed to be, and then we squandered chance after chance. That cannot all be blamed on Willian, who played 17 minutes of the game. It seems inevitable that we will get PSG now, and I struggle to put a positive spin on that really. Hardest draw going, and a boring one at that given how many times we have played them in recent years. I try and tell myself "to win it you have to beat the best, so let’s get them out the way early", but give me a soft draw with the second leg at home and I will bite your hard off every time. Let someone else deal with the likes of PSG whilst we get a side like Porto to work ourselves into the knock out rounds. It's not all doom and gloom, playing the best IS what the Champions League is all about, but I can't help feeling very frustrated, as we should have given our self the inside track in the next round, but instead we are starring down the barrel of the hardest possible draw available.
  11. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    Exactly. I was pleased to see Dermot Gallagher deliver a pretty damning verdict of it on Sky Sports News, showing that even fellow proffesionals think he's lost the plot. As Gallagher said, it's the fact that he has tried to glorify his role in it which really is baffling. It's almost like his comments were intended only for his audiance in Saudi (where they probably lap up anything he says given his European 'pedigree') and he didn't realise it would get back to Europe.
  12. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    The only thing that surprises me about this, is that it is Clattenburg himself who has actually admitted this. It's mind boggling. He has tried to sell his role that night as some sort of 'wise owl' who knew best, and made really shrewd decisions the night that the average referee wouldn't have dared do (all for the greater good of course). What a hero, right?! The reality, is that he has admitted in no uncertain terms, that he made decisions determined & driven entirely by his anticipation of how he would be portrayed as a result, not based on what was correct within the laws of the game. Not once, not twice, but three times- at least. Referees are literally paid to do the complete opposite of what he did that night. It's an insane admission of guilt that makes him out to be an unprofessional cowardly idiot at best, and a symbol of modern day corruption in football at worst. I think it's the former, but why on earth he has decided to smugly pipe up about this, as if that night is one of his 'greatest hits' is beyond me. He should be remembered as nothing more than a disgrace to refereeing, and one who was stupid enough to later boast about knowingly making wrong decisions to ensure he didn't get a backlash as a result. Mark Clattenberg: Referee, Coward, Twat.
  13. Willian

    I think you are downplaying his contribution that season if I am being honest. If he had nothing more than a "couple of good matches" then he would have received no more recognition than anyone else that season. I haven't seen anyone claim he is the "best player ever". I think he is a useful squad player, and that is pretty much what he is being used as at the moment.
  14. Willian

    Wasn't he player of the season in 2016?
  15. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Not capable of doing what? I was saying that his physique means he will be physically bigger & stronger than his opponents. There is bound to be exceptions, but it's not really a "wish" .... he is bigger than most.