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  1. Cech Gallas Desailly Terry Makalele Essien Lampard Hazard Zola Robben Drogba
  2. Plenty of people were against him coming back and that is fair enough. My post was more aimed at the people who were slagging him off to high heavan, mocking the signing, and suggesting he was nothing but a liability who was only popular because he had wacky hair.
  3. I don't normally single people out, but he is the first to try and be a patronising smart arse, so I did chuckle when I saw his previous pearls of wisdom there...
  4. LOL.
  5. Just spent a few minites reading back through pages around the mid 30's of this thread. I won't quote anyone as I don't want to single anyone out for ridicule, but some people must feel a bit silly now ;-)
  6. LOL, you can surely see the two are not mutally exclusive? I just don't belive his price tag means Conte has no choice but to start him... if that means I know "very little about football" then so be it! I am sure Luiz had confidence in the fact that his ability would be earn him a starting place, but I am sure he wasn't guaranteed one and his price tag is irrelevent. Michy was one example, you could aslo use Pedro, same price and similar age to Luiz. Point remains trasnfer fee will never ensure a starting place in Managers starting 11.
  7. 1. No, we signed him to strengthen the squad, which he clearly has done. If The manager doesn't think his current form/contribution mertits a place in the starting 11 for any given game then he won't pick him. We also signed Michy for £30M who has spent most of his time on the bench so far, it happens. 2. You can't play in a back four for a Premiership football club, otherwise you would do so. 3. Matter of opinion; plenty of people, myself included, rated David Luiz prior to his 3 successful games in a back 3 for Chelsea.
  8. 1. Nobody ever has to play. 2. He can play in a back 4. 3. Even if he was reliant on the protection of Kante & Matic, this could still be provided playing 4-2-3-1, so we wouldn't have to play a back 3.
  9. Haven't seen many jokes or witty banter from opposition fans recently who were so happy we had signed him back as he was going to cost us goals week in/week out. That goes for some of our own fans as well though tbf... Still not going to suggest he is world class or that he has erased all mistakes from his game, but he he turned in a performance like John Stones or Chris Smalling did this weekend some, the media included, would be having a field day. Worth keeping that in mind when at some stage he does make an error, like all defenders will at some point. So far, so good though, and to think some suggested when he signed him that he wouldn't strangtehn our squad.
  10. To echo what others have alreday said, I would hope for polite applause when Mourinho steps out, then nothing further after that. Certainly no singing of his name and equally no booing. I will of course always have respect for what he did, but we as fans showed him unlimited of appreciation & support when he was our manager, right until the very end, when everyone else had turned on him. We are not in his debt; he has moved on and so should we. 90 minutes of solid "Matthew Hardings Blue & White Army" will do just fine. As for the game, I predict a nervy 0-0 with a possibility of either team winning 1-0. I would love to see us boss the game with Hazard & Diego having the game of their lives and I believe of those two do rbing their A-game then we will win it.
  11. Anyone who uses the expression "we suck" not once but twice in their opening sentence of their first ever post, might as well just announce themselves as a infant, or, an adult who is on some sort of register. Didn't read the rest of it but I am sure it was riveting stuff.
  12. Said this after the Swansea game. Very similar scenario for Arsenal's first goal, expect this time without the foul by the opposition player. The result was the same, i.e. an opposition goal, the common deniminator in the situation of course being Gary Cahill. Always thought Cahill has been good enough for a place in the squad but not the starting 11. Recent performances putting even the latter in doubt in my opinion. Cahill & Ivanovic need to be taken out the starting 11 and replaced by JT (if fit) and Alonso with immediate effect. It simplay can't get any worse so let's give it a go. Zouma to replace Luiz when fit, who I would then push forward as the expense of Matic.
  13. Blimey, my post was intended to be tongue in cheek, hence the 'troll face' You should have saved yourself the bother of providing another link (which I haven't even bothered hitting) and repeating your opinions of David Luiz all over again. Serioulsy, who honestly judges his signing on whether he makes people laugh or not? Not me, or anyone I know, that's for sure. With regards to Cahill, I do not believe he was 'totally at fault' for obvious reasons, I do however believe he was too slow and invited pressure when he could have passed the ball and avoided it. Yes he was fouled, that is a crucial & undeniable fact, but he also took a bad touch and was heading back towards his own goal with the ball, with a opposition player breathing down his neck; it always has the potential to go wrong.
  14. I could be wrong, but I think that was the joke intended...
  15. It was defiantly a foul, there are no two ways about it. I do also think Cahill took far too long on the ball in the first place though and got himself in an unnecessary situation. If that had happened to Luiz on his debut I can't help but wonder what you would have had to say about it