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  1. Courtois Azpi Luiz Rudiger Zappacosta Bakayoko Kante Fabregas Alonso Willian Morata Don't expect to see this, but it's the line-up I would choose to utilise both our form players, as well as our current strengths which I think will be too much for Arsenal. Hazard doesn't look quite fit/sharp enough to start yet, and with such a long season ahead I wouldn't rush him back for the sake of it, especially when Willian is in the form he is. That midfield will dominate Arsenal, and as long as we can get Cesc on the ball and/or crosses in from the wide players then Morata is going to reek havoc in the box. Willian with a floating role covering every inch of grass from box to box as he usually does will be equal to having a 12th man, and he's lethal on the counter which will always be telling against Arsenal. Should things not go to plan, having players such as Hazard & Pedro on the bench is obviously a real welcome sign of strength in depth, but the games are coming thick & fast now so a bit of rotation/rest will do the squad good in my opinion.
  2. Any other streams out there?
  3. No I am afraid I didn't.
  4. This was a bloody good stream. Thanks.
  5. This post hasn't aged well.
  6. I did ask this on another thread, but can anyone make any suggestions of good reliable websites that will be showing this game to stream? Thanks.
  7. Originally West Brom v Stoke were the only teams playing at 1.30pm on Sunday though; our game with Everton was originally 3pm on the saturday until Everton's Europa League qualifier was confirmed on the Thursday night, therefore seeing our game moved to the Sunday. Either way, I agree West Brom v Stoke will be an absolute stinker for TV.
  8. Eden Hazard

    Hate Martinez. Hazard won't have kicked a ball for us since picking up an injury with the national team, yet Martinez thinks it's suitable to call him up for international duty. Conte says he is "surprised", so it seems he was called up without the 'consent' or at least consultation ofthe club/Manager. If the club had the power to block it then I would hope they do. Seems we either can't/won't though. I really hate that smarmy bald prick.
  9. All this talk of "luck" I find amusing as well. If you believe that having possesion (but rarely looking dangerous) means you deserve to win the game, then I suppose you could consider Spurs unlucky. I don't. All this "luck" & "on another day" talk works both ways, and on another day, we could have won 3-0 and Spurs could have finished the game with 9 men. Spurs fans could consider themselves lucky that we scored a goal for them, and that they don't have Dier & Vertonghen suspended for the next game.
  10. Imagine giving two sh*ts about the manner in which we beat Spurs. We beat spurs. That's all you need to know. Personally, I loved everything about the way we beat them. Couldn't have written it better. It was an incredible performance with some outstanding individual contributions and many, many positives to take away. And spurs hated it. What's not to like? No need to go into any more detail; it was an amazing day and one I will be smiling about for days to come. Anyone who is getting their knickers in a twist about "possession" or "the way we won" is a complete wet wipe in my opinion and needs to have a word with themselves; I won't be engaging that's for damn sure. Possession..... hahahahahahahaha
  11. Matic

    You have a good point, but your post would have have more credibility if you managed to get through it without calling people morons. Bit ironic given the point you are making. But you are right never the less. Anyway, apologies for stinking the thread out. I had taken a break from this forum because I felt it was less and les a platform where I could interact with like minded people. I was hoping a bit of time away my change my view, but unfortunately the last day has reminded me why I stopped coming on here. As you were...
  12. Matic

    This is cute!! Good to know you have sat and thought about the "kind of person" I am in order to arrive at this clearly intelligent and expert analysis. On the other hand, I didn't even know you existed until I saw your hilarious post above. There are some strange creatures on this forum these days !!!
  13. Matic

    So to recap.... Gary is Gary, and Diego is Diego. Dare I ask if Matic is Matic?? ;-)
  14. Matic

    I did originally.. I don't now.