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  1. Is Kovacic injured, or are you just in favour of Barkley for this one?
  2. Hmm. Very disappointed not to see CHO or Ampadu involved. Can only imagine what with it being away, and arguably the hardest fixture of the group, Sarri just wants 3 points in the bag. Might see more of the younger lot in the home game when we have some points on the board..
  3. You couldn't care less about the result, yet cared enough to seek out the match day thread and tell us who you do/don't want to see in the line up? Seems a bit odd ;-) Really can't get on board with the not caring about the result. This could well end up being the easiest trophy to win out of all the competitions we are in, and it's one that guarantee's our entry into the CL next season. Oh and how Sarri could do with getting a trophy on his CV sooner rather than later. We should be going all out to win this. It's no CL, but when you fall into this competition I could never not 100% care about winning it.
  4. mclovin83

    Alvaro Morata

    Morata's scoring record since the turn of the year is about as bad any strikers in the league I would imagine. We don't have a prolific striker at the club at the moment, that is the reality, but Giroud brings a lot more when he is on the pitch. Giroud is never going to be the long term answer, he just isn't that good, but when he is on the pitch he bullies defenders, imposes himself on the game, creates chances for others, and we look a whole lot more dangerous in front of goal as a result.
  5. mclovin83

    Alvaro Morata

    I am not saying coconuts are more dangerous..... but they are referred to as the killer fruit in some parts so I think they have to be taken seriously. I have a spare few minutes so have googled "death by coconut" and my findings are quite shocking. Historical reports of actual death by coconut nonetheless date back to the 1770s.[5] Coconuts also played a lethal role in the South Pacific during World War II. According to published accounts, Japanese forces weaponized the tropical fruit by turning them into "coconut bombs" filled with acid and a hand grenade.[6] Can sharks claim any sort of similar involvement in such heinous war crimes?
  6. Cheer up mate, bloody hell !!!
  7. mclovin83

    Eden Hazard

    But.... but....... but...... he worked in a bank 13 years ago, so Eden Hazard won't even talk to him at Cobham.
  8. mclovin83

    Eden Hazard

    Yet you felt it necessary to bring up his past as an accountant when debating whether Hazard could improve under him. And of course the fact he hasn't won anything. I think both those facts are irrelevant as to whether he can teach a player something. Poch hasn't won anything, so what? Can he not improve players either? As I say, it's irrelevant. You are very dismissive towards Sarri; you literally speak about him as if he has just stumbled across the road from the bank and started taking a training session. He is where he is for a reason. The same reason he gained plaudits from some of the best Managers and players in the world. Maybe, just maybe, players will take to him and be excited to what he can bring, and subsequently flourish under his system. I think we are all aware of what he has/hasn't done in his career; you don't need to bring up what he was doing for work 13 years ago to try and make your point. You also seem a bit obsessed with Hazard being the same as Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. "Well, you certainly don't tell Messi or Ronaldo or Neymar to do things they don't like" Great, none of them play for us so that's not really a massive problem.
  9. mclovin83

    Eden Hazard

    Now we are getting to the heart of the issue.....
  10. mclovin83

    Eden Hazard

    A manager with a reputation of teaching attacking football, improve an attacking player? Madness.
  11. mclovin83

    Eden Hazard

    1. You really aren't qualified to make such a sweeping statement. Do you really believe that a player can only learn & improve from a Manager, if said Manager is better than said player at the facet of the game they are working on? 2. See above. 3. You don't know what he would or wouldn't respond to. 4. Agree with the first bit, but I don't see why he needs to "out-rank" the Manager to be happy, and wouldn't consider that to be healthy. I wasn't offensive.
  12. mclovin83

    Eden Hazard

    That's a really weird statement. There are lots of meanings in that sentence, and I mean every one of them.
  13. mclovin83

    Alvaro Morata

    Unfortunately, the Torres comparisons will become more valid with every game that passes without a goal. I am sort of in the middle a bit on this. The goals/games ratio stats comparison is harsh on Morata really, given he has only had one season. To keep it fair, you should compare an equal snapshot in time, not try and project what Morata is going to do for the next 3 seasons based on what he did in his first season. If we did in fact compare their first 50 appearances I am confident that Morata would come out on top. Torres scored 1 goal for us the season he signed (in January). Also, lets remember that Drogba scored 16 goals in his first season. I thought he looked good initially for us. He had a presence, great movement, and was scoring goals. The goal he scored away at Stoke made me think we had signed the player that we thought we were signing when we signed Torres. But he can't be dining out on that goal 12 months down the line. He needs to get scoring goals, or it is going to be very hard to keep selecting him. He is the obvious weak link in our team right now, there is no doubt about that. I have already said in this thread I struggle to see him turning it around, but I really hope he does.
  14. mclovin83

    Rate our transfer window

    All in all I think it was a good window. Could have been really good had we addressed the striker/goal scoring issue. We have only lost the sulking Courtois, who has been replaced with what I believe was the best option was available (at great cost). We could have ended up with Butland or Schmeichel. We were in a tricky situation, and the club threw a lot of money at the problem. It remains to be seen how good Kepa is (or can be), but I am happy we went for him. Jorginho is a fantastic signing in every respect. It's a real simple one given Sarri is our Manager, and what we are trying to achieve. Kovacic looks class from what I have seen. By all accounts he fits the bill to slot into the midfield trio. I have high hopes for him, and I think it was a fairly crucial signing to give Sarru what he needs. An option to buy would have been nice, but I am not too bothered. Let's worry about that next summer, there is a lot o work to be done in the meantime. If we want him, and he wants to stay, then I am sure we can make it happen. Madrid have a lot of midfield options now, and still will next summer I am sure. We have also added CHO, and RLC to the first team squad. I am excited by this. I think there will be chances for both of them and I really hope we see what they can do. We are much stronger than last season, there is no doubt about it. I would like to have resolved the striker situation, because I just don't think we have anyone who is capable of doing the business for us, and that is a massive problem. Everywhere else in the squad I think there is enough talent to work with. Sure, there are areas where we could have improved, but I think Sarri should be capable of working with what we have got.
  15. mclovin83

    Thibaut Courtois

    "Hazard has congratulated me on signing for Real Madrid. I'd like to play next to him again someday & if he came here it would be fantastic " Me, me, me. He really does seem to think the world revolved around him. Once again, just handing the media headlines without so much as an ounce of respect for his former employers (Eden's current employers). The guy is just a selfish prick and there is no two ways about it. Doesn't give a f**k about anyone but himself.