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  1. As humiliations go, it didn't end as badly as it might. All we need to do is drop Matic in for Fabregas and... oh. I guess a couple of signings are still needed to give us the depth we're missing. Drinkwater might not be a bad shout. Knows Kanté and won't cost the earth plus Conte has proven with Moses and Alonso that he can bring on players. Here's hoping.
  2. Ok, so this match is a write off. Time to plan on how we get through the next couple of games without getting humiliated.
  3. Fuuuuuck. We have some tougher games ahead than this and we're already getting owned.
  4. I hope the board wake up and get Conte what he needs and fast because this team is looking nighty thin on the ground in terms of tallent....
  5. It's certainly going to show how good Conte is a manager. He's going to have to lift the team and get them playing.
  6. He's club captain, he'll get a let off I reckon.
  7. Oh well done Fab, let's sarcastically applaud the ref, that was always going to work out well.
  8. FFS. Take Boga off and put on Christiansen on?
  9. I think it was a fine pre-season game. Could have done without losing but who gives a sh*t if we learn and are back next year as league champions?
  10. That was two sh*te pens.
  11. How's that not a booking?
  12. He was sh*t for booking on Willian but he was spot on for Pedro. It was an awful tackle.
  13. The red was the correct decision, the goal was sloppy as f**k.
  14. Bobby Madley. Trying to make a name for himself I think.