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  1. TheFunkeyGibbon


    *Checks date* Hmmm not April...
  2. TheFunkeyGibbon


    How does Zola keep getting chances? He was a great player but his management career has been lousy at best.
  3. TheFunkeyGibbon

    Businessman offers to buy Chelsea

    I'm glad he's turned him down flat. Roman has proven time and time again he loves this club and I'm not sure a change of ownership is what we need. What we do need is to start using the amazing youth team better. Lofus-Cheek was good for England the other night, it's time he got starts.
  4. TheFunkeyGibbon

    Mario Balotelli

    Michy doesn't want to be here because he's wasting his career as a sub and the other three are either getting on (yet very expensive) or not going to go to a club without champions league next year. When are we going to wake up and realise we are the new Arsenal???
  5. TheFunkeyGibbon

    Mario Balotelli

    I've not seen us connected to him so it's probably just an idea but what do people here think about a cheeky bid for him to play as either a second option or as part of a two up top? Yes he can be trouble but the man has tallent and there's precious little of that around for a club that doesn't appear ready to splash out again after getting burned on Morata.
  6. TheFunkeyGibbon

    Falling behind in the Transfer Market?

    United have signed Fred Liverpool has Ketia and Fabinho, possibly Fekir Even Arsenal have signed someone (though Lichtsteiner is over the hill). Maybe I'm getting stressed out over nothing but I know we have a habit of doing business later than most and in a World Cup year I can see us getting rinsed on prices if we wait for it to finish. I like some of the rumours I've heard (Bailey, Alison, Seri) but it all feels so ephemeral. Am I the only one feeling a little nervous?
  7. TheFunkeyGibbon

    Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    Pretty much all of this is bang on. It's interesting to see how Giroud and Morata compliment each other.
  8. TheFunkeyGibbon

    Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    Might as well try something new, I guess. I think Bakyoko could be one of those ones who blooms under a different manager. It's high time we started using some of these supposedly amazing youngsters we have...
  9. TheFunkeyGibbon

    2028/19 kit?

    I've always liked a splash of red. It's better than the gold for sure.
  10. Ref bottles that.
  11. You rather Palmeri on?
  12. f**k that was close.
  13. Well that's been coming. [emoji17]
  14. Hazard is not looking good. Time for Pedro yet?
  15. Credit where it's due, I do like Caballero as a second keeper, he is really reliable.