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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    NOT BREAKING: Jon Moss banned for two games for not awarding pen and booking Fabregas instead.
  2. Wise (but for Wimbledon in the 80s).
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I think that is definitely a factor. I'm just curious as to whether he went cap in hand to Stoke or Arsenal, because I certainly don't remember him slagging them off in the media. It could be something as pathetic as journalists going to him and saying 'I'll buy you a few drinks and a meal and bung you a few quid if you say something bad about Chelsea. My editor says we're a bit light on anti-Chelsea stories this week and we need something to fill our pages". Given the hardship he's had since his career ended, he's probably willing to say anything to supplement his income.
  4. It's a real dilemma for Conte. Win on Wednesday and we're through, so he can rest players v Athletico, so he's likely to pick the strongest team he can to try and get the three points. But it's just three games before the Liverpool game, which is another must-win game. I'll be happy with a first half like yesterday, and then make changes!
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes. I can understand a bit of (pretentious German word alert) schadenfreude about 1975 when your boyhood club had broken up 'your' team and packed you off to Stoke. But you would have thought this might not lasted quite so long. Like you, I've only ever heard negative stuff from him about us. I've read his book and that was full of both criticism of us and deep-lying bitterness, as well as big-headed I'm-the-most talented-and-underappreciated-English-midfielder-ever bollocks. I know he's had a tough time since his terrible accident, but he really should stop giving us a public slagging at every opportunity. What's he been saying now? If you want to read about real love and passion for Chelsea, you won't be disappointed by Ossie's book. This is what he wrote about winning the ECWC v Real in '71, and it's one of the best paragraphs about Chelsea I've ever read: This applies to so many of our former players- Lamps, JT, Kerry Dixon, Pat Nevin, Eidur, Drogba, Cundy, Walker, even players who had huge careers elsewhere like Desailly, Gullit, and Ballack. The list goes on and on. It certainly doesn't apply to Alan Hudson.
  6. I didn't go to any of them, sadly.
  7. I'll go for: 1. Chelsea 4 Bruges 0. ECWC 1970-1 season. Most people who were there said it was the best atmosphere they've experienced at the Bridge. 2. Chelsea 4 Liverpool 2 1978 FA Cup. The Clive Walker game. Just epic. 3. 1984 Grimsby away. An amazing day out to end an unforgettable season. 4. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2. CL 2004. Spine-tingling. 5. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2. Slippy G, Demba Ba.
  8. My first ever trip to the Lane. Great game. Lots of trouble.
  9. Would make my top 5 games I've ever been to. An incredible occasion that spawned some iconic images of fans on the pitch.
  10. Barkley

    Totally agree. Has never lived up to the hype and is not a reliable player discipline-wise. Poor positionally, and also loses it in big games. Has similar workrate issues to RLC, but just can't see that he has any more to offer than RLC. He'd cost a lot less than £30m, given his contract status, but I still would prefer to give RLC his place in the squad. EDIT: Just read the Sun's report on the latest rumour https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/4875212/chelsea-ross-barkley-january-spree-christian-benteke/ I know it's the Sun, but I wish their journalists knew how to use Google. In the above article they claimed this: And yet back in September, the BBC carried this report which said there was no medical:
  11. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I agree with Strider's post. He does have quality and composure but hasn't got Baka's drive and energy, so they are not the same player. I also agree with Davey that he's wasted the best part of two years by not playing enough. He really did not make the most of the few opportunities he was given, and Conte seeing him as a potential centre forward simply confirmed my belief that he is a player without a natural position. I think he could play behind the striker(s) but I don't think he is a natural holding midfielder. He looks very comfortable at Palace in a forward position, but he is also impressing in some of his defensive duties (notably in the air at set pieces). It will be fantastic if he can add goals to his game. He would have scored last night if Trippier hadn't been a selfish tw@t. He looked really good last night and has a real chance at the work cup squad, which would be a great reward for his patience.
  12. We scored one but he disallowed it.
  13. Taylor is just a disgrace of a ref.
  14. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41818083 The world's best fans again. I'm guessing that there is documented evidence that this happened, unlike the unsubstantiated story about Frisk that was never passed to the police, but which still gets used against us to this day. I'm guessing that these death threats won't have the same coverage or the same longevity.
  15. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Should have wellied it into row Z like a no-nonsense old-style centre half. Ron Harris would be turning in his grave if he was dead.