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  1. You must mean 2016-7, when we smashed them 5-0. I agree that I can't ever remember a better, more complete performance. Two of my favourites would be the two 4-2 victories over Liverpool in the FAC, in 1978 and 1997. The 2-0 win in 1982 would also be up there. And the 5-0 promotion party win over Leeds in 1984 was just fantastic. In recent years, I reckon our victories up at the Etihad (the Ivanovic 1-0 and last season's 3-1) were pretty epic. EDIT: The 4-2 Barca game, the 2-2 SF Barca game, and the 2-1 Wayne Bridge game are, obviously, games I will always cherish, too.
  2. This analysis, which is pretty respected, doesn't see anything amiss with their figures. Which I find a bit surprising. What is the actual source of their huge commercial income?
  3. City actually made £20m profit last year. Their turnover is bigger than ours and Arsenal's. Their commercial income is about £60m more than ours. And yet....something doesn't a huge add up for me. Yes they have a bigger ground than us , but their match day income is less. Their shirt sponsorship deal brings in only half of what we get from Yokohama. They sell far fewer shirts than we do. Their kit deal brings in less than ours with Nike. All a bit mystifying.
  4. His agent will be on here shortly.
  5. His value in the Luiz deal was nowhere near £20m. It was probably about £3m, and webought him back for £21m or so. For all his faults, he's been a great signing, and we should make a fair bit if/when we sell him this summer.
  6. What have they said?
  7. Gutted to read this. A big, big loss. Seems like Solanke and Chalobah have just decided there's no future for them with us. I was very impressed with him when he played last season. Hardly put a foot wrong. Didn't we win every time we played?
  8. You missed his debut v Wolves, then.
  9. I think he's broken his contract and turned the LFC fans against him already: He doesn't mention history even once.
  10. Tragic. Very moving video.
  11. As I mentioned above, I've been reading Ossie's autobiography, imaginatively entitled 'Ossie'. He talks about Eddie Mac having a mental breakdown as a player in the early 70s, when he actually attempted suicide. Does he go into much detail about that in his own book?
  12. It's been quite a while since he last had a bad hair day, though.
  13. They have pages to fill. Only a small portion of them are factual.
  14. Spot on. I was born in '61.
  15. Yes, a fantastic goal. Seem to remember it was second in goal of the season. Fillery was a tremendous midfielder. I was gutted when he left us for QPR the summer we signed Dixon, Nevin and Sparkman, and have often wondered how he'd have fitted in to that side. I'm not sure he would have, but he had the ability to really shine. Like most players who leave us, his career didn't exactly take off after he left. You have to be insane to think leaving us for QPR is a good move, as Tommy Langley has admitted.