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  1. Anyone got or seen this? Just had a email from Amazon about it:
  2. Lots of early REM at the moment, notably Murmur and Life's Rich Pageant. Great albums. From Murmur, some great jangle pop: From Life's Rich Pageant, a good rocker:
  3. I think you mean wins against Burnley. Both should have been draws.
  4. If you've read about the legend of Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, Tostao, Gerson, Carlos Alberto, Clodoaldo and a bunch of forgotten 'defenders', here's a compilation from the 1970 WC that's worth a look:
  5. Didn't he forget someone between the FSW and Conte? And he credits all the other bosses with making a valuable to his and/ or the team's development, except for the FSW.
  6. Hazard's awesome display against the Arse didn't satisfy Garth Crooks, who didn't pick him in his team of the week: He did pick Mata and Mkhitaryan, thoiugh.
  7. He doesn't swear that much. And he talks a lot of sense. I always enjoy these Arsenal clips, and the interviewer seems a top bloke.
  8. Very optimistic piece, Dorset. Lots to be optimistic about, of course, but we always, as a club, seem to have our fingers above the self-destruct button. It might be Steve Holland's departure, it might be an injury to Kante, it might be JT's career coming to an end, it might be Conte deciding to swap Hazard for some overrated joker like Cavani, it might be bulldozing the old East Stand, it might be something utterly unforeseeable, but somewhere along the line lurks something that will derail the amazing progress we have seen so far.
  9. Arsenal the kings of late goals, especially Giroud and Welbeck. Can't relax at all.
  10. I've loved Pedro's efforts today. Fabulous workfare. Not faultless but a massive contribution.
  11. Great team performance so far.
  12. Alonso is superb in the air. Wish he'd teach Matic a few things.