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  1. I also wonder if the 10 mins they count are just 80 mins onwards or, say, 95 - 10 (or in the case of Arsenal on Sunday) 97 - 10. I also remember the research they referred to in the article about the amount of time added on when Man U were winning compared to when they were losing. They found that the 'top teams' were all given more stoppage time when they were behind than when they were leading. They found one exception, however. No prizes for guessing that it was Chelsea that was treated differently to all the other top teams.
  2. Yes, it's the table of most points picked up following goals registered in the last 10 minutes of matches. Not that surprising, really, given how officials gifted them two wins over Burnley with incredibly late illegitimate goals when they should have had draws each time. The Guardian has gone into detail on this today and reveal that we have scored 8 goals in the final 10 mins and conceded none ( we let in 11 last season, most under Jose), placing us second in this table. Arsenal's parade is scheduled for late May.
  3. So everyone agreed that, if you overlook the fact that Koscielny was offside, the kick to the head was a clear foul. And yet when JT was kicked unconscious by Diaby in the League Cup Final, it was not a penalty as it was 'a fair challenge for the ball and the contact was accidental'. Do Arsenal have different rules to other clubs? It would appear so.
  4. Footage of the shove is on here: Haven't watched any SSN bulletins today so no idea if they're giving it any attention/ repeat viewing as per the Costa Crimes garbage, but if he doesn't get a substantial punishment it'll be a typical FA scandal.
  5. Crucial win. Tough going second half and I expected us to concede with Hull dominating, but we kept them out and sealed the game thanks to Cesc and Cahill. Cesc was excellent when he came on. He's making the most of his chances and is a vital player for us. I know his lack of pace is something that can,'t be rectified but he makes a huge contribution with his attitude, intelligence, creativity and workfare.
  6. As Blue Daze told us, there is no bias and no agenda. It's just a 'narrative' which says we get all the decisions even when it's blatantly not true.
  8. You're memory is playing tricks. He really wasn't very good.
  9. You're just pining for that day when we signed Torres. And part-exed Matic for Luiz. And Liverpool signed Andy Carrol.
  10. I think both PSG and City's owners basically sponsor their own clubs at a level that they would never be able to attract otherwise. They have done this to propel themselves rapidly into the football elite.
  11. Wilkins was on Talksh!te tonight. He was at Chelsea from the age of 10 and has been a season ticket holder for years. He could be very bitter towards the club for sacking him the other year but he still supports us passionately. I agree he's not the greatest pundit but I'd never question his credentials as a Chelsea man through and through.
  12. JT was a manure fan as a kid. I've always doubted whether he was really committed to Chelsea.
  13. Sounds like Michael Gilkes.
  14. From what I remember, the people who ensured those three didn't join us were people at Juve, people at Everton and Guardiola. We were dead keen to make all three deals happen.