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  1. That video led me to this interview:
  2. He was that good. I worshipped him when he was our skipper. He had incredible passing ability and phenomenal technique that let him stroll through games into his 40s. As a youngster he also had real drive and energy and could dominate matches, but he became a lot more conservative when he became a sitting midfielder at Man U, where Bryan Robson had the more attacking midfield role. Wilkins had far more natural talent but Robson was an all-action player who really put himself about. After that Wilkins was not really a holding player like Maka (he was never a great tackler), but a deep controller who never gave the ball away, but didn't display the same creativity he showed when he was with us. He got a lot of unjustified stick for playing possession passes rather than Stevie Me-type 'Hollywood' balls, but he really was a fantastic midfielder. I hardly ever saw him in Italy or in Scotland, so I don't know if he showed off the full range of his ability there. What do Rangers fans think of him? Do they rate him as highly as Souness (another top class midfielder)?
  3. unreal. You weren't the guy who collided with Lamps, I assume?
  4. I had that squad picture on my wall.
  5. Beat me to it! Just found this, too: Almost exactly 2 years ago. No condemnation, no hysteria, no allegations of bringing the game into disrepute. It is proof - if it were needed - that the media will never give JT the respect or balanced treatment they give to other players. They really have been pitiful in their blatant bias and bitterness over this.
  6. I think tomorrow's Times is leading its sports section with a condemnation of it. The anti-Chelsea hysteria is unreal.
  7. Blimey. Awful stuff. Let's hope he can resume his career as successfully as Cech did.
  8. I did. Given how badly our season panned out, Leicester's unbelievable triumph(I still can't really believe they did it) was the perfect consolation.
  9. We are the only team to get relegated from the top division via the playoffs.
  10. New releases from Jason Isbell, ex-guitarist from the Drive-By Truckers:
  11. I hope he stays too. He's a phenomenally talented player who offers something noone does, but it is clear he lacks the pace and mobility needed to be an automatic starter. His attitude has been fantastic this season so I hope he appreciates how valuable he is to the club, but it would come as no surprise if he is tempted away this summer. To lose him, Costa, JT and Hazard this summer (not unrealistic, sadly) would be a disaster.
  12. Comedy on the Fighting Cock:
  13. It seems to me City have been guilty of some pretty serious stuff (breach of Fair Play guidelines, some missed drugs tests, now this), but their negative media image is a fraction of what ours is. It's not that they are getting away with stuff - they keep getting caught, after all - it's just that we are always painted as a nasty, dodgy club in a way that they are not.