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  1. Where were we when we were sh*t?
  2. Roberts was great in his brief time with us. But like Mickey Hazard, there was never any doubt where his loyalties really lie. A bit like Jason Cundy with us. Just because you went to Spuds it doesn't make you a Spud.
  3. My thoughts exactly. One wrong decision compared to the half-dozen or so Ovrebo made and admitted making not long after.
  5. Bardsley's tackle on Cesc was incredibly similar to the one he put in on Hazard the other year. Nowhere near the ball, late, premeditated and intended to kick the player into next week. He's a disgrace of a player. And he dyes his hair.
  6. Mark Hughes thinks Cahill was lucky not to be sent off for his push. What goal scoring opportunity did he deny? The ball was in Courtois's hands. And he also claim's the push on Azpi that's as their goal disallowed was not relevant Azpi 'wouldn't have got near the ball'. Utterly delusional. In his world it's clear that his players should be allowed to foul off the ball with impunity.
  7. Sad news. Always enjoyed the old fanzines. Still buy the one Dave Johnston sells, cfcuk.
  8. Wrecked Falcao's career as well. Let's hope that Zouma follows Azpi in making a 100% recovery from a serious knee injury.
  9. The same could have been said about Seville in the first leg against Leicester, when they totally outclassed them. 2-1 is a very slender lead, and we've still got it all to do.
  10. The FA must be tired of having to ring us up every time their refs cock up big time in our games. Wasn't it Oliver who reffed the 'Costa Crimes' game? I seem to remember a picture of him staring right at the first incident involving Costa and Can (?), but he told the FA he hadn't seen it, so they could ban Costa. Unlike this time around.
  11. That's 3 red cards he's escaped. Which should have meant a total ban of 12 games, I think. 3 for the first, an extra game for the second, and two extra games for the third (or is it just the one extra game for the third?). Either way, José must be pleasantly surprised at how changing club makes such a difference to the refereeing his team experiences.
  12. Valencia had a card amnesty. Originally I thought it only applied to yellows but it was valid for reds, too. It must have been the same red card amnesty Spuds had at the Bridge last season.
  13. They ignored Ibrahimovic's stamp on Mings, so they'll ignore Rojo's as well.
  14. Does he play for Barca or Real? I don't think he's eligible.
  15. Shearer says we didn't really dominate. We had 72% possession, 16 shots to their 4, 19 corners to their two. Territorially it was all in their half.