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  1. I don't think we currently have much choice :)
  2. Yet some how city manage to seal the deal for walker and mendy!
  3. This is his big chance tbh. If he doesn't do well for palace he's not Chelsea quality
  4. GK Courtois, Willy, Ed DEF Moses, dave, Sandro, alonso, Cahill, Luiz, Christensen, Rudiger MID Kante, Fabregas, Bakayoko, Nate, Baker ATT MID Willian, Hazard, Pedro, new att mid (Sanchez / James / Lemar) FWD Costa (lukaku if sold), Bats
  5. Throw in Matic and Costa soon and it should be 200m!
  6. It's clear conte wanted him from italy last summer and we would've had him but for his injury. A decent, good value signing imo. Also he has 20 ish caps for Germany, I think he's ahead of ake at the moment. If our back 5 has the following options come August I'd be delighted: Moses, Dave, Rudiger, Cahill, Luiz, Andreas, Alonso, Sandro (Aina for HG?)
  7. Can't remember the last transfer I was this exciting about. Cesc maybe. I'm a glass half empty kind of guy however so won't believe this until it happens
  8. Quite the fire sale we're having. It's like footy manager. anyone know what our net profit is including January sales? Have we even bought a player since last summer?
  9. Is he better than Fabinho ?
  10. I think most of us are happy enough to see matic at 29 moved on. We've had his peak years. With kante and cesc, we have two top level cm. Then an exciting mix of Baka baker chalo. Let them three compete for minutes.
  11. If he is a Matic replacement for the tough games then I'm ok with it. Can't see him being a downgrade, he's better in air and more agile. Plus at 22, he has enormous upside. Definitely reminds me of a young Yaya. I'm excited to see how Conte could develop him. Remember he brought the best from a very raw pogba. So long as we keep Cesc we still have a world class cm grouping. Love to see chalo and baker stay in the squad too. Baker adds another style in the mix. Prefer not to sell Utd a solid player though, unless we rinse 45m+ off them.
  12. Thing is he's similar to silva Kdb in style. But not as good. That said it looks like Fabinho cm. walker and Mendy full backs. Scary team
  13. Spuds really starting to piss me off
  14. Yeah really hoped they'd drop some points today! Must win now so not to give them any encouragement
  15. Happy for city to stay in Europe another round. It will damage their league form.