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  1. Adamrb

    Alvaro Morata

    So long as we get our money back. Though I actually think he’ll improve a lot in his second season. Remember drogba’s first
  2. Adamrb

    First team squad outgoings?

    Cesc and Cahill are hg too
  3. Adamrb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It would certainly be an exciting change to have one of the most exciting attacking manager’s in the world. Would love to have lamps or Morris as one of his staff too
  4. Adamrb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Unless it’s Arsenal
  5. Adamrb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Will cost the club a fortune to pay off conte and pay release clause to Napoli
  6. Adamrb

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I’d like him to stay, but not at the expense of hazard and tibo. Clearly he’s putting the ball in board’s court so he can get a massive pay cheque
  7. Adamrb

    Eden Hazard

    Feels like hazard is really throwing down the gauntlet to the board. Get me more top players and I’ll stay forever. Just hope the board can manage it. Feel like we need a statement transfer this summer just to show we’re still meaning business going forward. Not convinced we will without champs league though.
  8. Adamrb

    Alex Sandro

    Alonso was best lb in the league this year. Emerson looks very similar to Sandro to me so lb is no longer a priority. I think we can all agree we need a rwb if conte stays. Also need a new winger to challenge Willian and a world class cm to replace Drinkwater etc.
  9. Crazy gamble taking hazard off. Take of cesc
  10. This is the same thing we’ve done all year. And it’s never works in the end!
  11. Tough formation this for hazard to impress! Not sure what Baka brings still.
  12. Only chance we’ll have if getting back to the champs league though. Actually feel for conte, players have stopped playing for the club, just as they do every other season!
  13. Same sh*t l, different day. Our attack just overplays and overplays and blowing numerous chances to kill games. Defense is just pretty average to be honest so always likely to concede one or two. We are literally f**king Arsenal these days! May not even make Europa ffs. Sad times