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  1. I am trying to look beyond this awful situation and I hope there is some silver lining. In his recent interview, Conte talked about the need for patience and the club's evolving philosophy of promoting academy players and becoming a talent producing/money-making sporting machine. If I am not mistaken, we have over 30 players on loan. Some youth academy players seem to have great potential. Truth be told, if the club announced that we are going to focus on building the squad from within, from young talented players, and rely increasingly less on buying "stopgaps" and "have beens", I would be happy to accept a few seasons of struggle. But nothing is clearly communicated, so I can only guess what the hell is going on behind those closed doors, and I think the club should be more open about its affairs and regard fans as stakeholders, not just some paying spectators.
  2. I wondered who would be the first to mention "it's a wake up call" or "a kick up the arse". It's our 25th game of the season, you have already overslept - might as well call in sick and go back to sleep until next season.
  3. As they say " you don’t know what you’ve got until it's gone". Quite a few people here do not recognise how valuable Willian is for the team. His decision making is often beyond my comprehension, but he makes up with his energy and drive.
  4. I am not pissed off at all. I have lowered my expectations and I think we are going through a cluster f**k-up - starting from the board's transfer policy to Conte's tactical limitations to individual players mental and physical form. I love the club and I hope the owner will step in and make some painful, costly but necessary decisions to improve on all fronts.
  5. It does not matter whether it was fluke or not. Main point is we scored only one goal over 90 minutes. Very simple.
  6. Excellent, smart run from Willian makes it perfect for super Hazard!
  7. Exemplary from Hazard! Got up and back into fight, rather than waving his hands and complaining.
  8. I actually thought that Baka did OK today - in my eyes, tonight he's improved all aspects of his game.
  9. I think Morata was a victim of his own reputation, the boy who cried wolf too many times. The ref saw him repeatedly falling on his arse at the slightest touch, so the decision was to err on the side on caution. However, Willian had a solid penalty shout - the laws of the game clearly state that the offence is commited if the player trips or attempts to trip an opponent. The ref and the VAR system failed miserably in this case.
  10. It increasingly looks this way.
  11. I like your optimism, but in reality Barca will make a mockery out of us.
  12. If football was all about stamina, Moses would win golden boot award every year.
  13. I suspect Conte did not make calculated thought-out subs, but rather went for the last lucky pound in the slot machine