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  1. More like incompetent. Moss is one of the most useless c**ts in PL
  2. Sorry, I've heard this thousand times before. Trust me, nothing will change, unfortunately. In fact, it will likely get much worse for the reasons far beyond football matters as world affairs encounter turbulent times, and certain unpleasant facts about Mr Abramovich financial dealings might come to light in February next year. I hope I am wrong.
  3. My dog barking has more sense than your commenting here. Maybe when you grow up you will understand some basic social rules.
  4. You should have said it on page 1 of this discussion. Game will be played, nothing really to say, page 1 of 1, thank you everybody, please move on to the first and the last page of the next topic.
  5. I get your point, but I still think that today we have conceded goals and scored only one due to individual performance (or rather non-performance) of 6-7 players. Man City can put on the field 2 squads capable of winning the league, and that is why they are cruising and we cringe watching us fire fighting this season.
  6. I do not see a connection between the system and an unforgivable number of individual errors and casualness. I do not believe that looking at certain players performance in previous games and in training you would still put them in the starting line. Unless you are limited in choice, i.e. your squad depth is sh*t.
  7. We have an unbelievable knack for setting anti-records. CP have not scored this season? No problem, we'll let in a few. CP has no points? At your service, here is 1 or 3. One thing that really pisses me off is that the whole bunch of people will now start the same boring sh*t - it is a wake up call. How many f**king wake up calls do we need?
  8. I wish refs were consistent with that ruling. Loose interpretation and application of the ruling dependant on the ref's mood gets fans and players pissed off.
  9. Players are visibly knackered in the final 15-20 minutes - hence poor decision making and passing, we are 4 games into the season, but the physical form of our team is inadequate.
  10. Moses is probably the most tireless player in the PL, however, his decision making and finishing are very poor.
  11. You are a disgrace. You should leave and never come back.
  12. Unfortunately it wont. The whole pre-season is a continous non-stop wake up call.
  13. That was gutless and clueless. What should we realistically expect from this new season? I hope we are in top 4 and in CL quarter-finals, and judging from pre-season it is a BIG hope.
  14. Maybe you did not study at school, so I will explain in simple terms. If you are stationary, and I clip you your foot - you will likely remain upright. If you run at high speed and I clip your foot, your momentum will keep you moving, but now without balance, and you will fall over. Ask your friends to do it to you, and then come back and comment again.