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  1. Hooray! We are back to 11 players on the pitch!
  2. Well, as Morata has scored, I can now relax and look forward to next season when he scores again.
  3. Stas1

    Next Chelsea owner

    Would be great to see Bakayoko suddenly improving his game, admittedly with a few missing fingers.
  4. I suspect there are only a few players who still give a sh*t about what Conte says. Last year Conte got all his praises - and rightly so, but last summer and this season he lost his plot completely and managed to piss off too many people. You reap what you sow.
  5. I do not think this will happen purely due to financial considerations - pride is a very elusive and rare occurrence at our club these days.
  6. Yeah, and it only took him 54 minutes to figure out it wasn't the case. Sharp as a Gillette razor.
  7. We are extremely good at making sh*t teams look decent.
  8. In Willian's defense, he can clearly see that the team setup does not work, the genius strategy does not work, so he is taking it on himself to make something happen - which leads to errors.
  9. For some reason Morata reminds me of Torres in his last year with us. He runs as if he steps in treacle - weird gait, no bursting energy. And also as Torres he falls over so ever easily. I wish him well, but his demeanor tells me he does not want to be here.
  10. I agree - the ref is a prize dick, but it is our setup and the team selection to blame for pathetic 0:0 at HT.
  11. It really pisses me off when a ref decides to prove a pointless point by adding time well above what he himself awarded in the first place - oh, look at me, I am a ref, I am very important, and I do this just because I can. Where is professionalism in being a f**king dick?
  12. We are going to muck about with some insipid boring mindless ball-kicking, in the 74th minute we will concede a stupid self-made goal and then start running erratically in futile panic. I cant wait until the end of season and some serious changes made to the staff and the team.
  13. Agree to 95%. Conte could be more savvy and more timely with substitutions.
  14. Mate, I think you got the wrong website - this is not Captain Ridiculous competition.
  15. I am trying to look beyond this awful situation and I hope there is some silver lining. In his recent interview, Conte talked about the need for patience and the club's evolving philosophy of promoting academy players and becoming a talent producing/money-making sporting machine. If I am not mistaken, we have over 30 players on loan. Some youth academy players seem to have great potential. Truth be told, if the club announced that we are going to focus on building the squad from within, from young talented players, and rely increasingly less on buying "stopgaps" and "have beens", I would be happy to accept a few seasons of struggle. But nothing is clearly communicated, so I can only guess what the hell is going on behind those closed doors, and I think the club should be more open about its affairs and regard fans as stakeholders, not just some paying spectators.