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  1. I wish refs were consistent with that ruling. Loose interpretation and application of the ruling dependant on the ref's mood gets fans and players pissed off.
  2. Players are visibly knackered in the final 15-20 minutes - hence poor decision making and passing, we are 4 games into the season, but the physical form of our team is inadequate.
  3. Moses is probably the most tireless player in the PL, however, his decision making and finishing are very poor.
  4. You are a disgrace. You should leave and never come back.
  5. Unfortunately it wont. The whole pre-season is a continous non-stop wake up call.
  6. That was gutless and clueless. What should we realistically expect from this new season? I hope we are in top 4 and in CL quarter-finals, and judging from pre-season it is a BIG hope.
  7. Maybe you did not study at school, so I will explain in simple terms. If you are stationary, and I clip you your foot - you will likely remain upright. If you run at high speed and I clip your foot, your momentum will keep you moving, but now without balance, and you will fall over. Ask your friends to do it to you, and then come back and comment again.
  8. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    As Trump would say, FAKE NEWS. First, would Conte and Costa communicate with each other in English? Second, even if they did, as a professional footballer, Conte would be talking about next season, not next year.
  9. At the start of the season I did not expect us to be crowned as champions, but we have the medals. I was really hoping for Conte's sake that he would win the double in his first season in PL, but the players have let him down by already being mentally on holiday on a beach somewhere. And that is a real shame.
  10. The thing is that this game is not a revelation of which players are not of required quality (attitude) that need to be replaced in the summer. We all know from watching them all season who is a passenger, and who carries the game. So, there is no good thing coming out from this match. We lost without trying in a sloppy uncaring way. Full stop. And both players and the manager (for not firing up the players) are at fault.
  11. Simply did not deserve it. Poor passing, poor touch, poor positional awareness, poor runs, poor decision making. Bottled it completely. Conte too late with substitutions.
  12. Willian was readying to replace Moses (I am sure) and Moses does a brain fart. Moses has been poor for the later part of the season - his decision making is sometimes simply puzzling. I do not think Moses will be with us next season.
  13. I suspect Costa stayed in January on the promise he would play every match when fit.
  14. What are the chances we are going to score and then sit back and invite all pressure again?
  15. In 1975 no one died, in 1976 no one died...