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  1. Bigthrobberus

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Random badgers more like!
  2. Bigthrobberus

    Falling behind in the Transfer Market?

  3. Bigthrobberus

    Next Chelsea Manager

    They will wait until may 31/june 1st when his contract expires, not sure if that means hes then free or theres still something to pay but im sure he would be classed as not tied to another club etc, If this happens that is!
  4. Bigthrobberus

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

  5. Bigthrobberus

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Suprised no ones talking about this luiz stuff much...
  6. Bigthrobberus

    Alvaro Morata

    My opinion is hes not 100% fit after injury. Bit more game time should help him.
  7. Bigthrobberus

    Gary Cahill should be dropped

    modders to the reesscueee
  8. Bigthrobberus

    Random Rumours

    plus more games, we need 3/4 to be set
  9. Bigthrobberus

    Random Rumours

  10. Bigthrobberus

    Random Rumours

    no way
  11. Bigthrobberus


    soo, errr about that unspent £40m, the piggy bank loves it but can we get matic back bruvvvaaa
  12. Bigthrobberus

    Deadline Day Drama

    romans spent the cash monayy on a load of russian escorts, all makes sense
  13. Bigthrobberus

    Random Rumours

    with a worse squad, lol we done, come back next year boys maybe we will have signed ched evans....
  14. Bigthrobberus

    Random Rumours

    LOL wheres all the 'month left' brigade?? goodbye title
  15. Bigthrobberus


    What you chatting, £40m in todays market is sod all, esp for an established player like matic, it looks like we will end up with the bayern guy on loan and some more Penny's in the pot which is absolutely useless if we don't spend it, there is also not many players better than matic who we can buy quickly ready to go into a very busy season ahead. If we don't spend big and get some class in (4 players imo) then kiss the league goodbye and keep your fingers crossed we end up in the top 4