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  1. Luis Enrique?

    His only achievements have come with a quality Barca team. I see another AVB in him tbh but I hope I’m wrong if he does comes. In my opinion we should be going all out to get Carlo back.
  2. Unlucky lads, great effort to get that far
  3. Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu look a class above the rest in my opinion, probably why they’ve been getting some first team games.
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    The move was too early for him, looks nervous anytime he’s near the ball.
  5. Unfortunately I’m getting that feeling we’re starting to look like we did before Jose got sacked. Sad.
  6. Willian has to score. We’re not gonna win this game. The away fans have been fantastic so far unfortunately they’ve been met with a shower of sh*te from the players.
  7. Embarrassing, proper spineless bunch this lot.
  8. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    For the price it’s a pretty good signing, as a stop gap I’m happy with it. If it gives Morata a kick up the arse it’ll be worth it.
  9. Great win, didn’t expect that. Love watching Musonda play and Hazard when he’s in that mood is the best player in the league.
  10. We have a real problem breaking teams down that park the bus it’s very frustrating. Main positive I can take away from the game is at least we take good penalties.
  11. Can’t rememeber a more toothless Chelsea team than the one we’ve seen over the past few games.
  12. Three 0-0’s on the trot. Conte needs to look at this formation and realise it isn’t working.
  13. Yep, he’s put all his eggs in one basket with the starting 11 and they’re not up to it. They need to pick it up in the second half otherwise we could be heading out or to a replay.