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  1. Thought we would scrape a 1-0 or 2-0 win but sounds like we’ve been fantastic.
  2. Most hated opposition

    I’d say Man United personally, I just don’t like them
  3. Emanalo The Problem

    Is this real life?! An excellent weekend extended.
  4. For one of the best tactical coaches in the game, how Conte couldn’t see that a midfield of Niangolan, De Rossi and Strootman would absolutely overrun Bakayoko and Fabregas is beyond me.
  5. Which part? All of it is true.
  6. Fabregas is finished, Alonso is awful, Willian is awful, Rudiger was a waste of money and Hazard is massively overrated. The rest are just sh*t and Conte has made a complete mess of this.
  7. It was good to see us win a scrappy game like that, I thought well to be honest
  8. Went to the game and we were rubbish, how we managed to get 3 goals I’ll never know. Alonso was awful, fabregas may aswell have not been on the pitch and Willian is embarrassing himself out there every time he plays, he makes things worse every time he comes on lately, id much rather give Musonda a chance. We also miss Kante badly. Positives, we managed to get a draw despite playing badly against a good team, Christiansen needs to play every week and Pedro was really good when he came on.
  9. f**king shoot Pedro for f**k sake man!
  10. Conte’s lost the plot, we’re going to get stuffed
  11. Learn how to pass Kante for f**k sake
  12. Nothing more than we deserve, absolutely embarrassing performance
  13. If Azpi is the one going wide, could be Rudiger but you'd think Conte would want someone fast that side especially if Sane is playing
  14. Hmm bit of a weird defence, why wouldn't you play Moses or Zappacosta?
  15. Wow we were fantastic, performance of the season by far, absolutely bossed one of the top teams in Europe for almost 90 minutes. Absolutely buzzing.