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  1. I'm so f**king happy
  2. All I can say is I think we have been very fortunate to have not had to deal with many injuries this season, two players were different yesterday and we looked like the same team that finished 10th. The summer transfer window needs to be a very busy one.
  3. Embarrassing 75mins, need a miracle to get something Out of the game
  4. Costa is an absolute embarrassment
  5. Costa is absolutely hopeless, this referee is even worse
  6. Get him the f**k off and send him to China
  7. Costa is playing like Torres at the height of his sh*tness
  8. Shame Fabregas is back on the bench.
  9. Top game management from Don Conte tonight.
  10. Alonso and Costa are playing terribly
  11. We weren't that bad, unlucky to lose. But I will say I hope to christ Costa is off at the end of the season. Since he had his head turned by China money he's been abysmal.
  12. Brilliant result, always feels special getting a win in the last few minutes.
  13. Aaaanyway back on topic. Got the result in the end, Ake was our best player I thought, looked very solid.
  14. Moses' pass completion today has been horrific, I don't think any of his crosses have beaten the first man