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  1. Good squad player for sure
  2. Would be a very good signing, must admit I was hoping for Belotti but I'd be happy with Morata
  3. Jesus, who'd have thought there would come a day that we envy Arsenal's transfer policy.
  4. Ah ok that makes sense.
  5. Yet nobody is telling me why I'm wrong?
  6. Nice counter argument there man.
  7. The rumour is £80mil (although I doubt it's true at all). £80mil for an injury prone 29 year old would be pretty risky business.
  8. For a team lacking in depth we're certainly shifting players quicker than we're bringing them in. £5mil for Chalobah is insane
  9. Finally! Now we need to crack on and get a striker
  10. Everton have pulled off the deal of the century with this one, completely ripped off Man Utd at 90mil and managed to get Rooney on a free
  11. I was looking forward to Belotti or Morata but Lukaku and the salty tears of Man Utd fans would be just as good.
  12. Middlesbrough forward Adama Traore is close to signing for #Chelsea. [Sport]
  13. I understand that at the end of the day it isn't our money to spend, but it still isn't great to see the club getting ripped off and also potentially taking away a big chunk of money that could go towards a more important player. Either way, I won't exactly be saying no to Alex Sandro, just seems strange that 55mil is being spend on a wing back.
  14. Sorry guys but I can't agree that Alex Sandro is a 'bargain' at £55mil, for me I would much rather we spend the money on getting Bertrand back who would cost about half the price. Sandro is a little better but not 25mil better.
  15. Sandro really is a top player, but £55mil for a wing back is absurd. Terrible.