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  1. Brilliant result, always feels special getting a win in the last few minutes.
  2. Aaaanyway back on topic. Got the result in the end, Ake was our best player I thought, looked very solid.
  3. Moses' pass completion today has been horrific, I don't think any of his crosses have beaten the first man
  4. This thread sums up why I don't come on here much anymore.
  5. Gotta say, Costa is looking terrible today. Pedro is the best player on the pitch in my opinion. Burnley showing why they've been so hard to beat at home today.
  6. It's gutting that we didn't win after getting a penalty but I'd have taken a draw, we didn't have the best performance. I have to single out Kante today though, the man is an absolute machine.
  7. I'm going to be controversial here and say that if Carroll wasn't so injury prone he would have proven to be worth the £35mil that Liverpool paid for him.
  8. Dieeeeego. He's not done anything wrong but Matic should be brought off for Fabregas.
  9. He's a raw talent for sure, he can't cross though, it's an odd buy
  10. Get rid of him at the end of the season if he wants to be a money grabbing prick.
  11. Definitely missing a striker, we need to bring Michy on for Willian
  12. Well I think no matter what happens now he won't be here next season.
  13. What an embarrassing performance, Pedro put in the worst performance of any player in the premier league this season.