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  1. dkw

    We've got a new Kepa

    Courtois biggest problem has always been getting down to low shots in the corner, so theres every chance he wouldnt have saved it either.
  2. dkw

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Sarri himself said this yesterday, the space between the defe3and midfield was too big, our defenders natural decision is to drop deep, this is how we've played for years now. It will take quite some time to get this into our defenders.
  3. Very bad from kepa is over the top, he had one save he should have made but did well otherwise, his distribution was excellent. As for Jorginho not being good enough, both you and that dollop Robson are wrong, very wrong.
  4. Bang on, our midfield didn't track well in the first half for their goals, but the defence was also to blame for allowing their player to get behind to do the pull backs.
  5. I was massively surprised by one of the 2nd half substitutions..... I didn't even realise ozil was on the pitch until he went of.
  6. sh*t, you'll die of thirst. That's harsh.
  7. dkw

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Arsenal

    Pedro for me too, Berkley was good too, though made a few defensive mistakes.
  8. My favourite thing about that win is the way Sarri tweaked things to give us complete control in that second half, great to see how much influence he has already. He closed all the gaps and made the perfect changes, Man I'm excited for this season now.
  9. Hey Stewart, still think he does nothing you f**king moron ha ha.....
  10. dkw

    Jorginho is a Blue

    robinson thinks Jorginho is a defensive midfielder for us, hes an idiot.
  11. The most telling part of that is they are wanting people to do the containment, which means the loops not working is a bit of a red herring, the loops cant be there if theres no cable management ha ha....
  12. dkw

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    And remember folks, I broke his signing first here with an incredible photo I took of him with the Chelsea shirt, before anyone else:-
  13. dkw

    Eden Hazard

    So exactly the same as when Jose came then. That went quite well.
  14. dkw

    Eden Hazard

    So a manager can't teach a player how to be better, even though that's literally his job? What's the point in having one then.