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  1. Ha ha, thats quality. Ive always thought Arsenal gave up all the tophies for Lent, it seems to coincide with that time every year.
  2. I thought they were short of cash as their owner had closed his wallet?
  3. Abidal himself admitted to fouling anelka.
  4. Oliver is such a f**kwit ref, how on earth he still manages to get games in the premier league is beyond me.
  5. City are dreadful, and de bruyne has disappeared in a big game as usual.
  6. Castillo looks a prospect, signed from Ajax apparently. This has been an enjoyable demolition, can't wait to see Jody Morris take over from Conte in 4 or 5 years....
  7. Just a reminder that anyone wanting a bit more Chelsea can see our youth cup semi V spuds on ITV 4 now.
  8. Great cross that, should settle things. Today should be a good day for all things Chelsea...What a flick by mount earlier too
  9. YESSSSSSSSS, f**kING GET IN....Have that you dirty backwards twats, what a vile team if thugs.
  10. Wasnt Henry famously known for never scoring in a single final for Arsenal also?
  11. I played about 3 hours of Andromeda today, and it's definitely a mass effect game. Loads of side quests, information, NPC's etc. Plenty of wow graphic moments with landscapes, spaceships. Plenty of erm....Less than wow graphic moments with character animations . Loving the combat, much better paced without the wheel than i thought it would be, jetpack is excellent. So far so good,though I've somehow made my character look like a young Seinfeld.
  12. The times every f**king time....
  13. Poor old pep and his ignorance of the defensive side of football, the idiot. Oh and yet another big game passes De Bruyne by, he's like a Belgian ozil.
  14. Ive pre-ordered ME:A and Ive got EA Access.....oh an I`m off work tomorrow co-incidentally.....
  15. Not if you're French....