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  1. dkw

    WC 2018

    I meant the bloke who gave the free kick away, but turning his back on it was bad too.
  2. dkw

    WC 2018

    That free kick was ridiculous, I've seen team mates smacked for less.
  3. dkw

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    His style of movement is very similar, an almost lackadaisical gait. But his style of football is completely different, i agree with you there.
  4. dkw

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Plenty or news that the club have told rlc he's going nowhere and will be a main player next season.
  5. dkw

    Random Rumours

    My only worry if we sign him is he would have pjanic on the streets of London....
  6. dkw

    Alvaro Morata

    I would argue thats the perfect physical condition for a human male, its almost godlike. And Im not saying that because its basically the exact same as mine now since I packed in footie 3 months ago...honestly.
  7. dkw

    WC 2018

    Go 1 nil down, take of aguero. What the f**k....
  8. dkw

    Next Chelsea Manager

    What stats never tell you is who were the opposition, did they have an injury crisis, did we have an injury crisis, how many games had they/us played in the run up, who was he playing alongside (due to rotation, injuries etc), was it warm, was i cold, was it wet, was it dry, had he been travelling on international duty, had he been dropped from his international side, had his wife just had a baby, had his mistress just had a baby....was it the age of aquarius.......millions and millions of modifiers that are never taken into account. Stats are something you can look at and use alongside actually watching a player, but should never ever be read in isolation.
  9. dkw

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Oh no, our defensive midfielders assists/goals arent great.....that basically is exactly what I meant, thanks for proving me completely correct.
  10. dkw

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Stats can be turned to show anything, can be cherry picked to show x is better than y, can be manipulated to prove any old load of bollocks. Anyone who uses only stats as a basis to prove anything is an arse.
  11. Poor leno.... Where you'll be ill go......
  12. dkw

    WC 2018

    David Maddock ✔ @MaddockMirror This is REAL courage from @MoSalah to still impact the game with such an obvious injury. I hope his World Cup is remembered for a real pride in his nation and his bravery in trying to carry the weight of expectation of 100m Egyptians on that dodgy shoulder. 20:39 - 19 Jun 2018 Dear god, he's injured his shoulder, he's not playing on one f**king leg.
  13. dkw

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I liked that he had the confidence to impose himself immediately on the game, hes still a very young player with no real big game experience yet here he was subbed on in a world cup game and looked like he had the confidence to grab the game. It really surprised me as I honestly didn't think he had that mentality in him.
  14. dkw

    WC 2018

    Bloody hell this French team do some falling over, bunch of diving w**kers.