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  1. Oh look, the fsw making a like for like substitution even though they are losing....
  2. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Anyone watching the Philip k dick series of short stories? First one last week was very good so I'm hoping for more of the same this week.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    You mean this post abister1?
  4. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    £8m.....8 bloody million bloody pounds. Unbelievable signing.
  5. They didn't even mention the crouch foul, absolute joke.
  6. When you look at that list it really is absurd.
  7. So reds for us are yellows for others, f**king these refs are a joke.
  8. They haven't had a shot on target, were comfortable in an away game at Stoke and your not happy. Also, Lad? Seriously? Condescending much.
  9. We've had chances and taken them, they haven't had any real chances to even take. How are they unlucky to be losing?
  10. How can a scoreline not be a true representation of a game? What an odd thing to say.
  11. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    You might, but that just makes you look like a moron.
  12. Any game recommendation?

    I usually play through a few times with different classes, but I normally start with the warrio type class. The one thing I struggle with is to do a bad guy play through, I try but just can't be evil in games ha ha....