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  1. Nah sorry mate, she was caught near your house with gaffer tape and a car battery again. Sorry about last time, hopefully the scars have healed?
  2. I can't believe that's true at all, birds use the earths magnetic field to navigate, if anything will interfere with a bird's navigation it will be some kind of generated EMF or radio waves, perhaps overhead power lines though even they are grounded and carry a low voltage so won't really create an emf. WiFi doesn't create any field or interfere with anything other than something using the exact same frequency which would be unlikely. Mobile phone signals may cause a problem but I'm not sure how much more than say an am radio signal, though mobile gone antennas are probably stronger than radio ones.
  3. Just other things on the same spectrum.
  4. The only thing she shares with you is a restraining order....
  5. WiFi can't kill anything as it's a form of non-ionising radiation, same as light, radio etc. So I'm sorry but thats just wrong.
  6. Donkey knobbed, you know the truth pally.....
  7. Oooh I'm not telling, I'm a mystery and I want to keep it that way..... But no, it isn't.....
  8. I think we weren't the first ever but the first to do it in the league.
  9. Keith it is then.
  10. He's right. Gervais ruins anything he's in for me.
  11. And the original, ZOLAAAAAAAAAA
  12. I think he would make a good squad signing for around £15m, Wenger has coached the good out for for him and has stunted his growth as a player, a move to us with a proper manager could see him flourish.
  13. Juve didn't let him go, Madrid used a buyback clause and juve had no choice.
  14. Probably down the job centre after it turns out spending time talking sh*te on a forum doesn't get his clients many moves. Or he's working night shift on the fries this week.
  15. Fully agree with all of that, the transfer threads are a clusterf**k if idiocy, petulance and ignorance unfortunately. I used to enjoy the close season, a few rumours here and there, a few good signings. Now it's just Twitter dickheads spouting unsubstantiated bullsh*t and Muppets believing all of it, then kicking off at the club when we don't actually sign some random player for £90m. Also agree on the lukaku thing, morata just has so much more to his game.