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  1. How the f**k was that not a penalty? Refs done city, then spuds score.
  2. Space in behind spuds defence all game, nice ball over the top. Lloris
  3. De bruyne having a shocker. ooh, close.
  4. Klopp once again showing behind the smiley, just the same as you guys facade he's as big a snidey hypocitical prick as any other manager. Gegentwat....
  5. Yes, great wasn't it.
  6. Where's the list at then.
  7. OOFFF, gruesome....
  8. Good luck, it will be simple finding an experienced top quality keeper willing to play 5 or 6 times a season, then able to play at a high level in those 5 or 6 games after not playing for about a month. Simple.....
  9. Oh yes, very much yes.....
  10. Fully agree with that, He has a lot more insight into the modern game than the majority of other pundits, and has no problem saying what he wants to say without feeling the need to placate players/managers etc.
  11. I`m gonna get our transfer committee to help me sell my old car, they will get me a least £40k for my 2008 fiat
  12. He had plenty of chances at utd and Chelsea and was dogsh*t, simple as that.
  13. Wimbledon and Sutton are in the premiership?