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  1. he's such a f**kwit
  2. Damn you and your lack of a webcam.....
  3. Look at the state of them 2 f**kwits the very definition of keyboard warriors, I've had tougher sh*ts, cleverer ones too...
  4. My favourite is the fat toad saying "I don't believe it" he just looks so Scouse.
  5. In my defence, your ruse wasnt much more deranged than many of the mental things posted in match day threads.
  6. I always think any criticism is harsh of a reserve keeper playing there first game in ages (or at least playing very sporadically), it must be very difficult to get a performance in that situation, more so than any other position on the pitch.
  7. You actually think our league season needs kick-starting?
  8. Get in, get the win, get out. Not great but job done, no injuries, Costa scored and a few squad players got game time.
  9. How is that not a f**king foul? Robbing twat
  10. I thought we had an offer accepted for agueros but turned down his ridiculously high wage demands?
  11. This is your discussion style where you write something then when questioned abuse someone or just dont answer it? Yeah, thats a great way of discussing things. You bring so much to this forum....
  12. So Faithless were right, God IS a DJ....