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  1. Erm, thats some nice contradiction there Sol.....how long until he plays the race card again over not getting that job?
  2. What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    I saw a few things, why was some d**khead smashing a car up while talking crap, and who actually likes that stormsy dig muck?
  3. Arsenal being so arsenal, ozil "sick" again, he's taking the piss out of them.
  4. Willian

    Do you pick your horse bets on their names too? If so, are you my wife?
  5. Looked a lot more invested in the game last night, much more animated and closer to how he was last season.
  6. Conversely, the false 9 with 2 around him was the reason Willian and Pedro found themselves in so much space at times, their defenders had no idea who to pick up, especially when Hazard came out of the false 9 position, drifting wide or deep etc. Umtiti was running around chasing shadows at times, there was one play where Willian passed by Hazard who was coming out of the area, both Pique and Umtiti just let him go and if the pass had came he was completely clear. I dont think we had the centre forward available to hold the ball up anyway to allow us time to get up the pitch, Morata especially just cant do it, Giroud is better but also not exactly a Drogba`esqu player.
  7. And for me thats the kind of thing he needs to learn and hopefully will from last night. The best defenders we have had know when to play out or when to just get bloody rid, I really hope conte hasnt instructed them to be robotic and always play out, managers need to know when to allow players to think for themselves.
  8. Agreed, I can see why conte has gone for that 3 up front. Also a big positive he's playing christensen, great to see the faith he had in him. I don't understand that midfield 2 though, it just doesn't work.
  9. Christian Pulisic

    Not necessarily...
  10. Willian

    It doesnt take into account who they were playing against, the relative strength of those teams they played against (did they have loads of injuries/bans etc), match day conditions, whether they had played another game 2 days ago, or not played for 3 weeks, were coming back from injury, wife had stopped having sex with them, supermarket had ran out of their favourite cakes etc.....stats are a nice indicator but for such a random sequence of events should never be held up as the be all....
  11. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Hes obviously right about the Costa thing though, he was agitating for a move from that summer and tried to get sold to Madrid. Conte probably wasnt blameless but it all came down to Costa wanting to leave.
  12. City fans fighting coppers.... And Aguero fighting with a fan. What bunch of pathetic losers.
  13. better up those ped dosages pep lad
  14. And danilo, he's been gash.
  15. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Ah, you've already forgotten about Jokanovic haven't you....the things he could do with a football.....