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  1. Why are some desperately trying to paint Cahill as some leaden footed, clod hopping hoof merchant. Hes not the best on the ball but he is still good, and though not the fastest he is easily quick enough, pace isn't the best all and end all for a centre back. Its really weird seeing Chelsea fans hammering a player that has been a fantastic signing and is still very definitely good enough to play for us, while simultaneously massively over hyping someone we might buy. I don't get it
  2. They lied so as not to upset you, sorry.
  3. As with everything in life, it's all about size, you know that....
  4. More importantly, who was it that used to have the lucky sofa, and us he sitting on it today?
  5. Maybe he has a different opinion of him to you, which I think is allowed.
  6. American gods has been very good so far, true to the book too. Casting has been pretty spot on too, I'm enjoying it.
  7. No, your making stuff up. Stop it.
  8. He never once said or even intimated this, stop making stuff up.
  9. Unreal as in bad unreal? Hasn't he lost every final he's been in?
  10. And that's the reason you base nothing on stats alone, because he isn't anywhere near jt in his prime.
  11. Your making stuff up now, where did he even hint at us showering Jose with love and adulation? That's you being ridiculous.
  12. Well you weren't.
  13. You an me both, it's so boring whenever a youth player gets sold and ll we hear is "another great young player lost", as they end up 3 years later at yeovil or something.
  14. Damn that's harsh, how much for 3 minutes of utd booting it in the general direction of rashford?