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  1. Im gonna watch this one day and Luiz will miss that penalty, I'm certain of it.
  2. I hope that was offside, f**k Barcelona.
  3. Ok, arsenal won but spurs totally dominated that game.
  4. Ozil need a good shoeing, stealing a living.
  5. How is it sterling gets dragged of but de bruyne is still on.
  6. Ha ha, what the f**k is fraudiola doing with those subs... Oh look a goal.
  7. Ozil and de bruyne have had zero impact on this game, both have been abysmal.
  8. My man of the match yesterday, he was outstanding, especially as he was also basically tutoring Ake through the game too, he was constantly organising with him and Dave.
  9. It's a red card if it's involved in stopping an attack. Alli knew exactly what he was doing.
  10. Loris handball outside the area, Alli stamp in luiz.
  11. How does spurs luck in not having 2 players sent of work into your logic? Or are we to just ignore that.
  12. Plus bats header, should have done much better. He's somehow managed to take a thread full of celebrating beating spuds at Wembley in a semi and turn it into a misery filled bore fest. That's pretty amazing.
  13. Ah, strawman now, going through the full repertoire today then. Miserable sod.