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  1. Talking about signing a quick creative attacker, this guy, Adama Traore, comes to mind. He has improved on his weaknesses a lot for Middlesbrough. With a good coach we can get a world class player in him. He is frighteningly quick.
  2. I don’t understand you. Trying to create chances has now become a flaw?
  3. We want to see Ross please.
  4. Alonso has been poor today.
  5. Our wingbacks are sh*t today.
  6. The referee looks sad we won at the end
  7. At times, back flicks from our players are meaningless.
  8. I think I will just stop watching English football. The referees are just sh*t
  9. Referees decide games in Premiership.
  10. The only striker that may be available this window is Moussa Dembele. We should just go for him. Morata can give a 5 year old high blood pressure.
  11. After what happened yesterday, I have started to think of some improvisation. whenever we have a tough game like CL, Rudiger or Drinkwater should replace Bakayoko. Alvaro is not prolific enough to me. He is very wasteful and seems light-weighted. So I’ll suggest in January we get another striker or we try some of youth players. Some of them are very good. We need to sell one of Bat and Alvaro.
  12. That Cahil’s challenge would have been a red card for Chelsea in English Premiership League.