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  1. I’m sorry. I think I actually need to visit specsavers.
  2. I like what I’m seeing from Rudiger
  3. This is one week point in Alonso, he sometimes have some aimless shots.
  4. Good build up and fantastic finish
  5. We should not forget that Rudiger is versatile and may play as a DM too
  6. Hmmm The Beatles, I can never even dream to be at their level. With deep baritone shout: “Baka Baka Bakayoko” will send fear as it sounds like a war song.
  7. The song at Stamford Bridge should go like this: Baka Baka Bakayoko Baka Baka Bakayoko Baka Baka Bakatoko
  8. Good signing. David Luiz already playing a role of a big brother or probably as a captain.
  9. Sky is reporting it now that Bakayoko is very close to joining Chelsea. He is in London and deal may be announced tonight.
  10. It would have been more believable if it was in Italian language.
  11. We don't need to worry ourselves about overpaying for a player. One thing I know very well is that Abramovich is a shrewd business man he would be able to take care of the books well. Chelsea needs world class players now to be able to compete favourably in the PL and CL. In today's market, everything seems to be insanely crazy.
  12. This story is b***s**t. He can't come to us though I would love to be proved wrong. Just an unnecessary media frenzy.
  13. Apart from playing as a wingback for us, Sandro should be able to play at the left side of central midfield (Matic's role). A position we might need him as an emergency cover