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  1. Atlético Madrid is doing us a favour now. 2 - 0
  2. This was the question I asked myself too. Though from the kickoff, within 10 mins of play, I noticed Atletico Madrid was not closing us down like I know they are capable of. So I said to myself we should be able to pull a draw at least. What a win at the end! I woke up this morning with a big grin on my face. Thank you Chelsea for that performance.
  3. Should that not even be a penalty?
  4. I think simulation is part of their training routine in Spain
  5. We can now conveniently say Christensen has earned his place in the first team. We have an academy player now promoted. He is unbelievably calm on ball.
  6. Courtois Rudiger Christensen Cahil Azpi Kante Bakayoko Alonso Cesc Morata Hazard If Cahil must play (as Conte will likely play him) then I’ll prefer this lineup. Though looks ultra defensive but we need tall and strong players against Stoke. Also Azpi has proved to be a better crosser lately than Moses.
  7. This is fantastIcally amazing!!!
  8. Zappacosta

    This has been confirmed a done deal. Move this from Rumours section.
  9. Danny Drinkwater

    Not good enough for Chelsea
  10. Champions League Draw

    Manure travelling to Moscow
  11. Champions League Draw

  12. Champions League Draw

  13. Alexis Sanchez

    He would sold in January, if not before the end of this window. It doesn’t make sense for them not to make some money if he would become a free agent by next year and still end up with an EPL rival for free.
  14. Serge Aurier

    I have some reservations about this guy, Serge Aurier. I doubt if any of the Chelsea fans rooting for him ever noticed his playing style. No doubt, he is good but likes diving into tackles dangerously. As a Chelsea player, I assure you he will get not less than 5 red cards in a season with the way EPL refs brandish cards when it comes to Chelsea games.