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  1. I’ve been saying for ages, I ain’t having Bakayoko, stupid hair, stupid beard, and sh*t!
  2. sh*t performance, but still 4 clear, easier run in than the front wheel skids! For those crying like its the end of the world, get a f**king grip!
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2016/2017

    I actually don't think that warrants a penalty, he'd already f**ked the chance up anyway!
  4. Klopp Watch

    He's trapped off about a title shot I see, hopefully that comes back & bites him firmly on the arse as they choke in last few games!
  5. Jose Mourinho thread

    We'd have won titles, Roman wouldn't have accepted anything else! We were just as good for Jose as he was for us.
  6. STAR WARS - Possible Spoilers

    Just seen it, loved it! A real great film, 10 times better than TFA, which was dog doo really! Loved the recreation of the original characters! 9/10
  7. Can everyone send this lad a card, it's absolutely heartbreaking for any family to go through, this will bring a bit of joy into their lives.
  8. Last Movie You Watched

    Cocktail, late 80s muck, but with some great one liners.
  9. Last Movie You Watched

    Steve Jobs, I liked it, but felt they could have included more of his life.
  10. Big Sam Hired n Fired

    Steve Bruce, the man who can bring absolutely nothing to the party! I hate the press in this country, truly the scraping of sh*t on the sole of a shoe!
  11. The gaps between defence & midfield without the ball, was an absolute gift to Arsenal yesterday. That is a problem that the manager has to see from the dugout, it needs sorting quickly during the game.
  12. Thibaut Courtois

    He's an average goalie, I won't be gutted if he leaves, in his 2 & a bit seasons he's hardly shown himself as one of the best. If anyone is willing to give £25m or more then we'd be foolish not to accept it.
  13. Best football images

    bar steward