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  1. Tapping Up!

    No silly. It's only against the rules when we do it...
  2. Our New Stadium

    I heard yesterday it was going to be at least 3 seasons before work starts, don't know how accurate this is though.
  3. Kante is pfa player of the year

    Yes and Hazard runner up too
  4. PFA Awards

    It's tomorrow night
  5. Should The #26 Jersey Be Retired?

    Have to say that if I was coming in to the squad as a defender I wouldn't want a shirt number that's been associated with someone like JT for as long as it has, not unless I already played under that number at my previous club.
  6. Should The #26 Jersey Be Retired?

    Not sure about retiring as such but I think it would be a nice gesture to 'rest' it for a year maybe just so he isn't immediately replaced and then from 2018/19 it can be reintroduced.
  7. Win with Art of Football

    Wow, thank you!
  8. The sad demise of Kerry dixon

    Loved Kerry, I remember being heartbroken when we sold him and swore I'd never get attached to players again, it didn't last though! Hope he's OK, yes he's brought a lot of it on himself but we all do stupid things in life and I hope he manages to turn it around.
  9. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    From Instagram I understand it involves being on a yacht a lot. Are his kids free from school already?Private schools break up start of July.... Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I'm in Fulford, so pretty close!!
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes I have lots of them too, our kitchen wall was covered!! The excitement of getting there was immense. I found some old photo's too that I had taken with Kerry back in the day, really sad to look at now.
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Just found these rolled up in the back of the wardrobe!!!