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  1. Loved Kerry, I remember being heartbroken when we sold him and swore I'd never get attached to players again, it didn't last though! Hope he's OK, yes he's brought a lot of it on himself but we all do stupid things in life and I hope he manages to turn it around.
  2. From Instagram I understand it involves being on a yacht a lot. Are his kids free from school already?Private schools break up start of July.... Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. I'm in Fulford, so pretty close!!
  4. The Notebook - having spent my teenage years living with a grandmother with alzheimers this one makes me well up every time.
  5. Yes I have lots of them too, our kitchen wall was covered!! The excitement of getting there was immense. I found some old photo's too that I had taken with Kerry back in the day, really sad to look at now.
  6. Just found these rolled up in the back of the wardrobe!!!
  7. By that I mean used to the press not the racism!!
  8. I know but unfortunately we have had all the previous bad press around racism so it will always be headline news for us whenever anything happens. Its just us, I've got used to it over the years now as it will never change.
  9. I think ours ended up as headline news mainly due to the video evidence which was posted everywhere.
  10. Ah, the scene that will 'break the internet' apparently!!! Unless there is something else?
  11. Pleased they have stayed up as its one of my away trips!!
  12. Yeah I do, I like it although I don't particularly like the presenter (Mel or Sue can never remember which is which) but its pretty good and they usually have cast members on too which I like.
  13. I still have nightmares over when we lost to Boro!
  14. Mmmmmm majority of possession but losing, sounds familiar for United!