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  1. I heard yesterday it was going to be at least 3 seasons before work starts, don't know how accurate this is though.
  2. Yes and Hazard runner up too
  3. It's tomorrow night
  4. Have to say that if I was coming in to the squad as a defender I wouldn't want a shirt number that's been associated with someone like JT for as long as it has, not unless I already played under that number at my previous club.
  5. Not sure about retiring as such but I think it would be a nice gesture to 'rest' it for a year maybe just so he isn't immediately replaced and then from 2018/19 it can be reintroduced.
  6. Wow, thank you!
  7. Loved Kerry, I remember being heartbroken when we sold him and swore I'd never get attached to players again, it didn't last though! Hope he's OK, yes he's brought a lot of it on himself but we all do stupid things in life and I hope he manages to turn it around.
  8. From Instagram I understand it involves being on a yacht a lot. Are his kids free from school already?Private schools break up start of July.... Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  9. I'm in Fulford, so pretty close!!
  10. The Notebook - having spent my teenage years living with a grandmother with alzheimers this one makes me well up every time.
  11. Yes I have lots of them too, our kitchen wall was covered!! The excitement of getting there was immense. I found some old photo's too that I had taken with Kerry back in the day, really sad to look at now.
  12. Just found these rolled up in the back of the wardrobe!!!