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  1. zolawannabe25

    Too many midfielders?

    I think the first choice is pretty much kovacic jorginho and kante. Kovacic covers for when jorginho isn't available /fit which gives Loftus Cheek and barkley plenty of minutes. The only concern I have is that there isn't a natural replacement for kante if he gets injured
  2. zolawannabe25

    Mason Mount new deal

    Chalobah and at Ipswich, James is at Wigan..
  3. zolawannabe25

    Milinkovic Savic

    Yes, he does seem to be one of the most promising midfielders in the world but I just think that there are bigger priorities to consider. It appears that we need a new goal keeper and a striker on top of maybe a right winger! Plus we already have Loftus Cheek and Barkley who play in the more advanced role in a midfield three. I don't have a problem with upgrading the players but I want the club to focus on other areas
  4. zolawannabe25

    Milinkovic Savic

    Are you talking about Barkley or Savic?
  5. zolawannabe25

    Leon Bailey

    Reminds me of hazard or Robben before we signed them, him and Hazard with Pedro and Hudson Odoi backing them up would be perfect
  6. zolawannabe25

    Anthony Martial

    I'd take both of them alongside hazard, mobile and fluid all of them brilliant with the ball.
  7. zolawannabe25


    Why not go for martial now though? He seems a similar striker to mertens isn't weak has a lot in his locker and wants out of united.
  8. zolawannabe25

    Random Rumours

    Apparently milan want moratta, don't know why Roman would go out there though
  9. zolawannabe25


    If we get Bailey and martial our strike force of hazard Bailey and martial will tear defences in knots witj their movement. Potentially adding in giroud, batshuayi or moratta and it could be lethal especially when you consider the midfield we're building
  10. zolawannabe25

    Alvaro Morata

    I know he's a striker and his job is to score goals but watch the French games! Against Australia they struggled to get into the game because they had no presence, on comes giroud France play better. Okay when the wingers for France are Mbappe and Greizmann you don't need the striker to score. But criticising girouds world cup because he didn't score is ridiculous. He allowed the stars to shine. It's almost similar to saying kante was rubbish because he didn't score or assist.
  11. zolawannabe25

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I know the difference between Panama and Croatia is vast but our best game was against Panama where Ruben shored the midfield and made that right hand side rigid and sturdy
  12. zolawannabe25

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't know if this has been rumoured but in theory it could be a good idea. If blanc signed a one year contract (keeps him relevant) and we move towards a more expansive type of football which keeps the players happy then when his contract expires sarri is no longer attached to Napoli. Similar to what City did with pep and pellegrini.
  13. zolawannabe25

    Mauro Icardi

    Would prefer martial to come in as well as bringing batshuayi back and keeping giroud but icardi will score goals. Maxi Lopez is a good friend of messi so that probably explains his omission from the world cup squad
  14. zolawannabe25

    Mauro Icardi

    From what I've seen he's most like Costa if you wanted to compare styles
  15. zolawannabe25

    Leon Bailey

    I think he'd provide balance on the right, he's very direct whereas hazard is more of a playmaker. It's why, even though Willian is the bigger talent Pedro plays better than hazard really hope, naively that we get him