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  1. The other cm who I rate is Jorginho from Napoli, he's solid and is also a great user of the ball. Whilst I would love Veratti I too am concerned by the lack of height in our middle 2. I'm not sure to much needs to be done in the summer but a couple of tweaks wouldn't be a bad thing. Maybe an upgrade on Pedro/Willian but it depends on who's realistically available if the likes of Griezmann/Sanchez/Martial/Dybala are, as expected I would be tempted by Berardi but is it better to stick to what you know? I'd apply the same logic the wingbacks to be honest. So like the window just gone evaluate what's out there and go from there
  2. Telegraph suggesting Gordon, Muslera or Lopez as potential replacements to Begovic
  3. I hope Costa stays, if we had to replace him though I'd rather look at Icardi, Belotti has also been in fine form this season but there was talk of arsenal bidding 60mil on him. I seem to remember vague Muriel rumours but I think if he came he'd be rotation for all three
  4. Florenzi is out with knee ligament damage, otherwise think we would be in for him, or at least linked.
  5. In an ideal world that would be Koke or Veratti but I doubt either is possible
  6. Acerbi is also left footed which imo is a huge bonus, probably why I was excited about Romagnoli
  7. I'd love Romagnoli in the team to be honest, he is a left sided centre half who would compliment Zouma really well. I also think that a year playing with Terry whilst adjusting to the league would improve him. The big thing that's getting me excited if this happens is that we can have a transition where Terry Cahill and Ivanovic are replaced by Zouma Romagnoli and Christensen. With the former players easing out we'll be in a potential position to have Clarke-Salter and Tomori as squad players.
  8. The centre back I would love to sign is Romagnoli, intelligent left sided centre back. He's young and can play left back if needed. If I'm picky a left back would also be nice (Rodriguez or even Bertrand). A back system of Azpilicueta/Aina/Ivanovic - Zouma/Ivanovic/Cahill - Terry/Romagnoli - New Left Back/Azpi/Aina/Romagnoli I think that has a lot of potential but also a lot of experience. It would also be beneficial as, apart from Terry (and Clarke-Salter but he's a little young) all, all of our current centre back options are right sided so a left footer coming in would balance the back four nicely in my opinion.
  9. I think signing Rodriguez would enhance that view as he's very attacking for a left back and could easily play LWB. I also wonder whether this potential signing could indicate that we've given up on signing a CB and will maybe use Ivanovic as a CB this season? It would be great if we sign this guy and a centre back as it's badly needed but I think that this season without Champions League we would be strong with Azpilicueta/Ivanovic/Aina - Zouma/Ivanovic - Terry Cahill - Rodriguez/Azpilicueta/Aina. Yes it's not ideal as without Zouma there's a serious lack of pace but next season we can welcome back Christensen and with Clarke-Salter and Tomori coming through a gentle transition may work.
  10. Portugal seem to have a lot of young talented central midfielders, I really like the look of Jao Mario and Andre Gomes both seem really energetic and good on the ball. With Neves and Sanchez there midfield certainly looks set for a long time. Also having Danilo and Carvalho as defensive midfielders it looks like a very bright future for their midfield
  11. Well having slept on it I thought I may have calmed down but that was turgid uninspiring horse crap and it didn't really surprise me! So much went wrong, when Roy decided he didn't need Dier even though I was thinking that we should drop to a back three and have Rose and Walker as wingers essentially with Sterling behind Sturridge and Kane. But okay bringing the defensive midfielder off is showing ambition but to bring Wilshere on who gives exactly what Rooney gives is shocking get a midfielder on who offers something else! I know Sterling was abit of a headless chicken but Kane should have gone off before him and bringing on a striker who thrives on service when we had no one giving that was naive at best. I don't understand why Lallana was dropped when he seemed to be one of our better players. Rashford looked bright when he came on it was just too late and how Barkley never got a minute is beyond me he would at least have ran at Iceland rather than get the ball freeze panic and boot it up field. But the thing that really irks me is it just isn't surprising it was just more of the same old England and it was woeful. I don't know what match preparation they did it didn't look like they had ever seen eachother before let alone played together.
  12. He had a slight hip injury which removed a lot of explosiveness and was asked to play through it when he wasn't quite fit I read. If true it probably lasted longer as a result as it was never quite healed. It makes sense as if you're carrying a slight knock you don't want to cause more damage than necessary and something in your hip will take away a lot of power and acceleration. It also may explain why he was brilliant when Gus brought him back into the team.
  13. I guess there's the obvious pipe dreams like Pogba, Rakitic, Koke, Veratti but I honestly believe that there are a lot of options for Chelsea in midfield. If we wanted a defensive midfielder Danilo, Carvalho, Krychowiak and possibly Gonalons and Kranevitter could all be worth a shout and for more box to box sort of players Jorginho, Mario, Andre Gomes, Witsel and possibly the likes of Kondogbia Allan and Goretzka are all players that could work out. Then there's another French midfielder Leicester are about to sign so I really do believe that we aren't reliant on Naingollen coming to Chelsea
  14. Honestly I'd rather Batshuayi think he's got more about him
  15. I know we're not linked to him now but in my opinion Romagnoli would be an excellent signing. He's a left sided centre back who's capable of playing left back, more of a technical ball playing centre half than a physical beast. I feel that he'd compliment Zouma well. There's a young centre back who plays for Atletico as well who may be a good buy? Koulibali certainly looks a great prospect but I fear that he's maybe a little too similar to Zouma? Might be just me though.