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  1. 2028/19 kit?

    I love that away shirt have been after one for years I don't mind red either think it can look smart
  2. Alvaro Morata

    Hazard had one good bit of play last night, burst through pulled it back for a strikers dream.. Where was our striker fresh from coming on? Meandering around not even busting a gut to make it.. I think if there was effort he'd be a lot more forgiven
  3. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    One of my friends is a villa fan and is very impressed. He says that he can't believe how good a "footballer" he is and that he is technically underrated as a ball playing cb because he had the style of a typical lion hearted Englishman. He is a big fan favourite from what I've heard
  4. Eden Hazard

    IF we lose hazard we should go all out for Insigne. I hope we keep him though as no one comes close to him in my opinion let alone someone who is realisticly going to come here.
  5. Charly Musonda jr.

    I think the reasoning behind this is to build up his physical and mental assets. Scotland is a fairly physical league and he'll probably be guaranteed game time to build what's lacking in his game, abit of grit.
  6. Peter Crouch

    I heard that Heskey is polishing out his old boots...
  7. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    He came to us as a right winger who, for want of a better term, did a Robben, just not as successfully. He beats a man cuts in and hammers it goal wards. So potentially he could play with hazard and willian against Brighton. Would prefer Musonda though. I think he had a good game last night just clearly not match fit at the moment.
  8. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    But, correct me if I'm wrong, willian and moratta were booked for diving to win penalties. For Willians "dive" he should definitely have referred to the VAR been told it's a penalty and Willian wouldn't have been booked. Moratta I'm not sure if it was on the half way line or anywhere else on the pitch it's a foul but it would have been a bit of a soft penalty. The main thing I just hate is that it's the referees who have made diving a thing, if they gave penalties for fouls when a player stays on their feet then players wouldn't have to exaggerate contact to go down to win the penalty.
  9. January Window 17/18

    If we can't get the world class players then the tier below would still make the team more rounded. In my opinion if we signed a lb who can play in a four then Kante and two of Drinkwater Barkley Bakayoko or Fabregas with hazard moratta and Willian/Pedro/Musonda/Odoi would still be a very good team. Not for a minute do I believe we will but if we win every remaining game we will have 92 points so if four of those wins are loses we'll still have 80 points it's hardly a crisis.
  10. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    I know this is a bit of a joke thread but what's Mario Gomez up to? I think he is similar in age to Llorente who we were wanting apparently and both are similar players
  11. January Window 17/18

    I'd say three players and we'd have a world class team. A lb/lwb, a cm and a rw. This would give us the opportunity to play 3-4-3 or 4-3-3. The cm needs to be a player who has legs but has superb vision (jorginho, koke?) lb I don't know but if Conte had his way then it would be Sandro and for rw could be a good few choices. Elite level you've got Griezmann or Sanchez. Just below that there's Fekir or Mahrez or there are a lot of talents out there Malcom is just one of them. In the best case scenario would leave the first team something along the lines of: Courtouis Azpilicueta Christensen Rudiger Sandro? Kante Koke Barkley/Bakayoko/Drinkwater/Fabregas Griezmann Hazard Moratta I know it's unlikely but I just think that if you put it like that (three players) then all this doom and gloom looks all a bit over the top. Yes signing Carroll does seem bizarre but if kept fit he would be a good option to have. I haven't seen many teams who have worked out how to deal with him and let's face it he's never going to be a first choice. Final thing I want to point out is that if City weren't having a freak season and running away with it we would be right up there challenging for the title.
  12. We Need a Change in Formation.

    I think this season we should be looking to switch 352 and 343 and use the players we have. The FA Cup final showed how vulnerable we would be against "top" opposition playing 3-4-3. But if we rotate the third attacker (Pedro/Willian) with a third, more creative midfielder (Barkley/Fabregas) dependent on whether we are expecting to be over run in the middle we can have a solid season. If we can get a lb in the summer; then I feel that we can have the best of both worlds and have a packed midfield and have numbers in attack by switching to a 4-3-3. I just don't see how Alonso would fair as a left back so I don't see the point in doing it now when any quality lb will likely be tied up in the champions league and that would mean switching between a back 5 and a 4 which would be demanding for the players in the middle of a season. In a dream world we would be getting Sandro with the back four being Azpilicueta, Christensen Rudiger and Sandro. Which, on paper would be up there with the best backline around.
  13. Who should the club sign with potential Hazard money?

    The only player I could see being attainable who plays in a similar way is Insigne but I'd imagine that even he would be crazy money
  14. Your Alltime Rubbish Chelsea Team

    I don't know if he played for us but just for being an general idiot Leon Knight deserves a mention
  15. Your Alltime Rubbish Chelsea Team

    Mineiro or something like that didn't understand how he managed to get a contract