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  1. I know Chelsea aren't linked but a young English CB with, in my opinion, huge potential, captain of his club and left footed. I think we'd be mad to not challenge for his signature. If he joined I'd say Zouma to leave but that would be a back 3 contingent of: Azpi/Christensen/Luiz - Luiz/Ake/Christensen - Cahill/Gibson/Ake, I think with those options everyone would get game time and we would have a solid defense. I also think that when Cahill starts to decline Gibson can be the English leader in the back line. All relative though.
  2. I'd definitely take him as a squad player, can provide decent cover rf rental and cm he's a tenacious and skillful player definitely worth a punt
  3. Apparently been linked previously but a good article on Savic a CM who plays for Lazio
  4. He's also left footed so would slot nicely into the lcb role with cahill but ake is really impressing me atm IF zouma went I'd be happy to have him. Equally I wouldn't be opposed to Ben Gibson, the one I really like (Italian defender) is Romagnoli Azpi / Christensen / Luiz - Luiz / Christensen / Ake - Cahill / Laporte / Ake That's 6 defenders so might be a little excessive but gives great cover of each position also most are very comfortable in possession.
  5. He is everything we need apart from the height and with alonso cahill and luiz I don't see why it should be an issue.. The other thing thinking about it is Kante and Veratti could realistically not challenge in the air and pick up the second balls they've certainly got the energy for it.. Looking at potential options no one has every quality needed and I'd prefer the better footballer in Veratti than the better athlete in Bakayoko
  6. I would only buy if zouma went but would still leave it until a couple of years time when cahill leaves we could have azpi/christensen luiz/ake/christensen ake/cahill with ake also able to cover cm and lab has great balance. Laporte would be a great shout for cahills position or Ben Gibson
  7. He left because of internal politics. The also have Vidal who they fell out with, leaving them very short on RBs.
  8. He'd be so much better than VVD if we were signing someone
  9. Not too bothered really offers nothing more than alonso does
  10. Christ Danny Rose's hands are big!
  11. If we were looking for an English RB I'd prefer to look at Clyne but think Monaco's RB is the best RB but highly doubt he's attainable.
  12. Trippier is the better player in my opinion. Every time I've seen Walker going forward it's beats his man easily or in a great position and takes a great touch, then sets himself and awful cross. He's got better with that regard this season but before this season I'd have said Clyne and Trippier were ahead of him as right backs, and that's just English ones.
  13. Reason I'd prefer Marchisio to be honest, rotate the pair so that in 2 years RLC is the completed article. If that's a no goer Naingollan or Vidal (if attainable) would suit that purpose.
  14. Think a CB may be a good idea and loan Zouma out, but I would prefer a left footer like; Romagnoli Laporte or Gibson. I think that the balance this would give would be better than VVD. Defensive options would then be Azpi/Christensen - Luiz/New Signing/Christensen/Ake - Cahill/New Signing/Ake. Ake can be cover for CM, LWB, LCB and CB as well. Overall I think this would have us covered.
  15. I think he's got everything else to be an amazing cm apart from the 2 (albeit key) attributes. But both of them can be learned if he had that him and Kante could be an imposing midfield 2. The other thing that would be brilliant to see is a similar formation to the one we played against Southampton in a couple of years but Baker in for Fabregas and Loftus Cheek in place of Matic. Probably a dream though.