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  1. This game was personal, you could see how much it meant to hazard.
  2. By default if one leaves on online match in fifa, the rage quitter loses the game 3-0. I think we should rage quite
  3. Roma coach looks like Gordon Freeman from half life
  4. Why do we have RLC on loan when we are short in depth in midfield? Can the board explain why Matic was sold?
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    To be honest letting Carlo go was a big mistake. He set the team up to demolish teams and played exciting football. Think we scored the most goals in that title winning season
  6. Hey take Dzeko out now, he is over doing it
  7. This commentator is over talking kolarovs goal 🥅 like it’s the best thing his seen
  8. Just bring on Pedro and let him run at them already