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  1. Apparently he is wearing a blue brief. Must be imminent now
  2. Conte is not a manger to be fckdd with, all of his past teams and player mention this about him. Del piero mentioned he will come at you hard and be up you Case all the time for you to improve.
  3. Manu fans reminding me they finished 6th, won trophies and are in the CL. Who da fark cares , we are the champions of England
  4. Big wake up call, Conte is going to blast them. Hard away games to come at Everton and Westbrom. Hopefully we get it right
  5. Seen some slack on here for costa, but the guy put in a solid shut down shift
  6. Might have been discussed earlier, but luiz should take our penalties. He can really bust the net with his shots. I recall when lampard prevented drogs from taking a penalty to ensure that we won the game, even though drogs was needed the goal for his golden boot
  7. Cesc came on and dictated the game, pure class, some sublime passing. Needs to start in the big games
  8. From Diego himself
  9. Lol, costa hasn't trained in 3 days? He posted a video of the training ground being snowed out and he was entering the training building. Lol
  10. Agreed. Might be worthwhile brining in someone in Jan, if Conte doesn't trust bats? I am thinking a cavani type might suite this system
  11. Who needs that when we got a 5 star midfield
  12. Fok me, this is beautiful football
  13. Have a lot of respect for Jose, but his behavior last season was irritating to me. His media outbursts made us a joke