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  1. Liverpool Vs Chelsea (PL) Sat 25 Nov 2017 KO 17:30 GMT

    Correct. I was in the section in MH Lower that evening that he apologised to.
  2. Chelsea Vs Man Utd (PL) Sun Nov 5th 2017 16:30 UK

    This is a brilliant read. Herrera saying Chelsea parked the bus. We had twice the efforts of the Uturds and most their efforts in last 5 mins. I really really hate the little s***. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/657939/Man-Utd-news-Ander-Herrera-Chelsea-reaction
  3. Roma Vs Chelsea (CL) Tue 31st Oct 2017 KO 19:45 GMT

    Let’s not forget Morata miss and Bakayoko free header from the corner. Our first half wasn’t actually that bad but we gifted them the 2nd and after that it went to s***
  4. Chelsea Vs Man City (PL) Sat 30 Sep 2017 KO 17:30 GMT

    Very good point about using virtually the same team as Wednesday - we just doing use the squad enough. Apart from that why use the same team that was set to combat a very cautious Athletico team (which seemed like a tactical master stroke) against a free flowing attacking Clity side who play completely differently.
  5. Chelsea Vs Man City (PL) Sat 30 Sep 2017 KO 17:30 GMT

    I’d like to have a moan about the ticket situation today. It was quite evident as you approached the ground today that it was full of tourists. I don’t think the club is do enough to prevent this. To compound things I took my son into the family section where as a member you can only buy a ticket with a junior one. So how come the 2 seats in front had 2 adult Spanish tourists (the guy in front of me was around 6’ 5”) and then the next 4 seats had a party of adults which included 2 Clity fans. How does that happen? I felt sorry for the kid next to me who had to stand the whole game (partly on the seat) because he couldn’t view over the 6 adults. My 12 yr old also struggled to see. THIS IS REALLY STARTING TO P*** me off
  6. Chelsea Vs Arsenal (PL) Sun 17 Sep 2017 KO 13:30 GMT

    Every corner was a short one today. Why can't we at least mix it up a bit.
  7. Chelsea Vs Burnley (PL) Sat 12 Aug 2017 KO 15:00 GMT

    "Intent" as in intent to hurt. How do you determine that? Every commentator said one thing there wasn't was intent.
  8. If I'm being honest, I certainly didn't think we would win either. I said to someone that the likelihood of going from 10th to 1st is unlikely. I though the Clits and Uturds with all their spending were favourites. Maybe I got taken in with the Pepe hype.
  9. It's a cup match that meant everything to them. Their season hung on it. It's the first FA cup final we've lost in 5 - probability is that we will lose one. We are champions. Much bigger deal. Next season we will chant "champions of England". Does anyone celebrate being FA Cup winners for longer than a few weeks.
  10. Rotation isn't just about CL. Spurms semi was a good case in point where it worked.
  11. Depth is no good if you don't rotate the squad. We also need to start bringing up some youth. Our youth teams have won so much over the years so it's time they brought some of them up. Would a young Terry have ever got a chance in this setup?
  12. Have to agree about the semi final comments. I really hope he uses the squad better next season but can't blame him for staying with a winning formula in his first season. I'm sure he's smart enough. Biggest disappointment on the day was keeping on players on reputation and not their form on the day. History shows big players who have just not performed in big finals - no disgrace, just the way it goes. So I can't understand how it wasn't seen that Moses and Kante were just not on their game and couldn't have come off earlier. Poor Kante has had a brilliant season but yesterday he needed to come off - I've never seen him play so badly.
  13. Chelsea Vs Sunderland (PL) KO Sun 21/5 2017 15:00GMT

    Far cry from seeing Robert Huth driving the groundsmans buggy around the pitch in 2006.
  14. Chelsea Vs Sunderland (PL) KO Sun 21/5 2017 15:00GMT

    Delighted today but just a wee wee moan. We were in East lower family today. Unlike the last 4 titles where the team did a full lap of honour with the trophy, the celebrations seemed entirely for the media and MH stand. By the time some came around to us many had given up and left. Look at all the empty seats in shed upper in this shot I took. Great day none the less. CHAMPIONS.
  15. WBA Vs Chelsea (PL) Fri 12/05 2017 KO 20:00 GMT

    Just love this shot