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  1. Just googled it. Released the day my younger son was born. 2nd October 1995. Just saying!
  2. Wonder why the long faces too from some of them ?
  3. What's the story,morning glory.' by Oasis. Currently listening to a few Oasis albums when travelling to work.
  4. Look at the various advertising in the above picture. I have only ever had a cup of bovril once and hated it ! A traditional football fans drink at a match. Well apart from the alcohol (before it was banned,obviously!)
  5. Real football is back. Come on Chelsea. Hopefully another win and another step on our way to the title.
  6. Oh we do have a history. Blue is the colour.
  7. Had pictures of Peter Borota on my wall as a kid. Even for a keeper he was mad. But he was our mad keeper! Reminded me a bit of the Peru keeper, Quiroga (?) who was booked for fouling an opposing forward about the half way line. This was in the 1978 World Cup !
  8. Great thread.
  9. Boyne: Cheers for the footage.
  10. Agreed mate.
  11. There is, I think footage of Tony Goddens two penalty saves at Old Trafford in Sept 1986 on youtube.
  12. Eddie was a good keeper for us. Agreed that it was a real shame about his injury. We did go through a fair number of keepers to try and replace him.
  13. When Graham Roberts book was published a few years ago. It had a double front cover. One of him in a Spurs shift,the other was of him in a Rangers shirt. The book wasn't that great,even for footballers biographies.
  14. I remember Roberts falling out with Graeme Souness at Rangers near the end of 1987/88. Souness blamed him for a late goal Rangers lost. Roberts disagreed and said so to Souness in front of the Rangers dressing room. Souness sold him to us in the summer of 1988 I think after the European Championships in June.
  15. Looking at the Chelsea team that night. 5 Scottish players and 2 Welsh players playing!