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  1. Carlisle Utd were beaten 3-0 away to Luton the other night. Must have been a long journey back up the motorway!
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Getting your new Chelsea strip or anything Chelsea for Christmas or your birthday was brilliant as a kid.
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I think that the adidas Tango football might have been used in season 1978/79? Or perhaps I am totally wrong. Or I might be getting mixed up with it being used in Scottish League Football that season.
  4. Kevin Hitchcock 1988-2001 ! I was actually checking when John Hollins played for us. It was 1962-75 then 1983-84.
  5. How good would it be if they were winning 1-0 and their crowd in full voice. Then,we get two late goals and the winner is a penalty to win 2-1 !
  6. Carlisle Utd are up to 12th now after a 1-0 away win at Grimsby.
  7. 4-0 at The Hawthorns. Well done Chelsea. Sounds like it was a very good performance all round. Highlights on shortly.
  8. It can be anytime in our history. I just chose some games that I remember that I really wanted to be at.
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    On this day 18th November 1905. From official Chelsea site. Chelsea were forced to play a League and FA Cup match on the same day. We took a scratch team to Crystal Palace in the FA Cup and lost 7-1. Simultaneously we beat Burnley 1-0 at The Bridge in a Division 2 fixture,to vindicate the club's decision.
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Cheers above answer and footage.
  11. The things you learn about Chelsea on here !
  12. The Moscow Dynamo game from November 1945 is an iconic one in our history. Somebody stated this was a Chelsea game that they would love to have been at. I'll narrow it down for myself as the games I would have loved to have been at since supporting the Blues on 1974/75. And I have decided not to choose obvious big games! 1. V Nottingham Forest at the Bridge in Nov 77. We won 1-0. One of only three defeats Forest had in 1977/78 as they won the Division 1 title. 2. Bolton away in spring of 1983. Clive Walker scored. We won 1-0 and stayed in Division 2 ! 3. 5-0 v Derby at the Bridge in Aug 1983. The start of something special. 4. 5-0 v Leeds April 1984. Great win. Nearly back. 4. 1-1 v Arsenal in Aug 1984. That King Kerry goal. We were back!.
  13. Come on Chelsea! I know the game is tomorrow. Just want us to get a win. Mind you,like everyone else on here. I always want a Chelsea win.
  14. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Earlier today came across the International Football Book No 26. It covered the 1983/84 season and there's a decent article on us called 'Sleeping Giants ' after the great promotion season of 1983/84. I know I have a few other editions of this book as I used to get it as a Christmas present. Anyone else have any copies or remember getting them as presents ?