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  1. Northern Ireland fans love it too!
  2. Christensen. What a player! Anyway, how anyone can blame any of our back 3 for yesterday's debacle is beyond me.They had no protection. Nothing in front of them. Zero.Zilch . When they had the ball, again nothing in front to help.
  3. That will come back to bite us
  4. Yes. That's my point. I didn't phrase it properly
  5. Let's give him break. It was stupid, but all defenders do it. How many pens are given percentage wise?? It's all about consistency, Alonso was fouled in their box in the same way.No pen. Cnuts are out to get us.
  6. Atleti games usually deceive. They will give you space but not let you score. Then hit you from a corner or a fast counter. We're dominating them though.
  7. It's all about opinions but I love this kit. Have seen much worse.
  8. Gutted to have lost this game. Oh, hang on . 25 minutes til kick off.
  9. Irish

    Where is this accusation against fans from N.Ireland being anti Irish coming from?? I repeat, I've being going to the Bridge for years and haven't witnessed any anti Irish crap from anyone. Does no one remember Rep.Ireland v England match a few years ago. Don't think N.I. fans were there that night. I have heard on many occasions anti IRA songs coming from supporters with English accents. I'm not knocking them for that, it's understandable as far as I'm concerned. The original post accused N.I fans of being anti Irish. I don't get the point of this thread or why he felt the need to start it..
  10. Irish

    That's the simplistic view. My experiences at the Bridge tell me different. I also have to say that I don't condemn anyone for being anti I RA. I've seen there actions first hand.
  11. Irish

    Niall I know you didn't mention religion, but you and I know if there was an anti Irish element from " narrow minded northern Irish fans" they'd be Protestant. So I was defending my position. To answer your question. I have never heard any anti Irish behaviour in all my time attending matches at the Bridge. I admit I have heard anti IRA/ pro British songs, and it most definitely wasn't coming from any N. IRELAND based supporters.
  12. Irish

    I am from Northern Ireland.Supporting Chelsea since 1969. You seem to be implying that if there's an anti Irish element it comes solely from narrow minded people from my neck of the woods. I am a Protestant by the way and have nothing against anyone (colour or creed) supporting the Blues.