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  1. Jose Mourinho thread

    Oh f**k it.
  2. Jose Mourinho thread

  3. Jose Mourinho thread

    Exactly. The anti Mourinho brigade get slagged off for their opinions. Not being lazy, stating a fact
  4. Jose Mourinho thread

    So. No one must slag Jose (the special one) Mourhino off. To do so is sacrilege and utterly utterly wrong. One must not have their anti "special one" opinions on this forum because it is an idiotic opinion that has no substance. So if you're not a Mourinho supporter please keep your thoughts to yourself or join another forum. Thank you!
  5. Jose Mourinho thread

    If Mourinho is getting the credit for us winning trophies then by the same logic he must take the blame for our current situation. Yes the players downed tools and wouldn't play for him. So, in my opinion he was the root cause. When/if he goes to Manure it will be a slap in the face to those who think he's one of us.
  6. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    What a sh*t season this has been. Absolutely depressing. We are a mess of a club from top to, no, ain't gonna blame folks at the bottom, it starts at the top. Our transfer policy has been ridiculous and to top it off we get a guy on loan in January and don't play him. BIZARRE.
  7. Jose Mourinho thread

    And then said Eto was 75 or something lol. Pure class. Not.
  8. MOTM vs Everton (A) (FA)

    Cahill, because almost everyone was sh*t
  9. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    Shocking defending
  10. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    Willian's been poor as well
  11. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    No they're not. They're just closer to the microphones
  12. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    And the Tony Gale award for anti Chelsea bias goes to.....
  13. Everton v Chelsea FA Cup

    If we play like we did against PSG we'll win. I genuinely think we did ok against them, until their killer 2nd goal. If Costa plays, we win.
  14. Jose Mourinho thread

    I think the board backed Jose with signings., problem being, the signings were sh*te
  15. Jose Mourinho thread

    Arguing about how much we offered for Stones?? None of us will ever know.What I do know is, he's not worth 50 million.