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  1. Mad that a lead like ours in previous seasons meant the title was done and dusted considering the form of the chasing pack. But credit to Spurs, they've been on an incredible run and are going to push us to the end. They've been incredible lately.
  2. interesting that Costa is on team Brazil rather than Spain
  3. Crazy isn't it. Everyone was lauding Hazard after the match but Kante was clear MOTM for me.
  4. Hasn't kept a clean sheet this year #ConteOut
  5. All I've seen in the past week or two has been what a fantastic job Conte has been doing, much more than Klopp - despite Klopp having a bigger reputation ad personality. Not a huge fan of the "media always hate us" mentality a lot of fans (of every club) seem to have.
  6. His movement in that first video is superb.
  7. I'd probably go for a 4-3-3. High energy midfielders with positional discipline to keep us from running the midfield while also stifling the space in which Hazard and Pedro receive the ball. Play two quick tricky wingers and have fullbacks always overlapping; feed the ball out wide at every opportunity and allow them to create overloads against our wingbacks. Put crosses into a big striker at the back post vs Cesar.
  8. I think it's absurd to state that Jose doesn't work his teams hard on the training ground. The hallmark of a Mourinho team is incredible organisational discipline only achievable through hours on the pitch. The epitome of a Jose Mourinho performance, for me, is 2nd leg Inter vs Barca 2010; that team was so incredibly well drilled it was evident that they had spent hours and hours working on their defensive organisation and it paid off. I agree that he relies on good players for attacking contribution but what that says to me is rather than not putting the hours in on the pitch, the emphasis is just on defensive rather than offensive work, or Mourinho isn't as good an offensive coach as he is a defensive one. As for greater than sum of their parts - look no further than Porto and Inter, and I'd argue that during his first stint here we were a well oiled machine as a result of his work. We did have world class players, but he made them work very well together as a team. And I'm one of the more Jose-critical posters on here.
  9. I think the beauty of the style we're playing is that we aren't afraid of keeping the ball, but we just try to move it quickly and expose the opposition with good movement. Eg. when Moses hit the post we had kept the ball for a while, probed on the right, then moved the ball across quickly enough to pull the defence out of shape and carved out an opportunity. In past seasons, particularly pre-Fabregas, it felt as if we were unable to do this. Once the opposition had gotten into their defensive shape we were out of ideas. And then on the other end, in big games we looked like we were scared of keeping the ball and would force the issue instead of probing like we did yesterday. At times it felt like we were only able to score on the break.
  10. Great temperament again, taking that nasty challenge and not getting involved in handbags with Coleman as he has done in the past. Just got on with it and lead the line impeccably.
  11. His recent good behaviour reminds me of Drogba when he cut out the moaning and diving. Diverting his attention to producing the goods and not getting caught up in the petty crap.
  12. Easy to not miss the CL so far because this is the boring part. And in the past few years we haven't really had a huge deal of excitement. But back in the day when we would get to the latter stages of the competition and hold our own vs the best of the best the CL was magical. I want that feeling back.
  13. Agreed. He's our best defender hands down. 3 at the back helps to conceal his weakness in the air. The more I see Luiz in this formation the more I'm certain he'll do well. JT doesn't have long left and Zouma needs to get fit and sharp so I feel like they'll be sharing a position for most of the season.
  14. Ivanovic wasn't fantastic during our title winning season either. He was clearly worse at RB than Luis at LB, Mourinho just liked him for tactical reasons. Lets not forget that we also let Bertrand go. Mourinho messed up our fullback situation because he liked having Ivanovic's steel in the side.