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  1. Hope not. He's stagnated a lot. Better off sticking with Chalobah or Baker.
  2. Probably the most talented and first team ready player we have produced in ages and he still can't get a chance. £20m being offered is a lot of money for what the club considers a backup player. Pains me to say as Ake is right up there as one of my favorite players for us but I would rather we just sold him than waste his time with tiny appearances.
  3. Rate him very highly but I would never spend this much on him when we have Christensen and Ake waiting in the wings.
  4. Yeah, I meant go to Huddersfield. They wanted him if I recall correctly.
  5. Not sure about that loan, they have 3 strikers already. Better off just staying at Huddersfield.
  6. Aren't Man City interested in Bertrand? Quite insulting to compare him to Van Aanholt as well tbh.
  7. I don't even care about Italian football and I'm seething with rage at how stupid and disrespectful Donnarumma is.
  8. Conte always complains every transfer window, wouldn't worry too much about it.
  9. Cute of us to try but we'll be lucky to get even half of that.
  10. I don't really think we have much an of option to be honest. No one else is a realistic option, significantly better than Lukaku and can match his experience. Not happy with the prices being mentioned but we can make half of it back from Costa's sale so it's not bad at all if you look at it that way.
  11. Not even Lukaku behaved like this when he wanted to leave. Bit of a shame.
  12. Lots of people underrating him here.
  13. Jesus, I completely forgot about this guy. He would actually make a good LWB if given the chance.
  14. Grateful for what he's done for us but not I'm not exactly going to be shedding a tear at his departure. £40m is still a good deal for us.
  15. Would be very surprised if we don't sign him. We need his experience upfront to replace Costa.