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  1. Yep. Ake wasn't even in a bad position either to be honest.
  2. Will be great to see Dave with the armband.
  3. Both Walker and Rose have been outstanding this season to be fair, no complaints from me there. Only one I disagree with is Mane, think Eriksen has been better personally.
  4. Not rightly after seeing it again.
  5. He rightly assumed the ball had gone out of play. Also he's still stood in the right place regardless of whether he picks him up or not, he wouldn't have prevented that goal either way.
  6. His interview after the game was right up there as one of his best ever. Cracked me up.
  7. It worked! Managed to finish those photo missions now.
  8. After further digging it seems the Xbox Elite Controller should allow you to re-map buttons. I'll try it when I get home, there may be hope yet!
  9. Just played Sleeping Dogs for the first time, it's a fantastic game. I normally hate these GTA kinda games but the fighting mechanics of this one makes it very entertaining. Unfortunately, I encountered a pretty major bug which has ruined the game for me and rendered it unplayable. For some reason when doing missions where you have to take pictures, the game just doesn't let me do it. I'm smashing the RT button like it says to but it's not taking the picture, looked online to make sure I wasn't being stupid and missing something obvious but it seems to be a common issue. Doesn't seem like there's a fix for it so I'm screwed, pity as I was really getting into it.
  10. They should hire Di Matteo.
  11. Spurs are pretty much at full strength whereas City are losing some key players, I would be surprised if Spurs don't win. Especially given their form.
  12. 5 years ago we were most likely ahead of you given that CL victory but you've won more in the past 2 years/seasons and been a constant face in the CL since so the figures would reflect that. Arsenal isn't weird really, they have been in the CL for a long time and will make a decent push for a cup or so here and there. They are practically a safe bet commercially. Don't know enough about PSG to be honest, the league itself isn't watched as much as the others so maybe it's down to them being the only french team that can actually advance deep in CL competitions thus maximising their value. I think United have gotten to the point where they are more of a brand than a football club so things like losing out on CL that has affected us wouldn't make much of a dent for them, they can still negotiate big deals.
  13. City have been in CL regularly and against the big teams, won cups and in recent years have done better than us. Commercial and marketing don't care about your history, it's all about exposure. This is why Leicester have shot up the table. I'm more surprised at United, I know they signed a few new deals and such but that's still quite a significant difference from last year.
  14. Possible I suppose, Traore does have a stronger upper body and can be harder to shake off. I think that importance is overstated though and compensated by the fact that in addition to being fast and able to take players 1on1 like Traoe does, Musonda is better with regards to passing and has slightly better decision making.