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  1. I am a fraud also ------ 4/12
  2. Naw, G4. It was nowhere near as sublime as Gerrard's backpass to Demba Ba.
  3. I saw The Great Escape this weekend of the television, and could not help but go to this thread and comment. Did anyone else see Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in the stands at the recent Arsenal match? They should those two for a few seconds in the telecast that I saw, and I recall somewhere that Ferrell is a big Chelsea fan. I also recall that he did a soccer movie a few years ago, which did not do well.
  4. That name always makes me chuckle, Garth Crooks. Is it his real name or a stage name? If it is his real name, I feel sorry for him to have such a silly name.
  5. I will never forget the looping header in the Europa league final, to me right up there with Drogba's equalizer header in the CL final, Drogba's last penalty kick in the CL final, Ramires' goal in the CL semi, and Torres's goal in the CL semi.
  6. From a pure financial standpoint, I suppose that if Ivan leaves in January, we do not have to pay his wages for the remaining part of his contract, and if Ivan gets playing time at Zenit or wherever he ends up, that's good for him. And maybe they will agree to pay him a higher weekly wage, who knows?
  7. Did anyone else notice when he dribbled to the byline with his RIGHT foot and got past Pogba toward the goal? I could not believe it, and I think the same is true of Pogba.
  8. I am very sad to hear this. I hope he takes as long as time as he needs to get over losing his mother.
  9. DeGea would have saved it in his sleep.
  10. The one he scored was very nice, but the one his missed at the end of the first was bad, since he should have shot low and avoided Neurer getting a chance to make a very good save.
  11. After seeing all of the youngsters playing for ManU yesterday, we really have to start playing our youngsters now.
  12. Done. Based on my limited knowledge of New Balance, aren't they known for running shoes? If so, I suppose branching into football is a reasonable thing to do for them.
  13. I think Jiri Jarocik scored a really nice long range goal for us, probably his only goal for us. Can someone find that one (unless my memory is wrong about that)?
  14. Good point, Wallosh. After setting the world on fire in the first half of the season, Willian has been absolutely woeful the last three months. I think we need to find a different set piece taker, Cesc for corners and Oscar for free kicks just outside the penalty box.
  15. How bad was van Ginkel's injury?