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  1. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Maybe they will bring Collina out of mothballs -- that would give us a great chance!
  2. Jose Mourinho thread

    Just makes me detest the bitter one even more.
  3. On a good note, I do not recall one time that Hazard was fouled today. Fair play to the Hammers!
  4. Can't blame the ref for this loss. Just bad all around
  5. Hey Tonkey, that Is uncalled for.
  6. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Not really, since Christensen could not anticipate Baka deciding to switch teams and pass the ball to Salah.
  7. Matt Miazga

    Kluivert? I suppose it is a good guess who his father his.
  8. What! Cuadrado leaving didn't bother you?
  9. Wow, that was bad. Grabbing and holding on to Morata for about 10 seconds, and no foul called. John Moss needs new specs.
  10. On the refs topic, if it was us playing against Leiscester city and our defender took down vardy Like company did early in that match with no covering defender, we would have gotten a red for sure, not a yellow like company got.
  11. Most hated opposition

    ManU, Tottenham, Liverpool in that order. I never liked Smug Jose when he was our coach, and now that he is at ManU I really detest him. The absolute stupidity in allowing De Bruyne to leave because Jose did not like him just makes my blood boil.
  12. I am glad that Slojo mentioned Carvalho when he was talking about how much Smalling grabs opponents shirts. It used to scare me sh*tless whenever we would defend a corner and I would watch all the shenanigans that Carvalho would be doing. Was he ever called for a penalty? He may have been as lucky as Smalling. I was never that keen on Carvalho as being a great defender like others on this forum, for just that reason, and because he would make some scary tackles that may have justified a red card in today's game (again, he seemed to be lucky in that he rarely if ever was given a red card).
  13. Thank you, Scott. Wow, Torres was even farther away from goal than Morata. And I forgot that Dave provided the cross for both goals.
  14. It reminded me of one of the few really good goals that Torres scored for us a few years back, when he scored from a bullet header from about the same spot where Morata was when he scored. My memory fails me about whom we were playing, but that goal, as well as the second Barca goal, stand out for me as two nice goals by Torres when he was wearing a blue shirt.
  15. Michael Emenalo Appreciation Thread

    Nice post Slojo, but I think that you are wrong to include Crespo in the list of flop-signings by Chelsea. He was anything but that. Yes, he did leave due to homesickness, but for his time here, he did good for us. I still remember fondly that goal that he scored in the first game when the score was 1-1 and things were dire, but then he pops up with a long range goal and we win, and then win the league. Was it Watford? I am too lazy to search the Web to find that team's name.