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  1. This is the message (apparently) or a recreation of what it said anyway. I know Costa has his flaws but it seems shockingly unprofessional to go about things this way.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks it's extremely unprofessional that Conte ended Costa's Chelsea career via text?? Text!
  3. I think his bad attitude is always going to come back to bite us. Conte tamed him for a season but I don't think it's a long term solution.
  4. Usually this would have thrown me off and put me in a bad mood for a few days but we won the league!! Just have to let it go, we didn't deserve to win today at all and it could have been 5-1 if i'm honest so can't be too upset.
  5. When Matic is on form he is a powerful, disruptive, anchoring player. When he is not on form (like today) he is pedestrian, frustrating and very very very poor on the ball. Although everyone was dreadful today (except Pedro) he stood out.
  6. Please tell me you've been hacked hahaha that logo is an eyesore
  7. Also on that note of cancelled victory parade, i'm sure all of us want to congratulate Manchester United on winning the Europa league tonight. It is, of course, insignificant due to recent events but hopefully will give a little boost for the city in these difficult times.
  8. If anyone has pictures from the last game/celebrations today or maybe their favourite picture of JT it might be nice to post? These 2 are some of my favourites. 2nd one is definitely sums up the 'f**k 'em all' attitude, love it.
  9. Wow that was emotional, definitely shed a tear. We'll never have another one like him.
  10. Would have loved him to finish the game and his Chelsea career with a win and lifting the trophy. That was bizarre, not sure what to think of it at all.
  11. Chelsea just won't be the same after JT has gone.
  12. Never seen that picture/angle before, quality.
  13. here's a link to all the goals
  14. I ended up voting for both using different email addresses haha, trying to be fair. I genuinely couldn't pick between them.
  15. Saw this on the Chelsea website and was wondering what everyone's choice would be. It's so close between Hazard vs Arsenal and Matic Vs Spurs for me.