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  1. linesy91

    Gareth Bale

    Haven't heard any specific rumours but I can't see why we wouldn't be in the running? If we sold Pedro/Willian and loaned out Morata it could cover a lot of the cost?
  2. Who cares if they are 'foreign' or british as long as they play well and work hard? Can't believe I'm having to say this.
  3. Needed that for a bet.. At least some good came out of today haha
  4. He wouldn't get a game
  5. Still no changes???
  6. Might aswell put one of those free kick mannequins in midfield instead of Bakayoko
  7. What an effort Giroud. We need to stop with the short corners
  8. I said the last month or so? I don't know what you're reading.
  9. This is rough for the travelling fans
  10. I was stating a fact that he's been the best in the last month or so and hasn't been lazy.