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  1. don't know if any of you guys are involved with this but they put on some great banners. Let's give our best ever player the best send off.
  2. I feel like my team has left with JT :(. Pretty devstated he won't be retiring at Chelsea. The last player of what I felt was my favourite Chelsea team (Lampard, Terry, Drogba etc.) Really strange feeling.
  3. Daylight robbery. That handball was ridiculous, how can he not give that.
  4. cringing hell at the commentary
  5. Very poor first half, I was getting really worried. 3 points is 3 points, even better against spurs but we need to be better against city.
  6. Interesting interview.
  7. Is it wishful thinking to think that we'll get rid of that awful bull on all of our gear?
  8. I have been musing recently about football teams/clubs and their identities and wondered what ours is and what it might be in the future. In the past we have been known to have a strong spine with Cech, Terry Lampard, Drogba, stout in defense and ruthless in attack (under Jose, Ancelotti etc.) Obviously when you lose key players you lose a part of the team's identity and with Lampard, Drogba and Cech all gone it has been difficult to see what our new identity looks like or if there is even a new one forming. Of course this is made difficult by the constant changing of managers and the ease at which players seem to come and go at Chelsea but I do find the situation quite sad. (I don't want to live in the past but I bring up the previous legendary players as an example of when I last felt we had a clear identity.) Just wondering what you guys think our identity is now and what you'd like it to be in the future? For me, until we have a strong manager who can enforce a certain ideology we will not see much success and obviously i'm hoping Conte will have a positive impact. I'd like to see us have more passion across the field, buy or introduce players who understand our history and want to fight for the team (see Costa) and ultimately I want us to have good compact shape and be ruthless in attack again (again see Costa.) Anyway let me know your thoughts! Cheers
  9. Obviously he wasn't good last year but am I the only one who thinks Fabregas is too good to be sitting on the bench week in, week out?
  10. Glad things have picked up, that first half was Kieron Dire
  11. I say let's concede and then bring michy on in the 87th minute