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  1. linesy91

    Mobile site advert hijacks

    I've got these on my mobile too
  2. linesy91

    Most memorable goals against Chelsea

    Although it was a snap shot, Cech definitely had time to sort his feet out and tip it over.
  3. You don't miss Morata falling over every time he is touched? Weird
  4. Why not? His first pl goal for us
  5. Jheez, we are sh*te at the moment. I was going to stick a fiver on southampton before the game but couldn't bring myself to bet against Chelsea, wish I had now. At least i'd have some money out of this dross
  6. linesy91

    Alvaro Morata

    We have a striker who is banging in goals in a top European league. Get him back. I am sick of watching Morata fall over and cry every time he feels a little pressure from the defender. We'd obviously have to adjust our playing style but that might not be a bad thing.
  7. Sorry if this kind of thing has been posted before but I was wondering which goals (against us) stand out for you. Whether it's last minute heart-breakers or 30 yard wonder goals I was interested in everyone's thoughts. Just off the top of my head I clearly remember: Ronaldinho (Barcelona) Vs Chelsea. 2005. The 'toe poke' was so inventive and out of the blue that it stunned the crowd into silence and cemented Ronaldinho's place in history as one of the most talented players of his generation. Iniesta (Uefalona) Vs Chelsea. 2009. This goal haunts me every time I see it. Great finish but I'm sure plagued the dreams of Chelsea fans for years after. Muller (Bayern) Vs Chelsea. 2012. I thought the game was over, our miracle run had come to a finish. Of course we couldn't win in Munich with such a weakened team, it just wasn't possible. Thank god I was wrong. Apparently mine mostly come in the champions league but I'm sure there are many more goals that have changed games and seasons that you guys will remind me of!
  8. Morata can not stay on his feet, it's embarrassing.
  9. Jose makes big games so boring that I think fans are a bit disillusioned now.
  10. https://streamja.com/dop Could watch this every day. JT, Didier, Frank, Petr etc recapping our two legs against Barca in 2012. Goosebumps.
  11. linesy91

    Cast your votes!

    Which match what?
  12. linesy91

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Send him away on loan, anywhere. He is literally costing us goals and possibly games. Obviously others need to improve too but he is by far and away the biggest liability.
  13. linesy91

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Obviously I was paraphrasing but you get the point
  14. linesy91

    Tiémoué Bakayoko