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  1. Brutos

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Hes made Napoli extremely hard to play against if he joins i see emerson as first choice LB
  2. Brutos

    Next Chelsea Manager

    VS Pep Good insight
  3. Brutos

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Every coach started out winning "fuk all" as you put it
  4. I will be here next season whether you like it or not
  5. of course it matters because if it didn't we wouldn't have finish 5th
  6. We got extremely lucky in those games and no he didnt because players didnt seem to care about him
  7. all the traveling supporters should get a refund
  9. We are in the position we deserve to be in, no point moaning or getting upset. A combination of the board, players and Manager have put us where we are at the moment. I have little confidence anything will change come next season as the broad will continue to do what they do, if Conte continues we will see the same boring drab negative football every match and we will continue to have days like today. In a game where we need to win we have zero attempts on goal and the opposition has 10. Far too negative, the formation doesn't work the PL anymore it has been countered by every team we played this season to a certain extend.
  10. What a Slap in the Face to Chelsea that is HAHAHA
  11. We will lose this game, and deservedly so