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  1. Once these are being sanctioned I don't have a problem, he sees him daily in training and obviously doesn't value him enough. Also people complaining about debt we have Nate and RLC who can step up
  2. We will buy him back for a ridiculous fee we better but a buy back clause in his contract
  3. You can never please some fan's I have come to learn this
  4. I think if he wants to come we will get him
  5. Not happy when we have Nat and LC, whats the point of youngsters signing for us when they know no matter how good they are they will never play
  6. Garbage
  7. Think I will stay away from the news as they are all chatting sh*t
  8. I like the 30 minutes rule make the game more exciting and intense stop those WBA and Stoke wasting time
  9. This seems plausible
  10. Never smoke without fire I didn't want to believe they Costa rumours in January but I won't make that mistake again. Conte walked out on HIS team Juventus so walking out on Chelsea is nothing. I don't think he will be here for the season start I so hope am wrong but am preparing for the worst now.
  11. I don't put anything past this board, I am always positive but going by our record on manager's I expect a new manager before our season starts. Call me pessimistic and all
  12. He basically leaked a personal conversation, shows his character and the tough time Conte probable had dealing with him
  13. I backed Costa during his sh*t spell but now am done with him sooner he leaves the better
  14. Bats and Lukaku with Hazard behind 3-5-2
  15. Tragic news 30 so young to have a heart attack