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  1. This is funny
  2. I am fully confident he is not going anywhere he is pretty happy in London he's not a drama Queen he's a family guy his family is pretty happy in London
  3. Just few weeks ago some fans in this same thread were blasting him saying they wouldn't mind if he's gone how the tide has changed in a space for a few weeks
  4. Eden is not going nowhere i said last season When he was having a horrible time that he will be here i was laughed at and i will say the same again he will be here until at least 30
  5. Redcafe really.... Really....
  6. Wouldn't want him especially for that price definitely not worth it not even close
  7. Some fans use to look past this behaviour because he was our manager now we can see what other fans see
  8. Ain't going to happen
  9. I think it's most likely he will extend his deal he seems like the type of person who once happy he stays also getting Drogba back at the club once he retires is keep as Drogba played a major role in his acquisition and he still sees him as a big brother
  10. Pipe down guy guys reading way too much in a interview done in Spanish. If was in a country and i was getting harassed by the media the way he was i would want to go back to where I would be more loved. People are misinterpreting his issue with the media and the bias press. I hope he stays and sign's an extension with him in our team before the match even starts defender's panic
  11. Conte won 3 titles on the bounce in Italy taking over a team that finished 7th previous season
  12. Bakayoko under Conte would be a beast with Kante in the middle
  13. He will back. Fergie would do this all the time to his star players drop them before international break and say they injured to rest them. Haz now has 2 weeks to rest that's a big break for this time of the season
  14. He is very dangerous going forward and has improved greatly defensively​
  15. That was a horrible miss