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  1. Just like Ashley Cole, both are few of the Arsenal players in the last decade that demand success. Sanchez is obviously another one, hope we will be able to snatch him. Despite all those transfer rumours, I think he's happy and will stay for a few seasons if not finishing his career with us
  2. No doubt it will be a huge party at the Bridge tomorrow. however I know Conte won't let players go easy on Sunderland. He demanded the win number 30 and who's going to bet against him. I think Courtois/Costa/Pedro/Alonso/Moses etc will play, after all they do need match practice ahead of the FA cup. There will be tears to be shed, and I can't wait for the season finale, an amazing season for us.
  3. My expectations are we will keep the manager and the core of the player group, sign 3-4 reinforcement, then the trophies will come. In the past, we wasted a number of opportunities to reach the next level after a title or major trophy, let's hope we won't mess it up next season.
  4. Cesc is a f* legend, he earned the rights to say a few f* words on live TV. I thought it was a way over reaction from the reporter to correct Cesc, what did he expect from a man who just won the league after 95 minutes football? If he wanted an 'one game at a time' type of answer, wait until tomorrow morning. I'd love Cesc to stay at Chelsea for the rest of his career, he just add so much composure, accuracy, fluency to the team.
  5. Still can't believe we have done it with 2 games to go. Let's be honest, we all had doubts in recent games, after 10 without clean sheet, shock lose to Palace, the awful day at OT. Somehow, Conte managed to drag this team out of potential disasters and get us back to the winning way. Realistically, most of us would have taken the 4th spot trophy or even a Europa league spot after that Arsenal lose. This is the best league win we had, because no one saw it coming, even most of us.
  6. He's a f* cult hero even if he's leaving next season. It hasn't been easy for him this season, but every cameo he got he went all in. I'm sure he will get his full league debut next game, and maybe he does have a future with us after tonight.
  7. Give the man a new contract and a blank check book to sign whoever he wants next season. Even on a beautiful day like this, we have to read so called confirmed rumour he's going back to Italy next season. I don't think he will, but for f* sake we need to kill any thoughts of his potential departure in the near future. He has done the impossible, the FA cup would be a huge icing on the cake. We have seen how league winner perform in the following season in the past few years, I hope and trust Roman will back him all the way in the transfer market to ensure Conte has a dynasty at Chelsea.
  8. At no stage we were going to settle for a draw, we just went after them the whole game. In the end we got what we deserved, against the double decked bus that kicked our players for 90 minutes.
  9. I think we will be toasting for the league title in 10 hours time. Put all the pre-talks aside, they really don't have much to play for, and we got everything to play for. Their form hasn't been good lately, most of them are in holiday mode by now. I have no doubt Pullis will park the bus and play dirty, after all he does have a reputation to spoil a party. But, I'm confident we will do the job and bring the bacon home by the end of the night.
  10. A must win for Boro, so I expect to see the best of them, at least for a portion of the game. I still believe they will play safe and rely on the odd counter attack opportunities, if someone they get a lead in the game ( first or 85th minute), we will need to be our best to break them down. I think Conte will be patient and play Kante/Matic if possible. If Kante is not fit, I rather we play Matic/Cesc and get him ready for the WBA game.
  11. Can't believe I was cheering the Hammers on last night, well, there's a first for everything.
  12. I never look forward to a Monday this, already started to count down. I don't think we could have hand picked a better scenario than now even if we tried. With all due respect to the opponent, if we play like we did against Everton, we will we toasting for the tittle next weekend. I bet Conte and players couldn't wait for the game either, it's all about stay calm and be focus heading into the game.
  13. Depends on how Swansea and Hull go, we will either play a desperate team playing for survival, or a team resigning to their inevitable relegation. Either way, Conte and his team knows exactly what to do and how to get a win. They got a solid defence, but clueless in attack, so in theory it should be easy. However, we have lost to teams battling relegation this time of the season over the last few years, I remember Sunderland ended our unlikely title challenge few years ago, and they did us again last year, so it could be a tricky game despite my confidence. I think Conte will play the same team, although I believe it should be an easy pick to start Cesc over Matic.
  14. This is the title deciding match, we win this it will be done and dusted even if Spurs beat Arsenal. I don't expect Conte to allow the same mistake we made against United, expect us to have a quick start. I think it will be the same 11 bar injuries.
  15. Tough game, but they are in a similar position as Southampton, pretty much settled for the 7th spot and not much to play for. They are good going forward, but I still fancy us hitting them on the break against their slow backline.