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  1. I reckon it's an English thing, referee subconsciously trying to level the playing field by letting the smaller teams get away with fouls, especially at home ground. I could reckon 1 if not more major decisions went against us in each of our away game, we may have got away with some, but overall after 12 games it hasn't balanced itself out yet by a long way. Some sort of Video Refer has to be in place soon, it won't be perfect but at least it will reduce the amount of terrible decisions
  2. Best offensive game we had this season, the 352 is really clicking now. It's the right balance with solid midfield, one of the best passer in the game, an all around centre forward to lead the line, and the best dribbler with the freedom to roam around the field. Not my concern, but who could WBA expect as a better manager? The likes of Allan Padrew and Shakespere are hardly an upgrade, and they aren't the type of team that likely to attract a foreign manager.
  3. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    If Jose had his way, he'd buy every player from Chelsea. Meanwhile, Agent Pogba is trying to line up all his buddies from Instgram to join United. Luiz hasn't said anything about the incident, my feeling is he will be back on the bench this weekend and gradually work his way back into the team.
  4. Lucas Moura

    Only problem is once we put Willian on sale, you know Jose will ring up and somehow he will cut a deal with us. I don't think Willian will get better, so a younger Brazilian at a similar level is good for us.
  5. Conte won't allow us making the same mistake as the Palace game, not having Kante and Morata that game really took the fear factor out of us. They will kick us all over the field as usual, but we will win.
  6. Eden Hazard

    Marinez will f* up Belgium, he's playing his best players like his life is depending on it in those useless friendlies, and even players doubted his limited tactical ability. Comes world cup, he will be going all out attack and get murdered by smarter teams.
  7. Calculated gamble vs Qarabag?

    Make no sense resting players for this game, we win this and the group stage is finished, assume Atletico will beat Roma, we will be aiming for top spot comes the final day. We should and will put on the best team to finish them off, not flirting with qualification. They defended all right in the 2 legs against Atletico, but should have lost heavily if those chances were taken. We need to take those early chances and bury the result. If we failed to win this game and mess up the qualification, we all know what's coming.
  8. Luke Shaw

    Why not, they got Matic off us and we will return the favour with Shaw. Jose never backed him, while we desperately need covers, make sense.
  9. Barkley

    Not convinced by him really, injury prone and never consistently performed. Why not just get RLC back next season, probably getting a similar caliber of player and save 30M plus the 100k a week. By investing so much in youth, we can't just buy a 30M squad player every time there's a gap to fill, either spend 60M for a top player or promote from within
  10. We should play the same team unless injuries, need players to get into rhythm, and rotation is only useful if we manage to win games. Hazard really enjoys playing around Morata, I think by playing 343 he's easy to mark. With a more dominant midfield and freedom to roaming around, it's very difficult to track him, as United found out. We know how they will play, it's 19th century football against 2017. I reckon we will beat them and get Pullis sacked, not that it's my concern.
  11. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    City got a proper Gk this year, made a real difference. I remember him making a couple of good saves against us, last year Barvo just let our shots in without getting a hand on anything. Damn you Barvo, had you player we'd got something out of that game. KDB is the ultimate all round CM this season, he's probably worth 160M and going up every game.
  12. Arturo Vidal

    We don't spend 40-50M on a 30 year old these days, and to be honest I don't rate him.
  13. Cesc Fabregas

    I think 352 should be our default formation, once we take control of the midfield, Morata doesn't need to come deep, Hazard could roam around the pitch to find the space, and wing backs have the confidence to push forward knowing they are covered. The 343 was a huge success last season , but teams have figured that out.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    He's in Spain and got asked the the local whether he would come back, of course he said he could consider it. He's a smart man, knows the right things to say. I expect him to sign another extension before 2020
  15. We officially have an incompetent board

    We aren't going to reach an agreement on this. I'm not saying our players are saints, far from it most of them probably got huge egos and arrogance, which is what players need to succeed at the top level. The manager's job is to win games and work with players, which is something AVB was completely out of depth. It's obvious the best players at the time were Lampard, Cole, Drogba etc, why not get them on his side? None of them had a problem from the past, of course they'd have a bit of doubt about a manager who's around their age and never had real professional experience, it's up to AVB to work with them and get the best out of them. We won the CL after his sacking because DM immediately restored the core players, it's not rocket science. AVB repeated the same story at Spurs, I didn't say anyone complain about players revolt there. Enough said about Jose, granted he wasn't happy with the lack of signings, he did sign Falcao, can't blame nobody else for that. As soon as the season kicked off, he started to pick fight with everyone from the team doctor to media, opposition managers, board and his own players. It was madness, Roman gave him every chance to stay on, but he just couldn't wait to get himself sacked.