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  1. icecoolguy22

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The ugly Neville sister is a class A C**t, imagine if we do somehow sacked the guy, he'd write an article about Chelsea has no loyalty to her employees. It's a crime he's getting paid for his nonsense opinion. Here is the question so, did our guy say something nasty to Jose, or he just went berserk for the goal in front of Jose? If he did say something nasty ( which I haven't heard of), it's a bit of over reaction by Jose to charge all the way to the tunnel to confront our guy. Our guy was in the wrong, Jose over reacted, both sides made up, the press should get over it. On the tactic side, I reckon Sarri was upset because we lost our composure after conceding 2 goals, rather than going route A in the last 5 minutes. The manager could only do so much, when the game is on the line, it's up to the players to pick the best option on the field, and on this occasion we did. I remember that 0:1 game against City last year, Conte throw on Morata/Giroud in the last 10 to save the game, and the players didn't even try to put in high balls to give it a crack, probably they already sick of trying.
  2. icecoolguy22

    Krzysztof Piatek (Genoa)

    Agree with above, we need quality now, not unknown potential at moment. Looking back, I could understand why Sarri was keen on Higuain
  3. We played 3 out of the big 6, could have done better but 5 out of 9 is decent. I reckon we will do better against the smaller teams compare to last season, already we won games we lost last season. The style we are playing, don't think home/away as we are playing our passing/possession game. In the past, we tend to play more counters at those away games, and with a bit more freedom at home, it's not easy for players to change every second game.
  4. icecoolguy22

    Jose Mourinho thread

    There are always some idiots who are going to chant some disgusting sh1t, it's not like a whole section of the crowd joined in. Remember the chants United fans reserved for Wenger back to the days? Some managers not interested to be dragged into sh1t like that, Jose on the other hand loved to get down and dirty.
  5. icecoolguy22

    Thibaut Courtois

    F* him, already way over him. We have a younger GK at his level, who could actually pass the ball.
  6. icecoolguy22

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    In a 90 minutes game, there's always going to be a period of 10-15 where the opposition could close down Jorginho completely. If I'm trying to give Jose some tactical bonus, he took the gamble of not closing down until the second half the game, where were just got too comfortable. Of course, had Morata put that chances away, 2 goals down and he would be made silly for not trying to close us down earlier. Even had we lost, I don't want see Sarri going to some plan B, it's all part of the learning and developing, can't throw away the game plan just because a couple of poor results. I remember the last title winning season with Jose, we were playing well until that crazy game against Spurs, that game could be anything. After the lose, Jose immediately going back to the his shell and grinding out results, we won the title but the damage has been done to the team, and we all remembered what happened the season after.
  7. icecoolguy22

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    Morata was poor, but he wasn't going to get picked if Giroud had scored just 1 goal this season. It's a pick between 2 non-scoring strikers, Sarri didn't have much of a choice. Granted Morata missed as usual, Giroud would never got near to that through ball to get a kick on it. It's the puzzle Sarri will try to fix this season. Lukaku had a couple of good touches in the second half, other than that he was non-existent, as usual the pundits reckoned he's 6/10 or even 7. On the positive side, the midfield is on a different level from last year, Barkley came on and makes an impact, still got Cesc who coulnd't get a minute in the league game. Kante's been working on his shooting, he needs it, get a couple of chances every game to put his boot in.
  8. icecoolguy22

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He's still all about himself, if he wanted to show some 'class', he'd acknowledge his own fans or players after the whistle, instead of telling us Chelsea fans we still owe him 3. Nobody is or will take away what he has done for Chelsea, he's just showing off every chance he got
  9. Despite the setback in recent weeks, still confident we are going to get the third.
  10. icecoolguy22


    Another frustrating game, think that's what I said about my last 4-5 posts in this thread I know a new striker is and has been our priority ever since Costa left, but we need an attacking player that offers a little more than Willian and Pedro. In Pedro's little cameo, at least he got to the by line and whip in a dangerous cross, Willian has that ability but never does that,
  11. icecoolguy22

    Marcos Alonso

    One of his real poor game, bailed out by Hazard early on when he was way out of position and didn't track back. For the second goal, he was no where to be seen, and committed Luiz out of his zone which ultimately set up the goal. Offensively, it's quite frustrating to see him cut in over and over again, and leave Hazard work his magic by this sideline. Sure, had he score a goal, it would have been all forgiven.
  12. icecoolguy22

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    Not the result we were hoping for, but we showed characters and deserved the point at the end. One of those days, those defensive mistakes and inabilities to score would cost us, and this was that game. We had some by the balls, then we lost of concentration and they found a lucky break, on another day the game would have been stopped when Alonso was clearly injured and down. Without that, our defenders would have pushed up, closed down the scorer and it's a non-issue. Mata is not that type of player, but that tackle should have earned a red, again we were on the short end of the stick. We looked out of sorts in the last 15, but like a good team we found a way to score the equaliser, Barkley is getting better with each game. Jose is playing his usual mind game by claiming a terrible result for them, they offered very little, just got a couple of lucky breaks. They played like a WestHam and Newcastle for the majority of the game with the players they got. Their highest paid player came on just to commit fouls, and they couldn't hold on the ball in the last 5 to deny us the point. Even if we lost, I don't want Sarri to change a thing with the way we play.
  13. icecoolguy22

    Eden Hazard

    What Bruce Buck said give me some comfort, I don't remember he said anything as such for Courtois, Matic, Mata etc, which meant the club is serious about this. Real is a in a bit of a turmoil, if Conte signs up we could safely say Hazard won't be going there.
  14. icecoolguy22

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    We shouldn't fear them at all, the result will depends on how well we take our chances. I'm pretty sure we will create plenty, someone else needs to step up to finish those chances, can't leave all the scoring to Hazard. I'm confident of winning this, if we win by 2-3 goals, won't be surprised if Jose packs his bags on Monday.
  15. icecoolguy22

    Eden Hazard

    More annoyed with that C* Martinez playing Hazard 90 minutes in those Internationals than the transfer rumor right now. Most teams are using the nation league games to give the upcoming a game, this f*er playing his best players game in game out, and determined to wear out a few players.