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  1. I'm pretty sure this is all agent's talk. The guy is after 150k a week and regular football, he won't get getting that anywhere in the PL with his skill set.
  2. If we somehow manage to sign the Ox and Sanches from Bayern on loan, I'd say we turned into a underwhelming transfer window into a good one. Ideally, another left back option, think the Sandro deal is long dead, and we aren't recalling Baba.
  3. Loan and buy for around 40-50M sounds like a steal. He has all the attributes to be a starting player for us in the next 12 months.
  4. Never sign defender from Barca, they don't train for tackling, according to Pep
  5. The Chinese media made a huge deal out of it, but that's hardly surprising. they love to beat down a 'foreign devil' who dares to insult China, Kennedy should count himself lucky to leave the country without getting hurt . It's 100% nobody else but Kennedy's fault, there were about half a dozen European teams ( about 200 players and personnel), not a single one has done anything remotely stupid as this. I don't think he will cement his spot in the team without the pre-season, so he's probably getting loaned out again.
  6. Stupidity to say the least, what was he expecting when he posted that? 1000 likes from his Chinese fans. Any half politically incorrect tweet from a footballer would cause an outrage on social media, and to say what he said about a country/people he had little idea about was like driving a bus down the cliff blind folded. It's a huge setback for the Club, now the perception of CFC has taken a huge blow in China. Like it or not, it's a huge market the club need to get a piece of. I agree he should be heavily reprimanded, kick him out is way overboard.
  7. Pep the cheque-book manager strike again, no doubt he picked the right English club. It's ironic he left the central defender signing to the last, unless he reinforce the defence his system is still suspect against good teams
  8. This is an early nomination for Flop of the season, what the hell is he thinking signing as a backup full back? Most players would turn it down knowing there's a 52M first choice counter-part there.
  9. Although that was only a pre-season game, it was a pretty impressive performance. Considering Arsenal has played 4 games already and near the end of the pre-season, and we only played out first real game. Both managers picked a strong team, and we won it convincingly without our new signings, their star striker played and didn't get much of a sniff. I recall in the disastrous 2015 season, we couldn't beat a MSL team, pretty safe to say our title defence this year will go a lot better.
  10. Don't understand why he would want go to United to be united with Jose again, wasn't his most humiliating experience ( get subbed 20 minutes after being subbed on) by Jose? That season under Jose was the most fall from grace from any Chelsea player ( or any EPL players for that matter). For 50M, it's a reluctant yes for me.
  11. Cahill did score some important goals last season, I remember the winning goal against Stoke away, a huge result with Spurs within catching distance.
  12. I don't think per-season friendly goals count for anything, even Arsenal scored against Bayern last night without conceding the usual 5. He's going to score goals, but he will be expected to score big goals against top 4 teams, rather than a hat trick against Hull and be seen as a world class player.
  13. Offer Arsenal Matic and 5M for Sanchez, I'm sure Wenger would keen in a double titles winning 6ft'2 Central midfielder I'd feel sorry for the other teams in the French league, if they have to play against Neymar, Sanchez and Di Maria off the bench
  14. The way Arsenal players celebrated after beating Bayern on penalty and winning the 'friendly' trophy, it's almost like they won the double, even Cech got embarrassed. I reckon this is the highlight of their 17-18 season. They are offering Ozil 280k a week, that's a player no other big teams attempting to sign.
  15. Can't wait to see him put ink to paper, I don't think out per-season officially start until we have the first choice striker in training. He mentioned Torres helped him in signing for Chelsea, well done Nando, another nice assist! Let's hope he doesn't call Torres for help if he suffers a goal drought Since we signed up Morata, just about every pro-United pundit come out with they why Lukaku is better than Morata arguments. Some of them maybe valid, but it's pretty obvious they didn't get their first choice