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  1. icecoolguy22

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Liverpooh lost, Ronaldo didn't get a chance to do the Hulk impresson, Salah off the field crying, Karius made the usual mistakes, it's a pretty good final after all. How many finals have Klopp? By Joser's definition, that's a specialist in failure.
  2. icecoolguy22

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    So he's waiting to be sacked and get a year off, contend to carry on for another year (either all guns blazing or don't give a f* all) , definitely putting the ball back to the board's court. Sack him for 9M, then buy out the contract of the Napoli Manger, it's about 20M just to make the change. Instead of going through all that for the sake of it, why not keep the 20M and spend on a 80M player before the WC kicks off?
  3. icecoolguy22

    Alvaro Morata

    Although he's been poor this year, still should have made the WC cup. Who's the second choice striker behind Costa in the team, Aspas the guy who couldn't get a game at Liverpool? It's Morata's lose and our gain, provided he will still be here next season of course
  4. icecoolguy22

    Robert Lewandowski

    We need a marquee signing just to show we still mean business, if it means 100M and 300k for a 29 year old striker, so be it. We get 2-3 years out of him, it's worth it. We need quality in the fowards right now, we will re-examine the Morata situation once we signed up Lewandowski
  5. icecoolguy22

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Sack him or give him a new deal, either way has its merits, last thing we want to do is drag this on and watch our transfer targets get picked off before the World Cup kicks off. As I see it, if the club hierarchy makes a public statement about him staying next year without given him a new deal, it's as good as saying he will be sacked soon, they have to cut to a deal to quash the uncertainty leading up to the next season. We heard what Hazard says, he's off if we don't invest, losing him is worse than a change of manager.
  6. icecoolguy22

    First team squad outgoings?

    There's no 'right' price to sell Hazard, unless it's like 200M or some ridiculous figure. Let's say we sell him for 120M, the price of all our targets will inflate we will probably get Zaha for 80M and Drinkwater type of player for 40M. He's not consistent because we expected him to do something on his own every game, there were no easy games for him, of course had some bad games, but who hasn't?
  7. I would have turned off all football related media had United won the FA cup, we'd hear Jose's awesome tactics and see Pogba came up with another ridiculous haircut ( pretty sure he did get one anyway) to celebrate, and Rio talking about his new found philosophy of winning at all cost, f* good football. In the parallel universe, had United got the first goal, Jose would have defended for the rest of the game, De Gea makes a couple of stunning saves and Jose will claim they totally deserved it
  8. icecoolguy22

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    The way I see it, he's just a very simple minded player. In a midfield of 3, give him a simple task to do, he'd do a decent job. In a midfield 2, he's expected to multi task and he's completely lost. He's done the job against United and Liverpool when all he just had to defend and occasionally run forward a few times.
  9. icecoolguy22

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Got hand it to Conte, delivered the cup when nobody gave him a chance. We could still argue he didn't make the subs earlier to close off the game, but he's the way he is, and he proved he was right. It's not easy to beat Jose's team in cup final, especially with an weaker team in poor form, that's why the board should think carefully about what to do next. I'm tempted for him to stay another season, yes, it is knee jerk reaction. It's either stuck with the devil we knew or take a leap of faith. Yes, it will be 343 again, but let's say we get him an attacker and right wing back he wants, he may just focused on the coaching and get us back to where we want to be . Let's face it, we won't win the title next year, it's about getting back to CL, win the Europa league or a cup. Reading between the line, looks like he's contend with another year, probably partly due to the PSG job has been taken I certainly don't fancy Poch now, man has no idea how to get into a cup final, let alone winning it. Even with better players, we'd just be an 'almost' team.
  10. Proud of the way the team performed. The game plan was simple and not pretty, but we stuck with it well, and took the game after kick off to make the 1:0 game plan works. It's a final, only result matters, Jose would have been proud with the way we played if he's still the manager. One of the best performance by Hazard, he didn't get much help from his team mates. but took it all upon himself to win the cup. Rudiger is fast becoming my favourite defender, just no BS defending, and the boy knew how to dance at the after party. Baka made us forget about the sale of Matic, hell maybe in 12 months time he will prove we made the right decision on that deal.
  11. Optimistically, over 90 minutes anything could happen, just like Arsenal did us last year when nobody gave them a chance. I think it will be the same team against Liverpool, and Jose will play safe like he always does in final. If we lose, no doubt Conte will leave the next morning. If somehow we win this, will be interesting to see what to do with Conte.
  12. I thought he hated Emenalo, desperate time calls for desperpate measures, I guess. Can we get Lampard back for Emenalo's role please?
  13. icecoolguy22

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If Poch quit Spurs for us, I'd take him. He's developed good players and plays a good style of football, if he's transfer demand is only 100M, that's easy. As far as i remember, he hasn't said anything crossed the line about Chelsea, hell we took Rafa after he called us 'plastics'
  14. icecoolguy22

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Hopefully we will play a midfield of 3 next season, could be his year to break in the team. We need a powerful runner in the midfield, think he could be the one.
  15. icecoolguy22

    Next Chelsea Manager

    We will hear all kinds of crazy rumours until we hire a manger, expect to be linked with Enriquez to Rafa, Tony Pullis is in a shout too since we have Giroud We won't hire Jose's assistant, Chelsea is not a training ground for rookie managers.