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  1. I didn't come up with this, but when was the last time Roman sold 1 of our best player, or a player we wanted to keep? I could think of Robben, that's one player most people wanted to keep, but due to his injury record etc we sold him. Mata is another debatable one, but he wasn't getting games, same for the upcoming players like KDB, Lukaku. I don't think Roman would sell just for the sake of money or balancing the book. They can pay us loads of money, but so what? It's not like we could sign 2 players to replace him on the field.If Hazard is to be sold, it has to be a big name player in exchange involved, and I honestly don't think James is that player. Another reason I hate International break, all we get is rumour, confirmed rumour about we lose our best players, bring the MF* football back!
  2. If we believe everything media said, he's desperate to leave, anywhere but Chelsea. I imagine his latest interview is like this: Q: What do you know about PSG or French league? A: PSG is a really strong team, don't know much about the French league, but people told me it's good. Headline: Costa is keen to join PSG
  3. I think the example of Xhaka is a really poor one, apart from the studs up tackles, he doesn't bring much skills on board. He'd be sold from Arsenal not for his over the line tackles, but for his incompetence as a midfielder. Comparing Suarez with Costa is more relevant, both of them got that aggression in them, and more often than not the transfer the aggression into end results on the scoreboard. I remember the ' cross the line ' incidents, such as the incident with Garbriel last season. However, I do not recall such incidents since Conte took over. Sure, he yelled out referees and get booked ( silly but he's not the only one), he throw his body weight in when going for the ball ( I'd be concerned if he's only going for the ball half hearted), and he rolls around when he's get kicked ( unfortunately that's how many players react these days). Looking at his record, he has never physically attack anyone ( unless Zlatan, Aguero just to name a few), the swinging elbow, studs up challenge, stamping all cross the line, not Costa's niggling antics.
  4. One thing we will miss from Costa, if he's to go, it's that aggression and the nastiness. All the title winning teams had players with that aggression and that attitude to win at all cost, which is why Arsenal never got near the title after letting to their 'tough guys'. Costa is providing that, sure sometimes he go overboard, get carded, and lose focus. But more times or not, when he's angry he put in that extra effort. I thought he played better after he got carded against Stoke, keep making runs and make a nuisance of himself to the defenders. Lukaku is a good striker, but will he keep showing up after he's been kicked over a few times ?
  5. Typical Real, use the usual dirty tricks to unsettle players. I'm more worried about Courtois than Hazard, he will be the starting GK and his families are still in Spain. Hazard, should he move now will still play second fiddle to Ronaldo, Bale, a player of his statue won't like that. Conte managed Hazard's game time pretty well, most of the time he was off to protect the lead. Unlike Jose, Conte didn't make many Mikel for Hazard type of subs
  6. I hope we don't sign that 50M defender from Napoli, we have got a guy who has proved himself in the German league and CL. It's pretty simple, he will be next in line to top 1 of the 3 CD spots.
  7. Best chance for players like RLC is to go to a good PL club, plays every week and deliver the goods. As a club, we are always trying to get the best or the next best thing on the market, and youth players get overlooked. It's not just Chelsea doing that, to be honest. Being a backup and play 10 minutes every month will never get RLC in the first team, I reckon it's a poor choice he didn't go out on loan, or maybe he just not that good to attract a good team.
  8. Knowing Arsenal fans, most of them will jump on the Wenger bandwagon again if he signs a few players, then win 3-4 games at the start of the next season. They were signing ' we got Ozil' after they beat us, and 'we are going to win the Champions league' after beating them unknown team in the group stage.
  9. I don't know much about him, is he a more physical and attacking minded Kante?
  10. What I interpreted from his latest interview is Conte is happy as long as he scores goals, and will probably cut him loose at the end of the season. If that's the case, so be it. His next club will pay us good money, and we will get the replacement.
  11. Jose is and always was about winning at all cost, he would have played 9 defenders if he has that many on the bench. I found the tunnel celebration after the GK's mistake was bad taste to say the least. What's that thing about showing respect and class after a win, and not over the top celebration?
  12. I blame the injury on Jose, couple of weeks away from football ( especially those internationals) will do him good.
  13. I doubt Shaw would be an improvement over Alonso, those long term injuries would have taken lots out of him. We don't want an expensive left back on the bench, already got a few of them.
  14. One incident most people ignored over the weekend was how easy the big, honest British player John Waters went down under minimum contact. Of course there's contact, but if penalty is given for every contact, we'd have 5:6 game every weekend. If that was Costa, it's definitely a yellow for diving. So much for honest British players, and Mark Hughes crying out for player acting.
  15. His defence has improved lately, that gives him the confidence to go forward. He's more effective than Moses at moment, in my view. He got a good left foot, the right it's still suspect, most of the misses he had were from the right foot.