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  1. I don't remember who it was who said a couple of weeks back that what do you with those wins if you'll never play these lads. Sour grapes! Probably Harry R. Congrats to the boys!!!
  2. Diego 2 goals 1 assist. Not bad Diego, not bad.
  3. Conte doesn't like what he sees LOL
  4. We need to keep on going. Soton still look like they want it.
  5. Fabregas should have a key role for us somehow. Those passes are just world class.
  6. I feel Conte will make some changes after 60mins for impact if Soton gets back level. The way it is going so far their equalizer is not far fetched.
  7. Just needs to move the ball on more quick. Okay he is not scoring currently but it is not that bad.
  8. Lost what? He was pretty good here.