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  1. Luiz was superb, Azpi was good. Cesc was okay. Michy was the star. Although we won which is the most important thing we are in trouble. Conte is in trouble. We need to win some games in a row to create a better mood.
  2. Chelsea made me buy beer. Very irresponsible if you ask me.
  3. Willy-goals are not common either.
  4. We don't score enough penis-goals.
  5. They have done many goals in last 5 mins so lets focus.
  6. It is easy to say our lads should go for it but they don't have the tools for it atm.
  7. Absolutely. We are in a bad slump currently. Have to dig ourselves out from it.
  8. True. Watford is playing great to add to that. Premier league is pretty tough.
  9. I think we should at least hopw for a draw. Watford is better.