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  1. I think Lukaku and Bats would be a good duo for us.
  2. I'm always sceptical of players moving on from a better club. Juve is two steps ahead us. He is a starter for them if I'm not mistaken.
  3. There was a comparison between Matic and Baka. Bakayoko is way better in getting the ball from the oppo but he does nothing for attack where as Matic's attacking skills and numbers are pretty good. Not sure if Kante-Bakayoko would be even a working duo.
  4. Can Nathaniel Chalobah improve what we have currently? That is the question. Wilkins has a point but if we want to improve our starting XI we need heavy hitters.
  5. Beware female fans Pierre-Emerick will make you pregnant just by writing an autograph...
  6. I think we can't really give this guy a chance so it is best for both parties he moves on. Lyon is buying him and the goobyes are really close. He has no chance of taking a role from any of our current wingers and he would be behind our lead striker and probably even Bats (if he stays).
  7. Marketing.. Nothing more.
  8. Aaahh.. The Daily Star....
  9. Why would he suddenly come the talent he is touted to be...?
  10. Conte signs new deal soon, we got some chic Nike kits and sign a bunch of world beaters. July is awesome!!
  11. Don't know much about Sandro. He was okay in CL as much as I saw him.
  12. Not sure if the Nike-deal is the reason of all the headlines? They say we don't want to reveal new signings in Adidas-kit but wait until 1st of July when Nike takes over. This has probably the reason of all the rumours Conte is going...
  13. Monaco is rich as f**k.
  14. f**king hate this topic.