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  1. Jamie Vardy

    I really hate to see his face. That's all.
  2. Random Rumours

    Seri was okay against Napoli yesterday in the CL playoffs. Nothing special but composed on ball. Napoli was so much better Seri was rarely on the ball.
  3. Random Rumours

    First of all: Anthony. Secondly: Conte gives press conferences where he is asked things like his favourite players and so on. He'd never say I want this or that player.
  4. Claudio Marchisio

    Okay.. You buy a Marchisio and it will be improve the team to win you 3 trophies. 3 trophies gives you money and a bunch of new fans. Or you buy a young guy and win nothing and still pay his expensive salary. Seems like everyone is playing Football Manager...
  5. Claudio Marchisio

    Marchisio is a top player. Would be amazing signing. He would be the Ballack people are asking for.
  6. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I have no idea why he would leave. I think he'll find his footing and start scoring at some point.
  7. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    If the champions lose first 3 games it is news. If someone feels we are targeted by media it is because we matter. I don't think there is any extra pressure on us from them.
  8. Claudio Marchisio

    Would take him in a heartbeat. Awesome player, experienced and would easily be one of our backbones. I like this rumour. Hope it happens.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    This is where their philosofies differ. Conte wants a basis to build on and Jose wants to win the game in hand. Both want to win badly but Conte chooses the long term thinking. Today he did what he had to as we lost the first match and had injuries. By long term I mean he wants to hone his system to be better instead of result in one game. You can always argue which is better but we've seen Jose and what he does and currently I like Conte's approach more. This is also probably why Conte doesn't have a great cup history. No criticism to either one.
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    If you do the maths it is very possible you can work around it.
  11. Alex Sandro

    Where the hell is he?
  12. Marcos Alonso signs for Chelsea.

    Absolutely brilliant today. Well done Marcos!
  13. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Bakayoko is going to be massive for us this season. You can see the drive he has and the guy is big. As soon as he is fully fit and acclimatized to our way of playing he will take this league by a storm.
  14. Win at Tottenham a start of a great week? Costa to Atletico for 50m, 2 new signings and third on the way.
  15. I know the season is early in but these exact 3 points are huge! Great feeling to prepare for Everton. Media off our backs for a week.