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  1. Conte doesn't have very record in CL so that is a worry. Admittedly you need a lot of luck as well.
  2. I have critisized Gary a lot but ge's been pretty great all season. Still limited but at his peak. Awesome job Gazza.
  3. I hope we get 3-4 seasons from Antonio. I can't even dream of anything beyond that.
  4. I like this thrread.
  5. He doesn't really need to score as long as we win. However he is not at his best atm. Still a beast.
  6. Have to say Emenalo or who ever made this deal helped Chelsea and Conte a great deal to get us where we are today. Conte is the man but so is Kante. I think we really did our season in the summer. Probably wins the poty award if we win the league.
  7. Kane and Alli are not coming to Chelsea at any point. Lukaku we might lure but we need Costa out. I agree with most here Costa is probably off after this season so everything points to this signing. In many ways Costa is better not least because of his experience. Luk has no or little european football under his belt. Luk is also a bit of an arsehole.. However I think he is an good option.
  8. Diego must leave if Luk wants to come. Way past playing second fiddle. I hope we can keep Diego
  9. Anyone else think we are too complaicent...
  10. I think we need second. They will throw everything after 85...
  11. How isn't that a yellow...?!
  12. So what six years and number of trophies wiped of after one heated half of cup football....
  13. Please don't turn on Jose guys. You live to regret it. He plays games to entertain himself. Nothing personal.