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  1. The media are always willing every bugger to do one over us
  2. This will put them in good nick for Spuds on Wednesday if they can get something from it.
  3. Very sad news. I hope our lot don't disgrace the club during the minutes silence/applause that will probably take place at Wembley.
  4. The mercenary barsteward has shown since January that his heart is no longer with the club. Get shot of him with a hearty thank you very much and a cheery slap on the back and pocket some decent money that we can spend on a quality striker who wants to win trophies in England and Europe. Thanks for everything Diego, but it's time you were on yer bike!!
  5. JT thinking to himself........ "Little Prick, no wonder she wanted a real man"
  6. I think a new song for JT would be a great way to see him on his way. We've got a few games to get it right before he goes so why not start it at Wembley on Saturday? To the tune of The Seekers "I'll never find another you!" Fans under 30 might need a bit of educating on how the song goes, but something like this might work. "HIS NAME'S JOHN TERRY, CAPTAIN, LEADER AND LEG-END. HE WILL BE TRUE CHELSEA UNTIL THE BITTER END. WE CAN SEARCH THE WHOLE WORLD OVER UNTIL OUR LIFE IS THROUGH, BUT WE KNOW WE'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU" And finish it off with chanting his name. It might be a bit cheesy but a fitting tribute nonetheless?
  7. It would have to be something like this? It just epitomizes the man and his style.
  8. I have been fortunate enough to see some of the true legends of our club play throughout my time as a Chelsea supporter (actually,it's 52 years ago today. April 17, 1965 home Vs W.B.A. 2-2 after being 2-0 up!!.) the likes of Osgood, Tambling, Bonetti, Harris, Venables, Wilkins and so on. But you can mention any player in the club's history and they won't have the same status as regards of honours won, loyalty shown and 1 million % commitment to the cause of the club than John Terry. There was plenty of talk on more than one occasion about him leaving and signing for the likes of Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd, but each time he turned all of these away and professed his undying love and commitment to the Chels' and whatever crap he had to take on a personal level, and there has been plenty of that throughout his career, he never let it affect his game once he was on the pitch. I say a massive thank you to the man for everything he has given to the club and us supporters through his career, and wish him every success in whatever he does in the future. Cheers John, you're a tough act to follow mate
  9. Today was a bloody disaster. Woke up with a bad head, Mrs was nagging me about pretty much anything that crossed her mind, had a bunch of Man Utd & Spurs fans in the bar at lunchtime (and again tonight, Surprise, surprise!!) and to top it all off, the result from hell !!!! All this when I'm trying to pack up the smokes!!!!!! fat chance of that happening today. I reckon all merchandise in the club shop should carry a health warning like this from now on. Thank you and goodnight!!!!!!!
  10. Disappointed with the poor performance, especially when you consider what the stakes are, still a lot of points to be picked up at home, but we genuinely cannot have another defeat because tbh, I can't see Spuds losing any of their remaining games.
  11. 337 guests online .......... Hello you Spuds!!
  12. I'm glad they didn't win, that would have boosted their confidence a bit. A draw against a mediocre side that they expected to beat might make them a bit jittery. (He says in hope!)
  13. If you wonder why he hates us so much, I think Wikipedia has the answer? "Despite leading Tottenham to their second fourth-placed finish in three years and missing out on Champions League qualification only due to Chelsea winning the competition, Redknapp was sacked by Tottenham on 13 June 2012."
  14. I really believe 3 points at Old Trafford should do the job now.