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  1. Listening to Hazard on Sky earlier saying how, "we will have to defend as a team" tells us everything we need to know about Contes game plan for tonight? Ten men behind the ball and let's try and go for damage limitation.
  2. Please see my previous post for my answer to this.
  3. I don't blame Conte one bit for this shambles that he is currently being forced to endure! He's been let down by the players and the board. Do you honestly believe players like Bakayoko, Drinkwater and Barkley are his choice? ?? he has been handed a sow's ear by the board and told to make them a silk purse out of it! It makes me so bloody angry. Man City and others look at the situation in their house and decide it needs updating, so they pop into Harrods or Fortnum & Masons to do their shopping, what do we do? - we have a look in Homebase or Argos during the January sales!!! He earmarked 5 signings he wanted in the summer, including, Bellotti, Danio and Alex Sandro and what do we get?.... players that can't get a starting place in their own club because they're cheaper by a couple of million quid. Don't believe for one minute that he has that much control over who leaves and who comes in, that's all decided upstairs and then he's told about it, and that includes players going out on loan, it's been like that for a long time now, (I happen to know that as a fact from a former board member of about 8 years ago) Conte has consistently criticised the clubs transfer policy, claiming we don't have enough quality in depth for a long season in which we are expected to be challenging for honors, well now he's been proved right. He can only play the players he has at his disposal, and at the moment he has very little to choose from. So if you want to be pissed off at someone, get pissed off at the board and not the manager
  4. This is all so reminiscent of the run-up to Mourinho's sacking. Players not giving a sh*t and not even trying to disguise the fact.
  5. Not an ounce of guts or passion in this team. Pretty disgraceful really, and that's coming from a 52 season fan, not a five-minute plastic.
  6. luckywerthers & Bojc94 Fair points made guys!
  7. If Antonio is sacked, what poor hapless sap would take on this poison chalice of a job?
  8. Shredded at home by Bournemouth and now being played off the park by Watford. Shades of the early 80's
  9. Can only agree with the comments about the youngsters, thought they looked very composed and comfortable anytime they were on the ball.
  10. Bottom line is that City have been miles better than we have today, no excuses, no reasons just better!
  11. Just thinking exactly the same thing!
  12. http://buffstream.com/embed/soccer-3.php
  13. Mildly disappointed about the outcome, but no more than that. Always see the shield as nothing more than a high profile pre-season warm up game, but looking on social media the Gooners are absolutely ecstatic and wetting their pants BIG TIME!! You would really think they had just completed the quadruple. Those poor misguided saps............