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  1. Anyone other than them!!!
  2. Need a better performance next week against the Swans.
  3. I think whatever the result you'll get some negative comments from some people, that's the whole nature of a forum like this. People come here to express their opinion of the game and sometimes their opinions differ from yours, it doesn't mean that they're right or wrong in what they say, just an opinion. God forbid we should get like the Gooners or the dippers who seem to think they have a God given right to win every game they play, sometimes the opposition just scrap and defend well enough to deny an obviously more skillful outfit the opportunity to win a game, this happens on numerous occasions throughout a season, we've seen it plenty of times in the past and will do again in the future, so let's just point to the fact we're a point better off at the end of the weekend than we were at the start and in spite of a less than sparkling performance in crappy conditions against a difficult to break down, well organised unit, we should take a reality check on what Antonio & the team have achieved since the Emirates back in September. I for one, can take this result without too much difficulty and say well done lads, carry on with the good work and short of a major implosion, we "SHOULD" be a happy bunch come the end of May.
  4. They just won't let Those Hillsborough victims rest in peace.
  5. Brilliantly said. Take a bow Son !!!!
  6. Sums the scousers up in the past, History, history, blah blah blah!!!!
  7. They are the spawniest b******s of all time
  8. Without Delle alli Spuds would struggle BIG time!
  10. Not the best performance overall but a huge 3 points in the bag considering other results. However, the football side is relatively unimportant at the moment, my main concern is that Ryan Mason will be OK and makes a full recovery. Best wishes to him and all his family.