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  1. Bottom line is that City have been miles better than we have today, no excuses, no reasons just better!
  2. That's a pen all day long!
  3. Just thinking exactly the same thing!
  4. http://buffstream.com/embed/soccer-3.php
  5. Mildly disappointed about the outcome, but no more than that. Always see the shield as nothing more than a high profile pre-season warm up game, but looking on social media the Gooners are absolutely ecstatic and wetting their pants BIG TIME!! You would really think they had just completed the quadruple. Those poor misguided saps............
  6. Same sh*t, different day!
  7. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    We should expect nothing else from the Chelsea hating media. A lot of these so called sports journalists were bought up as Arsenal, Liverpool or Man Utd fans, The teams that dominated the 70's 80's and early 90' with unchallenged income from unknown sources that suited them at the time because nobody questioned or challenged it. Along comes this Russian dude with unlimited funds and suddenly everyone wants to know whats going on?? Envy is a terrible thing
  8. Anyone having problems with streams try this one http://www.totalsportek.com/highlights/chelsea-vs-sunderland-longer-video/
  9. Probably a Manc, Scouse, Gooner or a Spud?
  10. One final word before I disappear into oblivion tonight, I would like to dedicate our title win to my late Bruv Kevin. He introduced me to the Chels' in 1964, took me to my first game a year later and over the next twenty years we hardly missed a game, home or away. Different times back then, but even after I moved to Devon in 1988, I still managed most home games up till 2002 but then work and family commitments limited game time, but Kev' was a season ticket holder for 25 years right up till he passed away at the age of 64, a week after we won the Champions league in 2012. This one's for you mate xxxxx Kev's on the left, me on the right.
  11. Had to work tonight but was watching on the ipad behind the bar, went mental when Bats scored and knocked over two pints I'd just poured........... didn't give a sh*t, just poured another couple and went AWOL for the next 20 minutes. Am now in the process of getting bladdered and am almost there. The clearing up can wait till tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!