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  1. Not the best performance overall but a huge 3 points in the bag considering other results. However, the football side is relatively unimportant at the moment, my main concern is that Ryan Mason will be OK and makes a full recovery. Best wishes to him and all his family.
  2. Spawny barstewards!!
  3. I wonder how long it'll be before the FA notice that spuds are playing with 3 extra men?
  4. With Spurs,like ourselves, not having to worry about European football any more this season, I definitely see them as our biggest threat. With the exception of the scousers away in February they've got a run of matches that should see them pick up maximum points. We definitely can't afford any slip ups especially with Liverpool, Arsenal and United all still to come. However ,saying that, I fancy us to get something at Anfield & Old Trafford, so Arsenal at home could be our toughest game of the 3
  5. After the non appearance against the spuds we need a big performance today and three points to stave off the chasing pack. with Liverpool playing United tomorrow and Spuds V City next weekend there are going to be points dropped, we need to make sure we pick up maximum points in our next 2 games. Big big 90 minutes ahead. COYB's
  6. Cancel out this result and look forward to a great season continuing. Yeah it's always disappointing to lose to a smaller club, but we have overcome these sort of things in the past and will do again. BTW. Remy 10 , your post is spot on!!
  7. Bravo Sunderland.......(still want 'em to go down though!)
  9. True enough CFCCAN, but every little helps!
  10. This would be a GREAT result for us if the Mackems can hold on!
  11. This lot totally hate us with a vengeance, and while they will initially attempt to play us off the park, if that doesn't work then the scummy tactics take over, and we've all seen how good they are at that! I don't have any problems with hard decent tackling, that's as great a part of the game as a decent mazey run! but these buggers take it to another level when it comes to us. Composure, cool heads and pure footballing ability is what we'll need to overcome these nasty little scroats!!
  12. If we don't stick in another this could get sweaty!
  13. We, as fans (especially the newbies) mustn't get complacent. This run is not going to last forever. On the law of averages,there will be defeats and draws over the next few weeks/months and we have to accept that as part of football,but overall I reckon we're in pretty good shape to challenge for the title come the end of the season, so If, by some horror show over Christmas, we start dropping points, I don't want to see the doom merchants chiming in with their usual "I knew this was too good to be true " stuff, and start slagging the players and Antonio off to high hell. At the end of September we couldn't have believed we would be in th position we're in now so it's worth taking into account how far we've come since then. It's been a a little while since we've been in a situation where we're being lauded by the media for our style of play and consistency, and been in the position we're in now (especially compared to this time last year)..All I'm saying is, if we do have a bit of a blip, stick with it and don't start coming on here and saying what a pile of sh*te we were today etc, etc.................Chelsea will always come through the end of the tunnel. KTBFFH .
  14. We have a good enough squad to field a side good enough to beat Palace while giving a few of the regulars a bit of a rest. This in no way suggests we should take Palace lightly, but I feel we have enough in reserve to grab another 3 points without fielding our strongest 11.