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  1. Palace are in a good run of form and worry me slightly. Hope this isn't going to be a banana skin. Need Hazard back for this one, Ward is a tad average. Sakho has been excellent for them so far, he's a very good CB despite his unusual playing style and Zaha is always a threat. 2-1.
  2. Costa, imo.
  3. Even better than VVD. Guardian can be reliable as well, Standard are reporting that Arsenal will accept 50m for Sanchez if he doesn't sign!
  4. How can I forget dave!
  5. He was excellent. Maybe it's because he was in a lesser team so he stood out more but only Toby and Luiz have been on his level this season CB wise.
  6. If true, this is massive for us. Best CB in the league before his injury.
  7. Whilst this is true, when have Chelsea ever sold one of their best players who wasn't surplus to requirements? Robben was too injury prone...
  8. Hazard doesn't even have an agent so half of the report from MARCA is already bullsh*t. He's not leaving this season however I think he'll be gone after he has a phenomenal WC. Happened with James and will probably happen with Eden.
  9. He's been very good this season but I still see him as our weak link. Luckily, most right wingers in the Premier League are sh*te so he's not been tested properly. Will need to purchase another LWB next season to cope with PL and CL. Great season though, Marcos!
  10. He's one of them now. Lets not worry too much, we have the best manager in the league ;) Enjoy Europa League, Jose!
  11. Brilliant comeback but is anyone surprised? Barcelona always get beneficial decisions in Europe. Always have, always will.
  12. Bust up with Wenger and team mates.
  13. So let me get this straight... We concede a free kick that isn't a foul. They then score 40 seconds over the time alloted on. sh*t defending.
  14. The problem I think with Hazard is that I don't think most of our attacking players apart from Pedro and Cesc (due to Barca connection) are on his wavelength. He's so intricate and clever on the ball that I don't think Willian and even more so Costa can manage at times, not to mention the likes of Matic and Alonso who play on his side. Chemistry seems to be lacking at times. Hazard is world class, no doubt about it. Best player in the league for me. Unfortunately, at times he seems to go into games and look bored and lethargic.