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  1. Massive game this. Anything but a win and the teams below will begin to smell blood. Will be difficult as Swansea are resurgent but we should have enough to win. 2-0.
  2. We've played Liverpool, Arsenal and Burnley away compared to there Bournemouth, West Ham and Swansea. Not that shocked they have, they've still got Liverpool and Arsenal to play though.
  3. Quick stat update. Bar last season where he was atrocious for the first half, the last four seasons he's scored far more in the first half of the season than the second. It seems he can't keep a high level of intensity for the whole season. Im Diego's biggest fan and no doubt we would not be where we are without him but there's no denying he's been poor since the Hull game. Admittedly, they've been 3 very tough games but he was terrible against Arsenal, had lead boots on and yesterday his interchanging with Hazard who don't seem to have that much chemistry anyway was awful. That being said, he's been instrumental for us this season. Without him, I think we'd be where United are currently. Next up Swansea who he loves a goal against, I trust him to net two goals in that.
  4. We drew against Burnley 1-1 at SB when Jose was in charge. We also dropped points against Southampton on the way at home and drew to Arsenal. Yet we still won the league at a canter with Fabregas smacking a ball into Brunt against WBA, because he could. People overreact so much. Crap performance but the other top teams will have crap performances as well.
  5. He won't go anywhere. Hilarious watching our rival fans jump for joy yesterday only for it to crumble this morning. Albeit, he probably did have a bust up, the press are exaggerating it so bad. Need to beat Leicester today.
  6. Because we're Chelsea Football Club, and nothing is easy.
  7. Conte shouted 'go to China' at him as Costa walked off. That's f**king hilarious, lol.
  8. Terrible news, hopefully it all blows over and he's fine to play against Hull.
  9. What the f**k
  10. Spurs dominated us for 45 minutes in the first half before Pedro's goal changed the game and the second half was equal. We did dominate United, I will agree with that. I agree that if Hazard took his chances yesterday then we'd have probably won. However, on the basis of the game I would say that Spurs deserved it.
  11. There's no overreaction, not once have I criticised the team. Just think our performances against the top teams haven't been great, that's all.
  12. Our last three games are against Boro at home, WBA away and Sunderland at home. Very favourable especially if the likes of Sunderland have already been relegated and Boro are safe.
  13. Thank you for understanding what I mean. This is exactly what I was aiming at. Not criticising Conte or the side, just think we may need a bit of steel in the PL nowadays. I'm only talking about the top sides, Coco. Our record against the lesser sides this season has been phenomenal at 12 wins and 1 draw. I think performances against the top sides haven't been all that, that's all. Good post, I agree. Was something I was thinking about more for next season.
  14. Quick thing about Antonio. No blaming refs, no blaming the side, respected the fact his opposition played well, shook everyone players hand and no rudeness during his interview. A few could learn from him. So happy to have him.
  15. So far this season, we have beaten Man City, Spurs and United however we've lost to Spurs in the return fixtures, Arsenal and Liverpool. This is not to criticise the team in any way as we've been excellent this season but our performances against the top sides haven't particularly mirrored up. We beat a very poor United side at the time, could have been 3 down to City after 50 mins and scraped past Tottenham. Sign of Champions to do that I will agree however we look quite weak against the top sides. I put this down to Conte's want to play 352 next season hence the constant rumours of Nainggolan, Vidal and Babayoko (spelling) as they're all midfield players who have the legs to run for days and are very physical. I feel Matic and Kante whilst have been good this season, lack the physicality. A bit like Alonso, he's been okay but seems to struggle with the physicality at times. 343 leaves us very exposed in the middle as proven last night. Wanyama, Alli and Dembele dominated us. We must bare in mind that Conte didn't secure the transfers he wanted in the summer and the fact he's only been with us 5 months in which he has done brilliantly. I think we will have a very different looking side next season. What do you all think? It's an interesting topic and I would like to hear what some of you have to say.