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  1. Marcos Alonso

    Whilst, I don't believe there's a conspiracy against Chelsea. I do believe we are perhaps unfairly treated at times. I remember when Matic got a two game ban for pushing Ashley Barnes who intentionally tried to snap his leg in half, the same Ashley Barnes who did the same to Ivanovic in that game yet got away scot free. Cahill was sent off at the beginning of the season for a challenge that I see go unpunished every week in the Premier League and yet in the very same game we have a borderline offside decision go against us and Fabregas gets sent off as well. Vertonghen nearly snapped Hazard's ankle in half in the game at the Bridge. Red card? Nope. Yellow? Don't be silly? Foul? You must be joking. Morata was sent off for protesting towards the referee even though the referee made the wrong decision against Norwich. If that's Kane or Rooney, they get a stern talking to and that's it. I mean even VAR didn't even work for us in that game with Willian's penalty appeal, even the Norwich player said after the game that it was a penalty. Diego Costa got ban after ban after ban for the way he acted but Dele Alli who has on multiple occasions has purposely tried to injure someone gets away with it. Now, I'm not saying that we don't get decisions in our favour. I think we were lucky last week that Kante didn't give a penalty away against West Ham and we were fortunate against Brighton as well. However, I do feel in particular that Spurs & United get away with things that perhaps us & City do not. Anyways, that's just my two cents.
  2. Marcos Alonso

    Spurs get away with more things within the FA because they have a lot of England's "goldenboys" as it were. Alli & Kane's challenges alone against City were ban worthy but as per usual it's glossed over. Alonso deserves to be banned, it's just as Scott said a complete lack of consistency.
  3. Most memorable goals against Chelsea

    Most heartbreaking: Iniesta's goal. Best: Papiss Cisse (I was there).
  4. Antonio Rudiger

    Conte’s coming across as a little bit of a control freak. First Costa which was understandable to a certain degree then Luiz & now Rüdiger. Another reason he’s undermined our season.
  5. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Cash in while we can.
  6. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    No chance, he'll be here next season.
  7. Playing youth players for remaining matches

    Give Moses, Cahill, Pedro, Fabregas and Alonso a period on the bench or out of the squad. More game time for Hudson Odoi, Bakayoko, Sterling, Emerson and Zappacosta.
  8. Alvaro Morata

    I have no idea if he played really well today or poor. Unlucky to not get the rub of the green on the second offside goal. First one was a dead cert offside.
  9. Okay, probably worded poorly. It’s mostly on him but a few others can take responsibility.
  10. He should have had a couple of assists in the first half. He’s the least of our troubles.
  11. Conte is a clown. Needs to go, mostly on him. Cahill, Moses, Pedro & one or two others can follow him out the door as well.