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  1. Your first team was identical to mine except Fabregas in for Kante. Don't need Kante and Maka in the same line up, lol.
  2. Rather Liverpool than Arsenal. At least Liverpool can beat the bigger sides.
  3. No matter what happens with him next season, I will never forget that goal. What a hero, well done Michy!
  4. Im so nervous, someone calm my nerves!
  5. Prediciting a tough game tonight. Reasonably solid at the back are Middlesborough but an early goal should see us win comfortably.
  6. Only slight concern is Conte's record in the Champions League. Went to Juventus' forum the other day and they were scathing about Conte's record in Europe, some even referring to him as cowardly in it. Interested to see how it goes...
  7. Agreed, need 3 or 4 key additions.
  8. Didn't see a thread on this but it's great to be back! No doubt, we are England's best chance of winning it possibly along with City. Very conceivable that we could end up with Barcelona in our group which would be very exciting as we have their number in Europe as the great Lionel Messi said. Is everyone excited and who do you want to face off against next season?
  10. Custis works for the Sun. I know who's side I'm on.
  11. c**t. Good player though.
  12. Costa turns Alderweireld... HAZAAAAAARDDDDDDDDD... He has done it. He won the title for Chelsea a year ago, he might just have won the title for Leicester City tonight! Eden Hazard, 2-2 at the bridge!
  13. Virjil Van Dijk is a much better centre back than Stones. Reason he's rated by most in the top 5 in the league with Luiz, Azpi, Vertonghen and Alderweireld this season.
  14. He's a brilliant defender. Fast, brilliant in the tackle and adds much needed height into our defence. Dominant centre back and would get into every team in the league.
  15. He hasn't been found out. Only Messi in the world football wouldn't struggle being man marked by that. This is why we need to buy Sanchez in my opinion, we need another player who's gonna cause defences major problems so it takes the heat off Hazard. Imagine leaving Sanchez the freedom to roam!