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  1. Poor team performance, poor refereeing, poor individual brainf**k from Moses (he's never done anything remotely like that all season - WHY pick the Final?). But still delighted with our season overall. The only good thing I can think that might come out of this Car Crash of a match is that it will give Conte plenty to think about when looking for new players in the Summer.
  2. I wonder how much he got for his image rights? Stamford Bridge 1923.
  3. Hope the ref gives us an equally soft penalty decision second half.
  4. The 1922 FA Cup Final between Huddersfield and Preston North End was played at Stamford Bridge. Dubbed 'The War of The Roses' because of the Lancashire V Yorkshire connection. Huddersfield won 1-0.
  5. Gracie Fields sings 'Sally' at Stamford Bridge 1932.
  6. Chelsea supporters at the 1967 FA Cup Final, Wembley.
  7. There used to be a Chelsea & Fulham Station right opposite the Ground on Wandon Road. Passengers would see a big sign "Alight here for Chelsea Football Club". It closed in 1940.
  8. P.A. System, Stamford Bridge 1930.
  9. "The greatest Match Winner in the Game". Alec Jackson 1931.
  10. A record crowd in 1907 when the Blues beat some team from south-east London by 'the odd goal in three'.
  11. Stamford Bridge from the air. 1929
  12. Sam Millington Chelsea's Flat Cap wearing Goalie, 1931.
  13. Illustrated Sporting News, 1933.
  14. From The Illustrated Sporting News, 1912.
  15. Result!!!