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  1. Looks like it's BT Sport only. http://www.live-footballontv.com/
  2. Luis Enrique?

  3. Our New Stadium

    A little bit of news in the Building Magazine. Looks like the next contract handed out will be for the demolition of the current Stadium VolkerFitzpatrick slides in to tackle first major work on Chelsea stadium job By Dave Rogers20 April 2018 Next work up for grabs is deal to tear down current ground VolkerFitzpatrick is understood to have picked up the first major package of works on the £1bn redevelopment of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground. The firm is preferred contractor for the enabling works contract which is centred on rail works and carries a pricetag of around £95m. Building understands the firm, which is part of the larger Dutch-based VolkerWessels group, beat Keltbray and Bam Nuttall to the deal. It will include piling and diversion works and will see decking platforms built over the District line to the north west of the stadium and a mainline railway used by Southern trains to the east.
  4. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Mootaz Chehade‏Verified account @MHChehade FollowFollow @MHChehade More Michu Batshuayi will return to Chelsea from Dortmund after the striker broke his leg today against Schalke.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    From Twitter; Chris Mears‏ @ChrisMears1 15 Happy 78th Birthday to #Chelsea’s Eddie Mac
  6. Race for Top 4

    Ah OK. Thanks for that Holmsy.
  7. Race for Top 4

    Is it the case this season that if Arsenal win the Europa League Cup they get the 'forth' Champions League spot and whoever is in forth place in the Premiership goes into The Europa League? Anyone know for sure?
  8. Antonio Rudiger

    Antonio Conte AXES Antonio Rudiger from Chelsea squad after defender criticised his tactics in West Ham draw Antonio Rudiger wasn't in the 18-man squad for the Southampton game after he spoke out last week https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/antonio-conte-axes-antonio-rudiger-12361907 SPORT
  9. This game illustrates perfectly that Conte has lost his way with the squad of players available to him. His starting formation and player choice DID NOT WORK, it was an appalling performance against one of the worst teams in the League. Anyone who sees this result as a vindication of Conte's management is kidding themselves. No goal threat until the 70th minute when a simple cross (only Alonso's second assist in Premier League matches this season) and header puts Southampton on the back-foot and they panic and start sitting-deep. Yes we scored 3 goals in 8 minutes but for the other 82 minutes plus stoppage time it was Southampton who looked more threatening and dangerous when going forward. If we line up against Burnley on Thursday with the same formation and staring eleven as today then Conte should be sacked.
  10. This will be an interesting team selection for Conte. Our final League position is now fairly certainly fixed at 5th/6th so he may feel he has leeway to experiment and try a different approach. I think that would be most fans expectation as well. If Conte really believes he will be here next season then this will be his first opportunity to demonstrate how he intends to solve this season's problems. If he just plays the same team/formation though....
  11. Form Table over the last 10 matches puts us at 15th.
  12. Thought the first half had an 'end of season' feel about it. Players chatting and laughing with the opposition. We lacked proper intensity and real bite. Some lovely flicks and showmanship as though the team thought what the fans wanted was entertainment rather than 3 points. Of course Hart plays like Manuel Neuer when facing us, he's Manuel from Fawlty Towers against everyone else. The second half was entirely predictable; virtually the first time our defence was tested - it cracked. West Ham must have been wondering why they didn't give it more of a go First Half.
  13. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    We've had major problems in every area of the team this season; Defence, Midfield and Striker. One or two areas might have been solvable but all three have got the better of Conte and he's been unable to come up with a solution that works. I've a degree of sympathy with Conte about signings and at times he must have felt cursed with bad luck (Hazard's summer injury, Luiz's knee, Bakayoko's form, Drinkwater injured straight away, Morata's whatever it is?) but it is fair to say that he has contributed to the slump as the season has progressed. However what's clear is that Conte wants out and that's the most damning fact of all. That he does't want to stay and work with what's available to him and try to repeat the success of his first season. So what if you don't get the players you want? So what if the Board failed to support you? Every manager in the Football League will be thinking 'welcome to the club mate'. It's supposed to be about The Manager and The Team battling right to the end - not giving up halfway through.
  14. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Horrible news, way too young. Thoughts and sympathy to his family and friends. RIP Ray; Blues Legend.