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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Also i remember many times being accosted myself for being brown........I was from 68 thru to mid 70s maybe till i was recognised a PXXI....didnt faze my love for the team or the groups i eventually had parts in
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I remember away at everton......Cold rainy day......Some were giving canoville some crap........Some chelsea were walking around confronting the offenders......AND it was a boring match too
  3. I actually think this match will be a walkover for us...I see a 4 1 score on the cards.....Chelsea v man utd will be tough in the final tho
  4. Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    Oh well...........ill go n have a cup of tea then
  5. Chelsea V West Ham (PL) Sun 8th Apr 16:30 UK

    As has been said spam will be up for this. They'll play the best they've played all season. Whoever is in goal will be world class for 92 mins. A draw of 1 1 . pikeys will sing rent boy stuff. Take over the fulham rd afterwards and everyone will go home.
  6. Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    For any spuds sneaking a look on here. You may rightly claim to have the best firm in London at present. You shouldn't kid yourself that you would have sorted the chelsea30 outside the hotel. I've read all your boasting on how this 30 wouldn't come over the fence and were all mouth. Didn't see any of your 300 top firm do more than shout n gesticulate. We hate tottenhole.
  7. Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    My heart says 3 1 my head says 2 2 spurs scum go home. Ooops. You haven't got one. KTBFFH
  8. Chelsea V West Ham (PL) Sun 8th Apr 16:30 UK

    Spam may have been happy yesterday. They won't be next wk
  9. Chelsea V Spuds (PL) Sun 1st April 16:00 UK

    I worry about Tbo in goal v spuds. I feel curt has got to his best. He's good but too straight laced to face the spud attack. He isn't good on strikers running towards him and shooting especially from an angle. Now if we want to beat spudscum it has to be caballero in goal. He has no fear and is capable of diving to the feet of attackers. Don't shoot me yet. Wait till the final whistle
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I surprised myself today. I told the story a while back of a particular match i and my leyton mates went to. I could remember it was spuds v wolves early 70s in a poss semi of some sort. Turns out it was 72 uefa cup final which was sorted over 2 legs. How pissed were we. Howd we get in and were any of you there HELPING wolves
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I remember my first trip to old Trafford was on Harkins coach......we alighted quite close to the ground with his voice telling us that if any of us run we ll be walking home..Remember us singing THE song and many Chelsea going wild.....I was young so probably didn't take all things happening in, but I knew I loved it....Tomoz...2 2
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Nice seeing HARKINS and his mate on bbc4 coupla weeks back.....Showed em walking thru newcastles end I think...I say this becoz there is a single pic somewhere on this site of the same scenario....Go dude go...........Just been having a one to one online with a gooner who says Arsenal were doing the zigga zagga years before us....I put up the Greenaway story for him to read.....
  13. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    shall we say 1 3 then or will they surprise us
  14. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    ERM........sorry forgot......looked at the picture for ages but cant remember what was on the flag......