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  1. the team must treat this match, and Everton like cup finals. These two matches will or won't win us the prem....tomoz... Come on the palace
  2. I don't backstab our own fans like some do... I look at us as being a family.. Some family members you like. Some you don't.. But . I have to hold my tongue when, after knocking the filth out 4 2. We have comments of .... The spurs fans language...ON THEIR OWN SITE...and others questioning whether we shoulda played better....i hope no one else in the land reads some of the stuff I THINK I've read.... We did the biz on the pitch.... Fans were good.... Who gives a sh*t whether spuds are going wild on the fighting cock site... Enjoy going to Wembley... Winning... And going back.. Ffs
  3. if spuds win tmoz they wont beat man city... We will just scrape winning the prem...... Now how does that song go again......AND THE BOYS AT THE LANE HAVE WON F. ALL AGAIN......................
  4. oh. Did I read something wrong .. Sorry B.Q
  5. ps.......ive learned something else... Beerqueens a chap....
  6. although I'm as negative about this match as anyone I've read on here, I can see why we may well lose...if the team read any of our stuff they'll be as negative... Where's our faith gone... Spuds are having a laugh at us already.. They are very optimistic of their team doing ours and their fans doing a better job too... I don't see or hear anywhere spuds calling spuds BUFFOONS for any reason...Thats why we are yoou yooouuu buffoons
  7. remember too...once we get the RENT BOY jibes... Stick the spurs cock up their @aaa
  8. anytime someone gives a stat as above one can guarantee the opposite happens. Spuds are still just 14 players... What they have is belief and no fear... Their confidence is a match winner... They are a team that know and trust each other.... AT THE MOMENT we are not.... Come on Chelsea team... Don't let these words ouze from my lips...speaking well of the unts burns my tongue....pull out the stops and kick them to the curb... I also expect all Chelsea fans to walk tall. Sing loud n proud and make sure our flag is flyin igh......
  9. this sounds great and ill agree with you BUT spurs songs are naturally louder than ours...apart from DIEGO DIEGO... Their fans are more ASONE rather than our many smaller groups...I hate spuds more than you can imagine..but it is what it is nowadays
  10. I think we will lose this semi... It will work in our favour to win the prem.. Spuds will be too excited about playing in the final esp if its against le arse. I believe they will worry in their prem matches of injury probs psychologically working against them in some difficult last games
  11. This match has draw written all over it. I believe some players will have the spud semi in mind. I haven't been right all season. One thing for sure is united will wind up the guv and I'm sure there will be a few bookings in this exciting drama at O T....move over Jose. Contes in town
  12. p.s. I went to school with both the rasor bros in 68.. Warwick school Walthamstow... P.s TheBone. You'll know DazzaThe blue too. Darren Black.. Mick you called me....mmmmm. You didn't say mike... Your closer than I know....No. After said party never saw Hurley again... Mickey rasor and a bunch of his arsenal boys chased me down into the lower platforms at Walthamstow central when I was a boy...I had no alternative but to escape into a tunnel..very lucky on many levels.... When I had my neck cut by millwall in mid 80s I was summoned into the beumont pub ( think it was this pub) to a meet with a top spud... He asked me wot I would do if he could find the perp... I told him. Then was politely dismissed....Terry was the Everton scouse who loved comming to Chelsea... ehh ehh he would say before going wild..... Do you know Steve tidyman...lyndsey Whitehouse....Taylor bros....
  13. proud of my girl Chelsea.. Didn't have a ticket but travelled from Ipswich to a pub in the Chelsea area The Elk ? Met her Chelsea gang of boys n girls and partied while watching the match.... She woulds loved it in the 70s.. My Chelsea girl
  14. Just seen all The Bone s knowledgable stuff on here.... Yep you know me alright... Everton (Chelsea) scouse....Ballard... The rasor boys.... BUT....who are you..... You , I think are a Leyton fellow. But. who....... P.s. Re hickmot..... Oh yes he was......well. In my and many others minds..... Nice to hear at least, a blast from the past....... Don't owe you any dough do I lol