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  1. City look very weak. They'll mess this up.
  2. Mmmm, ArsenalFanTV binge on the way...
  3. Nah. It'll probably still lose on MOTD's Goal Of The Month to a scrappy Andy Carroll header.
  4. Real shame Piers Morgan is off Twitter at the moment. An Arse defeat just isn't same without one of his meltdowns. Will settle for the sight of Moh trying to conceal his butthurt bitterness.
  5. Can't wait to see Moh's butthurt response.
  6. We seen this yet?
  7. 'Wenger' becomes a verb. To go out shopping and return home empty handed is now described as to ‘Wenger’.
  8. Moh showing himself to be the f**kwit he is. Even Arsenal fans turning on him now.
  9. I live in Spain and I saw this on offer at the local market today. # Click on image to view full # Couldn't resist.
  10. Have to credit Simeone, really.
  11. Gerrard to play for Liverpool till he's 65!!
  12. So what now for Juan? I reckon he'll be out of there come January.
  13. They were far too complacent in the first half. Should be a wake up call for them at least.
  14. He's back-pedalling hard about it now.