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  1. Whether he believes it or is using it to motivate his players and play mind games with ours, poch is coming across as a man who expects his side to overtake us and claim the league crown, and will be disappointed if they don't. For them to do that they need is to lose 2 games, or draw two games, or rather only win 3 of our remaining games and no more. You have to believe him and his players are looking at everton being their best bet for the first of those games and if we can beat them you have to believe that will crush them a little.
  2. Don't panic mr. mainwaring don't panic!
  3. Much being made of everton's 8 match home winning run and lukaku against our porous defence. Should we be breaking out the private Frasier "we're doomed" gifs again?
  4. Matic was injured for that one right Bobby? In other news Paul merson has pooed on my theory and predicted both us and Spurs to win. Bold, especially with our poor record there and their home form being formidable, but I would be quite happy if he is proven right. I highly doubt it but we will see.
  5. If we do not beat everton I would agree with him. Super Sunday is simple for me and as far as the no way tag goes I am as close to as sure as I can be over football that whatever the result is at goodison there will be a different one a WHL. So if we win we have one hand on the trophy if we don't Spurs are breathing down our necks and this place really goes in to panic mode.
  6. Starting cesc makes sense guys but has conte ever decided to start with him in a big away match? Pretty sure conte goes with Pedro or willian. If we want to make the most of corners we need cesc though. We have Alonso for free kicks at least.
  7. Rare moment of confidence am feeling right now. Hopefully everton do not sh*t all over it lol.
  8. Jose showed tonight the only way spurs will beat his side is if he wants them to or the refs screws them over. No one better at setting his team out to not lose a game against a big opponent. So hopefully Jose wants something out of that match.
  9. 2 and a bit days to go and the anticipation and nerves grow. Lol.
  10. We have been thinking for a few weeks now surley Spurs winning run would have to stop right? They could not possibly make it to 13 wins on the trot like we did right? Well they are over halfway there now and many felt no way would they beat palace, who had beaten us and Liverpool recently but they did. Sure bad luck with an injury and inept refing on their side but we just have to accept that is just how it is in these next 5 games as well. Lady luck and the ref making blatant calls against us and in favour of them. We have to win in spite of these things. Maybe the loss most everyone felt Spurs would suffer in the run in was the semi final and that alone.
  11. Yeah exactly my thoughts lol. Those of you saying they would take a point that would only be useful if Spurs draw or lose but I think it is nailed on if we do not win they will. So a draw is no more valuable than a loss if we assume Spurs win all their remaining games. Given the amount of fear on here about moss I am now expecting at least one red card (most likely to matic or luiz) and one pen against us. Hopefully we are wrong on this one and he has a decent game... Too much to ask?
  12. Think I would go with: Tibo Azpi Luiz Cahill Moses Kante Matic Alonso Willian Costa Hazard Really harsh to drop cesc though.
  13. We need him, and everyone that plays, at their very best if we are to beat everton. Good to see him back to his best yesterday.
  14. Exactly this. Not doom and gloom I believe we can get the 4 wins we need I just don't see it as a case of 4 gimmie wins for us and one hard game on Sunday and 5 hard games for spurs. If the team looks at Spurs games and thinks that they will drop points and hand it to us we will see more results like palace. We have to believe Spurs will win and make it 13 wins on the trot or the players risk slacking off again.