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  1. Two enigmatic teams. We could thrash them they could thrash us, could be a high score draw or a dull draw. No result will surprise me in this game. I would go with: Tibo Azpi Christensen Rudiger Zappa Kante Drinkwater Emerson Willian Giroud Hazard
  2. Maybe but he gambled and messi took advantage.
  3. 4 mistakes for their goal though. All 4 players can take a slice of the blame. Cannot make mistakes against a side like barca
  4. Good effort. Did not get embarrassed for sure. However that away goal is a killer. Really hurts our chances. We needed a perfect game and some luck. Two post hits and a mistake to gift them a goal is not that. Think we go out at the camp nou. Real shame that is. Went better than I expected though.
  5. Need two more without reply then we are in business!
  6. Well we need an advantage at the nou camp but seems lady luck is not with us and given what the ref is like tonight it will be worse there.
  7. Of that we can be sure. No way the it is in between the two. Either a master stroke or a death nail.
  8. Now that is positive thinking i can get behind :)
  9. Thought he wanted to pick players in form? Neither of them are and will have rings run round them.
  10. Well all the sports channels I have are showing either the winter Olympics or the Bayern game. At first I was rather disappointed with that but now I can honestly say I am not Anymore. Cesc in a midfield 2 against barca with a 3. Hazard as a false 9 getting no supply? Any doubts conte wants the sack and his compo package now gone. Barca will smash us.
  11. We play with a false 9 hazard will be isolated and we will get tonked. Conte should be sacked on the spot if he chooses to play a false 9 when we have both giroud and morata.
  12. I would say any type of defeat and we are out. In the past we have draw or lost at the nou camp but never won there. If we go their needing to win the tie is already done imo. Why it is imperative we don't lose tonight.
  13. Agreed. I expect us to get knocked out I am just hoping I am wrong about us getting hammered.
  14. Am expecting a red card for us, messi's first goal against us, several barca dives and their players around the ref for every call and big media fanfare about how the beautiful game beat the pragmatic team.
  15. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Come on guys English players are only cheats if they play for Chelsea. Like jt and his always blocking every shot with his hands for example.