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  1. Sounds like the deal is off. Sources in the Italian media are saying that juve cannot sign a replacement they are happy with so have told us he is irreplaceable. There is an article about this on WAGNH.
  2. Lot of smoke around this one ain't there?
  3. If he goes he goes to United or psg, I do not see him coming here nor conte wanting him.
  4. Hope we can find a suitable new rwb as well. If we sign Sandro that is two quality options on the left we have but not so on the right.
  5. So the headline on sky sports has him saying he wants to play for Klopp and Liverpool then?
  6. Ahh could be the official unveiling of Billy Gilmour from rangers
  7. New back up keeper most likely.
  8. Makes sense to me, seems to be no real progress in us signing people so conte could be losing patients and I could see him telling the board he will go if action is not taken soon. Have Spanish papers put 2 and 2 together and therefore made this rumour of an 11th hour morata bid? Conte could hardly walk before a game last year but he was not happy to miss out on a few targets, or so we heard. Walking as a champion however...
  9. Still expect him sacked before the new season is out and big settlements going to him and his staff, this is Chelsea after all and is common place for us.
  10. Question is how much per week does donnarumma want and how much is his transfer fee? We know real wanted to spend big on de gae and since we lost out on huge money on Costa I wonder if we could turn a tidy profit selling them tibo and replacing him with the milan goaly.
  11. Does he have the conte work ethic?
  12. Quite happy at his possible signing. Would be a smart deal.
  13. Second best striker ever? Am not old enough to argue the case for Osgood, or Bentley, or Dixon or their ilk but would be interested to hear from our older members on their thoughts on that. On a personal level I would personally put Zola and eidur ahead of him for their all around play and Jimmy at least level as a goal scorer. Didier goes without saying. No denying when Diego is motivated he is a lethal goal scorer, it is just such a shame he has no respect for our club or our fans.
  14. Diego who? Put him the reserves, worth every penny to show Chelsea football club won't be dictated to by any one player. Let him tweet all the sour balls he wants.
  15. Exactly right, no favours for him. Either he moves where it makes good business for us or two years of the Maloudas for him.