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  1. axman2526

    Expectations, Hopes and Fears for the New Season.

    Expectation: finish between 6 and 8 in the league, put all our eggs in the Europa league basket and hope the best and almost best cl teams don't fall in to it. English cups could go either way depending on how serious we take them. Hazard is not allowed to leave, tibo and Willian are. Hope: spurs be spursy and United make a hash of it, so we can push on for top 4. Win the Europa league and we take the two domestic cups seriously. Hazard signs, tibo signs, Willian, pedro and baka all sold. RLC, mount and CHO all given opportunities as part of the first team squad. Fears: we don't adapt to sarri's methods so we neither attack nor defend as a cohesive team. We sink like a stone and board pulls the trigger fast. Or that my expectation is right and that is not enough for the board.
  2. axman2526


    We don't do more than 1 year contracts to players 30 years old or older. Has been that way for years. So that is bull.
  3. axman2526

    Eden Hazard

    He needs to sign a new deal. We should not allow an arrest like that to leave for free in 2 years.
  4. axman2526

    Thibaut Courtois

    I don't have a problem with whichever he decides to do. Sign, stay and go for free or be sold. From a club perspective if he does not sign we should try and sell him. I do not think if we can agree a deal with real he would refuse to go. If he did well he will want to play well for his last year, cause if he stinks the place up real won't want him and atletico don't need him. Given we bought him for peanuts comparatively from then to this market is not a huge deal. I think if we get real to offer 35mill that would be ok. Eden is the one we have to be super super careful of. We are not talking a small amount of money lost there. It is questionable if we would invest it wisely but 200mill invested well we could improve our side with a few players that perfectly with the sarri system. Or better he signs a new deal and he stays in our team. But if he wants to go we have to sell asap and hope the club invest well.
  5. axman2526

    Thibaut Courtois

    Seems like him and real are close to an agreement and we are willing to drop our price from 50mill euros to 35mill euros: https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2018/7/15/17573128/courtois-real-madrid-close-on-agreeing-personal-terms-as-chelsea-lower-asking-price-reports
  6. axman2526

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    By that I meant if the rumour about players leaving, like tibo, Willian and hazard, was true as well.
  7. axman2526

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Hmm if all these rumors are true could out first competitive sarri side be: Allison Azpi----rudiger----rungani----emerson --------------jorginho -----kante----------------golovin Pedro------------------barkely ------------higuain Personally rather mount or rlc to pedro....
  8. axman2526

    Eden Hazard

    Club are flipping mental if we turn down even the 53mill that was linked for Willian.
  9. axman2526

    Eden Hazard

    Tell real to cough up 225mill pounds for him and tibo. That would be fair imo. Hazard is at his peak, he has served us well for his 6 years and played some amazing stuff. He deserves this "dream" move for him and I don't begrudge him it one bit. Can we replace like for like? No but neither did we with Zola, Drogba or Lampard. We adapted and still did pretty well.
  10. axman2526

    Eden Hazard

    As ever is up to eden. If he wants to go and real pay a fair price I don't think we should stand in his way.
  11. axman2526


    Imo hazard will decide whether he leaves or not, not us. If he wants to leave we will let him go. Regardless of what happens with willian.
  12. axman2526

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Sounds like Eden is ok with that and what many care most about is him staying so.
  13. axman2526

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Classy as always JT. Oh what a shame we could not just worked together in harmony for 1 more year. A much cleaner break.
  14. axman2526

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Cannot complain about the trophy return in those 2 years. Thank you Antonio and good luck. Guess sarri must be close if this is happening.
  15. axman2526


    If true we better accept it, has served us well but it is just good business to take that.