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  1. Oh and I really look forward to a Kante and drinkwater midfield tandom for us, possibly with cesc if we play a midfield five.
  2. Just finished watching the game and boy did we get out of jail on this one. While we should have been 2 to 1 up at the break, after cesc and his poor chip miss how Watford were not up 1 - 3 or 1-4 I do not know. Those were some shocking misses. Only reason they deserved to lose was missing those easy chances as, for me, they were the better side until those last 20 minutes when they slowed and our subs started getting going. The good for me first. Really appreciating rudiger in our back line. Complete no nonsense, take no prisoner and safety first. I like that in a defender. Thought dave, luiz and Cahill looked more back to their solid selves but can improve. Cesc fought hard and showed good quality the limited amount he got the ball, same as Pedro. Willian looked decent again! Finally! Batman big impact. Look what happens when your striker is not as weak as a wet piece of lettuce and crumple on slight contact. Strong and direct. I find it hard to believe this same player was so poor at palace. He must have been starved of service. Now the bad. Alonso you need a break you have been poor for a while, surely kenedy could play a bit? Baka good grief, you know we play in blue right? Did they not teach you to pass to a team mate at Monaco? Morata a 70mill player? Second time this week I have watched him and my goodness am I not impressed. No stomach for a battle, knocked off the ball by sub par backup defenders of two sides that let in a combined 7 goals none of which he scored. Very disappointing. Really fun game to watch. Good result lads well fought back and well done conte on getting the subs right and being brave enough to hook the misfiring star and giving Batman a chance.
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Would be wonderful I would be all for that with conte but I think you ask for too much. Is not how our board work.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    What we should do and what we are very likely to do are two very different things. City and to a degree United have shifted the goal posts this season. One 70mill player is not enough when you ship out players like Costa and matic. You need quality and depth of quality and we simply don't have that. With the one hand we support by signing some players but in the other we take back by selling and not increasing our depth. Now this should lead to a correction in January. Some signings and admitting they got it wrong in the summer while conte also admits he got it wrong because even a limited squad should be beating palace and Burnley. Reassess our targets. Not title, top 4. Carry on rebuilding. But what is coming is the sack for conte. It is how our club works. You know it, I know it, best accept it cause it is life as a Chelsea fan and boy has it brought us some dizzy highs and some foul lows.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Do we not usually hire a new manager every 2 years or so?
  6. True we had missed that in the title. So rather than put it negatively I would say this is an uphill battle. Injured players, ones that are not are knackered and not as good as the ones injured to begin with, bar hazard. Watford on form. Barley two days of rest and an early kick off. Could prove rather interesting. Get the ball to hazard only way we win.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Fairly certain he is a deadman walking. Whether it is over the next month, by Christmas or by the end of the season he is gone. Managers don't win battles with Romans board. They follow the company line and succeed along it or get tossed out on their ear. As has been said already we did not have a good transfer window. Not enough to compete for the title but conte has screwed up as we should never be getting beat by the likes of palace and Burnley and certainly not getting held at home by arsenal. Carlo return next?
  8. Maybe not but would he be less useful than cesc?
  9. So I an hearing no Kante nor drinkwater nor baka nor luiz. We have cesc but still have a big fat zero of competent midfield players. How do you like up with that in mind? Got to go with something completely out of left field for me: Tibo Cahill Christiensen Rudiger Zappa Azpi Scott Kenedy Hazard Morata Batman Free role for hazard. Bypass our midfield long balls to morata to head down and Batman to pounce on. Or Pedro for Batman and play 3-4-3
  10. 3 at the back has been exposed?

    Soon he will get the sack. Is how our club works. Has been successful but still...
  11. Just finished watching the game. Imo for the vast majority roma were the better side who had more energy and drive than we did. Conte taking off David luiz was a bad tactical call. He was the only one to get near their midfield baka and cesc were passengers. Morata put in one of the worst performances I have seen from a center forward in recent years (No i did not see Batman against palace). Good result given they were the better side but to be two up and barley get a draw is really poor. I am concerned for conte. Carlo is in the stands and I sense Roman is starting to sharpen that axe again ...
  12. Play cesc in this one because he will be more use here than Watford. Rest dave and hazard, who may be a little burnt out after the internationals. Give kenedy another shot to give us more direct attacking on the left. Tell Pedro to play as a second striker as direct support to Batman. If things are well in hand sub luiz for charly jnr. Tibo Cahill Christiensen Rudiger Zappa Baka Cesc Luiz Kenedy Pedro Batman
  13. This result is all too funny. How badly the players let everyone down today.
  14. Lmao we were so desperate to help palace we scored their first goal of the season for them! We lost to a side who have not won or scored before this game. Lmao what a shambles. No excuse about players missing. If our squad cannot beat that garbage team then...then no hope for them.
  15. Can always put luiz back in to midfield. Christensen is doing a good job in his position as it is so frees up luiz to play further forward.