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  1. Conte gets his man.
  2. We should've went all out for him to begin with. He will take the league by storm, mark my words. Signing of the season if it happens.
  4. Bring Drogba back, play him alongside Aubameyang. Problem solved. In all seriousness, I just feel it would be silly to turn down a chance to sign a player who nets 25+ goals per season. Most posters on here would've probably been content on Lukaku. Aubameyang is a much, much better player than Lukaku from what I've seen, and he guarantees you goals. I also like the look of both Morata and Belotti. But in terms of scoring goals, it doesn't get any better than him.
  5. Surprised at the pessimism surrounding potentially signing Aubameyang. He is the real deal. Top scorer in the Bundesliga even ahead of Lewandowski, who in my opinion, is the most complete striker in the world at the moment. The comparisons to Torres don't hold any merit. Torres was quite clearly on the decline when we signed him. Aubameyang is at his peak right now. It's no fluke either, he consistently scores tons of goals season after season. If the club can somehow pull this off, I would be ecstatic.
  6. He just turned 28 a month ago.
  7. Come on Chelsea, get this done. Would be a fantastic signing.
  8. Aubameyang gets my vote.
  9. This place was a lot more peaceful and enjoyable before all of the members who got banned from other Chelsea forums decided to sign up here... Lucky for them the mods on here seem to be more lenient.
  10. Blue, obviously...
  11. Some reports suggesting Mourinho advised against inserting a buy-back clause on the Lukaku sale, which I find hard to believe, but if true, ultimately it was up to the board.
  12. KDB can look a world beater on his day and completely average for months on end. Not too fussed that we sold him in all honesty.