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  1. They are showing zero interest in the league, lack of effort and very little fight. Wouldn't be surprised if we lost this game too.
  2. TrueBlueBIH

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Hoped it was fake, it would be madness to sack him now.
  3. TrueBlueBIH

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Apparently this was posted then removed on the official website. Found it on a different forum so i can't claim it was really posted.
  4. We win tonight we go through, i don't see Arsenal outscoring us in the second leg. Wenger heavily rotated for the Fa Cup, meaning both teams tonight at full strenght.
  5. TrueBlueBIH

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Love Conte, but i would suggest him that he keeps out of the Jose's childish media outbursts. He lost the plot and he needs a distraction of United and he is using Conte for it. He done it at Chelsea and he is doing it now at United, Antonio be the bigger man focus on the team let him see himself out.
  6. TrueBlueBIH

    Andreas Christensen

    Only 21 and already has loads of experience from his time in Germany and now with us. He can only get better and this new contract shows that the club wants him on the long term. He pretty much pushed Luiz out of the starting line up, even tough Luiz was injured.
  7. TrueBlueBIH

    Alvaro Morata

    Fans are making him look like a flop, but just a month ago they were all loving him when he was bagging in important goals. I have eyes and i know that he could have bagged a hat trick against both Stoke and Arsenal but missed 100% chances. Does it really make him a bad player? Or did he just have a bad day at the office? I would claim the second, he did well so far in the season and we still have a lot of games so he can make it a better season. His finishing is something he should work on, however my main concern regarding him is that he falls down to easily expecting the ref's to award him fouls. That is probably something he got a lot in La Liga but he won't get soft fouls in the Premiership.
  8. I agree as he must not allow the Palace game all over again.
  9. TrueBlueBIH

    Most hated opposition

    Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham and i despise QPR. That would be the main hate the rest include United Liverpool etc. Special mention to Leeds but we haven't met them much in the previous years since they went down.
  10. TrueBlueBIH

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Pleased with his performance against United, much improvement on the previous few games. Still very young and he will have time to improve more and adapt, with Kante by his side we could be sorted in the midfield for "years" to come.
  11. Jose's post game interview was hilarious, claiming we scored at the only period that we dominated and that the game was equal. He should be grateful this wasn't another 3-0,4-0 win.
  12. TrueBlueBIH

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Last season he turned a team that ended 10th into Champions, he changed things when they were catastrophic after our back to back defeats against Arsenal and Liverpool. He is smart enough that he knows this isn't working, he has to be given time to change things around again. I don't think that Roman will be that patient but i hope he will be.
  13. Defense wise we are terrible, the 3-4-3 has been exposed to that extent that we even made Roma look good. All three goals maybe apart from the first were defensive errors. The second one was pub level defending by Rudiger who basically gifted a goal, the third was an error by Cesc who just can't be dropped no matter how sh*t he plays. The bench made no impact at all, Conte should reconsider returning to a back four since this isn't working. After a big defeat we usually bounce back, but as the bus is coming on the weekend and the team failed to break a sweat for the loud away fans who spent their well earned money to see little to no effort at all. In the first half we missed a few sitters which could have brought us to life but in the second we just waited for the 90 minutes to end. I can accept a defeat but not a one in which the team didn't even try. We will probably have Kante back for United, shame we won't have a solid back three too.
  14. TrueBlueBIH

    Danny Drinkwater

    Looked very good, control, slick passing and he tracks back when we defend. He was very much needed, wish we had him since the start of the season. It would be so good if we could start him and Bakayoko on Saturday.
  15. We usually struggle against teams in sh*t form, we did it against Everton too. However we have to start playing well at some point hopefully tomorrow.