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  1. If we don't repeat another slow 30 minutes like against Bayern we should ease past Inter. It is good to have a big squad to mix and when we add Hazard, Rudiger, Bakayoko and Pedro we will have enough quality to rotate throughout the season. Also Conte stated that he will get more signings so that is a plus as well.
  2. Did we really buy an injured player who will miss the pre season? I mean i was very excited we got him, think he will suit Chelsea and the league very well.
  3. If you followed my posts on here, i always rated Michy and he had to be given more chances. I was just having a laugh
  4. Oh well time for Michy to step up
  5. I am Chelsea supporter from Bosnia and Herzegovina, been one since the 1999. People usually regard any foreign Chelsea fan as a plastic one, but i was never moved much by that. Everyone who knows me since junior high know that i've always been a blue. Obviously i wasn't there "when we were sh*t" (not old enough) but i am also a pre Roman supporter. My simple advice for the foreign fans, you don't need respect from other people to know what you are. I am respected among our supporters and my friends and it is more than good enough for me, could care less what some mong says about my support or Chelsea.
  6. They were all probably United fans a few years back, they should all just go back and dab to Pogba's "amazing" performances.
  7. Probably a nothing story, just like he was linked with Inter and basically nothing happened. Why in the world would he leave after already making his own team and moving his family to London? Chelsea will invest this summer, and we will probably invest heavily but no need to panic buy. We were linked mostly with Lukaku and Bakayoko and no one signed them yet so we are probably in negotiations.
  8. We are a bit slow in the market, heavily linked with several players. I would like us to buy quality and buy wisely we don't need expensive panic buys. Think we will sign Caballero first as a reserve keeper.
  9. Probably a silly question, but will it be on Chelsea TV? Also some big names in that Chelsea team should be a great match, also for a good cause.
  10. Probably someone from his big coaching team, don't see us getting someone new that doesn't know the club and the players.
  11. If he does join and starts banging them in, he will all the sudden become a fan favorite. He didn't even join yet for f**k sake, if he does give the man a chance to prove his worth. Saying all this he never should have been sold, he done has done well in all of his loans and deserved a chance in the first team.
  12. Of course it was not always Kev :) , but you understood what i meant by it.
  13. Watch him end up in United
  14. Went for the quarter finals, as we always seem to stumble in the semi's
  15. He was linked with Madrid since he joined, nothing of it came to life. Doubt he would be a key player in Madrid among that many stars, he can't do much better than Chelsea. Plays every game, wins silverware and he is on huge wages where can he get all this?