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  1. Personally felt Pedro did very well at wing back against Peterborough, not just because of the goals. How would he perform against tougher opposition it is yet to see, but when we are losing he is well worth a go as he has speed and has an eye for the goal.
  2. I am usually very confident this season, no matter the opposition but this game will be tricky. I just hope we score first as they will look to close the shop if they score first and hit us on the counters. Good thing is that Mahrez and Slimani are on International duty which is a plus for us. The boys fully rested and hopefully eager to go. COYB
  3. Think he needs play time and also needs time to adapt to wing back, probably would be very good at RB but the transition needs time.
  4. I've been looking into it and all the reviews from the Internet and friends are top notch. I will deffo give it a go, not sure will the missus be interested haha
  5. Well after 11 months he was due to have a "shaky" game which in understandable. I felt he did ok and with more game time he will return his confidence and will be the same player he was before the injury. I doubt Conte will use him much in the league if everyone is fit but the cups will probably be his 90 minutes this season.
  6. It would be unfair to get Ake straight into the team as Alonso did very well. Ake is a versatile defender so he can step in for the center backs and probably cover the wing back position. Conte returned him for a reason and i hope he has him in his plans.
  7. He was impressive yesterday, probably the best out of the youth set up that started. He needs to do this on a regular basis and Conte won't ignore it. Good game by Chalobah too.
  8. We should start the bench players. Begović Zouma - JT (if fit) - Cahill Aina - Chalobah - Fabregas - ? Willian - Michy - ? I struggle to see what we could do for the Alonso position, someone stated Kenedy i am not sure if he is registered to play, or Musonda.
  9. After 13 wins we had to lose at some point, so it was Spurs oh well. We are still 5 points clear and have Leicester and Hull next before Anfield. By that point our lead could be even bigger and the boys will have a deserved rest ahead of the Fa Cup.
  10. Yep he was Mr. Consistent, but Cesar wasn't too shabby either
  11. Many fans have a split opinion on Zouma, i personally felt while fit he was the best young center back in the league. He was ages ahead of the like of Stones who would be a sh*t purchase. Think he would fit greatly in this back three, the current combination works well but rotate Cahill and Cesar with him would be great. If we don't manage to sign a wing back to cover Alonso we could give Azpi a chance at wing back. However the best option would be Azpilicueta - Luiz - Zouma.
  12. It would obviously be good to win, but we don't need to rush it as even a draw would be a ok result for us. Spurs will probably go all out like City and they could have face the same destiny as them. If we win we are truly on the high horse and i don't see us dropping the number one spot. People think with a defeat we would crumble, why would we? the team mentality is immense and we will show it tonight. BUZZIN C'MON YOU MIGHTY BLUES
  13. Yep Bamford had the problem to actually step up, he was amazing in the Championship. Hopefully Tammy will get a good loan in the Premiership and do well so he can be part of our first team.
  14. Of course mate, you can actually never know who will adapt or who won't. However it seem's finally the managers buy the players so Conte will buy him if he needs him.
  15. He is only 24 a regular player for his national squad, the question is can he adapt to wing back? I would personally try Kenedy out and see if he can adapt if not we need cover for Alonso.