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  1. He is 23 years old, a proven goal scorer in the league. His price tag will for through the roof he will surely be more than 70mill+ , not worth it in my opinion. However if Costa does leave in the summer think this move could go ahead, this said i wouldn't be that keen on it.
  2. He will be rested against Wolves so he will have almost 2 weeks to fully recover. Conte made him the crucial link in the defense, with Dave and Gary catching up if any one goes past him. People including me were sceptical about this move and it proved to be worth every penny. I knew he wouldn't be a bad move, but he proved to be a brilliant fit.
  3. Score a goal, defend and counter? Jose just said what he has been doing since day one of his managerial career. I guess the 4-0 defeat is still in his head and i can see him doing everything to avoid a defeat at Old Trafford.
  4. Pay the Ghost (2015) 6/10
  5. I'd play the same team as well, pace with enough experience to see this game off.
  6. I feel we slowed down a bit, but it was expected after that amazing 13 win run. I don't think we are playing badly, i just think this is a "slower" period for us. We have a pretty decent run in, i only think the both Manchester teams will make it hard for us and probably Everton away. Only a complete meltdown would see us missing out on the title, as every fan in England apart from our fans wants. We lost three in 25, we would need to lose another four from the remaining 13 games to drop from first and if only the rest win all their games. I reckon we will win our 6 remaining home games, and if we manage to win half of our remaining away games it will be enough. Also United, Arsenal and Spurs all play each other in the final 4-5 games of the league. With the way the rest are playing we shouldn't be troubled, but you never know.
  7. Really? I said sacking Ancelotti was a mistake
  8. I prayed when we had Carlo to be the long term manager after his double, but Roman sacked him after one season without silverware. Hope he learned from his mistakes and gets Conte a chance to be the long term solution.
  9. Obviously Hazard will get the most votes, but beside him Dave was outstanding and Kante as per usual. Apparently Dave won 100% of his aerial duels, not bad for a left / right back
  10. Burnley is the third best team in the league at home with 9 wins, one draw and three defeats. Only us and Spurs have a better home record, won't be easy but overall i feel we have too much quality not to get a result. Also Spurs visit Anfield next week we could easily extend our lead at the top with a win.
  11. This season is the Pedro from Barcelona, completely adapted and a new man under Conte, saying this he didn't have a poor debut season. He must start against Arsenal as he was far better than Willian even when he came on against Liverpool.
  12. The deadline for transfers is done, and it is not official yet? Does the window in Russia close later or? Sky reported he passed his medical and nothing since.
  13. Him and Luiz were top notch last, he is like a speedy little warrior battling it out from week to week. I was shocked we signed him after he had a chance to play in the Champions league, but our midfield was never good enough and he just made it so much better. The transfer fee now looks so small considering what 100 mill gets you
  14. We are at a point when people can't say he is not on the top of his game? Is Hazard untouchable? He wasn't good last night, and has been average for some time. That doesn't mean any of the fans think he is a sh*t play. However it seem's that the fans only accept if people just praise him all the time and regard him as the best thing since sliced bread. Overall he is having a good season, just not lately i'd say from the City game. Still a key player and i am certain he will deliver the goods.
  15. I'd start Fabregas and Pedro for this one, Willian was very poor against Liverpool and Matić is suited more for defending. Again i am not confident as i wasn't against Liverpool but three points will do.