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  1. He is used as a winger in Ajax, he doesn't have what it takes to be a winger. He did well for us starting in his natural striker role, just remember when Sturridge was at the club and he was pushed on the wing and was never as good as he was in the center forward position.
  2. I just hope Nike doesn't do the same what Adidas has done for years, same pattern and terrible almost identical designs.
  3. United and City will outspend us surely, however we already have a very good core and additions will just improve the squad. The Manchester teams need big changes that will require big money, and their new teams will need time to gel like every team does. So yeah let them be the favorites the pressure will be on Jose as he will have to win the title next season.
  4. Best team during the season, think the 13 win run was crucial for the title. In 2017 our form was alright, but not like in the first half of the season. I also felt we never really hit 5th gear this season, all the wins looked so easy apart from some more difficult games. If we could manage and get the double it would be amazing, at the start of this season i hoped for a top 4 spot at best and return to Europe. Winning the title was much much more than i ever expected, also won it in style!
  5. I was born in the 1987, so obviously not in my memory. However a lot of fans that are older than me remember it very well in detail. I've been told about it and how we bounced back to never see the second division to this day. The older fans had it much harder, these days the younger fans are spoiled to the core. Without titles and cups would probably jump ship as soon as possible.
  6. The boys know we need two wins out out of the four remaining games to be crowned champions and i am certain we will do it by Friday. Even without Luiz and Kante who are still not confirmed as out, we should see this game out. And also officially relegate Middlesbrough as they relegated us in the 87-88 season.
  7. Good to be back, i missed any kind of Europe to be honest. This will test Conte and the squad to the maximum, obviously this team will go under changes during the summer. Conte will have a full pre season and add players that he thinks will deliver the goods.
  8. Costa will surely be off in the summer, he has not been the same Costa before the China links. We will also get big money for him, if Conte feels Lukaku is the suitable replacement than so be it. We also have Michy, Traore and Abraham all in line to be a back up, time will tell will they all go on loans. I feel Michy has been too expensive to go on endless loans, if Conte doesn't rate him sell him and get back some of the money spent. I personally still think he didn't get a good enough chance. Lukaku is a proven goalscorer and he has all the qualities that can work in this system, i also think he is keen on joining us once again. He is 24 and has lot of good seasons ahead of him.
  9. Hope we don't hold out for a draw, we can easily get the points and Old Trafford is a happy place for us in the recent years. If we don't get big decisions against us i am optimistic we will get a win. 0-2 for the mighty blues
  10. I was "attacked" when i said he wasn't happy at the club, and that the media talk was true. He wanted to force his move back to Atletico. He will be hard to replace as he is truly a lethal finisher but it is better to sell him then to have problems mid season because he had a change of heart.
  11. Quality input mate, i am very pleased you actually read the entire post.
  12. He used his minutes well against Stoke, unlucky not to score. He is pure talent, hope Conte can give him more of a chance and keep him next season. Not really too keen on loaning him out again.
  13. He was always a good defender, perhaps not in the ranks of JT or Carvalho for example but a good servant for the club and always comes with his 100%. He did have terrible games where he made critical mistakes but to sum his Chelsea career it was very good. Saying all this i am not certain he will keep his starting spot next season with Zouma and Ake all ready to go, even with Christensen returning. He should stay as a squad player and for rotation as we will have Europe back next season.
  14. Stoke are a bunch of dirty c**ts, going in with wild challenges as per usual. I was estatic when Gary scored the winner, as apart from the penalty decision he was very good the entire game. Hope at some point they go down, and taste some of their own medicine in the Championship.
  15. People were his biggest critics, and talking about how he is the weak link. He improved in the defense and he is a threat going up front. Conte knew what he was buying and he adapted nicely, he also looks like a great team player. The atmosphere in this team is outstanding.