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  1. Hmm ok thanks, sounds promising, especially if he can add a bit more forward momentum than Kante normally does. The latter is awesome and no Mikel, obviously, but this weekend's goal aside he doesn't normally do a huge amount in the final third.
  2. Didn't manage to see the game, and have heard a lot of praise for Bakayoko on various newspaper sites, albeit from clearly biased chelsea fans. Was he that good? 'Essien-esque' was said a few times. That would be good news if that's the direction he's heading. Does Gary get back in the team? Granted we conceded but I'm not sure he should. I like him and he still has a role to play but shouldn't be captain IMO. Luiz, Dave or Eden for me should have the armband. Finally, Morata looks absolutely mustard. All we need to do is recoup approx 50 for Costa, close the door on that sorry saga, and we can look ahead to the season with a lot of optimism.
  3. But they must have been under the impression from the board or someone that we would be signing more players or you'd have to think they'd stay. RLC going on loan, for example, says either that we just don't think he's good enough to even be back up or that we're going to be well covered in CM with loads of signings imminent. I cannot wrap my head around this summer at all. We've signed 3 good players and yet somehow managed to frustrate everyone and f**k up our squad. United's inevitable romp to victory today is the icing on the crap cake.
  4. I think it's less that we lost and more than this has shown how thin our squad is and how worrying that is for the season. Two reds and we're now f**ked for a big game vs Spurs (who have just won easily thanks to good fortune and Shelvy's stupidity). Look at United's squad today. It's ridiculously packed with talent and it's disgraceful we've not only failed to keep pace but we've actually gone backwards. Red cards or not, we had to give a debut to a young player for the first game of the season and will likely play a defender in midfield for the second. That's shambolic. The decision alone to sell Matic, to a rival, when we KNOW Bakayoko isn't fit and won't be for a while is just bizarre. Why not keep him and sell at the end of the window if we're that set on it?! Jose's laughing at us and rightly so. When everyone is fit, our first 11 is very good. But the bench will still be sub-par, and we could be way off the league by the time we can actually field the ideal first team. Such a bizarre pre season
  5. Tim


    Neither Barkley or Drinkwater exactly have teams clamouring for their services, although at least the former has a few clubs sniffing around. Doesn't inspire me with confidence for either though, and both different types of players as has been stated. Still have no idea why we let RLC go on loan.
  6. Boga starting today says it all really. You should never be in that position at the start of the season, especially as defending champions aiming for the CL too. The board just hasn't backed Conte and it's as bizarre as it is obvious.
  7. I think you're sadly right, which makes his recruitment all the more bizarre, especially for 30M! No way we make a profit on him, so what was the rationale? Conte clearly never wanted him.
  8. Gary as captain could be a problem for us. Would rather have seen us give it to Dave or Luiz, who are both better defenders IMO, or give it to Eden as a big show of support and incentive for him to stay.
  9. Agree he's improved but sadly he did look poor today. So clumsy and for an absolute unit his ball retention was very bad.
  10. Yeah that's the problem. Have to play Luiz at the back or we have a bare bones and very young defense for two hard games. Honestly don't know what the solution is.
  11. Totally agree. Whether you think the cards were fair or not, that's a poor referring performance to have so many cards in a game that really wasn't played in a bad spirit. What a twat.
  12. Not sure what to make of that game really. Looks good to start, total disaster for about 25 mins after the red. Then easily won the second half with 1/2 men down. f**ked for the next few games though. Kante and...who in CM?!?
  13. Amazing memory Mod, I will fix that asap. Now living in NYC so I get to etch this sh*t show live on TV. Ruined my breakfast. I did post earlier this week so haven't just come back to complain ;)
  14. I want Bats to succeed but he looks so clumsy on the ball.
  15. Ha, yes! Totally forgot about that. Amazing. Original Mod?